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  South Korean in the Korean peninsula. Korean Peninsula is located in the northeast
Asian continent, extending from north to south length of 1,100 km. South Korea's
territorial waters and the waters of the westernmost intersection of the Pacific. Korean
Peninsula, the northern border with China and Russia, East China Sea, with
neighboring Japan across the sea. In addition to connecting the peninsula with the
mainland, South Korea also has 3,000 islands.
  Korean Peninsula, an area of 222,154 square kilometers of the total, almost equal to
the size of Britain or Romania. 45%, or 99,000 square kilometers of land, arable land
(not including reclaimed land). Such as Portugal, Hungary or Ireland, as the Korean
Peninsula mountain about two-thirds of the territory.
  Taebaek Mountains extend along the east coast of the peninsula as a whole. East
Haibo Tao because of the impact of the formation of an East Coast island cliffs and
rocks. Western and southern slopes gently, forming plains and many offshore islands
and the small harbor.
  Korean peninsula has many scenic mountains and rivers, so Koreans often call it
"beautiful country." North Korea's highest mountain is located in the border with
China Baekdu (Changbai Mountain), 2,744 meters above sea level. Baekdu is an
extinct volcano, Yamaguchi created a man named "Heavenly Lake" huge volcanic
lake. Baekdu is particularly important for South Korea's national spirit, a symbol of
South Korea's national anthem was written.
  in terms of its size, South Korea has a relatively large number of rivers, these rivers
form a Korean way of life to achieve industrialization and South Korea have played
an important role. Yalu River (length 790 km) and the Duman River (Tumen, 521 km
long) are the two longest rivers in North Korea are originated Baekdu, a westward
flow, one to the east, forming the northern border of the peninsula.
  Nakdong River (525 km long) and the Han River (514 km long) is the two main
rivers in the peninsula in the southern region. Flows through Seoul's Han River is the
development of the ancient Kingdom of Living and the lifeline of the people along the
river, there is now a central part of modern South Korea's densely populated region's
  because of the Korean Peninsula is surrounded by the sea, ancient marine life in
Koreans play an important role, as South Korea's shipbuilding and navigation surgery
in early contribution to the development.

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