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					             CSA S I G N U P F O R M                                                                                       DELIVery sites
                                                                                                                Farm: 50561 Cty Hwy B, Soldiers Grove, WI 54655

                    Fill out this form and mail with payment to:
          Driftless Organics, 50561 Cty Hwy B, Soldiers Grove, WI 54655.
                                                                                                                (in the old Star Valley Creamery). Pick up is on Thurs-
                                                                                                                day after 5 pm or Friday between 7 am - 5 pm.
                                                                                                                Viroqua, WI: Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center,
                                                                                                                315 E. Decker St. Viroqua, WI, 54665. Pick up is
    * Early Signup BONUS** Take $25.00 off your fee if you sign up before March 1st!*
                         Signup deadline is June 1st, 2008
                                                                                                                Thursday between 1 - 3:30 pm.
                                                                                                                Madison, WI: Our stand at the Dane County
                                                                                                                Farmer’s Market, between 6:30 am - 1:00 pm
Personal Information:
(You can share your box with another person or household, just write their name and info below!)
                                                                                                                Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                                     *(Linden Hills area). 4437 Washburn Ave.
                                                                                                                      Pick-up is Thursday Evening: 6:30 - 8pm.
Household #1
                                                                                                                     *(Seward Neighborhood) 2441 35th Ave S
Name(s):________________________________________________________________                                               Pick-up is Thursday afternoon: 5:30 - 7pm.
                                                                                                                Minnetonka, MN: RidgePointe Senior Apartments
Address(include Zip):______________________________________________________                                     (Ridgedale Mall Area), 12600 & 12800 Marion Lane.
Phone:____________________________E-mail:________________________________                                       Pick up is Thursday: 5 - 6:30 pm.
                                                                                                                St. Paul, MN: (Hamline U. Area) 1600 block of
Household #2
                                                                                                                Blair Ave. Pick up is Thursday between 5 -6:30pm.
                                                                                                                **The pick-up sites in Minneapolis, Minnetonka
Address(include Zip):______________________________________________________                                     and St. Paul are hosted by CSA members just like
                                                                                                                you. When you go to pick up your box you will
Phone:____________________________E-mail:________________________________                                       have the oppurtunity to meet other members and
                                                                                                                get to know those folks who share in the support
VEGETABLE SHARE CHOICE: Circle one                                                                              of Driftless Organics.
Full Share - $500 (19 boxes)
                                                                                                                Do none of these sites work for you?
You will recieve a box once a week for 19 weeks starting in mid-June and lasting until mid-Oct.                 Maybe you could host your own pick-up site! All
Every-Other-Week Share - $275 (10 boxes) The every-other-week share will include all the same vegetable         you need is a garage and a willingness to work
goodness delivered every other week.                                                                            with us and your fellow CSA members. Perks
*Included with all boxes is our weekly newsletter that showcases recipes, cooking tips, stories from the farm   include a deep discount on the price of your box
and other ramblings from the minds of your farmers.                                                             and the oppurtunity to meet lots of new people.
                                                                                                                If we can recruit at least 25 members that could
DELIVERY SITE CHOICE: Circle One (see next page for site details)                                               pick up at your place, then we have ourselves a
Farm (Our Pack Shed in beautiful Star Valley)                                                                   new pick-up site!
Viroqua, WI (Rising Sun Animal Wellness Center)
Madison, WI (Our stand at the Dane County Farmer’s Market                                                       If you have any furthur questions or want more in-
                                                                                                                formation about the farm or our CSA program,
Minnetonka, MN (RidgePointe Senior Apartments)                                                                  please       visit      our       website       at
Minneapolis, MN (Seward Area)                                                                                   www.driftlessorganics.com or feel free to call
Minneapolis, MN (Linden Hills Area)                                                                             us at (608) 624 3735, or email us at
St. Paul, MN (Hamline Univesity Area)                                                                           csainfo@driftlessorganics.com.
                                                                                                                                                                            Soldiers Grove, WI
           GREAT FOOD FOR GREAT PEOPLE                                                                                                                                    www.driftlessorganics.com
         who we are                            A Journey Through the 2008 Growing Season                                                   the csa program
                                                                                                                                      What the heck is this “CSA” thing all about?
                                               2008 marks our second season as a CSA farm serving the Twin Cities and
                                                                                                                                      It’s Community Supported Agriculture.
                                               Madison areas. The first season was a great success and we are as excited as ever
                                               to invite you to join us as we seed, transplant, cultivate, harvest and enjoy a wide      It is the bringing together of farmers (that’s
                                                                                                                                      us) and consumers (that’s you). Together we
                                               array of fruits and vegetables. Each box that we provide for you offers                are a COMMUNITY that joins forces to
                                               something different, depending on the time of the year. This is what seasonal          experience a season of farming. You’ve heard
                                               eating is all about. Strawberries in June, sweet corn in August and everything in      the buzz words in all sorts of circles and you
                                               the peak of its season, the way farming and eating is meant to be. Upon joining a      are probably wondering what the heck all the
                                                                                                                                      hubbub is about.
                                               CSA, you’ll soon discover that the food simply TASTES                                     It’s about FRESH, quality, locally grown
                                               better. It may be because of its freshness, the short                                  produce direct from the farmers; from YOUR farm!

D     riftless Organics came into being        distance it travels, or simply because it was grown                                    By joining our CSA program, you are paying for
                                               by people, not a big corporation. Whatever                                             a share of the farm’s bounty. And weekly, you will
        thirteen years ago under the name                                                                                             be surprised and delighted by a box full of the
Rainbow Potatoes. It was started by Josh       the reason, the FOOD IS GREAT. We feel                                                 essentials of seasonal vegetable goodness - sweet
and Noah Engel, ages eleven and nine           good about growing it and we want                                                      corn, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions - all those
respectively, and as the name suggests they    you to feel good about eating it. As                                                   vegetables that you know and love, with a few
                                               the sun shines and the rain falls, we                                                  oddities thrown in to keep things interesting for
grew a colorful spectrum of potatoes, more
                                                                                                                                      you and your family. Once a week (or every other
than twenty varieties in all. As Josh and      are commited to providing you with                                                     week - depending on your preference), your box
Noah made their way through high school,       fresh, high quality vegetables, locally                                                will be delivered to your neighborhood for you
college and jobs on other farms, they never    grown and locally eaten.                                                               to pick up and enjoy. Along with a box of veg-
stopped growing potatoes. As they                                                                                                     etables, you will recieve a weekly newsletter that
themselves grew, so did their ambition and                                                                                            has recipes, cooking tips, stories and information
the number of crops they planted. What
began as a quarter acre farm has now
                                                                      Sample Boxes                                                    regarding organic vegetables.
                                                                                                                                         Being part of a CSA is about more than just
expanded to forty acres of ridge and valley    Mid June:                  Mid August:                      Mid October:               vegetables. As a CSA member you will be sharing
                                                                                                                                      the rewards as well as the risks of farming. The
fields in beautiful Star Valley, Wisconsin.                               2# cucumbers
In addition to potatoes they are currently     2 cucumbers                                                 3# gold potatoes           rewards include: enjoying the freshest produce
                                               1# snap peas               2# zucchini                      2# onions                  available; knowing where, how and by whom your
growing a myriad of vegetables including
strawberries, cucumbers, zucchini and          1 pint strawberries        1 pint sungold cherry tomatoes   1 # carrots                food is being produced; and having a direct con-
                                               2 pounds broccoli          2# heirloom tomatoes             1 head of garlic           nection with the people who produce your food.
sweet potatoes.                                                                                                                          The risks include weather and pests. Though
                                                                          1 head of garlic                 4# sweet potatoes
   Noah and Josh have been joined in           1 bunch of basil                                                                       formidable for small, self-sustaining farmers,
                                                                          1 red onion                      2# winter squash
recent years by Mike Lind. The three of        1 bunch of green onions                                                                these risks are bearable when shared by a group
                                                                                                           1 head of cabbage
them and their dedicated crew sell locally     1 head of lettuce          6 ears sweet corn                                           of subscribers. By joining together as a com-
                                                                                                           2# parsnips
at the Farm, the Viroqua Food Co-op,           1 bunch of radishes        1 yellow watermelon                                         munity, farmers and consumers alike can ben-
                                                                                                           1# purpletop turnips
Peoples Food Co-op, two farmers’ markets                                  1 bunch of cilantro                                         efit from an agriculture that provides bountiful
and restaurants in Madison as well as to Co-                                                                                          food while preserving the ecological and
ops in the Twin Cities; and now a                                                                                                     social basis necessary for coming generations.
Community Suported Agriculture program.