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Chinese Pinyin Chinese Characters Teaching Teaching Case


									Chinese Teaching "Hanyu Pinyin Chinese Characters" Teaching Case

 Pinyin Chinese Characters Teaching

  host profile Jaw John Wei, Department of Education, Director of Xiamen Kaiyuan,
Fujian Provincial grade teacher, senior teacher of primary schools, primary school
language teaching and research in Fujian Province will be executive director of
language teaching in primary schools, teaching and research for 39 years, participated
in People's Education Press, the revision of primary school language teaching.
  When students make mistakes in class, we see that students here are sincere and
reasonable proposals to help, some students brave the correction and reward passion
of others, some teachers have a positive guidance and patience. Class, the students
mind is open, the mood is joyful, teachers and students feeling is harmonious.
Classroom to the students a sense of security, pleasure. No wonder the students in
error before, without the slightest shyness, not the slightest retreat. "Loose" to bring
"security", "security" led to "open", "open" cultivate "self", "confident" trigger
"courage", "courage" create "explore" - this healthy state of mind, Curriculum
Laboratory is the goal.
  "Hanyu Pinyin Chinese Characters" Teaching Case
  coach: Xiamen Teachers II school to Wu Yaqing
  Comment: Xiamen Education Xiaojun Yu
  1, stimulated interest in import, review syllable
  Teacher: Children, there are many lovely animals, they hide behind the syllables we
learned that you choose an animal, there will be a syllable. A teacher who wanted to
pass on to you spell? If the pronunciation of the whole class children Jiugen Road, he
read it again.
  sheng 1: I chose a small gray rabbit. (Click courseware division, after a small gray
rabbit to produce syllables jià)
  sheng 2: I'll help him - jià.
  Health 3: I can read more loud and more - jià.
  class Qidu.
  Health 1: I chose the little donkey - qí.
  sheng 2: teacher I can help him - qǐ. (Read not very place)
  Health 3: I can read it well - qǐ.
  sheng 2: (stand up and read their own syllable) qǐ.
  Health 4: Teacher I am willing to give him a progress star. (Students do yourself)
  ... ...
  2, Figure Chinese Characters
  Teacher: Today, we have to know some Chinese friends, Chinese friends, where they?
First teacher to a family with children at home to see what they are doing? You see?
What you have in mind? Figure talk about himself first, and then try to spell the
syllable chart. Now please open the language children book p. 19.
  (students free reading text, their Figure talk about, and fight a puzzle on the syllable
  Teacher: Do you see? What comes to mind?
  sheng 1: I see two uncles in the game of chess, I also see an aunt in the laundry, but
also see a brother in the building block, also saw a girl feeding the chickens.
  Teacher: In this sentence only in the back with a "see also" on it.
  sheng 2: I see two uncles in the game of chess, an aunt in the laundry, a brother in
the building block, also saw a little girl feeding the chickens.
  Health 3: (spelling syllable) xià qí. (Read words) playing chess.
  Teacher: Where did you see this "down" word?
  Health 1: the basement.
  sheng 2: the recorder, listening to this "next."
  Health 3: down the stairs when she saw the wall with the words "right-hand go up
and down stairs."
  Teacher: Do you observe very carefully.
  Health 4: "Building Division II school to" and "under."
  Health 5: "Building Division II school to" the building is Xiamen's "House."
  Teacher: school, when you look at the school gate of the brand, "Building Division II
school to" in the end is which, "Ha."
  Health 6: get off the plane, down the stairs.
  (other characters teaching ibid.)
  ... ...
  Teacher: children really carefully observed. In fact, many places have seen that our
learned Chinese characters, as long as the kids pay more attention to the characters
around us, we can make friends very quickly and the characters.
  third, consolidating character
  Teacher: Please use their cards with the same table to play games with children. Take
the children pronunciation syllable syllable cards, character cards for children to take
out the corresponding character card reading standard pronunciation of Chinese
characters, then characters on the following syllable.
  Student Activity I read, hands placed Yi Bai.
  sheng 1: Reading xià qí.
  sheng 2 Reading "chess."
  post card class Qidu division. (The remaining syllables, characters Minibus Ibid)
  Teacher: Now we pick apples together. The "Apple" hiding behind the school today
syllable, character, who pronunciation, the teacher will be "Apple" given to him.
(Enthusiastic students scramble. Pairs of hands over their heads, who have outdone)
  sheng 1: Chicken.
  sheng 2: service.
  Teacher: The words and "clothing" when the composition of words read fu, single
word reading?
  Health 3: Reading second tone fú.
  ... ...
  Teacher: There are "difficult path," waiting for us! Bridge has a word, who can read
associate the word with the word a word, you can safely walk, "single-plank bridge."
  sheng 1: play chess.
  sheng 2: my father and uncle love playing chess.
  Health 3: chess, my father and my next Chinese Chess.
  Health 4: Teacher, I × × classmates to raise a small suggestion. He did not "chess,"
said together. My father and I should say in chess, chess is fun.
  (which is courseware cheered, "You're terrific!")
  Health 5: laundry, my mother wash clothes very hard.
  Teacher: Do you wash clothes very hard to understand her mother, a teacher I am
sure you will be clean.
  4, read rhymes
  Teacher: Children look at the picture, these chicks doing? Please try to spell their
own children's songs, they will fight, and will be a sign read.
  (students read children's songs)
  Teacher: how did you learn that the first songs that?
  sheng 1: I know some Chinese characters with Pinyin on the face do not understand,
or listen to recordings.
  Teacher: Your way to nice.
  (all students from reading syllables, after Chinese children's songs with music
reading. Bian Dubian than action, joy was palpable)
  【Comment】 In teaching, the teachers in a variety of activities, games so that all
students moving mouth, brains, hands, a variety of sensory coordination activities to
enhance the efficiency of literacy. All students are masters of the activities. Therefore,
students in the classroom mood. At the same time pay attention to changes in the way
of teaching the content of a single show, in various forms to present. Independent
learning, strengthen cooperation, the dominant position of the students are fully
reflected. Students learn in an active, enthusiastic to learn. Attention to each student's
learning. In the event the teacher as much as possible so that each student can
participate in activities to, the students answered, both real-time evaluation, but also
delay evaluation, as far as possible the students themselves to find errors and correct
them in time, or for students to each other help, access to knowledge, rather than the
teacher's direct indoctrination. The face of wrong answers of students, with sufficient
patience to pay attention and wait. This article comes from [the website of Education] collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>

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