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					SEO for the Web 2.0 Site
Tony Adam
October 7th, 2008

The Web 2.0 User Experience
• Web 2.0 is all about “sleek” looking interfaces

• When does AJAX really need to be implemented? • Think about the User (Experience) • There is a dilemma for Search Engines if the right techniques aren’t used


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Web 2.0 Dilemmas for Search Engines
• Content controlled by JavaScript is not Search Friendly • When JavaScript is unavailable, there needs to be a Graceful Fail • AJAX URLs can be problematic

• Hacked up code or a non-strategic approach to building websites


Yahoo! Confidential Tabs Interaction


Yahoo! Confidential Tabs Interaction…turning the lights off...

• The content within the tabs interaction is completely missing

• Since this isn’t accessible by Search Engines, it leads to:
– Loss in possible keyword density – No Deep Links to Content – No Internal Link Equity passed to deep content


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iMedix – Tabs Interaction


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iMedix – Tabs Interaction – Whose the big winner!?

• Same Experience. Same Content. Same Links!


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Getting geeky for a know you want to!
• Be Strategic in the AJAX Implementations • Implement using Progressive Enhancement
– Separates content from presentation and interactions built using scripting languages.

• Work with Standards or Platform teams to build Standard interactions.


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The SEO’s Handy Dandy Toolkit
• Web Developer Toolbar
– You can use the Web Developer toolbar to see what your content looks like to a Search Engine.

• User Agent Switcher
– See what Search Engine Robots see on your website.


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I Can Haz AJAX URLs…kthxbai!
• URL Issues within AJAX
– Ugly “#” (hash tags) within the url structure Ex: – HIJAX can turn “#” tags into indexable unique URLs. Ex: – Rewriting URLs are preferred as they create the cleanest URL structure, accessible trim points, and can leverage keywords in the URLs. Ex: webpage/foo32/
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We’re Open for Business!
• Partner with the following teams:
– Marketing – Web Development, Engineering, & Web Standards Experts – Accessibility Leads – User Experience and Usability

• Get buy in by showing people areas of improvement. • Get involved in company processes, site reviews, etc.

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“To-Go” bag of Web 2.0, AJAX, and SEO Hotness
• Jeremy Keith - Progressive Enhancement with AJAX:

• Jeremy Keith – Article on Hijax:

• Google Webmaster Central - A spider’s view of Web 2.0:

• Learn about Progressive Enhancement:

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Shameless Self Promotion (You had to know it was coming!)
• My Blog: • Follow me on twitter: • Anything Social: tonyadam

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