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					CAI Computer Assisted Teaching Geography Secondary Geography

 computer-aided secondary school geography teaching in

  from the mid 70s, with the continuous development of computer technology,
multimedia, computer technology has is widely used in all areas of society, computer
technology and education began to combine to produce a computer-assisted
instruction CAI (ComputerAssistedInstruction), along with the development of
modern science and technology, the rise of a new teaching methods. Practice has
proved that, if introduced into the process of teaching the computer to enable students
to actively participate, not only streamline the practical teaching content, teaching
methods, flexible, and better mobilize their initiative to improve the quality of
  geography characteristics, so that the majority of geography teachers take full
advantage of the multimedia computer to collect geographic material, create
illustrations, vivid maps, sound, text interactive, user-friendly, simple operation,
convenient, flexible and easy to use, easy to control the geographic courseware, use of
multimedia computer technology in geography teaching can play to their strengths, to
change the traditional mode of teaching geography to geography teaching more

 1, the use of multimedia computer classroom teaching geography well implement
and embody the principles of geography teaching
 teaching objectivity principle requires the process of Geography Teaching geography
to students to produce emotional material, convenient for students to observe, and
multimedia computer can text, audio, graphics, animation and other processed
materials in the display geographical facts have unique advantages. Both show the
whole picture of geographical objects, but also enlarged display, can display the Plane
geographical things, but also show the spatial three-dimensional image; can display
the Plane geographical things, but also show its internal structure. Such as the use of
three-dimensional topographic maps, topographic maps can rotate display to enable
students to observe a terrain from different perspectives, to understand its basic
characteristics. Can show that the static characteristics of geographic objects, but also
show the dynamic process of change, such as the demonstration fold, fault formation.
Both materials can display geographical facts, but also reveals the basic principles of
geography. As the multimedia computer to play video information, so speak
volcanoes, landslides, they can play the corresponding video data, both to stimulate
students interest in learning geography, but also to provide students with a kind of
immersive experience, a multiplier effect.
 as multimedia computer can provide a variety of text, images, sound, animation and
other information the stimuli so that students willing to accept, but also embodies the
principle of fun. Also, because the computer-friendly man-machine conversation
function, the student can better reflect the main principles.
 multi-media computer assisted instruction, students can have a variety of control, but
also conducive to the principles of teaching according to ability.

 2, the use of multimedia computer geography teaching can help students of
observation and ability
 multimedia computer materials can all geographical facts: the plane and
three-dimensional, static geography images and dynamic things change process, the
external shape and internal structure shows in front of students, and computer
controlled, enabling students to choose to observe more carefully the facts material to
a variety of geographical, not missed some critical information. This will help
students to observe the ability. Because multimedia computers that students can fully
accept the geographical facts provided materials, can help the students to carefully
analyze the information obtained, arriving to master the basic principles and laws of
geography. Because multimedia computers can effectively create a realistic scene of
geographical facts for students to observe with a suspect, the teachers guide the
students to explore the possible outcomes, so that the students themselves to identify
problems, solve problems independently. When the findings were consistent with the
verification, the students have a sense of accomplishment, more conducive to
stimulating student interest in learning, positive thinking.

  3, Geography Teaching the principles of the use of several multimedia computer
  first in the geography classroom teaching, multimedia computer is only a secondary
means, it can not replace teachers. The process of teaching interaction between
teachers and students, each will necessarily result in the event of non-teaching process
predictability. Courseware is impossible to make these events a "reaction" into
controlled process.
  second, not all of the lesson or class-based multimedia computer needs, such as we
have the minerals, rocks physical specimen, the observation of physical specimen is
more intuitive, efficient and if the re-use multimedia computers to display picture is
  third, the operation of the main principles of selection, that is who is the main
operation. This is mainly to see the course content and student mastery of the
computer operation. If the student is not familiar with computer operation, but also
teach new courses, presentations reveal the geography of geographical emotional
material law, the teacher should be the main operation, otherwise it will affect the
normal teaching schedule. Review or practice sessions, but also the corresponding
software should operate mainly students, to facilitate the students to choose according
to their actual content review or practice.

  4, computer-aided teaching middle school geography should pay attention to several
  computer-assisted instruction is not only a means of teaching and teaching methods,
it is a unique process of teaching. Computer-assisted instruction in teaching how to
play advantage, so that course content and subject closely integrated into
computer-aided teaching. Computer aided instruction in secondary school geography,
we should pay attention to the following questions:
  1. Establish the correct teaching ideology. First of all, in view of modern education
thought and teaching under the guidance of computer-aided instruction, specifically to
carry out computer-aided teaching not only enable students to acquire knowledge and
skills, its main purpose is to stimulate student interest in learning so that students
become active participants in learning to train students to apply knowledge to analyze
issues and solve problems of Neng Li, a student's knowledge base of the original build
new cognitive structure, Yin Ci, courseware design in geography when Litutixian
thought that teaching Zhi Dao.
  2. Select the content is suitable for computer-assisted instruction in teaching,
scientific, well-designed courseware. As a CAI courseware to spend a lot of
intellectual work, so the first choice of teaching content suitable for computer-assisted
instruction in computer hardware possible, to try to better reflect the animation,
interactivity and individual characteristics such as education, full advantage of
computer-assisted instruction in teaching. Visual image of teaching content as much
as possible and avoid copying the books; graphics, animation to beautiful, clear sound
to the ears of color vision to meet the health requirements; reasonable and appropriate
based question, Kai without hair, lead students to thinking; design of the same
teaching purposes under the different branches of procedures. To computer-aided
instruction in promoting student character development, the development of student
intelligence, improve their ability to play the maximum dynamic effect.
  3. In computer-aided teaching software production and to close cooperation with the
teaching, development of various types, multiple functions of educational software.
Such as for teachers, classroom presentations, showing large-scale, long time,
instantaneous geographic processes and phenomena animation software; give full play
to the computer and store large audio and video strengths, increase perceptions of
students and classroom information capacity, change the class information
environment for teaching more vivid and real, to improve teaching efficiency. Solving
teaching in key, difficult, to develop students thinking skills, enhanced learning

  5, the use of multimedia computer classroom teaching geography, geography teacher
on a higher demand
  as courseware embodies the teachers teaching strategies and features, not portable,
so Courseware the preparation of teachers must be taught personally involved.
Therefore, the geography teacher should be a solid addition to professional knowledge,
teaching theoretical knowledge, should have the following knowledge and abilities:
. Basic computer operation skills
. A certain quality of music and art
. Understanding of multimedia authoring tools and graphics tools
. Familiar with the geography teaching in a variety of common software

 computer-aided teaching is not just a modern teaching methods and teaching
methods, it also embodies and represents a new concept of education thought and
teaching. Multimedia computer classroom in geography teaching, not only improves
the efficiency of classroom teaching, but also to make geography teaching lively,
stimulate students interest in learning, help students a wide range of ability. In order to
meet the development of educational modernization, the majority of geography
teachers should strive to learn and master modern teaching methods, in particular the
use of multimedia computers for teaching geography education services. /