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									Naughty cat --- "Flower" a naughty

 naughty flower body 一只

 naughty cat --- "Flower"

 Naughty Cat --- "Flower"
 Experimental Primary School in Yichang Zigui four (4) pay the small boat class
 "slim" in the body of a clause on the orange stripes, a big head, "Wang" , you may
want to become a large tiger. But I must tell you, it is a small cat, because it is so
beautiful, so call it 'Flower ".

  that is not quiet, is the so-called" cat than meets the eye. " could it have "martial arts
masterpiece "---" empty End Road." Once, it was sleeping, the tail was still wavering.
suddenly, a nasty flies in. His body was bright green, an on eye on the "Flower",
quickly flew to it, and "Flower" as if totally unaware. I'm going to wake it up, only to
hear the "pop" slamming, ground flies "Wumafenshi", "Flower" is a leisurely roll the
tail, "meow, meow" cried, as if to say: "I hate to wake my dreams. "

" Flower "is a tricky" delicious guys. "Once, I was eating instant noodles," Flower
"see also wanted to eat, they rub my legs with the body, and" meow - - Mi, "I cried
trying to please. Well, I'm not in the account too! it a total fail, again with two dollars.
I saw it went to the door, suddenly screamed, erect body hair. I thought what
happened, ran across the busy look, nothing ah? I looked back, "Flower" is holding a
noodle eating it! really "claw mouth with" ah! I a fool, in its "natured trick "! I quickly
pick up the bags of instant noodles, that it bite off a piece of threw it to eat. Who
would have thought that the finished piece," face addiction children "have not been
enough, but also to discuss the eat, I do not give, It resorted to "trick "---- tickle. it
jumped on my legs, claws scratching my armpit elbow child. I laugh, face the whole
spread, and it can be happy, forced from my leg the jump "down. Look! My new pants
become a "plum pants!" Children to licking it with relish noodles ground. I sighed and
said: "Well, tomorrow will not drag the ground!"

 "Flower" naughty smile may not always attracted me, it is my home "joyful girl
child!"% D % A

 Instructor: Ho Po Tsui
 Comment: careful observation, he described the activities of the cat to life.

 Submission :2004-7-416: 56:40
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