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VOL. 1, NO. 281                    MULTI-NATIONAL DIVISION – BAGHDAD                             NOVEMBER 17, 2008

SoI transitions to rebuilding Iraq
by Sgt. Jerry Saslav                     sory Council and Coalition Forces.  repair and paint a wall as well as basic car-
3rd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.                                                   pentry.
                                              The students are divided into six sec-
COMBAT OUTPOST APACHE, Iraq –            tions, three male and three female. EachElectrical Maintenance: basic electrical
Joining the Sons of Iraq was a chance to                                     work.
                                         student is paid a small stipend for living
protect their Families and neighborhood                                          Sewerage and Water Systems Instal-
                                         expenses; this allows the student to focus
and earn a steady paycheck for thousands on the training.                    lation: basic plumbing skills. Graduates
of Iraqis. While the Government of Iraqi                                     will have the skills to be an independent
                                            “It’s been four weeks now and nobody’s
remains committed to finding the SoI some                                    plumber.
                                         dropped out,” said Capt. William Murphy,
form of employment, only a small percent-the Civil Affairs team chief, Company A,Road and Bridge Maintenance: teaches
                                                                             the class to make minor repairs to the roads
                                         401st Civil Affairs Battalion, currently at-
age of the SoI are going to transition into
the Iraqi Security Forces.                                                   and bridges such as repaving the roads and
                                         tached to 1st Combined Arms Battalion,
    “The government will not abandon                                         repairing the curbstones.
                                         68th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade Com-
these people. The government will provide                                         Vehicle Maintenance: where students
                                         bat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-Na-
employment opportunities for these peopletional Division – Baghdad.          learn to identify and repair basic automo-
… as a reward for their sacrifice and their                                  bile problems.
                                            The students are taught one basic voca-
                                                                                 “We provide them with a skills base …
                                         tional skill per month in a different field; each
duties,” said retired Iraqi Army Maj. Gen.
Mudher Almaala, vice chairman of the                                         and then it’s up to them to find positions.
                                         skill benefiting the rebuilding of Iraq. Each
Iraqi Formal Committee for National Rec-                                     It’s not a job we’re offering them, its em-
                                         class is taught one skill per month and the
onciliation.                                                                 ployment skills, a trade if you will,” said
                                         graduates earn a certificate. The classes are:
    The Adhamiyah Public Service Corps                                       Murphy, a native of Miami.
                                            Fiscal Management: management, bank-
                                                                                 Every section is comprised of one in-
                                         ing techniques and basic computer skills.
Project was formed to provide opportunities.
    “Those who have a degree will be given                                   structor and four supervisors. They provide
                                            Facilities Maintenance: how to build,
government jobs. Those who do                                                            both classroom and hands-on
not have much of a degree or                                                             instruction. Safety is a priority;
any trade can go to a vocational                                                         the students are taught to prop-
school,” said Almaala.                                                                   erly use the appropriate safety
    Early in October the project                                                         gear.
enrolled its first class, with inter-                                                        The Adhamiyah course is the
ested SoI members as the priori-                                                         largest of the seven programs
ty. Any open seats after that were                                                       the Fayaafe Group is managing.
offered to Adhamiyah residents.                                                          The Adhamiyah students will
Currently there are two hundred                                                          graduate in March. After March,
and fifty students enrolled in the                                                       if the program is to continue, it
six-month program.                                                                       will be up to the DAC or the GoI
    “Honestly, I didn’t expect                                                           to fund it.
we’d get this number of stu-                                                                 “We need to continue with
dents,” said Mohamed Al-Sabit,                                                           such programs. It provides great
a project manager for the Fayaafe                                                        opportunities for the youth of
Group.                                                                                   Iraq to learn new skills,” said
    The Fayaafe Group manages Iraqi students learn how to identify and repair basic Al-Sabit. “By training and qual-
the project which is funded by automobile problems at the Adhamiyah Public Service ifying the youth of Iraq we will
the Adhamiyah District Advi- Corps Project in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah district, Nov.5.       build a new Iraq.”
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Strikers stay ‘Army Strong’ during Veteran’s Day ceremony
by Sgt. Zach Mott                       “We wanted to have the cer-
3rd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.          emony on Veteran’s Day so we
CAMP TAJI, Iraq – More than         can thank the Soldiers for their
120 members of the Striker Bri-     service and do something nice
gade made a further commit-         for them,” said Sgt. 1st Class
ment to the Army during a mass      Melissa Wolfe, an Elizabeth,
reenlistment ceremony at Camp       W.Va., native, who serves as
Taji Nov. 11 on Veteran’s Day.      the career counselor for the 3rd
    The ceremony, punctuated        Special Troops Battalion, 3rd
by a speech from Col. John          BCT, 4th Inf. Div.
Hort, a Fayetteville, N.C., na-         In addition to making a fur-
tive, was held at the Striker       ther commitment to serve their
Landing Zone on a picturesque       country, the Soldiers were pre-
fall day in Iraq.                   sented a variety of items, such
    The Soldiers, either assigned   as computer bags, T-shirts and
or attached to the 3rd Brigade      water bottles.
Combat Team, 4th Infantry Di-           “It’s a thank you to all those
vision, Multi-National Division     veterans who died for our free-
– Baghdad, chose to continue        dom that we can do those things
serving their country during a      that we do,” said Spc. Anthony
time when deployments con-          Hobbs, a military policeman                                        by Sgt. Zach Mott, 3rd BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.

tinue to dominate the future        with 3rd Special Troops Bat-         Col. John Hort speaks to Soldiers of the Striker Bri-
landscape of today’s fighting       talion, 3rd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.,      gade during a mass reenlistment ceremony at Camp
forces.                             MND-B.                               Taji Nov. 11.

Special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction visits MND-B
by Sgt. Shana Henline                           N.Y., native, who serves as the
MND-B PAO                                       chief of civil military operations
BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division               (G-9) with the 4th Infantry Divi-
– Baghdad Soldiers had a distinguished          sion and MND-B.
visitor, Stuart Bowen Jr., the special in-          As the Special Inspector
spector general for Iraq Reconstruction,        General for Iraq Reconstruc-
who stopped by during their Sewage, Wa-         tion, Bowen is responsible for
ter, Electric, Agriculture, Trash and Health    the oversight of $50 billion of
meeting Nov. 11.                                appropriated U.S. funds that are
    Bowen attended the MND-B SWEAT-H            being used in the reconstruction
meeting during his 21st visit to Iraq, where    of Iraq. His team investigates
he is currently visiting for approximately      and audits the use of the money
two weeks. His visit with the MND-B lead-       for the rehabilitation of Iraq and
ers was but one of the numerous stops he        ensures there is no misuse of the                           by Sgt. Shana Henline, MND-B PAO
has planned throughout Iraq.                    funds.                               Stuart Bowen (right), and Michael Smith dis-
    To date, he has spent a good amount of          Following a visit with Swan cuss the various projects being outlined in the
time meeting with military leaders in Iraq,     to Sadr City’s Jamilla Market Sewage, Water, Electricity, Agriculture, Trash
to include Gen. Ray Odierno, the com-           Nov. 11, Bowen said he was im- and Health meeting Nov. 11.
manding general of Multi-National Forces        pressed with the improvement in
– Iraq, and Brig. Gen. Robin Swan, the          security.                                       “Getting this country back on its feet
deputy commanding general of the 4th In-            “I would not have been able to make that and restoring daily life is contingent on the
fantry Division and MND-B.                      trip in 2006; it was too dangerous,” said elections, reconciliation between the Sunni
    “The significance of the visit is that      Bowen. “The increasing engagement of the and Shia sects, and the improvement of
MND-B encouraged the participation of SI-       Iraqi government is another big change I their central services,” said Bowen. “The
GIR, as a neutral third party, to review our    have seen.”                                  leadership exerted at the SWEAT-H by
process of using a variety of funds to assist       Bowen said he is hopeful about the fu- Maj. Gen. (Jeffery) Hammond is impres-
the GoI in reconstruction and helping them      ture of Iraq and that he already sees the sive and exemplifies the type of help Iraq
achieve primacy in rebuilding their nation,”    Iraqi citizens needing more of our expertise will receive to assist it in fending for it-
said Lt. Col. Gerry Messmer, an Interlaken,     instead of money.                            self,” he concluded.
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                                                                             Soldier in focus
                                                                             Today’s Soldier in Focus is 1st Sgt. Robert Hobson, a
                                                                             native of Paoli, Ind. Hobson currently serves as the first
                                                                             sergeant for Company B, 299th Brigade Support Bat-
                                                                             talion, 2nd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry
                                                                             Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad. Hobson
                                                                             is a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army with four combat
                                                                             tours, including his current deployment to Iraq in support
                                                                             of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Those deployed with him
                                                                             look to him for his experience and knowledge about the
                                                                             operations and tasks of a forward deployed unit.
                                                                             From subordinate Soldiers to senior officers, he is looked
                                                                             at as being very approachable. While talking with Hob-
                                                                             son, one is able to witness this knowledge up close and
                                                                             Pre-combat checks and pre-combat inspections, he
                                                                             said, are instrumental when it comes to ensuring Sol-
                                                                             diers are prepared for what they may face when going
                                                                             out on mission.
                                                                             Hobson is admired and respected by the Soldiers and
                                       Courtesy of 2nd BCT, 1st Inf. Div.    officers who have routine contact with him.

                                                                               MND-B Soldiers detain
    Royal reenlistment                                                         SGC commander, defeat
    BAGHDAD – Lt. Col. Fredrick J. Hannah, com-
    mander of 204th Brigade Support Battalion, 2nd                             IED in Rashid
    Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, reen-                          1st BCT PAO, 4th Inf. Div.
    lists Staff Sgt. Rebecca J. Book, A Co., 204th BSB,                        BAGHDAD – Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers ar-
    at Al Faw Palace Oct. 17. Book said she wanted                             rested a suspected Special Groups Criminal commander and de-
    her last reenlistment to be somewhere special, so                          feated an Improvised Explosive Device Nov. 15 in the Rashid
    she chose the palace.                                                      district of southern Baghdad.
                                                                                  At approximately 2:30 a.m., Soldiers of Company A, 1st
                                                                               Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team,
                                                                               4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad, con-
                                                                               ducted a target raid in the Hayy Jihad community, and arrested
                                                                               a suspected SGC commander, responsible for IED attacks,
                                                                               murder, extortion, kidnappings, assassinations and weapons
                                                                               trafficking. The patrol returned to a combat outpost with the
                                                                               suspect to conduct additional questioning.
                                                                                  At approximately 9:30 a.m., Soldiers from Co. C, 1st Bn.,
                                                                               22nd Inf. Regt., 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div., MND-B, conducting
                                                                               a security patrol in the Hayy Jihad community found an IED
                                                                               and contacted a coalition Explosives Ordnance Disposal team
                                                                               to disarm the bomb made from three anti-aircraft rounds.
                                                                                   “The Soldiers from the 1st ‘Raider’ Brigade continue to re-
                                                                               move criminals and their weapons from the Rashid district in
                                                                               southern Baghdad,” said Maj. Dave Olson, spokesperson for
                                                                               the 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div., MND-B. “The men and women of
                                                                               MND-B conduct daily security operations to assist the Iraqi Se-
                                                                               curity Forces enforcing Baghdad’s Rule of Law to provide a
                                                                               safe and secure environment for the approximately 1.6 million
                     by Staff Sgt. Troy A. Isakson, 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.     Iraqi citizens of the Rashid district.”
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                                                                                                                           by Sgt. DaleAnne Maxwell, MND-B PAO

                                                                                        Player of the day
                                                                                        Today’s player of the day honor goes to Maj. John Jo-
                                                                                        seph, a native of Atlanta, for his outstanding perfor-
                                                                                        mance as the officer in charge for the Iraqi Security
                                                                                        Force logistic cell. His outstanding leadership took the
                                                                                        lead in transforming the ISF logistics in Multi-National
                                                                                        Division – Baghdad. He has worked tirelessly with our
                                                                                        BSB’s and TTs as well as higher headquarters to ac-
                                                                                        complish all missions from daily logistics operations to
                                                                                        equipment fielding and force generation. He is a valu-
                                                                                        able member of the MND-B team and is without a doubt
                                                                                        today’s player of the day.

                This week in 4th Infantry Division history
       Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003                                                      Operation Ivy Cyclone II began on 16 Novem-
        Operation Ivy Cyclone continued. On 11 No-                                       ber. It focused on targeted areas in Baqubah,
       vember, TF Ironhorse observed Veteran’s Day                                       Kirkuk, and Balad. For the first time since the
       on 11 November with MG Odierno sending out                                        end of major combat operations on 1 May, the
       a message that was printed in the Desert News.                                    Division used satellite guided missiles.

                                                Daily Iron Games
       The objective of the game is to fill all the blank squares in a game with the correct numbers. There are three   Saturday’s Word Search
  very simple constraints to follow:   Every row of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through 9 in any                   challenge results
                          2 7           3
                                                Every column of 9 numbers must include all digits 1 through
         2                                   9 in any order.
   5                      4             6       Every 3 by 3 subsection of the 9 by 9 square must include all
   2 8           5 7                         digits 1 through 9.
                                                Every Sudoku game begins with a number of squares already
     7           1   3             5
                                             filled in, and the difficulty of each game is largely a function of how
                   8 9             1 7       many squares are filled in. The more squares that are known, the
   7             3                   8       easier it is to figure out which numbers go in the open squares. As
                                   9         you fill in squares correctly, options for the remaining squares are
                                             narrowed and it becomes easier to fill them in.
   9         5 8
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              Daily Laugh
  You Know You have been in Iraq too long when
  When mortars land near your compound and you roll over in bed
  and think “still way off, I got another 5 minutes”                            What counts is not the number of hours you put in, but
  When you start humming with the Arabic song playing on the                    how much you put in the hours. This is so true. It is also
  radio on the shuttle bus                                                      important for us to work hard and to work smart. Take
  Every woman that reports to your unit starts looking attractive               sometime this week to encourage those around you to
  Every guy that reports to your unit starts looking attractive                 put everything they have into the hours given them as
  You walk an extra 6 blocks to eat at the KBR (contractor run)
                                                                                they serve to protect our Nation and the Nation of Iraq
  dining facility to have the exact same food they are serving in
  your dining facility because you think it tastes better
                                                                                from the evil of terror.
  You actually volunteer for convoy security duty because you still
  haven’t seen the country yet                                                  Ephesians 5:15 “Therefore \be careful how you walk, not
  You start picturing your wife in traditional Arab dress                       as unwise men, but as wise, making the most of your
  The contractors have more fire power than the military combat                 time.”

                                              by Mark Baker                         David Letterman’s Top Ten Signs
  Pvt. Murphy                                                                         You’re Watching A Bad Spy
                                                                               10. Keeps leaking classified information on his
                                                                               Facebook page
                                                                               9. He has a license to fish
                                                                               8. It’s set in the dark, dangerous world of
                                                                               photocopier repair
                                                                               7. Hero’s new high-tech gadget: a shampoo that’s
                                                                               also a conditioner
                                                                               6. Sexy new Bond girl has five kids and a loving
                                                                               husband named Todd
                                                                               5. Villain’s plot to destroy the world’s financial
                                                                               system is spoiled when the bank beats him to it
                                                                               4. Main character announces, “The name’s Bond.
                                                                               Shecky Bond.”
                                                                               3. It’s about a plot to steal the Colonel’s fried
                                                                               chicken recipe
                                                                               2. “Jet pack” looks suspiciously like Hello Kitty
                                                                               1. He promises to find Osama, yet 7 years later,

   A little house cleaning goes a long way
   Look around your living area and work area. One way to help prevent accidents is to maintain neat and tidy surroundings. Check your areas,
   are there tripping hazards, items precariously stacked overhead, sharp objects that can jab or cut if walked into or bumped? What do the out-
   lets look like? Are they overloaded? Are there frayed wires, loose wires, wires running under carpets or furniture? Look for things that will cause
   people to slip, trip or fall. The list goes on and on, but it takes just a few moments to identify potential hazards and then mitigate the danger.
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                                                            Hometown Briefs
Paying for parking getting easier                                         Kids find new homes
The Gazette                                                               The Honolulu Star Bulletin
          Paying for parking at the Colorado Springs Airport is about            When Kawehi was 17 months old, state workers took her
          to get easier; Ampco System Parking will open seven new                from her parents. By the time she was 6, she had lived in a
          automatic pay stations Monday at the exit to the airport’s             house with 58 dogs and had survived a dog attack that left a
short-term and long-term parking lots.                                    scar above her left eye. She has passed through five foster homes.
    The stations, which work much like an automated teller ma-                Today, 8-year-old Kawehi Schaper lives with her adoptive par-
chine, accept both cash and credit cards and are designed to re-          ents in Wahiawa. The curly-haired girl with a wide smile attends
duce or eliminate lines at peak times when passengers from several        the third grade and takes hula lessons.
flights are trying to leave the lots, said Kelly Jackson, an airport         “She’s our little angel,” said her father, Otis Schaper, 50, a pro-
spokeswoman. Ampco, which operates the lots for the airport, will         fessional musician. “She trusts us and we trust her.”
still staff up to four lanes at the exit plaza with cashiers, depending      After adopting Kawehi in 2006, the Family returned to the
on customer volume, she said.                                             Family Court building in Honolulu yesterday to celebrate National
    Ampco spent nearly $675,000 on the pay stations, which will           Adoption Awareness Month and to thank the Family Court judge.
be repaid by parking revenue during the next five years.. The sta-           Twenty-eight children were adopted yesterday in a mass adop-
tions have audio and video capabilities to give directions on how         tion, one day before National Adoption Day. Some parents adopted
to use them to customers and are equipped with an intercom button         children for the first time; others adopted again.
if immediate help is needed.                                                 According to the state, more than 120 children in Hawaii and
    The airport previously operated a pay station inside the termi-       129,000 children nationwide are still awaiting adoption.
nal, but it was removed several years ago, Jackson said. Airport             David Tamala, 43, and his Family adopted their third child, An-
managers requested the new system to replaces an “outdated” pay-          thony, a 6-year-old Marshall Islander with cerebral palsy. Their
ment system and improve customer service, she said.                       second adopted child was Anthony’s 4-year-old brother, Nathan.
                                                                             Tamala, a bearded man carrying a Bible, has four biological
‘... ordinary people doing an extraordinary job ...’                      children with his wife Danielle, but they might be adopting more.
The Killeen Daily Herald                                                     “There’s nowhere else for them to go,” he said. “The Bible says
         Ever wonder what Killeen police see when they flick on           take care of the widows and the orphans, so we take them.”
         their sirens and speed to a call for help?                          Anthony, his hair in a mohawk, appears headed for a better life.
             The Killeen Police Department’s Citizen’s Police Acad-       Danielle Tamala said the adoption clears the way for his surgeries,
emy offers area residents an in-depth view of the drugs, the gangs        with one already scheduled for Friday.
and the crime from the eyes of the people who fight it everyday.
   In March and August each year, Killeen residents can apply to          Foster parents strive to make a difference
join the CPA, a 13-week course that introduces residents to the ins       The Town Talk
and outs of how KPD attacks crime. The only requirements for the                  Mary Davis’s Family became a little more complete Sept. 19.
course are that a person be 18 years of age, pass a criminal back-                After three years as their foster parent, Davis adopted sisters
ground check and show up about one night per week to a 3-hour                     Jaime Lakisha Davis, 10, and Germanika Ciare Davis, 8.
class.                                                                        The two girls were the second and third children adopted by Da-
   During the course, officers from different divisions of KPD            vis, but several others have experienced the love she has to share.
teach residents about their jobs and answer questions about top-              “They keep me going,” she said. “People at work tell me I have
ics such as drugs, gangs, investigating homicides, recruiting new         a crown in heaven, and that’s true. But my girls are my crown here
officers, department manpower shortages, evidence collection, in-         on Earth.”
ternal affairs, traffic laws, the S.W.A.T. team and hostage negotia-          Yet, providing a home for children who need it is just the Fam-
tions.                                                                    ily business, Davis said.
   On Aug. 18, 27 area residents began the course, which for many             Davis and her two sisters learned this labor of love from their
changed the way they viewed Killeen’s finest.                             mother, who fostered many children -- as many as nine siblings at
   Some students joined the CPA to learn how actual police work           one time -- over the years. So when it came time for her turn, there
differs from what they see on TV, others to fill curiosity about po-      was no question.
lice work and some because they wanted to know how to protect                 “I tell them all the time, ‘Never will you have to be alone
themselves in their neighborhood.                                         again,’” she said.
   The end result for most was a greater respect for what Killeen’s           It is this compassion the Louisiana Office of Community Ser-
officers encounter everyday.                                              vices will honor at a reception for Families who have adopted chil-
   Paul Moore was curious about a career in law enforcement               dren through the agency in the last year.
when he was younger. Now, having chosen a different career path,              November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This year’s
that curiosity still lingered. He also is aware of Killeen’s crime        theme for adoption agencies nationwide is “Answering the Call:
problems and since he can’t be an officer, he wanted to learn how         You don’t have to be perfect to be the perfect parent.”
his eyes can help KPD in his neighborhood.                                    In that vein, there also will be an orientation meeting for those
   When Moore started the class, he imagined police officers as           interested in becoming foster or adoptive parents, Office of Com-
unforgiving authority figures who gave tickets and made arrests.          munity Services adoption supervisor Nancy Bordelon said.
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                                                            Hometown Briefs
Homeless will get free care                                              Testing yields faulty hydrants
The Tennessean                                                           The Topeka Capital-Journal
       Homeless people across the city will have access to primary              Topeka firefighters will be flushing thousands of gallons of
       health care thanks to a nearly $1.2 million federal grant and            water this month in an effort to test nearly 4,000 fire hy-
       the plans of one Nashville nonprofit to expand care.                     drants before this winter’s freeze.
   United Neighborhood Health Services will use the money to                 The testing is part of a new inspection program under way by
provide medical, dental and behavioral health care to the city’s         the fire department and Topeka Water Department to ensure all
homeless in a network of walk-in clinics across the city. With the       of the city’s fire hydrants are functioning properly. While water
new funds, organization officials say, every homeless person in the      officials have tested hydrants for years, plans to include the fire
city stands to receive free medical care if they want it.                department in the process stalled for years.
   They expect to serve more than 5,000 homeless people a year.              The goal of the program is to make sure each hydrant is tested
The grant is renewable annually if all the service requirements are      every year, said Topeka Fire Chief Howard Giles.
met.                                                                         “When those hydrants are needed, we want to make sure they
   “This makes it possible for (homeless) people to get more com-        will work,” Giles said. “We haven’t done that for a long time in the
prehensive primary care without having to go great distances,” said      city in an organized manner.”
Mary Bufwack, CEO of United Neighborhood Health Services.                    Fire officials said there have been instances when crews discov-
   This month, the nonprofit took over medical services at the           ered inoperable or poorly functioning hydrants after arriving to a
Downtown Clinic from the Metro Public Health Department and              fire. However, fire officials said adequately functioning hydrants
is now seeing about 50 patients a day. The organization has five         have been accessible in each case.
other clinics across the city, and all the clinics will be linked with
an electronic health record system so patients can go to any clinic      Airport improves in areas
any time it’s open.                                                      The Montgomery Advertiser
   Beginning Dec. 1, the organization also will operate a mobile                  In the year since the Montgomery Advertiser took an in-
medical van that will travel to shelters, outreach programs and                   depth look at operations at the Montgomery Regional Air-
other locations where the homeless gather.                                        port, plenty has changed at the airport.
   “They don’t have to go to downtown to get medical care —                  Flights are much more likely to be on time, but passengers have
this will hopefully keep them closer to areas of the city in which       fewer choices in carriers and direct destination.
they might already live or have transitional housing or where they           Money remains tight, but the airport convinced officials at
might be going for their lunch program,” Bufwack said. “It distrib-      Montgomery City Hall to pay $150,000 over each of the next two
utes care throughout the city in a more even way.”                       years to fund a marketing department.
   A van will be available to take the homeless to and from ap-              The next year figures to be just as eventful for the airport, which
pointments, if needed.                                                   will measure the full impact of the Delta-Northwest merger and
   Health-care officials say they will offer every service, from gy-     get its marketing effort started in earnest.
necology to neurology to substance abuse programs, in the clinics.           No measurement of the airport would be complete without a look
Medications and prescriptions also will be provided on site.             at the on-time performance of the carriers serving the airport.

Dairy farmers tackle union leader                                        Two local high schools ditch lockers
The Local                                                                The Northwest Arkansas Times
       Angry dairy farmers took to the streets at the weekend, to                High school lockers often represent more than just a place to
       protest against their own representatives in the Farmers’ As-             store books and materials between classes.
       sociation, who they claim are not defending their interests.                 The locker is a place where boys ask girls on dates, stu-
    Banging cow bells, drums and accompanied by brass bands,             dents meet up with each other and plans are made.
around 2,000 dairy farmers, many in fancy dress, gathered near the           It can also provide a place where students can develop interior
farm of Gerd Sonnleitner, president of the Farmers’ Association.         decorating skills, and many plot-propelling scenes in high school
    They said they were holding a Haberfeldtreiben - a medieval          movies take place at lockers in the school hallways.
kind of rural court procedure, in which locals would gather at the           At two Washington County high schools, however, student life
house of someone accused of immorality, and call them out, some-         is different. Greenland and Prairie Grove high schools do not pro-
times chasing them across the fields.                                    vide lockers for their students.
    Speaking from his farm in Ruhstorf near Passau, Bavaria, Sonn-           “I believe any school that wanted to do this could. It’s just a
leitner told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, he understood the frustra-        matter of commitment,” Prairie Grove Principal Ron Bond said.
tion of the dairy farmers.                                                   “Some people are a little surprised, but overall, we haven’t had
    “But,” he said, “we cannot attack each other.”                       complaints about it,” Greenland Principal Hope Dorman said.
    The dairy farmers said they were suffering from sinking milk             Granted, without the lockers for storage some adjustments have
prices, and were not being helped by their association.                  been made so students are not stuck carrying books for all classes.
    They were particularly badly hit by a decision a week ago in             “We have classroom sets of textbooks. The students are issued
the Bundesrat to reject a bill which would restrict milk production,     textbooks (for home ) at the beginning of the year, so they don’t
thus boosting prices.                                                    have to carry their textbooks,” Bond said.
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Gophers get ‘axed;’ Gamecocks get plucked; Cardinals, Broncos & Utes stay unbeaten
by Spc. Douglas York                             his head and crinkling his visor wondering:             Caesar (okay more like Brutus) crossing the
MND-B PAO                                        “This is what I left Gainesville, Fla., for?”           Rubicon and led his mighty 4 and 6 UCLA
CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq – Every football sea-             Next up, the Ohio State “Luckeyes” took             Bruins to triumph over the stellar…er…I
son, there is a weekend where we all scratch     luck to a new level and capitalized on sev-             mean cellar-dweller 0 and 10 Washington
our heads and think, “Why did they even          eral Fighting Illini miscues, cruising to a             Huskies in Seattle.
bother playing these games today?” This          30-20 win over the home-standing Illinois.                  Okay, okay, you can all wake up now.
Saturday’s slate provided one of those days.     Now, if only Illinois would have battled like           This week is done and thankfully next weeks’
   Whether it was blowouts, ho-hums or flat      their former senator and President-elect Ba-            slate is full of some dandies, including the
out games of no interest whatsoever, this        rack Obama, my week would have been 5                   undefeated Utes of Utah trying to bust into
week was about as interesting as watching        and 0 for the first time this year and my up-           the BCS for the second time in four years and
grass grow.                                      set special would have rang true!                       fellow mid-major Boise State trying to do
   Where to begin? On Tuesday, the “Cin-             In other Big-Ten action, Wisconsin laid             the same. Here are the results of this week’s
derella” Cardinals of Ball State remained        the “axe” down on the Gophers’ necks in the             pickers, two of whom – MG Hammond and
unbeaten, keeping their marginal BCS             fourth quarter and eked out a win at home 35-           CPT Sperberg – went 5 and 0.
hopes alive by pummeling the pitiful Miami       32. Yet again do the Badgers take home Paul                 There is a Sunday night game next week
of Ohio Redhawks, 31-16.                         Bunyan’s “weed-whacker,” and yet again                  (Nov. 23) so there will not be a wrap-up of
   In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we have        does Minnesota wallow in mediocrity.                    week 13 until the following Tuesday, Nov.
“Urban Legend” and his two-legged Alli-              Finally – thank goodness – in a game                25. However, if you are participating week-
gator-purses beating, plucking, stuffing and     that’s sure to inspire, be talked about, scru-          ly, this won’t affect week 13’s schedule.
cooking the Gamecocks of South Carolina,         tinized and mulled over for years to come,              With that, don’t forget to have your picks
56-6. From the sidelines, Florida’s “ole ball”   or maybe only for the next few lines, head              submitted to no
coach Steve Spurrier was seen scratching         coach Rick Neuheisel returned like Julius               later than 10 A.M., Wed., Nov. 19.

         MG Hammond                   Ball ST            Florida            Ohio St.                  UCLA                        Wis.                    30-21
          CW5 Nixon                   Miami              Florida            Ohio St.                  UCLA                       Wisc.                    32-22
         CPT Sperberg                 Ball St.           Florida            Ohio St.                  UCLA                       Wisc.                    17-14
      SFC Stephenson                  Miami              Florida               Illinois               UCLA                       Minn.                    24-21
          SSG Hood                    Ball St.           Florida            Ohio St.                  Wash.                      Wisc.                    35-10
              PAO                     Ball St             Florida              Illinois               UCLA                       Wisc.                    14-12

                          Which city are the ‘Packers’ from?
                                                                                     Saturday’s Answers:
                               A. Green Bay B. Atlanta                                     Thomas Jones, Chicago, scored the most
                            C. New York D. San Francisco                                      touchdowns in the 2006 playoffs.

                                                                                    True, Cincinnati had the Red Stockings from 1882-1889,
                 How many games did Peter Carey play in the SANFL?                           and in 1890 this baseball team became
                           A. 481 B. 400 C. 386 D. 448                                            the Reds. Cincinnati also had
                                                                                                    the NFL Cincinnati Reds?

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