May 19-23, 2008

              Bryant Conference Center
              The University of Alabama
                   Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Pre-Symposium Short Courses, May 19 & 20, 2008
                     RPSEA Forum May 21, 2008
Symposium Technical Sessions, May 21 & 22, 2008
        Post-Symposium Field Trips, May 23, 2008
                      ABOUT THE PROGRAM                                                                                                WHO SHOULD ATTEND?
The very first Coalbed Methane Symposium was held on the campus                                                  Through its broad selection of short courses, technical sessions and field
of The University of Alabama in November 1987. Forty papers were                                                 trips, the 2008 Symposium extends valuable professional development
presented at the ‘87 meeting. Now, 20 years later, the 2008 Symposium                                            and networking opportunities in technology and business for:
is proud to serve and continue its mission dedicated to the international
advancement of the science and technology of unconventional methane                                              • Consultants                                           • Government Agencies
gas extraction and utilization.                                                                                  • Engineers                                             • Hydrologists
   The focus of this symposium is on accurate delineation and efficient                                          • Entrepreneurs                                         • Land Managers
recovery of both mine-related and stand-alone coalbed methane                                                    • Equipment Sales                                       • Legal/Regulatory Personnel
resources worldwide. While the majority of the papers presented relate                                             Representatives                                       • Mine Operators
to coalbed methane, this meeting provides a wonderful opportunity for                                            • Exploration Managers                                  • Researchers
interdisciplinary examination of diverse technologies concerning coalbed                                         • Geologists                                            • Technical Support
methane and shale gas.                                                                                           • Geoscientists                                           Representatives


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                     Registration Check In                                                                                                               Exhibits

     Bryant Conference Center - Main Lobby                                                                           Tuesday, May 20..........5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
     Monday, May 19, 2008                                                                                            Wednesday, May 21.....7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
     7:30 - 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.                                                                           Thursday, May 22........7:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
     Tuesday, May 20, 2008                                                                                                For information regarding exhibits or
     7:30 - 8:00 a.m. and 1:30 - 5:00 p.m.                                                                                 sponsor opportunities, please call
     Wednesday, May 21, 2008                                                                                              Penny Williamson at (205) 348-3014;
                                                                                                                              fax (205) 348-9276; or email
     7:00 - 8:00 a.m.                                                                                                  

                         2008 PROGRAM SUMMARY

                   Monday             Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday
                   May 19             May 20                 May 21                    May 22                   May 23
                   Short Course #1    Short Course #1        RPSEA Forum               Technical                Concurrent
                                      (Continues)            and Technical             Sessions                 Field Trips
                                      Short Course #2        Sessions

                                      Short Course #3
                                      Short Course #4
                                      Short Course #5

                   Short Course #1    Short Course #1        Technical                 Technical               Field Trip # 1

                   (Continues)        (Continues)            Sessions                  Sessions                (Continues)
                                      Short Course #2        (Continue)                (Continue)              Field Trip # 2 ends
                                      Short Course #3
                                      Short Course #4
                                      Short Course #5

                                       Welcome and           Social Hour

Tuesday Evening, May 20                                                                          LUNCHES
Sellers Auditorium                                                  Wednesday, May 21, Buffet lunch at Four Points Hotel, hosted by Halliburton
                                                                                       Energy Services, Tyler, TX
5:30-6 p.m. Welcome
              Charles Willis, Symposium Chair, President and        Thursday, May 22,       Barbecue lunch, hosted by GeoMet, Inc.,
              General Manager, Black Warrior Methane Corp.,                                 Birmingham, AL
              Brookwood, AL;
              Charles Karr, Ph.D., Dean, College of
              Engineering, The University of Alabama;
              Berry H. “Nick” Tew Jr., Ph.D., State Geologist
              and Oil & Gas Supervisor, Geological Survey of
                                                                                       SPECIAL THANKS!
              Alabama;                                              Sponsor of mugs
              Richard A. Gates, District Manager,                   TICORA GeoSciences, Inc., Arvada, CO
              District 11, Mine Safety and Health Administration,   Sponsor of handy tote bags
              U.S. Department of Labor;                             Universal Well Site Solutions, Fort Collins, CO
              Carolyn C. Dahl, Ed.D., Dean, College of
              Continuing Studies, The University of Alabama         Sponsor of golf balls and hand wipes
                                                                    Petron Resources, LP, Frisco, TX
6-8:30 p.m.           Reception
                      Special Thanks to the Reception Sponsor
                      Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama,
                      Birmingham, AL
                      Entertainment Sponsored by
                      Norris Rods, Houston, TX

                                                   CONCURRENT SHORT COURSES
                                                       MAY 19 & 20, 2008
Monday & Tuesday, May 19 & 20, 2008                                                        Tuesday, May 20, 2008
          SHORT COURSE# 1                                                                             SHORT COURSE # 2
Coalbed Methane Exploration Strategies:                                                    Shale Gas Evaluation
Hydrogeologic Controls Critical for Exploration,                                           8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Development, and Resource Assessment                                                       Fee: $295/person
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                                                      Limit: 50
Fee: $595/person
Limit: 50
                                                                                           About the Course
                                                                                             This one-day short course will acquaint the participants with the methodology
About the Course                                                                           used to characterize potential shale gas reservoirs. A comprehensive set
  The purpose of this two-part short course will be to allow geologists, hydrologists,     of laboratory evaluation procedures have been implemented to characterize
geophysicists, petroleum engineers and exploration managers to become familiar             the geological, petrophysical and geomechanical properties of shales. This
with the fundamentals as well as the latest technology applied coalbed methane             information is used to develop a core calibrated log model and recommend
exploration and resource development, both in the United States and worldwide.             a stimulation strategy. The laboratory characterization procedures will be
  The course will emphasize the geologic and hydrologic controls on coalbed methane        examined and the variations observed in different shale targets in North
exploration and resource development: tectonic and structural setting, natural             America will be discussed.
fractures, coal depositional environments, coal rank, gas content, hydrodynamics,
and permeability. Discussions of the hydrogeologic controls on production will be
followed by the application of the basin-scale producibility and exploration model in
defining coalbed methane fairways and sweet spots. Methods used for calculating and
                                                                                           Who Should Attend
                                                                                           Engineers, geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists and exploration
assessing coalbed methane resources will also be described. Updated information on         managers
selected major coal-bearing basins in the United States and a review of international
coalbed methane opportunities will be provided.
   For hands-on experience, the course will include revised exercises                      Course Outline
to illustrate the decision-making process as basin evaluation proceeds from regional       • Geological characterization of cored gas shales in terms of depositional
screening, to targeting fairways and sweet spots for coalbed methane exploration and         facies, environment of deposition, and rock types.
development. New exercises will allow the participants to actively apply the exploration   • Characterization and classification of gas shales in terms of their lithology,
model to frontier basins or regions that have only limited data. Handout material            mineralogy, clay content, clay types, and pore structure including macro-
includes hard copies of the PowerPoint slide presentations and exercises.                    and micro-fractures.
                                                                                           • Measurement of the various petrophysical properties such as porosity,
                                                                                             permeability, grain density, and saturations (i.e. water saturation, gas
Who Should Attend                                                                            saturation, mobile oil saturation, gas filled porosity and clay-bound water).
Geologists, hydrologists, geophysicists, petroleum engineers, exploration                  • Measurement and characterization of the organic content of gas shales
managers, leaseholders, managers, domestic and international government                      in terms of total organic content (TOC), Rock Eval pyrolysis, and vitrinite
agencies                                                                                     reflectance (Ro).
                                                                                           • Determine the gas desorption associated with kerogen and adsorption
                                                                                             isotherm for gas storage capacity as a function of reservoir pressure.
Course Outline – Part I                                                                    • Core-log calibration of open-hole logs for the development of petrophysical
The Coalbed Methane Producibility and Exploration Model                                      models to determine gas shale properties.
• Welcome and Introduction                                                                 • Measurement of the key geomechanical properties that are required
• Fundamentals of Coalbed Methane Exploration and Development                                for optimizing fracture designs and/or horizontal wells such as Young’s
• Introduction of the Coalbed Methane Exploration Model                                      Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Bulk Modulus, fluid leak-off coefficient, fracture
• Coal Occurrence and Depositional Setting Applied to Exploration and                        conductivity, horizontal stress, and proppant embedment.
  Development                                                                              • Measurement of fluid interactions in various gas shale lithologies.
• Structural Setting and Cleat Genesis                                                     • Integration of the core data with well logs, fracture stimulation techniques,
• Application of Burial History and Coalification to Coalbed Methane                         and production test results to aid in the evaluation and exploitation of gas
  Producibility                                                                              shale reservoirs.
• Compositional Variability and Origins of Coal Gases

Course Outline – Part II                                                                   About the Instructors
                                                                                           Michael “Mike” Conway, Ph.D., is President of Stim-Lab, Inc., a division
Defining Exploration Fairways and Sweet Spots                                              of Core Laboratories located in Duncan, Oklahoma and has 30 years of
• Welcome and Introduction                                                                 experience in the evaluation of all aspects of hydraulic fracturing in low
• Review of the Coalbed Methane Exploration Model                                          permeability and unconventional reservoirs. After receiving in PhD in organic
• Hydrogeologic Factors Affecting Gas Content in Coal Beds                                 chemistry, he worked for 10 years in Halliburton Services Research Center. At
• Introduction to Hydrogeology and Permeability                                            Stim-Lab, Mike manages the laboratory testing of fracturing fluids, additives
• Application of Hydrogeology to Coalbed Methane Exploration                               and proppants used in hydraulic fracturing. He also consults on stimulation
• Determination of Coal and Coalbed Methane Resources                                      treatment design and conducts completion engineering studies in tight gas,
• Review of International and U.S. Coalbed Methane activity and                            CBM and gas shale reservoirs. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum
  opportunities                                                                            Engineers.
                                                                                           Randall S. “Randy” Miller is President of Integrated Reservoir Solutions,
About the Instructor                                                                       a division of Core Laboratories located in Houston, Texas. Randall Miller
                                                                                           received his B.A. in Chemistry and Geology from the University of California at
Andrew R. Scott, has more than 15 years of coalbed methane experience and has              San Diego and pursued graduate studies at Scripps Institute of Oceanography
published more than 70 senior author papers and abstracts on various aspects of            and the University of Houston. He has 25 years of experience in the analysis
coalbed methane exploration and development. He has participated in numerous               and evaluation of reservoirs both domestically and internationally. He has
coalbed methane workshops and short courses in the United States as well as                conducted and directed over 50 joint industry projects including a Regional
internationally, and has received more than a dozen awards for his research efforts.       Study of the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Reservoirs, Reservoir Prediction in
Prior to starting Altuda Geological Consulting and Altuda Energy Corporation, Mr.          Deep Shelf Sandstones Gulf of Mexico, Tight Gas Sands of North America
Scott held a position of Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology,             - Reservoir Characterization and Fracture Stimulation Optimization and Gas
the University of Texas at Austin, where he worked on a wide variety of research           Shales-Reservoir Characterization and Production Properties. His special
projects and served as Program Director of Domestic Energy Research and Texas              interests are integrating geology, petrophysics, stimulation and production
Regional Director of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council. Mr. Scott recently         analysis for optimizing the exploitation of unconventional reservoirs. He is
served as President of the Energy Minerals Division of the American Association of         a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the
Petroleum Geologists.                                                                      Houston Geological Society

Tuesday, May 20, 2008                                                                         Tuesday, May 20, 2008

                       SHORT COURSE # 3                                                                               SHORT COURSE # 4
Numerical Modeling and Reservoir Simulation for                                               Coalbed Methane Well Completions and
Sorbed Gas Reservoirs                                                                         Production: Field Data, Best Practices, New
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                                                         Aspects
Fee: $295/person                                                                              8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Limit: 30                                                                                     Fee: $295/person
                                                                                              Limit: 30

About the Course                                                                              About the Course
  This one-day short-course will cover the basic concepts and practical application              This one-day short course will acquaint the participants with established
of numerical modeling and reservoir simulation for sorbed gas reservoirs - coalbed            and more recent observations and ideas in regard to coalbed methane well
methane and gas shales. The course will review the theories of gas storage and                completions and production. The course will include a summary and comparison
flow, and how they are numerically represented in simulation models. The practical            of coalbed methane well completions that have been used in different fields.
application of both dual-porosity and triple-porosity models will be covered, as will         Production and cost data from different fields have been analyzed also. Horizontal
permeability modeling and multi-component gas sorption/diffusion. In addition,                wells are riding high and may be the future. Although there are still lively issues,
the utility of geostatistical methods for reservoir characterization will be presented,       we will offer a summary of best practices.
as well as evolutionary strategy methods for optimized history-matching. Finally,
the application of integrated Monte-Carlo and reservoir simulation for probabilistic
production forecasting will be covered, and how these results can be used for
sensitivity analysis. The concepts and methods presented will be demonstrated                 Course Outline
through a variety of actual field examples that include single vertical production            Horizontal Wellbore Stability
wells, multi-well and multi-seam field developments, multi-branch horizontal wells,           • Predicting drilling stability: underbalance or not?
and enhanced recovery projects using CO2 and/or N2 injection.                                 • Results for different coal ranks and depths
                                                                                              • Production stability: hole collapse and solids production
                                                                                              • Best practices to avoid fines production
Who Should Attend                                                                             • Application to horizontal wells in the field
This course is designed for anyone who performs or relies upon numerical
modeling and reservoir simulation for project decision-making.                                Well Completion Types
                                                                                              • Horizontal wells and multilaterals: advantage over vertical wells
                                                                                              • Effect of length and skin factor on production
Course Outline                                                                                • Underreamed OH vertical wells
• Theory of gas storage and fluid flow                                                        • Cavity completions: work in San Juan and Bowen basins
• Differences and applications of dual- vs. triple-porosity models                            • Hydraulic fracturing: 10 best practices
• Enhanced coalbed methane recovery and multi-component sorption/diffusion                    • New stimulations for tight coals <1 md
• Dynamic permeability models
• Application of geostatistical methods                                                       Industry Survey of CBM Fields
• Optimized history-matching for model calibration                                            • Production comparison from different fields
• Integrated reservoir/Monte-Carlo simulation for probabilistic performance forecasting       • Effects of completion on production
• Parameter sensitivity analysis                                                              • Costs of production compared
• Case studies                                                                                • Formula to benchmark your production against industry range

About the Instructors                                                                         Permeability in Coal: the Key to Success
Scott Reeves is the Executive Vice President of Advanced Resources                            • Permeability in commercial plays
International, Inc., a research and consulting firm specializing in non-conventional          • How to find permeability
gas, enhanced oil recovery and carbon sequestration. He provides technical                    • Perm increases with matrix shrinkage: latest lab and field data
consulting and advisory services to clientele throughout the world, and performs              • How to create permeability through shear failure
research on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, industry consortia and                   • The future of coalbed methane
others. Scott has published over 150 articles, papers and consulting reports. He
was a 2002/2003 SPE Distinguished Lecturer on Enhanced Coalbed Methane
Recovery. Scott received a BS in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University
and an MBA from Duke University.                                                              About the Instructor
                                                                                              Ian Palmer is a consultant in coalbed methane, sand prediction, hydraulic
George Koperna is a Project Manager with Advanced Resources International,                    fracturing, shear stimulation, and general geomechanics. He was most recently a
Inc. in Arlington, Virginia. He possesses over twelve years of experience providing           Geomechanics Specialist with BP in Houston. Before that he worked for Amoco,
a broad range of engineering design, field supervision and technical analysis for             NIPER, University of Arizona, Oral Roberts University, and Los Alamos National
work related to desorption-controlled reservoirs, such as coal and organic shale.             Laboratories. Ian has evaluated completions in CBM plays internationally as
He has a strong understanding of reservoir simulation and evaluative modeling,                well as in USA and Canada. He is an originator and principal of a consortium of
which have been employed in history matching efforts and predictive simulations               companies investigating stimulation of low-perm formations (sands, shales, and
for the production of coalbed methane and shale-gas as well as for enhanced                   coals). He was an SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2001-02. He is a partner with
coalbed methane recovery. He has presented several short courses on coalbed                   Higgs-Palmer Technologies and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
methane technology. George received his BS and MS degrees in Petroleum and
Natural Gas Engineering from West Virginia University.

Dr. Reinaldo Gonzalez, an applied mathematician with more than 15 years’
experience in the oil industry and over 20 years of academic experience, is a
Senior Consultant with Advanced Resources International, Inc. (ARI) in Houston,
Texas. Prior to working for ARI, Dr. Gonzalez was an independent consultant
for the Venezuelan national oil company (PdVSA) and an Associated Professor
at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV). His experience includes reservoir
characterization, geostatistics, and the application of advanced mathematical
solutions to oil industry problems. He holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the
“Universidad Simon Bolivar” and a PhD in Mathematics from UCV.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008                                                                       The 2008 International Coalbed
                      SHORT COURSE # 5                                                          & Shale Gas Symposium
                                                                                                  TECHNICAL SESSIONS
Artificial Lift
8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. (Rast A)
Fee: $50/person; No Charge if attending the Technical
Sessions                                                                              May 21, 2008
Limit: 40
                                                                                      7:00-8:00 a.m. Continental Breakfast & Exhibits (Sellers Aud.)
                                                                                                     Breakfast hosted by Pense Bros. Drilling Co., Inc.,
About the Course                                                                                     Fredericktown, MO
  This short course will provide participants with information about an Artificial
Lift System: any system deployed that helps maintain a reduced producing
bottom-hole pressure with the objective of initiating and/or improving                          WEDNESDAY MORNING
productionof reservoir fluids from the well. Maintaining the required flowing
bottom-holepressure is the basis for the design and installation of these                 TECHNICAL SESSIONS & RPSEA FORUM
systems and sucker rodpumps, gas lift, hydraulic pumps, plunger lift, and
electrical submersible pumpsuse a range of operating principles to accomplish         PRESIDER: Charles Willis, President and General Manager,
this objective. Representativesof each presenting company will make a 1               Black Warrior Methane Corp., Brookwood, AL
hour and 15-minute presentation tobe followed by 15 minutes of Q&A time
with company representatives. There will be a total of three presentations and        8:15-8:45 a.m.
participants will alternate at the conclusion of each session ultimately covering     Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA),
each presentation.
                                                                                      the Energy Policy Act
                                                                                      Mike Ming, President of RPSEA
Who Should Attend Operations Managers,
This course is designed for Petroleum Engineers,
                                                                                      8:45-9:15 a.m. Key Paper
Well-Servicing Personnel, Purchasing Managers, and Technical Managers.                0808
                                                                                      Gas Shale Potential of Alabama
                                                                                      Jack C. Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama
Course Outline                                                                        9:15-9:35 a.m.
• Harbison-Fischer: Down-hole Rod Pumps: Trouble Shooting - Randy                     0828
 DeWerff                                                                              Gas Shale Stimulation
• Lufkin: Pumping Units - David Doyle, PE - Operation & Troubleshooting ;             P.E. Clark, Chemical and Biological Engineering, The University of
 Automation - Andy Cordova                                                            Alabama
• Norris: Sucker Rods: Failure Analysis - RusselI D. Stevens                          9:35-10:05 a.m.
Sponsored by: Harbison-Fisher, Houston, TX; Lufkin Automation, Houston,               0814
TX; and Norris Sucker Rods, Houston, TX                                               Current and Evolving Issues Pertaining to Produced Water and
                                                                                      the Ongoing Development of Coal Bed Methane
                                                                                      J. D. Arthur and B. G. Langhus, ALL Consulting
About the Instructors                                                                 10:05-10:20 a.m. Break
Russell D. Stevens has served in various sales/technical capacities during
his 23 year tenure with Norris. In 2006, Stevens was promoted to the position                          sponsored by Schlumberger Technology
of Manager of Technical Services where he is responsible for coordinating and                          Company, Cottondale, AL
directing all technical service activities including rod string designs, failure
analysis, technical papers and presentations, and technical training seminars.        10:20-11:15 a.m.
Stevens is a member of the AESC, SPE, NACE, ASM, and serves as a member               Presentations about Research/Technology Needs in Coalbed
of the API Committee 1, Subcommittee 11, Field Operating Equipment Task               Methane and Shale Gas
Group.                                                                                Presenters include Denise Cox, Michael Conway, George Koperna, Randall
Randy De Werff is Eastern Regional Manager (eastern half of North America)            Miller, Ian Palmer, Andrew Scott
with Harbison-Fischer located in Fort Worth, Texas. Randy has been with Har-
bison-Fischer for 22 years, with the past three years spent in the home office;       11:30-12:30 a.m. Buffet Lunch
previous seven years in Illinois as District Manager for northeast; and prior                          at Four Points Hotel, sponsored by Halliburton
to that 12 years as sales representative in Michigan and Ontario. His Career                           Energy Services, Tyler, TX
began 25 years ago in the supply business in Kansas and Oklahoma. Randy is
originally from Ellinwood, Kansas                                                     12:30-1:30 p.m.
                                                                                      Panel and Group Discussion: Critical Research Needs for
David Doyle, PE, is Chief Engineer with Lufkin Industries, Oilfield Division. He
is a 1993 graduate of Texas A&M University in Mechanical Engineering (BSME);          Development of Gas Shale and Coalbed Methane Resources
and has 7 years’ experience in artificial lift - all with Lufkin’s pumping unit de-   Michael Conway, Denise Cox, Randall Miller, Ian Palmer, Jack Pashin,
sign engineering group.                                                               Andrew Scott

PROGRAM                                                                             PROGRAM
May 21, 2008                                                                        May 22, 2008

             WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON                                                                     THURSDAY MORNING
              TECHNICAL SESSIONS                                                                     TECHNICAL SESSIONS
1:30-2:00 p.m.                                                                      8:00-8:30 a.m. Key Paper
0802                                                                                0820 Climate Change and Global Warming
Minimizing the Cost of CO2 Storage in Coal Seams: An Economic                       John R. Christy, Professor and Director, Earth System Science Center,
Evaluation of C02 Sequestration in Low Permeability Coal Field                      NSSTC, University of Alabama at Huntsville
with Limited Storage Capacity
R. Sander and G. Allinson, Petroleum Engineering, The University of New             8:30-9:00 a.m.
South Wales, Australia; and J. Esterle, CSIRO Exploration and Mining,               0811
Australia                                                                           Role of Natural Fractures in Shear Stimulation: a New Paradigm?
                                                                                    I. D. Palmer, Higgs-Palmer Technologies; J. Cameron and Z.
2:00-2:30 p.m.                                                                      Moschovidis, PCM Technical, Inc.; and J. Ponce, BP America Inc.
Geologic Controls on Gas Flow Pathways in Coal Seams
E. Kinnon and J. Esterle, The University of Queensland, CO2CRC, Australia           9:00-9:30 a.m.
2:30-2:45 p.m. Break                                                                Coalbed Methane Potential of the Paleocene Fort Union Coals in
                    sponsored by Core Laboratories,                                 the Antelope Arch, South-Central, Wyoming
                    Denver, CO                                                      T. Gentzis, G. Hampton III, and G. Murrie, Petron Resources, L.P.
2:45-3:15 p.m.
0804                                                                                9:30-9:45 a.m.           Break
An Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Geostatistical Analysis,                                           sponsored by Harbison-Fischer, Inc.,
Optimized History-Matching and Performance Forecasting Study                                                 Fort Worth, TX
of the 9-Section, 30-Well Pump Canyon CO2-ECBM/Sequestration
Demonstration Site, San Juan Basin, New Mexico                                      9:45-10:15 a.m.
A.Y. Oudinot, K.C. Schepers, R.J. Gonzales and S.R. Reeves, Advanced                0813
Resources International, Inc.                                                       The Steele/Niobrara Shales in Wyoming: Could they become a
                                                                                    major unconventional gas play in the U.S. Rockies?
3:15-3:45 p.m.                                                                      T. Gentzis, G. Murrie and G. Hampton III, Petron Resources, L.P.
Measurement of Gas Sorption Rate with Different Rank and                            10:15-10:45 a.m.
Particle Size Coals                                                                 0815
N. Sakimoto and S. Shimada, The University of Tokyo; M. Kaiho, O.                   Green House Gas Emission Transactions and CBM/CMM
Yamada and J. Yasuda, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science             B. G. Langhus and J. D. Arthur, ALL Consulting
and Technology
                                                                                    10:45-11:15 a.m.
3:45-4:15 p.m.                                                                      0826
0806                                                                                Justification of Optimum Permitted Exploration of Working Coal
Horizontal Drilling Techniques in Alabama’s Floyd Shale                             Face Related to Coal Seam Gas Content
J. Lightfoot and W. Shedd, Scientific Drilling                                      L.A. Puchcov, S.V. Slastunov, G.G. Karkashadze and K.S. Kolilov
Coauthors: C. Willis and E. Hutchens, Black Warrior Methane                         (Moscow State Mining University, Russia)
                                                                                    11:15-11:45 a.m.
4:15-4:45 p.m.                                                                      0824
0807                                                                                Creating Carbon Credits as an Additional Revenue Source from
Recent Coalbed Methane Exploration in the Galilee Basin, Australia                  Coalbed and Coal Mine Methane Projects
J. R. Holland, J. K. Applegate – J. R. Holland & Associates, Inc.; M. Bocking       M.S. Castillo, Element Markets, LLC
– Bocking Associates CBM Pty Ltd; C. G. Smith and K. Murray – Galilee
Energy Ltd                                                                          11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Barbecue Lunch
                                                                                                         sponsored by GeoMet, Inc.,
4:45 p.m.            Announcements                                                                       Birmingham, AL

May 22, 2008

                TECHNICAL SESSIONS
1:00-1:30 p.m.
Basic Coal Mining Operations and Terminology
R. M. Katz, Jim Walter Resources, Inc.

1:30-2:00 p.m.
Siting, Design, Construction and Reclamation of Coalbed
Natural Gas (CBNG) Impoundments
B. G. Langhus. J. Crissup, J. D. Arthur, and B. Bohm, ALL Consulting                                    Sponsors
2:00-2:30 p.m.
                                                                                              The University of Alabama
0817                                                                                         College of Continuing Studies
Surface Monitoring at the SECARB Black Warrior Test Site,                                       College of Engineering
Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
M. R. McIntyre and J.C. Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama;                            Advanced Resources International, Inc.
A. Dayan, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Alabama;
R. A. Esposito, Southern Company; and B. Strazisar, NETL, U.S. Dept. of                      Black Warrior Methane Corp.
                                                                                     Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama, Inc.
2:30-2:45 p.m. Break                                                                               Core Laboratories
2:45-3:15 p.m.                                                                               Geological Survey of Alabama
Description and Status of the Coal-Seq Consortium                                                     GeoMet, Inc.
S. Reeves, Advanced Resources International; S. Harpalani, South Illinois
University; and K. Gasem, Oklahoma State University                                           Halliburton Energy Services
3:15-3:45 p.m.                                                                                      Harbison-Fischer
Technical and Economic Evaluation of Undersaturated Coalbed                                         Lufkin Industries
Methane Reservoirs                                                                                     Norris Rods
F. Carlson, Yates Petroleum Corporation; C. Hartman and J. Obluda,
TICORA Geosciences, Inc.                                                                      Pathfinder Energy Services
3:45-4:15 p.m.                                                                               Pense Bros. Drilling Co., Inc.
Discrete Fracture Network Models of the SECARB Carbon                                             Petron Resources, LP
Sequestration Test Site, Deerlick Creek Field, Black Warrior
Basin, Alabama                                                                            Schlumberger Technology Company
G. Jin and J. C. Pashin, Geological Survey of Alabama
                                                                                                 TAM International, Inc.
4:15-4:45 p.m.
0823                                                                                           TICORA Geosciences, Inc.
Preliminary Investigation and Research on CBM Development
in Republic of Korea                                                                           Universal Well Site Solutions
Byoung-Woo Yum, Dong-Chan Koh, Seho Hwang, Taehee Kim, and Kyung-
Seok Ko, Groundwater & Geothermal Resources Division, KIGAM; Hee-
Jae Koh and Suk-Whan Park, Geology & Geoinformation Division, KIGAM
                                                                                NOTE OF APPRECIATION
                                                                                   The 2008 International Coalbed Methane
4:45-5:15 p.m.                                                                  Symposium Executive Planning Committee thanks all
0827                                                                            contributing authors for their interest and participation in
Best Practices for Obtaining Quality Permeability Data with                     this program and each presenter for making special efforts
CBM Matrix Injection-Falloff Testing
Gary Rodvelt, Halliburton, and Randy Oestreich, A-Strike Consulting             to join us on site to present the papers. Many presenting
                                                                                authors are loyal supporters of this program, and our
5:15-5:45 p.m.     Adjournment / Evaluations / Exhibits Down                    heartfelt appreciation is extended to them.
                                                                                  We personally thank and acknowledge the abstract
                                                                                reviewers for volunteering their time to review and evaluate
                                                                                each abstract. We extend our sincere appreciation to all
                                                                                Symposium sponsors and exhibiting organizations for
                                                                                their support and interest in this continuing education

Friday, May 23, 2008                                                                        Friday, May 23, 2008
                                                                                                                              TRIP 2
                       FIELD TRIPS 1 & 2
With coalbed methane resources of 10 to 20 tcf, Alabama is the birthplace of the
                                                                                            Coalbed Methane Operations in Brookwood
modern coalbed methane industry and remains a world leader with nearly 5,000                Coal Fields
wells drilled and more than 3,000 wells producing in 20 fields (see map). Three             8:00 - 11:30 a.m.
field trips have been designed for participants to have the opportunity to examine          Fee: $100/person (includes lunch)
coalbed methane operations as well as reservoir geology.
                                                                                            Limit: 45
Field trip one is to the Cahaba coal field and will feature excellent exposures that
elucidate the geology of coalbed methane reservoirs. The second trip is to the              This trip features coalbed methane operations run by one of the most successful
Brookwood coalbed methane field and will feature opportunities to view active               and pioneering companies producing gas in the Black Warrior Basin. Black Warrior
“stand alone” and mine degasification operations in the Black Warrior Basin.                Methane Corp. was founded in 1981 and produces gas in the Brookwood field in
Field trip three is to a coalbed methane field under development in northern                concert with the underground mining operations of Jim Walter Resources
Tuscaloosa county.                                                                          Incorporated.

IMPORTANT NOTICES                                                                           Tour participants will be able to observe degasification activities that enable
• Field trips leave from and return to the Bryant                                           production of extremely high-quality metallurgical coal from four of the deepest
  Conference Center                                                                         vertical-shaft coal mines in North America. Here, innovative approaches to
• Transportation (12-passenger vans) is provided by                                         coal degasification, including horizontal drilling and gob drilling, are routinely
  The University of Alabama                                                                 employed.
• No private vehicles will be allowed
• Lunch is provided for all field trip participants                                         Trip Leaders:            Charles Willis, President and General Manager,
                                                                                            Black Warrior Methane Corp., Brookwood, AL; and Richard Katz, Mining
                                                                                            Engineer, Jim Walter Resources, Inc., Brookwood, AL
For more information regarding Field Trips, please call
Lynn Crenshaw at (205) 348-2494; fax (205) 348-9276.

                                                                                                                    FIELD TRIP MAP
                                   TRIP 1                                                   Map–Compliments of Alabama Geological Survey

Geology of the Cahaba Coal Field
7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Fee: $100/person (includes lunch)
Limit: 45
The Cahaba coal field is the southernmost coal field of the Appalachian foreland
thrust belt and contains a coalbed methane resource of nearly 2 trillion cubic
feet. Gas has been produced from coal in the Gurnee Field, where more than
550 wells were permitted. Coal and coalbed methane resources are in the
Lower Pennsylvanian Pottsville Formation, which was deposited in a spectrum of
environments, including braided streams, deltas, and tidal sand banks. Pottsville
strata were folded and faulted during the Pennsylvanian-Permian Alleghanian
orogeny, resulting in complex fracture patterns and reservoir geometries that may
be characteristic of foreland thrust belts around the globe.

Participants will have the opportunity to see exposures of coal-bearing strata in the
Cahaba coal field that contain an array of sedimentologic, biologic, and tectonic
structures. Presentations and discussions will include not only the depositional,
tectonic, and thermal history of the coal field, but will also focus on ways in which
the geologic framework influences coalbed methane production. Participants
                                                                                                    Alabama Coalbed Methane Fields
will receive a detailed guidebook containing a road log, stop descriptions, and
colected papers on the geology, coal resources, and coalbed methane potential
of the Cahaba coalfield.

Trip Leaders:
Dr. Jack C. Pashin, Chief, Energy and Minerals Section; and
Richard E. Carroll, Coal Geologist, Geological Survey of Alabama

Visit the Geological Survey of Alabama’s Website at:

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                              PARKING
                                                                                                 From I-20/59, take the McFarland Boulevard/US 82 exit and proceed north to the
                                                                                                 University Boulevard interchange. Exit and turn right. Stay on University Boulevard
REGISTRATION FEES                                                                                down the hill and turn left on Second Avenue. Open parking will be on your left,
Monday & Tuesday, May 19 & 20, 2008 Short Course Fees: The two-day                               the Bryant Conference Center complex on your right. In addition to the parking lot
short course fee is: Course #1 $595/person, and each one-day short course fee is                 on Second Avenue, you may also park in the Coleman Coliseum Parking Lot, the
$295/person for attendance at either Course # 2, 3, or 4. The fee to attend Short                Bryant Drive Parking Lot, and the new Soccer Field Parking Lot adjacent to University
Course # 5 is $50/person. Fees include course materials, refreshment breaks                      Boulevard. You will be able to ride a Green Route bus from either of these lots to
and daily luncheon. It does not include lodging or travel expenses which are the                 Second Avenue at the Bryant Conference Center.
responsibility of the participant. Group discounts are available to organizations
registering 3 or more from same company to attend same Short Course.                             GETTING AROUND
Wednesday & Thursday, May 21 & 22, 2008 Symposium General                                        See map to the Bryant Conference Center online at
Technical Sessions Fee: The general registration fee of $315/person covers             ; and lodging information at
the Tuesday evening welcome/reception, technical sessions, refreshment breaks,                   CLIMATE
two luncheons, and a copy of the Proceedings. This fee does not include lodging                  Tuscaloosa enjoys a mild climate. During the month of May, temperatures usually
expense or attendance in the short courses or field trips.                                       range from nighttime lows of 50oF (10o Celsius) to daytime highs of 80oF (27o Celsius).
      A reduced fee of $280/person is available for organizations registering 3 or
more participants for attendance on May 21 & 22. To qualify for this discounted                  AIRLINE SERVICE
fee, please remit completed registration forms simultaneously.                               The Birmingham Airport (205) 592-8127, is serviced by many major airlines
      University students are encouraged to register at a fee of $50/person. This            (toll free):
fee includes attendance at the technical sessions, breaks and luncheons as well              • American Airlines, 1-800-433-7300     • Northwest Airlines, 1-800-225-2525
as the Proceedings CD.                                                                       • Continental, 1-800-525-0280           • TWA, 1-800-221-2000
   Friday, May 23, 2008, Field Trip Fees: The $100/person fee for each field                 • Delta Air Lines, 1-800-221-1212       • United Airlines, 1-800-241-6522
trip includes a field trip guidebook (if applicable), transportation, liquid refreshments        GROUND TRANSPORTATION
and lunch. Group discounts do not apply.                                                     The Birmingham Airport is a one-hour drive from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Prepayment of all registration fees via check or credit card is requested. MasterCard,       Automobile rental agencies in the Birmingham area are:
VISA, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted. Checks must                   • Avis Birmingham Airport            • National Car Rental Interrent
be drawn on a U.S.A. bank and should be made payable to The University of                              (205) 592-8901                      1-800-227-7368
Alabama.                                                                                     • Budget rent a car                  • Payless Car Rental
                                                                                                       1-800-527-0700                      1-800-729-5377
LATE/ON-SITE REGISTRATION                                                                       Budget Birmingham Airport             Payless Birmingham Airport
If you must register after May 2, 2008, please fax your completed registration                         (205) 322-3596                      (205) 978-9031
form to (205) 348-6614, or register online at Enrollment                 • Enterprise Rent a Car             Automobile rental agencies in the
is limited in some events, and registrations will be processed on a first-come,                        1-800-325-8007            Tuscaloosa area:
first-served basis.                                                                             Enterprise Birmingham Airport              Enterprise
    Pre-registration is encouraged for program planning purposes; however on-site                      (205) 591-1927                      (205) 349-4446
walk-in registration is available, but allow for extra time on site during processing.       • Hertz 1-800-654-3131 worldwide              Hertz (205) 759-5204
Please have all necessary information already entered on the Registration Form                  Hertz Birmingham Airport                   U-Save Auto Rental
prior to your arrival at the Bryant Conference Center.                                                 (205) 591-6090                      (205) 349-2510
CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS AND TAX DEDUCTION                                                          SHUTTLE SERVICE
If you must cancel, a full refund may be granted up to May 2, 2008. After that                   TO-FROM BIRMINGHAM AIRPORT - TUSCALOOSA
date, an administrative fee equal to 25% of the registration fee—minimum $25—will
be charged against your refund. Refunds cannot be made after the program has                     Executive Shuttle Network LLC: phone (205) 702-4566
begun, but a substitute participant may be designated.                                 
    Notice to international participants: Refunds will be made at prevailing weekly
average exchange rates; therefore, the amount refunded may be either more or                     Birmingham Door to Door, LLC: phone (205) 591-5550;
less than that paid.                                                                             toll-free 1-888-349-1544
    The University of Alabama reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine        
sections; to limit registration; and to change instructors.
    U.S. Treasury regulations may permit an income tax deduction for most                        SPECIAL MESSAGE CENTER
educational expenses (registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging) undertaken to               A message board will be available in the Conference Center. You may leave messages
maintain or improve professional skills.                                                         during the Symposium at the Bryant Center 205-348-8600; fax 205-348-0222.

LOCATION and LODGING                                                                             PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT HOURS (PDH) CREDIT
The 2008 International Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium will be held in the                         Courses and technical sessions as advertised in this brochure may be applied
Bryant Conference Center, 240 Paul Bryant Drive, on The University of Alabama                    toward the continuing education requirement for registered Professional Engineers,
campus in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Tuscaloosa is located approximately 60 miles                      Geologists, and Land Surveyors. Contact your state’s licensing board for information
southwest of Birmingham via Interstate 59/20 (see map for location at                            pertaining to rules for specific course appropriateness concerning your license                                                                    status.
  Lodging recommendations are as follows: (when making reservations, please be
sure to mention this program) See lodging information online at                 CONTINUING EDUCATION UNITS
   On site— Hotel Capstone (formerly the Sheraton Four Points Hotel), 320 Paul                   Upon payment of a $10 fee, participants will receive a certificate which identifies the
Bryant Drive, phone 1-800-477-2262; fax (205) 759-9314                                           number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) awarded in recognition of completion
   3/4 mile from campus—Hampton Inn, 600 Harper Lee Drive, phone                                 of short courses and technical sessions.
(205) 553-9800 or 1-800-426-7866; fax (205) 553-0082                                             Symposium                 1.8                1-Day Short Course            .7
   3+ miles from campus—Best Western Park Plaza Motor Inn, 3801 McFarland                        2-Day Short Course        1.4
Boulevard East, phone/fax (205) 556-9690; toll-free 1-800-528-1234; Courtyard
by Marriott, 4115 Courtney Drive, phone (205) 750-8384; Fairfield Inn by Marriott,               FURTHER INFORMATION
4101 Courtney Drive, (205) 366-0900; Holiday Inn Express (205) 464-4000;                         For more information, call Donna Keene, Associate Director, PD&CS
Quality Inn (Exit 73) 1-800-424-6423; Sleep Inn (located at I-20 & I-59 Exit 76)                 (205) 348-6513, e-mail; Nova Hodo, (205) 348-3029,
(205) 556-5696                                                                                   e-mail; or fax inquiries to (205) 348-9276.

                                                                                                 VISIT OUR WEBSITES

PROCEEDINGS ORDER FORM                                                             E-mail Order
PROCEEDINGS                                                                        On-site Pickup During Symposium [ ] _____ additional copies @ $60 each.
All papers presented in the May 21 & 22, 2008, technical sessions will be          For Pickup After the Symposium [ ] _____ copies @ $75 each.
made available on a Proceedings Compact Disc available at the opening              Airmailed to U.S.A., Canada or Mexico Address; or Surface Mail to Other
of the Symposium. This is included in the registration fee.                        Countries [ ] _____ copies @ $90 each.
    Additional CD’s (limited supply) will be available on site during the          Airmail to Countries Outside the U.S. [ ] _____ copies @ $125 each.
Symposium or, by mail delivery after the program at the rates quoted
below. For extra(s) or special orders, complete and return this form before        Past ICBM Symposium Proceedings Available @ $50 each.
May 2, 2008. Requests are processed in order as received. Mail orders
will not be mailed until June 2, 2008, to insure ample supply for program          [ ] 2007, May 21-25 (CD)          [ ] 2001, May 14-18 (bound, softback)
attendees. Rates are subject to change.                                            [ ] 2006, May 22-26 (CD)          [ ] 1999, May 3-7 (bound, softback)
                                                                                   [ ] 2005, May 16-20 (CD)
For Mail Orders, Send Completed Form to:                                           [ ] 2004, May 3-7 (CD)
 ATT: Nova Hodo                                                                    [ ] 2003, May 5-9 (CD)
 The 2008 International Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium
                                                                                   Method of Payment:
 College of Continuing Studies/PD&CS                                               [ ] I am enclosing a check in the total amount of $________
 The University of Alabama                                                             made payable to THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA.
 Box 870388                                                                            (Checks must be drawn on a U.S.A. bank.)
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FAX Order
                                                                                       Authorizing Signature_____________________________  __
                      The 2008 International Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium
Charles Willis                                         Charles D. Haynes, Ph.D.                                Jack C. Pashin, Ph.D.
SYMPOSIUM CHAIR 2008                                   Professor, (retired)                                    Head, Energy and Minerals Section
President & General Manager                            Civil Engineering, The University of Alabama            Geological Survey of Alabama
Black Warrior Methane Corp.                            Tuscaloosa, AL                                          Tuscaloosa, AL
Brookwood, AL                                          J. Read Holland, Ph.D.                                  Scott Reeves
Malcolm Bocking                                        J.R. Holland & Associates, Inc.                         Executive Vice President
Principal, Geologist                                   Tuscaloosa, AL                                          Advanced Resources International, Inc.
Bocking Associates CBM Pty, LTD                                                                                Houston, TX
Castle Hill NSW, Australia                             George G. Karkashadze
                                                       Professor                                               John S. Richardson
Charles M. Boyer, II                                   Moscow State Mining University,                         Vice President
Principal Consultant Unconventional                    Moscow, Russia                                          Acquisitions & Engineering
Reservoirs Schlumberger Data and Consulting Services                                                           Energen Resources Corporation, an
Pittsburgh, PA                                         Donna Keene                                             Energen Company
                                                       Associate Director                                      Birmingham, AL
Charles W. Byrer                                       Professional Development & Conference
Project Manager (retired)                              Services College of Continuing Studies                  Berry H. “Nick” Tew, Jr., Ph.D.
National Energy Technology Laboratory                  The University of Alabama                               State Geologist and Director
U.S. Department of Energy                              Tuscaloosa, AL                                          Geological Survey of Alabama Supervisor,
Morgantown, WV                                                                                                 State Oil & Gas Board
                                                       Dennis Lathem                                           Tuscaloosa, AL
Denise M. Cox                                          Executive Director
Storm Energy                                           Coalbed Methane Association of Alabama                  Rhonda Tinsley
Golden, CO                                             Birmingham, AL                                          Senior Geologist
                                                                                                               Southern Company Services
Peter E. Clark, Ph.D.                                  Phillip G. Malone                                       Birmingham, AL
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering              Vice President
College of Engineering, The University of Alabama      GeoMet, Inc.                                            Douglas R. Wight
Tuscaloosa, AL                                         Birmingham, AL                                          CEO/President
                                                                                                               Petron Resources, L.P.
Richard A. Esposito                                    Eddie Martin                                            Frisco, TX
Senior Engineering Geologist                           Surface Operations Coordinator
Southern Company Services                              Pittsburg & Midway Coal Mining Company                  Shinji Yamaguchi, Dr. Eng.
Birmingham, AL                                         North River Mine                                        Associate Professor
                                                       Berry, AL                                               Petroleum and Geothermal Engineening
Richard A. Gates                                                                                               Dept. of Earth Science and Technology
District Manager, District II                          Morgan “Mike” Mosser
Mine Safety and Health Administration                  Project Manager                                         Akita University, Japan
U.S. Dept. of Labor                                    National Energy Technology Laboratory
Birmingham, AL                                         U.S. Department of Energy
                                                       Morgantown, WV

The University of Alabama                                                                                                                                           Nonprofit Organization
College of Continuing Studies                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
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Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487-0388
Please Rush - Dated

The University of Alabama is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.
Registration Form                                                                                                                              All amounts are in U.S. dollars.
Registration Code 050038
                                                                                                                                               Concurrent Short Courses
One registration per panel; for group registrations, please duplicate this form.    [ ] This confirms my telephone registration.               May 19 & 20, 2008
[ ] Dr. [ ] Mr. [ ] Ms. [ ] Mrs.                                                    [ ] This confirms my on-line registration.                 [ ] #1 CBM Exploration Strategies: Hydrogeologic
                                                                                                                                                   Controls Critical for Exploration, Development and
                                                                                                                                                   Resource Assessment
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            $595/person for two-day workshop on May 19 & 20;
Name      First                                   Last                                    M. I.                                                    Program #05-0006
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            [ ] $535/person (reflects discount for
Preference on Nametag                             Social Security # (For Records Only)                                                             organizations registering 3 or more)

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                        [ ] #2 Shale Gas Evaluation
Company/Organization Name                         Company Phone               Company Fax                                                          $295/person for one-day workshop on May 20, 2008;
                                                                                                                                                   Program # 05-0007
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            [ ] $265/person (reflects discount for
Personal Business Phone                 Personal Business Fax                                                                                      organizations registering 3 or more)
                                                                                                                                               [ ] #3 Numerical Modeling and Reservoir
E-mail address                                    Job Title                                                                                        Simulation for Sorbed Gas Reservoirs
                                                                                                                                                   $295/person for one-day workshop on May 20;
Firm/Organization Size                            Approving Manager                                                                                Program #050008
                                                                                                                                                   [ ] $265/person (reflects discount for
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            organizations registering 3 or more)
Confirmation Mailing Address
                                                                                                                                               [ ] #4 Coalbed Methane Well Completions and
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            Production
City                                              State                         ZIP                                                                $295/person for one-day workshop on May 20;
                                                                                                                                                   Program #050009
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            [ ] $265/person (reflects discount for
Billing Mailing Address                           Attn:
                                                                                                                                                   organizations registering 3 or more)
Address                                                                                                                                        [ ] #5 Artificial Lift
                                                                                                                                                   $50/person for one-day workshop on May 20;
_______________________________________________________________________________________________________                                            $0 if attending the Symposium
City                                              State                         ZIP                                                                Program #050040

[ ] Enclosed is a check in the total amount of $___________made payable to THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. (Checks must be drawn                    Symposium, May 21 & 22, 2008
   on a U.S.A. bank.)                                                                                                                          [ ] General Registration Fee @ $315/person;
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The University of Alabama is committed to following the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please make your request for accommodation by April   [ ] Student Registration @ $50/person
21, 2008 by stating your request here:___________________________________________________________________________                                   Institution:_____________________________
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                                                                                                                                               Concurrent Field Trips, May 23, 2008
                                                                                                                                               [ ] Cahaba Coal Field @ $100/person [limit 45]
       Mail form and fee to:              Phone in registration to:                                                                            [ ] Brookwood Coal Field Trip @ $100/person
       Registration Services              (205) 348-3000                                                                                          [limit 45]
       College of Continuing Studies      toll-free # 1-866-432-2015
       The University of Alabama                                                                             On-line registration              CEU Certificate(s) @ $10 each (optional) for:
       Box 870388                    FAX registration form to:                                               is available via the              [ ] 2-Day Short Course (1.4 CEUs)
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       Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0388                                                                                   [ ] 1-Day Short Course (.7 CEUs)
                                                                                                                                               [ ] 2-day Symposium (1.8 CEUs)

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