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									Case Teaching "Pinyin j, q, x" teaching case

 case of primary schools teaching Chinese Pinyin

  host profile Jaw John Chang Wei Department of Education, Director of Xiamen
Kaiyuan , Fujian grade teacher, senior teacher of primary schools, primary school
language teaching and research in Fujian Province will be executive director of
language teaching in primary schools, teaching and research for 39 years, participated
in People's Education Press, the revision of primary school language teaching.
  PEP small experimental language teaching (Volume I) of the "pinyin" made a major
reform: the organization of a more scientific and teaching materials; arranged artistic
mood context map effective integration of learning content; incorporated into the
songs, to learn Pinyin and Chinese Characters and organically combine and
consolidate syllable spelling reflects the feelings, attitudes, values, culture; review to
consolidate various forms.
  how classroom teaching, curriculum standards reflect the new ideas? Consider the
following case.
  "Pinyin j, q, x" teaching case
  coach: Xiamen Golden Rooster Pavilion primary Yaling
  Comment: Kaiyuan Department of Education, Zhou Pearl
  one fairy tale into ( Courseware Demo)
  2, teaching of the alphabet (with the courseware)
. Music teaching
  flower fairies and the children went to a small river, where the scenery can the
United States it! There are three upstream phonetic play with dolls on the grass. Then
the bird came, it began to sing "j q x, j q x, the three friends together, butterflies came
funny chicken, balloon, and more beautiful! Cut watermelon big and round, three
friends eat sweet honey! "(accompanied by" selling newspapers Song "song)
  Teacher: Boys and girls, these three phonetic doll is j q x, you will read it?
  students: Yes. (Students in animated conversation, learn the sound made j q x, the
initial perception of the pronunciation)
  courseware tone: (birds that) kids articulation pronounced. (Students follow the
"bird", learn the correct pronunciation method.)
  Division: (Summary) kids learned in the alphabet of the Kingdom of the
pronunciation of j q x, now who can read these three letters to the teachers to listen ?
(Students actively raise their hands, racing to the teacher to report to their learning
. Shaped the teaching
  (1) note the letter-shaped
  Teacher: How do you remember these three phonetic doll like?
  sheng 1: I think the "j" like a chicken. A chicken j, j, j.
  Health 2: "x" twice in like a watermelon cut. Watermelon cut the x, x, x.
  Health 3: "p" a turning qqq. Health
  4: "g" to remove the tail qqq.
  Health 5: "q" like "9", so I said the word like a 9 q, q, q.
  Teacher: Do you really OK, will take over school letters, numbers to compare, to
help remember the "q" look.
  (2) and easily confused letters more, consolidate font
  Teacher: The three letters which now has learned a few letters like?
  (students to raise their hands to speak, to identify the following three groups)
j: i q: bdpg x: ky
  Teacher: Now you can use on your desk and rubber mud Nieyi Nie , Yi Bai put it?
  (students are very exciting, some alone in the pinch, some with the same table to
discuss the squeeze. Students are very happy to learn in the play)
  Teacher: Who wants to put before the board for all to see?
  (students enthusiastically raised their hands. Division two students named to the
board before the operation, are well done, very natural, do not see the students a little
  【Comment】 case reflects the way students learn changes. Teaching students to
participate, to participate in seeking experience, innovation and development.
Courseware by teachers created a fairy tale world "Pinyin Kingdom", while j q x then
became the "pinyin" making such a role, the students naturally love the fairy tale of
the doll, and it would dissolve the phonetic class, high spirits followed the situation in
"Little Bird" seriously learn to send "jqx accurate pronunciation. jqx the shape of
learning, students self rhymes, self-consciousness of respect for teachers, active
thinking. In the consolidation phase, teachers let students recalled : The three letters
with which a few have learned the letters like? student initiative once again be
mobilized to actively use their brains. Finally, teachers with unique teaching methods
- to the students themselves with rubber cement mold, put the letters form. piquing the
interest of students, very involved, the shape of the letter also engraved in the minds
of students. This article from [the website of Education] collection
and sorting, for the original author. / center>

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