; Ability to appreciate poetry poetry
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Ability to appreciate poetry poetry


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									Ability to appreciate poetry poetry

 poetry appreciation of student ability
 poem is called Literature of the best, "Literature of the superior." Poetry and concise,
subtle and jump to small Yun and more profound artistic conception, the uncertainty
of the image (not as vivid as the image of the novel), is indeed very difficult for
teachers and students in general can be said that in appreciation of poetry, Many
people ate it, "bitterness."
 I would like, "poetry appreciation" of the test questions, the value of great
significance and far-reaching, it is the needs of language teaching is "the language
curriculum" requirement, is also a "test description" clear that there A more important
reason is that poetry appreciation to ability training is to improve the comprehensive
capacity of an important way.
 one, appreciate poetry, to cultivate and improve students imagination.
 imagination is a kind of creative thinking. Imagination, knowledge, and subjects the
students learn the basis for future development studies, is to create the prerequisite
conditions for the culture from the primary school started a basic ability. Poetry rich
and bold imagination, Li Bai's "waterfalls three thousand feet, down suspected Galaxy
nine days," Mao Zedong Poems "Falling blossoms Fanzuo waves, Castle Peak
intentionally into the bridge," and so on, all people Spiritual flying, imagination. More
poetry readings, and more appreciation of such a good poem, no doubt to cultivate
and enhance the capacity of student imagination and association.
 2, effectively develop and improve their language skills.
 college entrance examination, "Poetry Appreciation" question requires students to
use smooth, fluid language of general, express their poetic language, images,
techniques from the view, the current national college entrance examination paper, the
Shanghai paper Dengjun require candidates to use language to expression,
appreciation of the test of poetry is no longer in the form of multiple choice questions,
and are used to examine the form of words to answer. It requires students to not "can
be felt, not explained," to transform the "pot of dumplings children" poured out my
heart wondering Well, the mouth to put it out, pen also written out; read the , clear,
and had to write a fluent and accurate expression, and it may get high marks, get out
of, and past objective test compared to the subjective questions that effectively test the
candidate's language ability.
 3, students apply knowledge to solve practical problems.
 "poetry appreciation" requires a certain amount, and the necessary nature of the
poetry, characteristics and types of knowledge, knowledge is not necessary to
appreciate poetry, and poetry do not understand, or understand the Debu-depth, it
would not Appreciation; learning about poetry appreciation of some of the flexible use
of knowledge and not also the answer not the problem, not a high score. It requires
students to apply knowledge acquired in the specified time, given the poetry of the
image, language, presentation skills features on the judge to be correct, or make their
own unique understanding and reasonable, that require students to apply knowledge
solve practical problems.
  4, students patiently and carefully explore the mysteries of the capacity of things.
  poem to reflect the rich emotional life. Poetry and concise, subtle and general strong
emphasis on refining the words and sentences. To appreciate poetry, we must read and
should be implemented progressively in time, to carefully read, read again and again,
but also with a point of passion to read. To appreciate, we must thoroughly appreciate
the profound poetry mood, to image the surface to analyze poetry contained between
the rich and profound inner meaning. Reading is the basis for appreciation, there is no
in-depth study of the reading, there are no taste, no taste there would be no answer,
answer a good question. Appreciation of this careful and meticulous process of
reading, is a patient and painstaking students to explore the mystery of things, the
ability of the process.
  5, strive to purify mind, students right from wrong, praise the ability of good
banished evil.
  person's right and wrong are not born with them. The student's growing up, who is
wrong, what should praise and what should be criticized, abandoned, and the students,
whether primary or secondary school students, may not clearly understand. Their
concept of right and wrong, life and values are constantly changing, students are very
malleable, especially in modern commodity economy, monetary theory, "Knowledge
is Useless" often flooded. Allow students to read and more appreciation of poetry,
students can cultivate virtue, and spiritual purification of the students, train students
right from wrong, commend or reduce the capacity of evil, the effect is often very
significant, magical.
  saying goes, "Notice of Dali," a reasonable, open-minded minded people who
generally do not read philosophy books less, no less philosophical poetry reading.
"Meditative Poems in" Eulogy to the ancient people and things, on the people to
express feelings of nostalgia, the expression of the things this bad for lamenting Xi
Sheng, full of human touch; "War Poetry" and "homesickness poem," most of the
offensive performance of the war or in his hometown to relatives of the missing: "by
King lyrics, Sing wills" over the performance of the poems do not want in cahoots
with the secular noble quality, or expression serve the country no one to turn, gifted
and frustrated sad. Rhythm of poetry rich beauty and rhythm, in particular, the
Unconstrained Ci School Majestic poetry, can make people open-minded, volume
greatly increased, love life, cherish Jane minutes seconds, is conducive to physical
and mental health. Reading Hai Zi "Facing the Ocean warmth of spring," more people
to love life, Huodataiduo, aloof. Li Bai's "turn up again," enable students to believe
"I'm Born with", brimming with confidence, highlight life of sailing, the wind and
waves and progressive.
  China is a land of poetry. , "Read and reasonable people." Poetry is the essence of
literature is a high concentration of life and general. Poetry readings, is a beauty to
enjoy, it enables students to sublimate emotions, so that students can purify the mind,
the comprehensive capacity of students to effectively improve. In fact, we teach
poetry unit, students interest is particularly keen to learn of the positive high-long
special, which fully shows the artistic charm of poetry will not be due to the passage
of time, years of vicissitudes and dim down. We must adjust their mentality, to
Understand the "poetry appreciation" This test center, continue to nurture and enhance
the students "poetry appreciation" capability. This article comes from [the website of
Education] www.5udoc.com collection and sorting, for the original author. /

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