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									Know Thyself

Inscribed in the court of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi are the words: “Know Thyself”, ascribed to at least 5 great sages, and considered to be a divine precept, handed down from the Gods themselves. Fundamental to your ultimate happiness and success is knowing yourself. The concept of “finding yourself” may have the social stigma of being a naïve and selfish approach to avoiding life, while in reality it is the single most powerful and effective way for engaging in life and living it fully. If, upon reading this, you notice you feel any resistance to the idea of self-examination, it’s understandable. We live in a culture where it’s consistently been shunned, where the only emotionally safe and socially acceptable space for self-study is in therapy. But that’s just a acculturated belief. It’s not The Truth. It's a reflection of our common resistance to looking inward for our answers. If the concept of getting to know yourself is alien to you, and more than a little awkward, if it makes you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed, take comfort in the fact that you do have the answers. No one else. And accessing those answers is easier than you may think.

You already have a built-in key to unlocking the true core nature of You, namely: your likes and dislikes. What you like tells you a lot about who you are? Pursue what you like and you start to define yourself by those qualities and attributes you most respect and admire. Conversely, the things you don’t like you can eschew as not a part of the world you live in. As a result, those things you don’t like about yourself will start to fade and fall away. Learn the exact same strategies and tactics that all the top self help gurus have been keeping from you because they don't want you to be as successful as they are.

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Knowing what you like and dislike determines what you will attract into your life and repel from it; uncertainty and indecision only produce more uncertainty and indecision. To know your strengths and your talents is to have a compass in life, giving you direction, for we are all imbued with different strengths and talents, and our gift to the world is to put them to use. And when you pursue what you’re good at in a way you enjoy, you are living your purpose, inside and out. Knowing your strengths also gives you the confidence to face all obstacles you come up against (including your fears) as you are empowered with the knowledge of what abilities you possess that you can harness in dissolving all resistance before you. Knowing your strengths gives you strength. Knowing who you are gives you confidence to be who you are, to step out into the world of other people not you, often quite considerably different from you, with your head held high. So start getting to know yourself. What do you like about yourself? Forget about what you don’t like. What do you like:  about your appearance?  about your abilities and talents?  about your qualities of character?  about your beliefs?

Just as acceptance of a situation is fundamental to changing it; accepting yourself as you are is the foundation for changing what you want to change in order to be more of the person you want to be. And if you needed an added incentive: a side-effect of understanding yourself is that you finally start understanding other people as well.

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