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Success is defined as the achievement of an event that accomplishes what was planned or intended. For our purposes, however – the purpose of living a happy and fulfilling life – lets expand on that slightly to say: success is the achievement of a desired event that accomplishes what was desired. First step to achieving “great” success, desire something “great”, something you can sink your teeth into. Now, assuming you already know what “events” define success for you, this article will shine a spotlight on the path to Success. We start with Success’s most fundamental need, its prerequisite, namely: Belief. Success requires belief to exist. Belief is the air success breathes; without it, Success chokes. Deprive it long enough, it chokes to death. We must believe in the reality of our dreams; we must believe we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves as measures of success. And the greater these measures of Success, the greater we must believe in ourselves. We must believe in our ability to achieve our goals, to live inside our realized vision of success, and we must believe that we deserve it. We must believe in our own self-worth in order for us to allow ourselves to experience anything we value as having worth. It is that self-worth that propels us to take actions towards realizing our successes. When we value ourselves, our lives are given meaning. When you love yourself,

that love gives your desires a sense of purpose. You deserve to be happy, and therefore happiness is worth having, whatever it takes. Learn the exact same strategies and tactics that all the top self help gurus have been keeping from you because they don't want you to be as successful as they are.

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Success is nurtured and nourished by Forgiveness. Every path from where we are to where we want to be – all deliberate creation, conscious change – is strewn with challenges that must be overcome. How we face those challenges determines our measure of success or failure far more than the challenge’s direct outcome; that’s the actual challenge: to persevere, to keep showing up to face each new challenge even after other challenges previously didn’t turn out as you had hoped or planned. We build the strength to persevere by forgiving ourselves for whatever mistakes we think we’ve made and all the failures we think we’ve had along the way that have kept us from having what we want already. We create a healthy environment for success to flower by accepting the current situation as it as and ourselves as we currently are. Accepting this moment as it is and ourselves for who we are in it is the only place we can come from if we want to make success our home. In a place of forgiveness and acceptance we take responsibility for our lives, for our conditions, circumstances, and situations. We recognize, without blame, that we have created or attracted everything that has come to us, inside and out. And in so doing we affirm our absolute power to create and attract something different: anything, in fact, that we want. Now that we’ve shined such a spotlight on success, it appears it may not be such a path, after all. Success may be better described as a state of being, removed from time. Rather than thinking of Success as a series of steps that must followed sequentially, then, think of it instead as an Alchemy, with the right blending of ingredients, namely: belief, self-worth and self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, and self-responsibility. Add to taste, stir and let simmer.

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Description: Success is defined as the achievement of an event that accomplishes what was planned or intended.