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					Desire Street cars of "A Streetcar Named Desire" in Bu Langqi split personality

  Desire Street car Brown divisive
  Summary: "A Streetcar Named Desire" is the Tennessee Williams masterpiece ,
while the play is the American theater actress 布朗琪杜波 Eastman controversial
works of one of the people. This split personality on the Bulang Qi carried out the
analysis on behalf of the United States to explain the South elegant aristocratic culture
Bulang Qi, represented by Stanley in the north and the industrial culture of tough
confrontation, doomed to complete failure. However Bulang Qi made a brave fight,
she was a beautiful shine with eternal tragic vision and human feelings.
  Keywords: split personality; failure; resistance
  in the illusion of happiness, the delicate Bulang Qi smile, followed by doctors out of
the sister's home, she spent the rest of his life will be in an insane asylum. This is "A
Streetcar Named Desire," the final scene, is the highest point of the tragedy Bulang Qi.
Bu Langqi American drama works of controversial figures. Some critics praised her
gentle and idealistic, while others are despicable she is vain, shameless adulteress.
Bulang Qi in the end is how a character? Elegant ladies or shameless slut? This paper
will Bulang Qi to analyze the split personality: In order to fill the spiritual emptiness,
out of loneliness and fear, Bu Langqi constant pursuit of physical satisfaction, which
degenerated into a prostitute; while she was held in check by their own conscience
and moral sense of condemnation, can not face reality, forced to indulge in fantasy to
try to maintain their human dignity as the last point. Bulang Qi represents the elegant
aristocratic culture of the South, with Stanley on behalf of the Northern powerful
industrial culture of conflict and confrontation, destined to complete failure. However
weak the Bulang Qi made a brave fight, she was a beautiful shine with eternal tragic
vision and human feelings.
  Bulang Qi's first appearance in the play just to reach her sister Stella's house: "She's
covered with hair dressed in white blouse and skirt, wearing a pearl necklace and
earrings, as well as hats and gloves, looks like going to a summer in the garden tea
party or cocktail party at the like "(Williams, 1587). Her people immediately think of
that dress beautiful aristocratic woman, but with his sister's house located in New
Orleans slum noisy dirty mess with the environment. In the drama the beginning,
Williams will be North-South conflict of two very different cultures, appear so
obvious and tragic climax for the future foreshadowed delicate Bulang Qi, dressed
Baiqun, stood a dark and Contamination among seemed so unexpected, yet so weak,
as if at any time will be swallowed up.
  Bulang Qi came home when his sister was already a fallen woman. Her noble family
had run-down, the only manor - manor also lost dream, his impoverished. Bu Langqi
teach in a school during the seduction of a minor student, was expelled from school.
She was driven to prostitution for a living, and because it is notorious, was eventually
expelled from the local government. Nowhere to go under, Bulang Qi came to New
Orleans, seeking refuge with fellow sister, Stella, hope to have a shelter, but also hope
to start a new life. Bu Langqi as true debauchery, hypocrisy and vanity of her very
obvious. She can not afford expensive dresses and jewelry, they buy some cheap but
very blatantly the dress and glass jewelry; She urgently needs a shelter, but on the
home of his sister simple nose; she despised brother Stanley, that He did not educated,
vulgar, and yet occasionally flirt with them. In order to Sarkozy married his wife, Bu
Langqi even pretend to own an immaculate, elegant and noble woman, and has no
idea why the thing for the disorder. The Young Lady to her side to play ladies, while
they do not understand with Midzi French molested him, asked him willing to go to
bed with their own. Bu Langqi to receive telephone calls to the young men of a very
provocative kiss, she exposed corrupt side. From these perspectives, Bulang Qi is
indeed a shameless, they often hypocritical slut posing as elegant.
  However, if we look deep down into the Bulang Qi, to find the root of her false
debauchery, we see a broken heart and a fragile sense of security to another without
confusion and perplexity, woman. She was like a wounded animal, always in fear,
desire to care and protection.
  Bu Langqi age 16 married a young and handsome, talented poet Aaron. She loves
her husband, a love that the sincere and warm, as described by Stella: "Bu Langqi not
only love him but to worship him, and even he walked the floor all worship. She
thought he was so perfect almost not of this earthly mundane world "(Williams 1630).
Unfortunately, such a perfect young poet is a disgusting homosexual. Bu Langqi
accidentally discovered the truth, under extreme shock sad, infinite love of her
husband shouted: "I see! Me understand! You make me sick!" (Williams 1627), the
Aaron open gun to kill himself. Aaron's death the same as haze shrouded the Bulang
Qi rest of his life, she has failed out of the shadow of this piece.
  more than her beloved husband, her friends and family die off, eventually her sweet
home - and never lost the dream manor. Bu Langqi alone through it all, no one around
to share or for her to comfort her fragmentary. Bu Langqi can not stand these sad and
lonely, she unlimited desire warmth and care and protection. However, cold world, no
one gave him even just a little bit of warmth. In this case Bulang Qi engaged in the
arms of strangers, I hope the body's temperature can be a little comfort about her hurt
and sorrow suffered sinking heart. Bu Langqi Miqi Tan White had said: "Yes, I have
had many strangers intimate behavior. Since Aaron's death, hanging out with strangers
become my only way to fill the emptiness inside. I think that is fear it is the fear of
expulsion of me from one place to another, seeking some protection "(Williams 1638).
It is these "hanging out with strangers" to Bu Langqi become a slut. Sadly, she never
found in those close to her hard little desire for the care and protection. The men took
her only as a tool for pleasure, did not care what she wanted, and then despise her as a
dirty prostitute.

  Bulang Qi's fall is not just her own mistakes, but reflected the enormous changes in
the U.S. society. Bu Langqi South American descendants of aristocratic cultural
tradition, her well-educated, gentle, delicate, virtuous. Stella is described her sister:
"In the past, no one is more gentle than her more worthy of trust in the" (Williams
1635). Bu Langqi also very clear about their values: "A cultivated woman, a smart,
educated woman, can enrich the lives of men. Which I have, not with the fleeting
away. Beauty will disappear, it is only a short-lived wealth, but spiritual beauty, the
spirit of the rich - all this I have never been taken, and will be enduring treasure! my
heart harbored all these treasures, said that I like wash. and I think he is a very, very
rich woman "(1642 Williams). As a descendant of nobility, Bulang Qi is embrace this
belief grew up, that is: noble woman like her can never rely on such as the Knights
general gentleman handsome wealthy nobles happy life. Age-old dream of beautiful
quiet estate where she should live, elegant and very gentleman should be her ideal
husband. However, all the civil war shattered the dream, but also broke the quiet
southern plantations. The power of the north industrial culture, with its inherent
barbarism and cruelty, drowned in the south of the garden. Bu Langqi almost lost
everything simply can not adapt to the ruthless world. Rich men do not care about her
spirit, gentle soul, just as Xieyu her tools. Stanley could not understand her, that she
contrived, abject, but still raped her. Mitzi even the only one in this play is also some
good loving man, in that Bulang Qi past behavior, the side that she not "clean" and
can not be his wife, the other hand they asked her to go to bed. If these people really
think that Bu Langqi not "net", then far away from her, why go to provoke her? Men
crave a woman's body, and women once met them, they will put a woman as a cheap
prostitute. Bu Langqi lean on the man's desire, just hoping to get warmer, as Stella as
the insight: "But you people are bullying her, forced her to change" (Williams 1635).
Both can not adapt to reality and do not have a little more care and protection, Bu
Langqi choose to live in their own fantasies. On Bulang Qi, the illusion that she can
resist the harsh reality of the only weapons, although this weapon is so fragile, Bu
Langqi still grasp: "I do not want reality, I want magic! Yes, magic! I try to give
people magic. I distorted the facts, I did not tell them is true, I told them what should
be the true. If this is guilt, then, let me do it by the curse "(Williams 1638). Bu Langqi
Instead of evil, on the contrary, she cherishes the ideals and human nature in mind,
she is the reality of this fallen world, a brave and determined idealist. Since the reality
can not give what she wanted, she would rather stick to the fantasy ideal, do not fall
together with this thesis, this world from [worry documentation] to
collect and organize, for the original author! . In this sense, Bu Langqi this fragile
woman is great.
  Bulang Qi of the body is fallen, and this fall is a brutal indictment of the world. Bu
Langqi mind has never fallen, she insisted on calling the ideals and human nature may
be very weak, but if there is no such as Bulang Qi, "tossed in front of Pigs, Pearl," the
fool, in this world there is no hope for it.
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