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									"Naughty" naughty boy racing

 naughty kid brother racing

 "naughty" boy

 "naughty" boy
 Tai'an City, Shandong Province Feicheng Yangzhuang school for the children in
sixth grade ore Three Qi Shaohua
 SSC my little brother, is the protagonist of the story today, he's not the problem that
the South's hard Oh, the famous cartoon in the South Detective Conan younger
brother as the person it is also as smart as Conan, as handsome. Pair of black eyes Gu
Lulu's turning, looked as mischievous and clever.

 I, and particularly close to his brother, never quarreled with him, it can be said to
each other as brothers. I always put some good books and racing to his younger
brother, my brother would like put it down, I used to get in front of others to show off,
and we were still a pair of "iron buddy" can talk about anything.

 brother bought the car since then, often fight free time assembling equipment,
exercise their practical ability.

  one day, I came home to find his younger brother to play, behold I found a half-day
in the house with his brother's shadow no see, up to hear the slightest sound, only the
corner of the balcony to find him . It turned out he was assembling the car at this time
to notice me in do not know, if the usual long pranced, and the time of his
enlightenment are like a monk, Zhengxintai no distractions of close their eyes
meditatively, sprinkle of ground was covered with car parts, car looked preoccupied
brother down in one hand and a small screwdriver on the screws with one hand
leaning on guide wheel. Fingers alternately turn, his eyes bright and piercing,
eyebrows twisted together like a rope, I think, looks like a garage repair staff is
trained to install it! Khan is the head face, refused to take a rubbing, grinding pain in
the fingers also refused to take a break, my brother fight this time considered the
"life", and hard work pays off, while the birth of a new triangular arrows, and his
brother's thick eyebrows stretch, and eyes narrowed in a crack, mouth revealed a
smile, took my jumping up and down, for "test." Do their own car is not the same No
wonder the younger brother so happy?

 few days, his brother, playing the new material --- a bike, my brother is too small, or
used to great lengths to learn, do! Once, I was downstairs playing brother to me to
show off: "You look at me more powerful, so fast has reached the degree of fiery pure
green." Have the ability to ride you a hand. "I started attempting to rally the. Brother
of dollars," riding on the ride, I'm not afraid? "Brother let go of a hand talking just a
few meters on the swaying ride, needless to say, my brother and fell while on a
four-Yang overturned, I just want to lift up his brother ran. Brother has said his stand
somewhat nonchalant : "I never thought I pretty smart, a school would be worthy of
the title is Conan the great day. "" Hey, the sky soon to be your cow blow explode. ""
Most generally, the world's third. Hee hee hee hee ....." naughty boy then no doubt the

 Yeah, my brother called me again, then, See you next time!

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