2008 Staff Shirt Order Form by djh75337


									                                  2010 Staff Shirt Order Form
         Full Name:_____________________________                                    Date:_______________

 Please list the shirt number that corresponds with your choice from the numbers located
                   above each shirt on the Staff Tees page (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5).

             Shirt #:__________ Size:______                        Shirt #:__________ Size:______

             Shirt #:__________ Size:______                        Shirt #:__________ Size:______

      Please take into consideration that shirts may shrink a little in the camp laundry.

   Would you like to purchase the Staff Hoodie for an additional $20? __________
(The hoodie will be the same brand as 2009. These RUN VERY SMALL. We suggest you order a size
                               bigger then you would normally get.)

            Please type your initials here to submit your order:______________
 {By typing in your initials you agree that these are the shirts that you will be purchasing for the summer. Any changes in size
or color will be made by purchasing additional shirts once you have arrived at camp. We will not have a large enough quantity
                          for you to exchange shirts once you have arrived. Each additional shirt is $5.}

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