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 "Christmas tree"
 "Christmas tree"
 primary Huashe Chen Ye Zhang drizzle Feng

  a Western foreigners Festival - Christmas, lead to China, and even some Chinese
dolls know that there will be a Christmas tree, Christmas tree will take gold candy.
Therefore, the "Christmas tree" would attract a child's love.
  Christmas tree, but I am not a natural growth of cypress easy; my money is not Santa
Claus specially decorated candy up the fruit. My Christmas tree is in flower from the
school canteen money for a toy 5 corner tree, it was colorful, "fruit", is the infiltration
of a few hours in the water bear, and shaped like snowflakes, colorful crystal.
  day, I can not stop the "Christmas tree" temptation, finally bought a small shop in the
tree. This "tree" is very strange, is box packed: inside a "trunk", a trunk and a few
"branches", a tray, with a pack of "fertilizer." Buy back, get their "install" to the tray,
then the branches frame the tree trunk, with water, applied the "fertilizer", the best
place under the sun. Less than half a day, a tree will be out a colorful "flowers." Look
closely, each flower like ice crystals, like snowflakes. The early opening of "Flower"
is not much, not so great, the size of a bud in bloom; but in a few hours later, that
"flower" bloom can flourish, and from the branch has been open to the treetops,
"Flowers" also too big, from afar, like the plum blossom in full bloom, pretty great!
  I care for it carefully for three days. When the fourth day, see the water tray dried
tree "flowers" have begun to decay. Nevertheless, this "Christmas tree" for my life
after school or add to the fun. Christmas day came, I would like to buy a tree for
Christmas to add a beautiful landscape!
  tutor Hu Kangquan
  Teacher: Hu Kangquan

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