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									 A Dance of the
India’s culture lies at the heart of the Indian experience...
   Journey through a majestic Mughal land of ancient
  customs and rituals – and recapture the spiritual and
medicinal legacies in Agra. Home to some of the world’s
  most precious stones and metals – such as diamonds,
                  ruby, gold and platinum.
     The healing stones, music and therapists’ hands
 will be effectively integrated into an experience that is
  deep and meaningful to each person on a soul level.
     The universe is the energy of the soul and from
        this energy comes life, consciousness, and
                         the elements.
       Deep within the “dance of the elements” lies
                the secret symphony of life.
Spa Journey
Royal Mughal Hamam                                                                                 (70 min)
In a revival of days gone by, guests at Agra can now enjoy India’s first Mughal
style Hamam. Take some quiet respite by yourself in complete privacy whilst we
take care of you in true Indian Royal style.

Use of the Private Hamam                                   Relaxing Scalp Massage
Relax in your own private hamam where you                  Release all tension from your head and neck as we
experience the most amazing deep cleansing Persian         shampoo and condition your hair hamam style.
inspired body scrub using traditional, natural
ingredients, leaving you with super soft and clean skin.   Tea Ceremony
                                                           Take time to rest or socialise and chat with
Mughal Style “Kese”                                        your partner or friends whilst you enjoy some
Body Scrub                                                 tea blends.
After a few minutes of allowing the skin to soften, as
you lie on the heated plinth, your therapist will carry    Traditional Hair
out a deep body scrub using your own personal loofah.      Combing Ritual
Argan Oil, Mung Bean
Soap Massage
Enjoy the ultimate cleansing soap as this rich foamy
mixture is slathered over your body from head to toe,
and rinsed clean leaving the skin silky soft to touch.
                                                                                    Pomegranate Sugar Scrub
                                                                                    Revive your body, discover your ancient soul. An exotic
                                                                                    exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise your senses.
                                                                                    Kaya Kalp’s signature blend of exotic Pomegranate polishes
Spa Journey                                                                         and softens the body to perfection.

EXOTIC                                                                              Pomegranate Bath Infusion
                                                                                    A delightfully rejuvenating bath infusion with extracts
                                                                                    of pomegranate, this treatment will leave you feeling

POMEGRANATE                                                                         refreshed. Sip on freshly squeezed pomegranate elixir
                                                                                    while you enjoy this treatment.

(120 min)
                                                                                    Indian Aromasoul
A unique combination of natural fruits such as pomegranate – which is a deep-       Ritual Massage
                                                                                    Envelope your senses with our unique essential aroma
cleansing antioxidant, lime mixed with organic brown sugar allows the body to       blend with a rejuenating long and fast strokes massage,
                                                                                    inspired by the Indian tradition of massage therapy after
be gently exfoliated. Not only does it have a cleansing effect, it also removes     bathing. Discover your ancient soul.

the stresses of our daily living. Using a powerful blend of traditional oils, the   Traditional Hair Combing
mind is guided into a rested state which induces a sense of peace. This divine      Ritual
state of well-being is then enhanced by the vigorous workout of the therapist’s
hands using amazing deep rhythmical movements.
Spa Journey
passage to india
(150 min)

Discover the magic of Ayurveda. Allow yourself to drift away on a
quest for solitude, where indigenous herbs and spices are lavishly
applied by our highly skilled Ayurvedic therapists.

Guided Meditation                          Abhyanga Massage
A meditation technique that allows the     A traditional Abhyanga massage is performed
mind to let go and de-stress. This         by a therapist using the long stroke technique.
process itself teaches respect and         This offering is a delightful way to relax the
appreciation for the body, mind and        body and allow the mind to drift away, using
spirit, and connects you with your inner   a traditional blend of oils to awaken the
guidance and self-empowerment.             inner wisdom.

Shirodhara                                 Mung Bean Soap Massage
Shirodhara is a significant therapy        A perfect way to connect and ground yourself
working through the deepest levels         with nature as your body is cocooned in a
of one’s being. In this, flow of warm      natural blend of Mung Bean. It is designed
medicated oil is poured continuously       to cleanse the mind, body and spirit by
on the forehead, helps to connect and      helping to elevate your spirits and
rejuvenate the energy systems within       bring a renewed inner vitality.
the body. Shirodhara is one of
Ayurveda’s specialised therapies that
involve the use of specific skills and
                                           Traditional Hair
intuition. This specialised treatment      Combing Ritual
helps to improve blood supply, thus
increasing supply of nutrients and
oxygen to the tissues and promotes
unblocking of nerve impulses to
help relieve tension.
                                                          Spa Journey
                                                          A TAJ MAHAL ROMANCE
                                                          (180 min)

A combination of time tested healing remedies of the East, and incorporating
the beauty of powerful gemstones. Together these unite the bliss of breath
and activate subtle energies of love. Our breath is one of the most powerful
spiritual tools we have for creating states of well-being, healing and
spiritual transformation.

Chakra Balancing                                           Deep Cleansing Kaya
Gemstone Massage                                           Kalp Facial
This exquisite massage has been exclusively created        Our skin care professional will analyse your skin
by our team of spa experts to provide you with the         and create a healthy skin care regime based on
ultimate in pure spa relaxation. A selection of semi       your skin type. Each of our specially designed
precious gemstones indigenous to India are placed          facials are customised to your specific needs. The
on your Chakra energy centres. Your therapist will         youthful glow of your pampered skin will reflect
 provide an amazing lymphatic drainage massage             your inner beauty.
utilising the gemstones along with natural aromatic
Indian blends. This treatment revitalises the mind and
eliminates tension. A truly magical experience.            Bathing Ritual
                                                           Linger in privacy as you take pleasure in a
                                                           bathing ritual for two. Enjoy a tantalising
Breath of Life – Pranayman                                 spa fruits platter, enhanced by the Kaya Kalp
The breath of life is incorporated into these              signature drink, promising to leave you in
treatments which are dedicated to restore balance          a state of true romantic bliss.
and inner beauty. These simple techniques from
ancient India will help to evoke true bliss. The breath
stills the body, and calms the mind.                       Traditional Hair
                                                           Combing Ritual
                                                                                         Pomegranate Sugar Scrub                               (40 min)        Hot Herbal Poultice Massage                               (60 min)
                                                                                         Revive your body, discover your ancient soul. An exotic               This centuries-old treatment consists of a therapeutic massage
                                                                                         exfoliation ritual to invigorate and revitalise your senses. Kaya     using warm poultices filled with healing herbs and spices from Asia.
                                                                                         Kalp’s signature blend of exotic Pomegranate, Milk, Lemon skin        Warm oils are drizzled over your body, then utilising the
                                                                                         and Brown Sugar deeply cleanses, polishes and softens the             poultice, your therapist massages your body in slow rhythmic
                                                                                         body to perfection.                                                   movements. Indian massage techniques are used to trace the
                                                                                                                                                               energy pathways, pressure points and lymphatic drainage... every
                                                                                         Hamam Pick Me Up Ritual                              (40 min)
                                                                                                                                                               touch induces a new level of relaxation and healing. The fragrant
                                                                                                                                                               therapeutic nature of the oils, poultice and massage creates a

Revitalising body treatments
                                                                                         A traditional Persian influenced Hamam bathing treatment
                                                                                                                                                               heavenly, sumptuous experience that will leave you feeling
                                                                                         designed to deeply exfoliate the skin leaving it soft and             rejuvenated, refreshed and wonderfully relaxed.
                                                                                         radiant. The treatment begins with a continuous flow of warm
                                                                                         and cool water from a copper bowl over your entire body. This
In ancient India, it is traditional to prepare the body through a cleansing ritual. To   is followed by a traditional skin soother scrub and natural
                                                                                         soapy massage.
honour this tradition, we have created various body scrubs and envelopments to help
cleanse the body and improve skin tone. Enjoy these moments of bliss with our            Indian Aromasoul Rice
                                                                                         Exfoliation (40 min)
carefully selected body treatments.                                                      Envelope your senses with our signature unique essential
                                                                                         aroma blend of pomegranate, with a rejuvenating quick and
                                                                                         long stroke massage, inspired by the Indian tradition of
                                                                                         massage therapy after bathing. Discover your ancient soul.

                                                                                         Himalayan Clay Body
                                                                                         Envelopment (90 min)
                                                                                         An intense purifying wrap using Himalayan Clay and
                                                                                         essential oils to detoxify, purify, heal and tone. Enjoy a relaxing
                                                                                         scalp massage during your treatment, concluding with an
                                                                                         application of our signature aroma blend moisturiser.

                                                                                         Revitalising Mud Wrap                           (90 min)
                                                                                         A soothing, slimming thermal wrap with a synergy
                                                                                         of focus algae, essential oils and healing thermal waters
                                                                                         to relieve fluid retention and treatment of cellulite.
massage rituals
Relax your mind, body and soul with one of our mystic massages
that help increase circulation, and assists to remove daily stress and
tension from the body.

Kaya Kalp Massage                  (60/90 min)      Aromatherapy Massage                            (60/90 min)
Our signature massage is designed to relax the      A gentle and calming massage, enhanced with aromatic
entire body, focussed on relieving muscular         essential oils that eases your tension and restores a feeling
tension while combining wonderful soothing          of well-being, through essential oils that release their healing
strokes for the ultimate massage. This powerful     properties into your skin.
aroma-therapeutic massage incorporates
dynamic blends of essential oils personalised       Hot Stone Massage                       (100 min)
according to your specific needs; choose from:
                                                    Exhale and relax as your therapist administers an
*Stress Soother: Soothe and relax with
                                                    advanced tri-phase stone massage therapy. This
a ‘de-stress’ calming blend of Mysore Sandalwood
                                                    therapeutic massage with micronised minerals
*Healing: Uplift, detoxify and renew your zest      Malachite and Zincite, de-stress your entire being,
for life with a blend of Lime and Ginger            releasing tension, fatigue and pain, resulting in blissful
*Muscle Ease: Ease away tired and aching muscles    relaxation. Your treatment will begin with a lymphatic
with a muscle easing blend of warming               drainage massage followed by a hot stone massage.
Eucalyptus and Black Pepper
                                                    Tension Reliever
Luxurious Kaya Kalp
                                                    Massage (30 min)
Massage (60/90 min)                                 The ideal massage to relax the tension
Our signature massage uses the luxury micro –       retaining areas of the muscle tissues of the
emulsified anti-stress massage oil which contains   back, neck and shoulders. A perfect way
Geranium essential oil. This treatment will leave   to start your holiday or relax after a day
your skin feeling soft, moist and revitalised.      of business meetings.
Chakra Balancing                                           Indian Aromasoul Ritual
Gemstone Massage                         (60/90 min)       Massage (90 min)
This exquisite massage has been exclusively                Your journey to India begins with an exfoliation with
created by our team of spa experts to provide              crushed rice and aromas of essential oils. Inspired by
you with the ultimate in pure spa relaxation. A            the ancient life philosophy of ayurveda, the ‘science
selection of semi-precious gemstones indigenous            of life’. This ritual massage with long and fast strokes
to India are placed on your Chakra energy centres.         resonates deeply with mind, body and spirit,
Your therapist will provide an amazing lymphatic           releasing stress and tension, while bestowing a
drainage massage utilising the gemstones along             complete state of harmony.
with natural aromatic Indian blends. This treatment
revitalises the mind, eliminates tension and
inspires meditation. A truly magical experience.
                                                           Indian Foot Massage                         (60 min)
                                                           Relax, listen to the music and put your feet up.
                                                           We will begin with an Indian foot wash ritual
Traditional Thai                                           which stimulates the pressure points – highly
Massage (60/90 min)                                        recommended for those who have a stressful life.
                                                           This therapy will send you on the royal road to
Thai massage is based on the discovery of ten
                                                           pure relaxation with a lavish foot massage using
invisible energy lines called Sen, which run
                                                           healing crèmes and ancient techniques that will
throughout the body. Your journey begins
                                                           leave you in a state of bliss.
with a masterful combination of Thai stretching
techniques and a deep tissue pressure point
massage. This stimulating treatment increases              Deep Tissue Massage                      (90 min)
blood flow, releases toxins and restores                   This massage incorporates bodywork that reaches
suppleness; balancing your body, mind and spirit.          the tension retaining areas of the muscle tissues
                                                           of the back, neck, shoulders and legs. Combining a
De Tradition                                               natural aromatic muscle easing blend of indigenous
                                                           oils with a warm herbal poultice treatment,
Aromatherapy                   (90 MIN)                    your tensions will be soothed away.
A full-body aromatherapy massage combined
with a mini facial that lulls you in a state of blissful
relaxation. The gentle calming massage with
essential oils eases tension, and a mini facial deep
cleanses your skin with mild exfoliation and
soothes you with a gentle face massage.
ayurvedic rituals
Ayurveda is an ancient medical science which teaches the old Indian holistic                    Ayurvedic Body Scrub                                  Pizhichil           (60 min)
                                                                                                (45 min)                                              In this procedure, oil is poured on the whole body
tradition that unites mind, body and spirit. These wellness-enhancing rituals are               Total body scrub is given with medicinal oil          continuously in a special pattern. It is effective in
                                                                                                based cream and herbal scrubber followed by           pain and stiffness of the limbs and joints and helps
uniquely designed to detoxify, purify and bring balance, well-being and energy to               hot sponging.                                         in curing general weakness after illness. It helps a
the body and mind. They release physical tension, harmonise these energies,                                                                           lot in rejuvenating the total body if taken for
                                                                                                                                                      3 to 7 days.
                                                                                                Udvartanan              (60 min)
and deeply nourish your core, bringing tranquility and peace to every                           It is a powder massage. External application
                                                                                                of fine medicinal powder accompanied by               Kady Vasthy               (30 min)
cell of your body.                                                                              massage on the whole body, followed by a hot          Medicated oil is retained on the lower back to
                                                                                                shower. This procedure can also help in weight        relieve lower back pain and prolapsed discs.
These treatments are chosen to meet your specific individual needs                              loss, detoxification and in skin conditioning,
according to your specific dosha.                                                               various medicinal powders are being used in
                                                                                                                                                      Kady Dhara               (45 min)
                                                                                                this treatment.
                                                                                                                                                      A special medicinal preparation is poured
                                                                                                                                                      continuously over the entire body or the area
Ayurveda Consultation                             Shirodhara Therapy                            Navarakizhi             (60 min)                      that need greater attention. It is analgesic in
(10 min)                                          (60 min)                                      In this procedure, the whole body or part of it is    nature and perfect for all kinds of muscular pain
Complimentary, prior to Ayurvedic                 Shirodhara is a significant therapy working   made to perspire by the external application of       and stiffness.
Treatments. We recommend before enjoying          through the deepest levels                    a warm medicinal pudding, accompanied by
one of our traditional Ayurvedic Rituals, you     of one’s being. In this, flow of warm         massage, followed by hot water bath. This helps
should spend at least 10 minutes with our         medicated oil is poured continuously on       to tone the muscles, relieve joint pain and improve
Ayurvedic Specialist who will customise your      the forehead, helps to connect and            skin conditions. In chronic conditions such as
treatment according to your specific dosha.       rejuvenate the energy systems within the      osteoarthritis and rheumatism, this procedure
                                                  body. Shirodhara is one of Ayurveda’s         can be helpful .
Abhyanga            (60 min)                      specialised therapies that involve the use
A traditional Abhyanga massage is                 of specific skills and intuition. This
performed by a therapist using the long           specialised treatment helps to improve
stroke technique. This offering is a delightful   blood supply, thus increasing supply of
way to relax the body and allow the mind          nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and
to drift away, using a traditional blend of       promotes unblocking of nerve impulses to
oils to awaken the inner wisdom.                  help relieve tension.
beauty elixirs
Our skin care professional will analyse your skin and create a healthy skin
care regime based on your skin type. Each of our specially designed facials
are customised to your specific needs. The youthful glow of your pampered
skin will reflect your inner beauty.

Luxurious Kaya Kalp Facials                                      Soothing Sensitive Skin Facial (60 MIN)
                                                                 Desensitise for visible improvement!
Timeless Rejuvenation and Pearl
                                                                 Sensitive Skin Mask immediately calms your skin with a creamy
Facial (90 MIN)                                                  combination of Zinc Oxide and Shea Butter and other key agents
The most advanced defence against aging, this treatment          to soothe irritation, making your skin glow.
lavishes your skin with Pearl Extract and a revolutionary
blend of phyto-extracts – Escutox™. This luxurious mask          Balancing Combination Skin
increases elasticity, oxygenation and suppleness, dramatically   facial (60 MIN) A perfect balance!
reducing facial expression lines and wrinkles.                   Creamy, non-drying and kaolin based, Combination Skin Mask
                                                                 helps hydrate, brighten and purify your skin with a combination
Renewal Facial ‘C’ and Sea Mask®                                 of Carrot Oil, Green Apple and vitamins.
Facial (90 MIN)
A potent blend of stabilised Vitamin C combined with a           Mattifying Oily Skin Facial (60 MIN)
break through formulation of freeze-dried seaweed, this          Purify and brighten!
mask reduces fine lines, improving elasticity and providing      Regulating excessive oiliness to impart a radiant skin tone, the
relief to sun-damaged skin.                                      Mattifying Oily Skin Mask combines the purifying action of Hops,
                                                                 Horsetail and Vitamin E for a bright and healthy complexion.
Deep Cleansing kaya Kalp Facials                                 Men’s Facial (75 MIN)
Rejuvenating Dry Skin Facial (60 MIN)                            Designed to keep skin looking healthy, young and clear,
Exude a smooth, youthful, radiant glow!                          the face, neck, and shoulders receive a relaxing massage
Rich and creamy, moisture-bonding Hyaluronic Acid hydrates,      while the mask penetrates your skin to hydrate it.
while Vitamin E and Carotene act as repairing emollients, to
                                                                 Eye Supreme (15 MIN)
make your skin wonderfully smooth and radiant.
                                                                 (Add on to any facial)
                                                                 Multi-active rejuvenating eye zone treatment works on
                                                                 the area around the eyes, attenuating swellings, dark circles
                                                                 and lines, providing protection against free radicals.
beauty essentials
Indian head massage

Hair AND Scalp Treatments
Japapatti Treatment                      (30 min)         Crowning Glory (Hair)
for Dry, Thin and Dull Hair
                                                          Hair Cleansing Ritual
Allow your hair, body and senses to be taken away         Wash only                      (30 min)
with the natural elixirs. The healing properties of       Blow Dry Only                  (25 min)
rich coconut milk, pure coconut oil, hibiscus, and        Shampoo and Blow Dry           (45 min)
japapatti leaves will leave your hair looking and
                                                          Shampoo and Hair Styling       (45 min)
feeling hydrated, silky, strong, nourished and
revitalised with a radiant shine.                         Design Cut
                                                          Shoulder Length                (15 min)
Sugandha Treatment                          (30 min)      Long                           (20 min)
for Colour Enhanced Hair                                  Perming
This is an intensive treatment that literally “shocks”    Shoulder Length               (120 min)
dull, dry and chemically processed hair back to life.     Long Length                   (180 min)
Excellent after any chemical treatment to replenish       Straightening Shoulder
lost moisture utilising organic Vetiver, Jasmine          length                        (120 min)
flowers, Indian spikenard and coconut oil. Your hair      Straightening Long Length     (180 min)
will shine more brilliantly than ever before.             Colouring and Highlighting
                                                          Shoulder Length           (60 min)
Bhringraj Treatment                         (30 min)      Long Length              (120 min)
for Special Conditions                                    Root Touch Up             (60 min)
If you are experiencing a challenge with your hair or     Hair Spa
scalp, our specialists can prescribe personalised,        Heena Shoulder Length          (30 min)
specialty treatments to cure and heal that stubborn       Heena Long Hair                (30 min)
discomfort. Our Ayurvedic herbs will gently assist        Wellness Hair Spa Treatment    (60 min)
with conditions such as hair loss, dandruff, pre-mature
                                                          Hair Falling Treatment         (30 min)
greying, chlorine build-up and psoriasis. Our natural
products act as a fountain for your hair while            Dandruff Treatment             (60 min)
relieving the hair from daily environmental stress.       Hair Styling
                                                          Judah (Bun) set                (25 min)
                                                          Threading                      (10 min)
                                                          Saree Draping                  (20 min)
Make Up Application                            Personal Fitness Instruction
Light Make Up                      (30 min)    and Consultation
Evening Make Up                    (40 min)
Bridal Make Up and Hair           (120 min)
Full Bridal Package               (180 min)    Take Home Fitness                     (60 min)      Private Yoga Session
                                                                                                   (60 min)
                                               This personal fitness instruction will be centred
Men’s                                          on exercises that can be easily completed at
                                                                                                   Yoga supports you physically, emotionally
Beard Shaping                      (15 min)                                                        and spiritually. One-to-one yoga allows you
                                               home without the need of extensive
Beard Trimming & French Beard      (25 min)                                                        to work on specifics as an individual at a
                                               equipment. A series of exercises will be taught
Shaving                            (15 min)                                                        pace that is suitable for you. Whether you
                                               using free weights, resistance bands and a
                                                                                                   are a beginner or advanced student, our
Beard, Moustache (Dye)             (20 min)    stability ball.
                                                                                                   yoga instructor will guide you through
Soft Depilation and                                                                                Asanas designed especially for you.
Bleaching                                      Circuit Training                   (60 min)
                                               A personal strength and cardio instruction
A delicate epilatory treatment which
                                               using free weights, machines and other props
prevents skin stress, enriched with a blend
                                               in a circuit designed to benefit the entire body.
of gardenia and water lily. It soothes and
moisturises skin after epilating and slows
hair re-growth.                                Stability Ball Training
Full Leg                            (60 min)   (60 min)
Half Leg                            (30 min)   This programme is for the advanced participant
Bikini Line                         (20 min)   who wants to strengthen, tone, and firm their
Under Arm                           (20 min)   legs, the back of the arms, chest, gluteus
Full Arm                            (30 min)   muscles, shoulders and abdomen. Exercising on
                                               a stability ball forces your abdominals to work
Half Arm                            (20 min)
                                               harder due to the unstable nature of the ball.
Full Body                           (60 min)
Brazilian Wax                       (60 min)
Stomach and Chest                   (15 min)
Back                                (15 min)
Upper Lip                           (05 min)
Hand and Nail Care
‘Show your hands’ - Manicure       (30 min)
‘Show your feet’ - Pedicure        (40 min)
Pomegranate Fig Spa Manicure       (60 min)
Pomegranate Fig Spa Pedicure       (60 min)
Aromatherapy Paraffin              (30 min)
Hand Treatment
Aromatherapy Paraffin              (30 min)
Foot Treatment
French Manicure                    (60 min)
French Pedicure                    (60 min)
Nail Polish                        (15 min)
Facility Fee
Use of Spa pool, Steam Room        (60 min)
Infrared Bath and Whirlpool
                                                                                                                       Spa Treatment Selection                                   Alcoholic Beverages
Spa Etiquette                                                                                                          A full menu of spa treatment offerings is listed on the
                                                                                                                       website of our hotel. If you feel you would like
                                                                                                                       assistance in choosing a service, we recommend
                                                                                                                                                                                 and Spas
                                                                                                                                                                                 We recommend that you do not consume alcohol
                                                                                                                                                                                 before, during or immediately after your spa treatments.
The Kaya Kalp Royal Spa facility is an oasis of serenity, relaxation and rejuvenation.                                 calling the spa directly and speaking to one of our
                                                                                                                       knowledgeable staff members. A discussion with our
To maintain this tranquil environment, we ask that you are respectful of others’                                       reception staff can often help you decide between         Shaving
                                                                                                                       specific types of spa treatment offerings depending       Generally, shaving is not recommended prior to any
privacy, speak softly and deactivate any disruptive communication devices such                                         on whether your goal is simply relaxation or more         treatment or hair removal services. However, it is
                                                                                                                       therapeutic in nature.                                    recommended that men shave prior to a facial
as cell phones or pagers.                                                                                                                                                        treatment at least 2 hours before the scheduled
                                                                                                                       Special Health                                            appointment time.

What to Wear                                                 Cancelling a Spa Reservation                              If you have health concerns or are pregnant, please
                                                                                                                                                                                 Personal Preferences
We will provide you with a robe and slippers to wear         We request that all guests using the spa extend a         be sure to notify our spa staff when booking your         Whether it is the room temperature or the level
while visiting our spas and you will be assigned a           four hour cancellation notice to avoid a 50% surcharge.   treatment. Our reservationists can offer guidance as      of massage pressure, please communicate your
locker to store your personal belongings. Our therapists     A ‘no show’ will incur a 100% surcharge.                  to which treatments will be the most beneficial and       preferences to the therapist so that he or she can
are professionally trained and will ensure a level of                                                                  those that should be avoided due to physical              make your time with us a special experience.
comfort by appropriately draping areas of the body                                                                     limitations or sensitivity.
that are not a focus of the treatment. We require that
swimming attire be worn in all whirlpool, infrared
                                                                                                                                                                                 Therapist Gender
cabin and steam facilities.                                                                                            Infrared or Steam Time                                    Please feel free to request either a male or female
                                                                                                                       Infrared and steam are beneficial facets of the spa       therapist for your treatment. However, we would like
                                                                                                                       hotel experience, but should always be used in            to bring to your notice that all our therapists are
Storing Valuables                                                                                                      moderation. Proper usage time will vary, but there are    professionally trained and will offer you the highest
Lockers will be provided to all guests using the facility,                                                             some general guidelines that most individuals who         standard of service with continuous consideration for
but if you feel more comfortable, we recommend that                                                                    are in good health can follow. If you are looking to      your comfort level.
you leave valuable personal items in the safe in your                                                                  warm-up and relax your muscles, we recommend
guest room, or in one of the safe deposit boxes                                                                        12-15 minutes in the dry heat of the infrared cabin.
at the front desk of the hotel.
                                                                                                                       The wet heat of the steam room is effective in opening    Our spa staff is dedicated to exceeding your
                                                                                                                       pores and awakening the respiratory system; for this,     expectations and creating a memorable spa
Late Arrival Time                                                                                                      we recommend a five to six minute time frame.             experience. We do not levy a service charge at
We ask that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to                                                                                                                              the spa, however gratuities for these efforts is an
your scheduled appointment time; however, if a late                                                                                                                              accepted norm in India and a 10% gratuity is
arrival is unavoidable, please call to notify the spa                                                                                                                            considered adequate and can be either given
receptionist when possible. Arriving late will simply                                                                                                                            directly to the staff member, or extended at the
limit the time for your treatment, as we must complete                                                                                                                           front desk of the spa facility.
your service by the designated end-time in order to
appropriately accommodate the next guest.
We accept all major credit cards and cash. You may
also charge spa services to your hotel room.

Spa Gift Certificates
You may purchase gift certificates for a specific
amount or for particular services at the reception desk
of the spa or through one of our phone reservationists
if offered. Please call the spa to confirm availability.

Age Minimum
Guests must be at least 15 years of age to experience
a spa treatment.

If your experience at our spa has not met your
expectations, we request that you speak with
the spa director or manager on duty before
leaving the facility.

Hours of Operation
Monday through Sunday
Fitness Centre       06:00 am – 10:00 pm
Spa Pool             07:00 am – 08:00 pm
Spa / Salon          08:00 am – 08:00 pm

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