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									Capable of incentives of highly skilled

 highly skilled people incentives of
 [Abstract] the number of highly skilled personnel shortage, structural imbalances,
reserve capacity of less skilled personnel training, these factors affect China's
economic development is becoming a bottleneck. Based on the status of our highly
skilled analysis, discusses the shortage of highly skilled root causes and proposed
through the establishment of market-oriented incentives to promote high-skilled
personnel in China's rapid growth.
 [Key Words] high-skilled market incentives
 in recent years, as more and more settled in our global manufacturing industry,
making the shortage of highly skilled personnel increasingly apparent. Many
companies to recruit skilled workers less than good to worry, there are competitive
products are not designed not to speak, but manufacturers do not come out. Currently,
the shortage of highly skilled personnel have seriously affected the quality of our
products and business prospects, and have restricted the development of China's
manufacturing industry "bottleneck."

 1, the status of our highly skilled

  1. Insufficient number of highly skilled personnel, supply and demand imbalance
  present, the technician shortage widespread phenomenon in the country, while One
particularly serious shortage of senior technicians. In China more than 7000 million in
technical skills among workers, senior technicians above, including the senior
technicians, technicians and senior technicians was more than 280 million, accounting
for only 4%, while business needs are more than 14%, a huge gap between supply and
demand. Second quarter of 2005 in 104 cities nationwide occupational supply and
demand of labor market information display, Qiurenbeilv (demand number / number
of job seekers) was more senior technicians, technicians and senior technicians,
demand respectively 134, 495, 72 man, 380, 26, 116 and 88 respectively supply from,
726, 48, 526, 17, 173, the total number of gaps were 45, 769, 23, 854, 8, 943, the
number of large gaps.

 2. Highly skilled personnel in the age structure is not rational
 According to the relevant departments on the 2005 sample survey of more than 200
state-owned enterprises show that business technicians and senior technicians high
average age, 46 years of age or more than 40%, a serious shortage of highly skilled
young people. According to another survey Machinery Industry Federation, currently
in China machinery industry, the average age of 48.9 years senior technicians, over 50
years of age account for almost half; technicians average age of 45.6 years, 50 years
old accounted for a third; senior technicians average age of 41.3 years, which
accounted for over 40 years old 57.5%. Judging from the age structure, young people
in the high proportion of low skilled people, a serious shortage of highly skilled
young people. With the older generation of highly skilled personnel in many
companies had gradually retired the extreme shortage of highly skilled personnel on
the lack successors. If China does not step up training of a number of reasonable age
structure, highly skilled high-skilled personnel, the modernization will lose the
backing of sustainable development.

 second, highly skilled personnel shortage in the root cause: incentive mechanism

 number of China's serious shortage of highly skilled personnel, the irrational
distribution of the age structure of the status, fully exposed in China highly skilled
personnel in the building there are many problems. The reasons for the above
problems, both historical, but also realistic; both outside the enterprise, and another
within the enterprise, in which highly skilled personnel incentive mechanism is
undoubtedly the root cause. To sum up, mainly in the following three aspects:

  1. Highly skilled personnel evaluation system imperfect
  on the evaluation of highly skilled personnel, there are still proportional, age,
qualifications and status boundaries not establish a professional capacity-oriented and
focus on job performance, and focus on professional ethics and professional
knowledge of the skilled personnel evaluation system. Incentives in high-skilled
personnel, the enterprises, especially the use of more highly skilled personnel of
state-owned enterprises, are not set up to encourage high-skill manufacturing
operations frontline workers studying technical business, and strive to improve their
quality of income distribution mechanism. Outside the enterprise, because the free
flow of talent has not been formed, and therefore highly skilled personnel will not be
able to realize their own value in the flow.

 2. Highly skilled personnel in the income distribution mechanism unreasonable
 in China, technical school graduates from junior technician to senior technician,
usually require 12 years or even longer. Even the ground into a high-level skilled
workers, wages, welfare, housing and other aspects of treatment are often not as
general managers. The reason is that the value of highly skilled personnel seriously
underestimated by society. The income from their main form of cash wages outside
the housing, transportation, communications, insurance, etc. Very few other forms of
incentives, such income distribution Xianran difficult Diaodong highly skilled in
working enthusiasm Xing. In addition, the enterprise through stock options and other
ways to encourage more highly skilled personnel on a few. As the income distribution
in the lack of effective incentives, has seriously hurt the work of highly skilled and
creative enthusiasm.

 3. Highly skilled development mechanism immature
 training is the best welfare of employees, were paid on the training of highly skilled
personnel is an effective long-term incentives, and the existing educational
qualifications of education, the education system of light skills training and corporate
culture, far from the formation of the highly skilled and effective long-term incentive.
Only the country more than 200 senior technicians and technicians schools colleges,
and because of insufficient funding, limited size, equipment and facilities aging,
difficult to cultivate in the near future a large number of highly skilled personnel.
Meanwhile, business investment is not enough training for staff use only, not the
practice of culture is further exacerbated by the shortage of high skills. Most
enterprises were nominally carried out training, but in fact the cost of training for
workers is not high. Workers in 2003 expenditure on education accounts for 1.4% of
total wage does not meet the minimum state requirement ratio by 1.5%. At the same
time, some enterprises transform their operating mechanism, the existence of quick
success and short-term behavior of the employees to use light weight training, even
without training use only. Not a mature talent development system, the shortage of
highly skilled personnel is not surprising.

 3, and establish a market-oriented incentive mechanism

 present, our highly skilled personnel incentives are not perfect, the market allocation
of human resources of the mechanisms are not yet established, led to the total amount
of highly skilled personnel, the structure still can not meet the rapid economic
development, and between socio-economic needs of a large gap still exists. So, what
kind of incentive mechanism is an effective incentive mechanism? I believe that in
building socialism with Chinese characteristics under the conditions of market
economy, China should establish a market-oriented incentives, also based on the labor
market-based incentives mechanism.

  present, our highly skilled personnel in short supply, but in the labor market, this part
of the price and wage labor did not really reflect the value they deserve. For two
reasons: First, the evaluation system of imperfect society; Second, the flow of skilled
personnel, competition has not formed, the professional market immature. Formed a
company can not find people who can not find the business situation. Therefore, the
current incentive system will focus on developing market mechanisms. An open,
unimpeded and information release system. With fully mature market mechanism,
internal incentives for skilled personnel will be affected by market supply and demand,
is conducive to the growth of skilled personnel will truly create incentives. In
establishing market-oriented incentives, the Government and enterprises will
undoubtedly play a most crucial role. This requires us to do two things:

 1. The government must change the functions of
 government incentives for high-skilled personnel should be on the main creation and
the social environment-oriented policy to encourage the to enhance community
recognition of high-skilled personnel, and the free movement of highly skilled
personnel to create a favorable market environment. First, through skills competitions,
highly skilled personnel on the excellent reward and recognition. Second, the
Government set up the skills allowance, for the production of many outstanding
contributions, significant innovation of technicians and senior technicians,
government subsidies to enjoy the treatment. Third, strengthen and guide public
opinion and create a social atmosphere of respect for skilled personnel. Fourth,
establish a pool of highly skilled, regularly releases the flow of highly skilled
personnel, the timely disclosure of supply and demand information on from the policy
level to guide the flow of highly skilled personnel. Fifth, the establishment of
high-skill talent market to hold regular high-skilled personnel to meet business and
will allow free movement of highly skilled personnel to implement in their own value.

  2. Enterprises to improve incentives.
  first career incentives for highly skilled professionals to pursue their careers build a
ladder, a platform, breaking boundaries, expand high-skilled personnel for
development and growth of channel. Second, emotional incentives to stimulate the
need for more highly skilled human care, family life difficult, to promptly aid, regular
free medical check-ups for them and help them design a blueprint for future life,
where they feel at home in the enterprise warmth. Third, pay incentives. We should
gradually establish and implement according to this thesis from
[worry documentation] to collect and collate, thank the original author! Labor market,
labor allocation and the distribution of price convergence incentives, and gradually
establish workers with skills and vocational qualifications are to use and upgrade,
with performance contributions to the use of treatment to determine income
distribution mechanism. Raise the level of highly skilled treatment, and gradually
technicians and senior technicians with the appropriate professional and technical
staff wages and benefits in respect enjoy the same treatment. Have made outstanding
contributions to the outstanding skills of professionals has a high remuneration
schemes. Shortage of talent on the business needs, on a trial basis in consultation
wage system, pay for special treatment, the operator can refer to income to determine
their income levels, implementation of incentive stock and options, the establishment
of a special allowance; enterprises to establish supplementary medical insurance and
annuity When high-skilled personnel should be given to tilt; Fourth, encourage
competition, enterprises, high-skilled personnel to create a good environment for the
growth, we must also introduce a competition mechanism, dynamic management,
survival of the fittest, continue to stimulate highly skilled fighting aggressive spirit,
beware of the "frog phenomenon" emerged.
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