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 Cheats learn German vocabulary
 said, "Cheats", in fact, an exaggeration, honest move, and I aims to attract everyone's
eye; but since you have been "cheat" entered, please do not be angry, might well take
a look at my article, perhaps it will inspire you to ... ...

  I German into six sections: vocabulary, grammar, listening , speaking, reading and
writing. Now I will talk about how to learn this kind of six plates.
  1. Vocabulary: Vocabulary is a language of blood. No one doubts the benefits of a
large vocabulary and convenience that we do feel is most obvious when reading.
There is a saying: To carry out simple conversations, vocabulary threshold of 1000, to
the basic read German newspapers and magazines in general, vocabulary limit of
5000. So many Chinese students back mad Vocabulary, and there are people opposed
to stem English words.
  word back then in the end or not? To back the number of words? I would like to talk
about one example of me. I have a crazy obsession with the word back to friends, he
had to back like a dictionary word, like, so that the next card class teacher
occasionally have to ask him. But his German language skills are very general
(though ultimately passed DSH), and as long as there is a period of time not to review
those memorized words, word soon forgotten.
  This example illustrates the dry back word actually meaningful. Words, if not used,
the back will be forgotten and then cooked. But then again, the word in the final
analysis to the back drop! The reason is simple, because we can not lack of blood.
"Anemia" and let us make clear the consequences of listening, reading and writing
everything frustrated. Since the word has been forgotten because not used, then we
only need to back the most commonly used word on the line. Another word
commonly used is also important word is no doubt, so must get back. I estimate that
these so-called most commonly used one word about 2000-3000. The vocabulary
memory tasks should be later than at the primary level ---- resolved before the middle
one. So how to determine which word is most commonly used word it? There is no
standard! You can by its high and low frequency or use your own intuition, or even
buy the common lexicon.
  course, as you raise the level, the number of those most frequently used words
should be expanded.
  How do we back the word? Words should be used for different methods in different
. Frequently in reading comprehension in the word: These words are usually more
difficult and very documented. Back when the only mixed a familiar, meaning that the
Chinese can, do not need to be read and write --------- mainly when doing reading
comprehension to be able to know what it means.
. Spoken word: you not only know what it means but also can accurately say it, but it
will not write the most important is unimportant ------ when you share with other
people able to speak it. Back when you open and accurate as possible, "read the
. Hearing the word: to be able to hear it when it means a rapid response, preferably
written -------- key here is to be able to reflect what it means, when you can back your
recordings , repeatedly listening cooked.
. Writing the word: in addition to spell it out correctly, the number of its cells to be
clear, but also know how to use, back when a "copy back" method, but the best
memory in the sentence.
  fact which of the above four words are what point is not fixed, you can with your
subjective judgments to decide on a word by which the memory method. I said above,
from another perspective, is to remind you of the words in the English speaking and
writing mastery requirements.
  on the word I want to say one thing: the memory to reproduce the word helpful.
There is a method worth trying: you should buy a "taxonomy terms Handbook," and
then you back to a particular classification of terms such as back and "health" related
to a class of words, memorized after you do this type of vocabulary possible to do
more and the "health"-related exercises, such as the Internet you can find some and
health-related articles to read German. In the course of reading these articles you will
find a lot of you just back off the word in the article appeared. The more you look at
the article, back over the words to reproduce the greater the likelihood and frequency,
which reproduce very helpful to your vocabulary memory. Of course, you can also
start a new class, the teacher's Thema ago memorize vocabulary related, because the
class is also very likely to reproduce the memorized words you have, this way once
again to deepen your impression, and you on the classroom is easier than some of
other people.
  fact, the accumulation of vocabulary not only in the "back", in practicing your
listening, reading and writing, you are quietly increasing vocabulary, especially in
reading, it helps to consolidate vocabulary
  2. Grammar. Grammar is the language of the skeleton. The old rules of grammar
enter the appropriate words to form language. To understand the complexity of the
statement, to put words in the prospective, to articles written by right, must have a
solid grounding in grammar. Grammar and vocabulary are the foundation to learn the
language, both need to win in the primary when the most basic skills.
, but was held a contempt grammatical point of view, I said some experts. They are
against the back grammar rules, and they think the expression language ---- --- such as
speech should depend on language sense. Words should be a able to blurt out what he
wanted to act, speak of the brain do not have to go to the syntax of this sentence, then
say it out. That is, we say should be a natural behavior, not need to be thinking ahead
about grammar logic. For example, when we say fully rely on Chinese language sense,
they do not to consider its grammatical structure, study German as it should be. You
do not need to know why certain words so that you only need to know what it would
have said so, and to keep these words into habits, to develop naturally.
  sound seems to be justified. But I want to say is, this view does not work for me at
least, in fact, a lot of people as well. Because we are not children, and can not rely on
imitation to learn the language, and then form a sense of the language used alone
language. We have become complex brain will influence our language, simple
imitation, so we have good grammar, especially at the beginning. Meaning that
learning grammar what does? First of all for beginners, if they do not understand the
syntax of the skeleton, they finished primary school do not even know how to make
sentences, because the German and Chinese are two completely different languages,
and we have been suffering from brain has been thinking about Chinese, but Can not
we about our Chinese language sense to build the German sentence. Therefore, we
only start to understand and master the grammar of this framework to understand,
What are the different German and Chinese, German word order is organized in what
order, and we only know the rules before they can produce the sentence, which is
involved in German for beginners temple of great significance. Furthermore, and
syntax is the traditional strengths of our own Chinese people, and other foreigners
learning German grammar is a genius compared to us simply. Although test scores
when the share of small syntax, but we have no reason to abandon this piece of easily
available and lean meat. So eager to learn good grammar.
  also in the initial time, if the study grammar, speak to us, syntax, and writing articles
will often go to set the formula syntax, but only at the initial stage, as long as we say
more, write more, skilled, and have a natural sense of language, speech and writing
will turn to language sense, rather than a set of syntax. I think we can say: the study of
grammar is only in German but also the necessary entry form.
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