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									Appreciation of appreciation of education

 of Appreciation Education Students
 Hangzhou Xingzhi School Fuguo Yang

  1) a food for thought for every
  One end of the semester, the class teacher to the students the teacher always a job -
self-summary. But whenever I read the summary, the heart always produces a deep
remorse. Because the vast majority see the negative evaluation, such as "this semester
my grades slipped." "I often have to lessons playing tricks." "Fooling around with the
students," "The class work is not positive", "do not study efforts, bad grades, "and
even some write" I am stupid, "" My bad intelligence, "and so on. This indicates that
the inferiority complex which exists in the proportion of our students is relatively high.
This has seriously affected the student's self-confidence, so that they become not
thinking independently, what do think I'm not, can not accept life's challenges.
  2) teacher education that exist in the current misunderstanding
  majority of our teacher education students, often criticized the more than
encouraging, and often the language with some irritation, to attract students attention.
Example: "such a simple topic to be wrong, how to get high test weight." "Talked
about several times in the title also will not really howling at the moon." "See how the
students how good people, how do you later?" "To your academic performance, the
future is mostly laid-off workers expected, sooner or later be eliminated. "" to tell you
the number of times, it speaks of the problems, really a leopard change its spots.
"originally wanted to expose students to teachers the pain, to alert students, this
feeling is understandable, do serious harm to the students realize that such self-esteem
and self-confidence, the effect is precisely opposite. Thus promoting quality education
today, we teachers have to introduce new ideas, new ways to educate students to meet
the needs of contemporary education.
  3) revealed a great example of education
  famous Japanese educator Suzuki violin children in the town of contact with children
found in every walk of parents teaching children to speak that stage, the children
progress the fastest. Because parents are always the most enjoy watching the eyes of
most proud of a child from scratch every point of progress, even if the children learn
to speak, put another poor Zaichi, we say "late and elegant language", the parents
never complained, will continue to encourage, appreciate; child learning to walk,
wrestling more, the parents never laugh at him, he will tirelessly to help him. Result,
every normal child learn to talk walk. - This case gave me a revelation: "Appreciation:
A successful education."
  4) appreciated the role of education
  (1) through the appreciation of education, can maintain self-esteem of students,
teachers and students to establish a good relationship to protect the students
  mistakes or poor academic performance of students, often more psychological
pressure, low self-esteem, guilt, loss. At this time, he needs help and comfort. Some of
our teachers to give students a lesson often take a more severe criticisms. This method
of education will make students lose confidence, no longer work, or even rebellion. If
at this time we can take wise teacher tolerance, for example: before the students hit
the test, ① you can not discourage students, so encourage students to let him feel the
teachers are convinced of the ability and level. ② let him know that the road of life
can not be plain sailing, failure is common. ③ help him analyze the causes and
overcome difficulties. Another example of the trouble students, too, can not let
students feel the teacher came up with the adverse effects or loss of confidence, but
this time the teacher should be communicating with students in a timely manner, to
calm the fears of psychology students, for students to feel that he teacher's heart is
still full of hope. It also can give their own mistakes or celebrity in the hours typical
examples of education, to ease the mind of students and to encourage students to
correct errors. This not only lets play a multiplier role in education, but also full of
students trust their teacher and become close friends, while making all students more
value, to make progress.
  (2) appreciation of education can tap the potential of students, their ability into full
  for each child's intelligence and innate endowments are the same, but they are
different from the final achievement. This illustrates that we need to know education
teachers know how to appreciate, not on education across the board, to respect
individual differences of students, students of any specialty should certainly
contribute to the development, not discourage the enthusiasm of the students. Some of
the teachers in the education we often occurs in the words: "Stop dreaming, watching
this piece of material you like it?" "Do not want to open different days and manage
your learning into college is down to business." Perhaps your teacher's words, denied
a great initiative. Therefore, as a teacher to learn to appreciate and correct guidance so
that students can be diverse, talented full development, but also the only way to tap
the potential of each student.
  (3) education to students appreciate the independence of frustration and force.
  appreciation of education is not afraid of failure because of education, dare to let go,
let the children get in life, temper, to his courage, encouragement, to learn lessons in
defeat and stubbornly stood up and tried it again and again, virtually independent
development of the students, affordability, so that students can be good at summing up
the failure, analysis, rather than fall in the failure.
  e) the operation of Appreciation Education
  (1) Classroom teaching is the appreciation of the important place of education.
  majority of students are from classroom instruction and cultural knowledge, most of
the time in the school also received a teacher in the classroom education, the quality
of classroom teaching is an important factor in cultivating outstanding students.
Among them, the quality of classroom teaching is an important part of the students to
learn to appreciate. Am a mathematics teacher, mathematics teaching is a feature of: a
given problem. It can not only train students to solve problems, but also the
enthusiasm of students learning. Therefore, as teachers, to encourage students to rack
their brains to think about ways the students to not fear mistakes, only way to allow
students to learn actively, and also may get a windfall. When the student's way better
than your teachers, as teachers should be open-minded to learning, to better mobilize
the students to learn in class participation, a study of the subject. While students who
score less than ideal, but many found him to be in class on the progress of each point,
so his interest is improved, and initiative into full play, to avoid making him forgotten.
  (2) asked teachers to appreciate more in-depth education to students and families to
  appreciation of education is not just to say a few beautiful words, it should be able to
light the spark of the students inside. Therefore, education requires the
implementation of appreciated more information about the student teachers to
students to go, ready to capture the students some of the bright spot in time to give
praise and encouragement. At the same time students to carry out continuous
observation, understanding, help, carefully found his progress every time. In addition
to the cooperation of parents to meet parents, teachers, education, consistency and
common good job education. However, the implementation of appreciated the
educational process, but also to enable students to discover their own inadequacies
and lack of proper treatment results.
  (3) to have some artistic appreciation.
) In the language must be artistic
  when the achievements of our students, they often will excited pleasure without
reservation to show it. This is often heard this
  kind of education: "This does not mean that I do well do well." "This has made
progress, but goals from weight-not even close." This educational methods cause
students are very depressed indeed. If the change: "Congratulations to you the good
results achieved by this trend, be able to achieve your goals immediately." Not the
same effect. This not only can maintain the enthusiasm of the students, but also play a
better incentive. So in education, we teachers should use more positive language and
encourage language, like "You are so bad!" "You can do it." "Try again, be better than
just better." "In this connection note that the matter to make very perfect. "Maybe that
simple sentence, will play an unexpected effect.
) The action must be artistic
  appreciates the students time in words is not enough, it can be done to make students
feel more stimulating. Example: In my office in the mathematics teaching, one named
Ji-Hung Wang's students learn very well. In order to give full play to his strengths in
this area, I have the regular pick up some more difficult questions or the question
worth exploring joint research with him to discuss, so he really felt his presence and
capabilities in this area appreciate this ability to be a teacher proud. In addition, as our
class have a football team, and have a certain level of technology. In order to enable
them to better develop, I often encourage them to kick the play. However, as the
temple of the students, their teachers lack confidence in this kind of encouragement,
and they know that teachers additional requirements of their learning, learning. In
order to change their idea, I will personally join Zhezhi football team to, and
implement those who can afford a teacher, humbly listen to their arrangements so that
they truly feel that they get the teacher's approval and appreciation, and because
teachers joined so that they can to higher and more stringent requirements are being
treated, the level and ability to achieve better development.
) In the body language must have artistic
  in certain circumstances, teachers and students may not be suitable language to
communicate, or fail to use the language of results, then your teachers an action or an
expression may be able to achieve the required effect. Example: In education, we
often encounter such a class of students when they complete one thing, they always
look with a desire to get your teacher's evaluation. Then the teacher praise you cast a
vision, or a satisfied smile, can play a very good role. Also when students encounter
unhappy or very painful things, the teachers use a number of conciliatory moves more
than the language of comfort, students out of the woods as soon as possible.
  (4) appreciation of education to be patient, to be able to persevere.
  Teacher on the difficulties some of our students are always enthusiastic start higher
education, encouragement and help. However, a certain amount of labor and the lack
of returns, they begin to disappointment, doubt the ability of students, even students
sarcasm, irony, and thus hurt the student's self-esteem, lower self-evaluation of
students, and the formation of a negative self-confidence impact. Therefore, as our
teacher education students to have patience, confidence, and be psychologically
prepared for a protracted war.
  (5) to appreciate just right, not abuse and over.
  proper appreciation to objective analysis, to understand the physical and
psychological needs of students, the students should understand the mental state,
according to the real need for praise and encouragement. But can not achieve a
particular purpose and far-fetched to appreciate not only the students I have any real
value, but will affect the students around, so that they feel appreciated as a hypocrisy
at the same time losing the trust of teachers . The same can not be over-appreciated,
this will lead to students for their lack of knowledge, will produce complacent attitude
of pride, a little depressed the event will not ring true. At the same time to appreciate
the character and suitable for human operation. Example: Students should be more on
the timid affirmation and encouragement, the naughty, restless students to appropriate
appreciation, while one more new requirements, overcome bad habits.

  vigorously promote the reform of today, the development of the students personal
skills and improve their initiative, is essential. Bitter teachers teach, students learn the
time has gone dead, appreciation of education as essential to the process of teacher
education as a means.

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