A guerrilla war guerrilla grenade

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					A "guerrilla war" guerrilla grenade

  hand grenade in a guerrilla war once the other party
  "guerrilla warfare"
  "we have to a guerrilla war." Bored me silly, said all the partners . Everyone says:
"Good!" Because people lack. Partners are called to a few of their other buddies.
  we count them, a total of 30 some people. We regard the family brought a toy gun.
When the bullets with toy bullets. Paper when the grenade.
  we divided the team, my team who have elected me as commander. Fun and games
began. The enemy suddenly rushed up. We fight back fiercely. Artillery bombed the
first time in years, hit a "dead" a lot of fighters. But the other side of the situation than
we suffer, "numerous casualties."
  suddenly a grenade flew over, I Jizhongshengzhi, kicked back. I have not fried, just
like a rocket grenade hit the same body in each other's commander. The other
members of the command had to listen to instructions retreat.
  this time, we had a surprise for them Seizing an excellent opportunity to catch up to.
They were routed and playing. The rest have surrendered their hands.
  This guerrilla war can be really fun, not only allows us to appreciate how hard the
previous anti-Japanese, but also gives me the confidence to serve the motherland grew
up. / Center>

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