The Wright Childcare and Learning Center Handbook by mtbrwright


									The Wright Childcare
  Learning Center

  Created By: Brianne Wright

Welcome to The Wright Childcare. I am a licensed, ICCP childcare provider with years of
experience. I have attended CPR and first aid training and have had a current background
check. I have a CDA (Child Development Associate) and I am currently working towards
an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I am part of Idaho STARS QRIS
(Quality Rating & Improvement System) and am currently working on getting a star
rating. My facility has had health and fire inspections and also an environmental safety
assessment. I also have two children of my own. I decided to become a childcare
provider because I love children and I wanted a job that allows me to stay at home with
my children, Cheyenne and Denten.

I have created this handbook to try and eliminate any misunderstandings. It’s hard to
remember to tell every parent every rule and every procedure when we first meet. I have
tried to cover everything I can think of from my childcare philosophies, business policies
and expectations. Please read the handbook carefully, and feel free to discuss with me
any questions or concerns you may have.


I want your child to feel like this is their 2nd home. I want them to feel safe and
comfortable here. Our program is centered around Christian principles. The
toddler/preschool age is a vital time for your child, when their foundation for learning and
moral training is laid. Your child will enjoy laughing, singing, creating art and more while
learning basic preschool skills with a Christian emphasis. I will provide them with lots of
love. I hope to teach the children to respect themselves and others. I believe all children
should have a safe and happy environment. I don’t allow hitting, biting, or name calling at
any time. Children will be encouraged through positive reinforcement to be nice to their
friends. I will encourage children to treat their friends and my home with respect. Children
will learn Christian songs, prayers and stories. At the end of the day you will probably
walk in on little messes. I will try to keep things picked up but the care of the children
comes first then the chores. I will try and encourage the kids to keep the toys picked up
when they are done playing, cleaning up after ourselves is a classroom rule. Please send
you child play clothes so they can play without worrying about getting messy.


I hope we can have open communications between the two of us. If you have a problem I
hope you can come to me first. Please don’t wait until you are to angry to say something
and instead decide to remove your child from my care. Let’s talk first. If we have
problems I hope we can communicate and work through them. Any questions that you
have for the concern of your child or my home is always welcome. If you have any
questions or concerns about your child’s day please call me so we can talk. If you have
issues you can not discuss in front of the children please call me so we can discuss it over
the phone or we can schedule a meeting after for after hours.

☺ Our facility is committed to serving children with disabilities. We will do our best to
make any reasonable accommodations to better the care provided, such as children with
disabilities will be served in their family’s primary language.

☺ Children will have their development screened within 90 days of enrollment. The tool
that will be used for screening will be the ASQ-3.

☺ Each child will have a folder to keep documentation tracking their developmental
growth, strengths and challenges. Upon enrollment parents will discuss with the teacher
three goals they would like to have their child work on, and the steps needed to meet these
goals. Every 6 months parent teacher conferences will be scheduled to discuss their child’s
development and strengths and challenges. We will evaluate past goals and determine
whether they have been met and decide to continue working or create new goals and goal
plans. Referrals for outside support, if needed, will be available and will be tracked in
child’s folder.

☺ Quarterly parent meetings will be held (childcare will be provided) to provide parents
with family and children resources, information on child development and support in other
issues of family life.

☺ There are a few social events held throughout the year for families to socialize and
mingle with providers and other families enrolled into our program. We hold an Open
House in the fall, a Holiday party in the winter, a Spring Fling, and a Summer BBQ each


The forms listed below must be filled out before your child can start. Some of these forms
will be updated yearly.

*      Child’s Record
*      Activity Form
*      Health History
*      Medical Emergency Statement
*      Parents Information
*      Transportation Form
*      Sunscreen Form
*      Immunization Release Form
*      Copy of Immunization Records or opt-out forms

If you need any help filling out these forms, please feel free to ask me.

Your child’s happiness is important to all of us. It is, therefore, agreed that the first month
(28 calendar days) of your child’s enrollment in my home daycare will be considered the
trial period. At the end of this trial period if everything is going fine I will assume that
your child is going to continue his care in my home. If things are not working out for
either party, then before the 28 days are up we need to discuss what is to be done next. If
care continues after the trial period (first 28 days) then your child is automatically enrolled
after this date. If you decide to remove your child then I will need to have a two week


The Wright Childcare is open for scheduling between 6 AM and 6 PM Monday thru
Friday, unless prior arrangements have been made. (Ex: arrangements may possible be
made for an earlier drop off if child(ren) go back to bed after arrival.) Please make sure
your child is picked up by they scheduled departure time or a late fee will be charged. My
daycare does maintain an open door policy for you to stop in and check on your child at
anytime. Open door policy means that you may stop by at anytime, it doesn’t necessarily
mean that the door will not be locked. The door may be locked as a safety precaution.
If you decide to stop by please remember that we may be outside or on a walk so we may
not be available when you come by. You may want to call on your way to make sure we
are here. We try to do daily outings and play outside during nice weather. Please try to
refrain coming at nap time. This is the time of day I try to keep the house quiet and
visitors will only interrupt the sleeping children. As I am sure you are aware most children
will act up when company is around. So please remember that during your visit.


The following is a list of the Paid Holidays that I will be taking each year.

Memorial Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day

As most of you get paid vacation at your job, I also am taking just a few days throughout
the year. If your child’s regular schedule for daycare and/or preschool falls on one of these
days you are still required to pay for that day. All other holidays you are not. There are a
few holidays that I will be closed but at no cost to you, Christmas Eve, July 4th, and the
day after Thanksgiving. We also usually take a week vacation some time throughout the
year. You will be notified in enough time to make prior arrangements. If there are any
other days I will need to be closed I will give notice. I can try to see if I can work out
alternative childcare services if needed.

$ 15 DAILY
$ 300 MONTHLY FLAT RATE (does not include after hours charges)
$ 25 Enrollment Fee
$ 2.50 Extra per child for after hours charges
$ 5.00 Late Charge per child
$ 10 DAILY
$ 20 Monthly Supply Fee for 2 year old introductory period

If at anytime I decide to change my rates, you will receive a 30 day notice. At that time I hope
you will choose to continue your enrollment in my daycare or you can give me a week notice to
withdraw your child. All payments must be paid in advance of care provided. Those waiting to
hear from ICCP must pay in full the daycare charges. Upon receiving payments from ICCP,
parents will be reimbursed less their co-pay.


You will provide me with your child’s schedule for the following week by 8:00pm on
Saturday. On this schedule there will be a drop off time and a pick-up time for every day your
child will be attending. Late fees of $5.00 will be assessed for each child if dropped off 15
minutes or more before scheduled or picked up 15 minutes past scheduled. If you are running
late, give me a call and your late fees may be waived, just so long as it doesn’t become a
reoccurring problem. I respect your time please respect mine. If pick-up becomes a big
problem termination of services may result. Late arrival does not justify late pick-up.


If your child is attending part time and you would like to add a day that is fine, so long as there
is availability. You may pay for that day when you drop them off. If schedule changes are made
after Saturday (including sick days) you will be responsible for full payment of the scheduled
days. Each family will be given 2 sick days per month, please see SICK/ABSENT for more


Payment is due each week for the following week on the first day of the week your child is in
attendance. You will get a two day grace period after that your child will not be allowed to
return until the late charges are paid. If you are more than 2 days past the grace period there
will be a $10 late charge added to your bill. If you become 30 days delinquent I may report it
to the credit agencies and turn you into collections. You will be responsible for paying any and
all fees occurred while try to collect this debt. Please keep in mind that this is part of my
family’s income . . I depend on this money and expect to be paid on time.

Parents are asked to call me at 466-4757 if there child is going to be dropped off later or
earlier than their scheduled drop off time. If your child is not coming to daycare because they
are ill or going to visit grandparents, etc… PLEASE CALL ME! ASAP ☺ I know illness
cannot be predicted, therefore you are allowed 2 sick days per month, per family, in which you
are not required to pay regardless of insufficient notice. These sick days do not roll over to the
next month and are specifically to be used for sick days, NOT for any other reason. You will be
required to pay for any sick days exceeding the sick day allotment and for any other non
attended days. You are still responsible for the amount shown on your invoice for that week
and any sick days or any other credited will be reflected on your following week’s invoice.


All children must be signed in and out of daycare every time they visit. If they arrive from
school, I (Brianne) will sign them in for you. Only those on your authorized pick-up form may
be allowed to pick up children. You may add to or take away from this list at any time. The
first time a person from the list picks the children up they must show some form of picture ID.
You should hold your child’s hand upon entering and leaving my house. Please do not let your
child run wild in my driveway. Please do not let your child run out to the car when you are
leaving. There could be a car coming into the driveway and they may not be able to see your
child. I prefer that there be no pick-ups or drop-offs during nap/quiet time (1:00pm-3:00pm),
but if is unavoidable be as quiet and brief as possible. Children who arrive during nap/quiet
time will be expected to remain quiet (they may sit and read/look at books quietly) until
everyone is awake, so that other will not be disturbed from their naps.


If you are going to drop your child off early or late please call me and let me know. I have
children arriving at all different times so I plan my mornings according to these arrival
times. I have chores, bathing of my children and such that I coordinate and I don’t want to
be in the bathroom or dressing children in the bedroom and not hear when you arrive. If
you are going to pick up your child earlier or later than usual please call me. Or you can
let me know in the morning or the night before if possible. We sometimes go out for walks
or go to the park so please make sure we are aware of the early departure or we may not
be around. If you do come early and we are gone you will be able to reach me on my cell
779-6564. I always have it with me if I am not at home. We are usually here at nap time
but sometimes we will take an early walk and have a later nap time, so just call ahead to be
sure. If we are out close to pick-up times I will leave a note on the door with our location
or a time we will be back if we are on a walk.

Children will need to be signed out of daycare after every visit. I can’t allow any child to
leave with anyone except the people on your child’s pick up authorization form. Unless
you contact me or tell me in the morning that someone else is going to be picking up your
child. They will have to reach you on the phone and then give the phone to me so I can
confirm and if you can’t be reached they will not be able to remove the child. Which
means until you pick up your child you will have to pay any late fees accrued. If you are
going have someone else pick up your child please let me know that morning or give me a
call. The first time someone new comes to pick up children they must show picture ID.
If you do not show up, call, and I can’t reach you at your child’s pick up time, I will begin
to call people on your pick-up list to come and get your child(ren). I will give you 20 min.
before I begin to call.


Unless you give me court papers stating that you have been granted temporary or
permanent custody I have no legal authority to tell either parent that he/she can not pick
up their child. Unless of course you have court papers showing me otherwise. I will need a
photocopy of the court order with the court’s signature. Please make sure I have these
papers in your child’s file.


If you need to take your child out for illness, vacation time, maternity leave, etc you will
need to let me know if it is going to be more than 2 weeks. If your child will not be
attending for more than 2 weeks you will be required to pay 1/3 his/her normal rate to
hold his/her spot. If I do not receive his/her payment or have not heard from you that the
money is coming I could give his here spot away to another child.

SUPPLIES (Please make sure I have the items listed below)

Toddlers and Preschoolers:    Diapers, pull-ups, wipes, blanket and pillow (optional), and
                              a complete change of clothes (as they get soiled I will leave
                              them in a plastic bag in your diaper bag to be cleaned at


If you have any of the items below and would like to donate them to us it would be greatly
* paper of any kind, brown, white, colored, waxed, foil, etc.
* crayons, markers, play dough, or any misc. art supplies
* Unused Diapers your child has outgrown, SUNSCREEN
*Old shirts, pants, snow pants, mittens, coats, hats, socks, etc. (Sizes newborn to size 6)

I prefer that children DO NOT bring toys from home (with the exception of infants) as this
usually cause fights over the toy. Most children who bring toys in from home will not
share their toys with the other children and the other children want to play with the new
(new to them) toy. Unless it is something that can be shared with the entire group ( i.e.
books, videos, etc.) Little ones have a difficult time sharing the toys that are here with
others, and it is even harder to with their own special toys. If toys are brought please be
aware that they may get lost in the other toys or put away in the toy box by mistake. If we
are unable to locate the toy at pick-up time I will set it aside when if I come across it but I
do not have time to empty the toy box every other day to locate missing toys they were
not supposed to be brought in the first place. If your child has a favorite nap time toy or
lovie, please bring it and I will let them have it at nap time. I am not responsible for any
loss or breakage of personal items. Any article of clothing should be labeled with your
child’s name.


Let me know when you have begun to potty train your child. I will only potty train your
child if you are actively potty training at home after you have introduced the idea to your
child for at least a week . I will only use the pull-ups supplies by the parent until your child
is down to less than 1 accident a day. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can
distract you child from using the potty and they will do a much better job getting the idea
down at home. It can take quite awhile for a child to get trained in daycare. Send your
child ONLY in easy to remove clothing while potty training. If your child comes in hard to
remove clothing such as overalls I will not potty train them that day. I will try and have the
children go potty every 30-60 minutes and I do not want to be fighting buttons and straps
all day. I require at least 3 sets of clothing including socks during potty training you can
leave the extra sets here so you don’t have to pack them around in your diaper bag. I do
not launder the soiled clothing I will place them in a plastic bag in your child’s diaper bag
to be cleaned at home and returned or replace with a different set. Different methods of
potty training such as no diapers and no pants so they can learn when they are going are to
be done at home and I will not do them during daycare.


Monday thru Friday the TV is on a little during the morning when children are arriving,
while I am preparing meals, and towards the end of the day during pick-up times. I only
allow PBS and Disney for the children to watch. Unless your child has an appropriate
video they would like to share during these times. If it is a rainy day we may have the TV
on a little more if we watch an afternoon movie all together instead of playing outside.

I try to plan a daily schedule. It lets the children know what to expect from day to day. I
will try to follow or routine to the best of my ability. Every day will consist of meals,
snacks, free play, activities, outside time(weather permitting), and quiet time. Monday,
Wednesday, and Fridays will consist of mostly free play and spontaneous activities. These
days I will mainly follow the children’s lead. They may be tired from a busy weekend or
tired from a busy week I have found that these days are the most difficult for children.
Tuesday and Thursday, we will have Preschool.


Our preschool schedule will be 9:30am - 12:45pm. Children that are just attending
preschool and not childcare must be picked up promptly at 12:45 so the rest of the
children can prepare for quiet time. We follow a Christian based curriculum and children
will learn basic preschool skills along with Christian children’s songs, Psalms, and stories.
We will have: circle activities, such as days of the week, weather, etc; story time, letter &
number of the week activities, and learning centers. All activities will be designed to
modify to make them age appropriate for each participant.

We will have four learning centers: Literacy, Mathematics, Science/Social Studies, and
Art/Music. The children will be divided into small 2-3 child groups. The groups of children
will be made of varied ages and stages of development in each. The will get ten minutes to
explore the center, then clean-up and change centers. Snack will provide a break from
centers. It will go 2 centers & clean-up, snack, then 2 centers & clean-up.

Examples of centers:
Literacy: chalk board activities, listening to books on tape…
Mathematics: number rods, sorting, pattern cards, eye droppers, counting…
Science/Social Studies: experiments, magnets, specimen viewers, magnifying glasses,
learning about our community activities…
Art/Music: painting, play dough, drawing, musical instruments, listening to music from
song bank on headphones.
On nice days some or all of our centers will be moved outdoors.

Introductory Period
 The Introductory period into preschool is designed for 2 year olds who are just learning
how to participate in preschool. During this period they will observe and participate at
will, until they are fully able to completely take part. This transition may last a month or
two, or maybe longer depending on the child. The teacher and parent will decide when the
child is ready to actively participate in the Preschool program fully. Until then, during the
introductory period, the preschool fees will be waived and just a monthly supply fee will
be required.

All meals will be provided. We are part of the USDA food program through Nutrition
Works. If you like you may choose to opt your child out of the program. There will be a
posted menu available for parents to look at on the refrigerator. Breakfast will include:
Milk, 1 Fruit or Vegetable, and Bread/Alternative. Snacks will be 2 of the following 4:
Milk, Fruit, Vegetable, Meat/Alternative, and Bread/Alternative. Lunch/Dinner will
include: Milk, 2 Fruits and/or Vegetables, Meat/Alternative, and Bread/Alternative. All
requests or suggestions are welcomed. If your child is allergic or really does not like and
will not eat a certain food those particular items will not be served on days they will be
attending. Meals will consist of breakfast, morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack and
dinner if after hours care is provided. Children who arrive after meal times should be fed
before they arrive. If your child has several or severe allergies or requires a special diet,
then you will need to provide what your child is going to eat for the day. I never force a
child to eat what is on his/her plate but they will not be given anything else until the next
meal time. I will remind them of this when they are eating.
MEAL TIMES: Breakfast 7:30-8:30, AM Snack 10:00, Lunch 12:00-1:00, PM Snack 3:00


All children will have a rest period from 1:00-3:00 every day. No child is forced to sleep,
however they must remain quiet. The toddles are placed away from the older children and
put into playpens or cots so they can nap. The older children that do not nap are usually in
another room with books to read or with workbooks or coloring books. Depending on the
number of toddlers that must nap I have the older children may be able to watch a cartoon
or PBS if I have an empty room with a TV available. They must remain in their designated
area during quiet time. Those who wake early will participate in quiet activity until rest
time is over. I prefer no drop offs during quiet time. Children do not like to be put right to
bed when they arrive and may cry loudly and wake the other sleeping children. Please try
not to schedule pick-ups or visits during this time to lessen the disturbance to the resting
children. If pick-up cannot be avoided during this time please make pick up quick and
quiet and please DO NOT ring the door bell. Without a rest time children are going to be
angry and tired. They will be falling asleep on the drive home and then wanting to stay up
late at night from their short cat nap. Nap time is my only opportunity to take a break,
clean up after lunch, and do light paper work.


Part of every day will be spent outside except in really bad weather or if there are children
with colds, that prevent them from going outside. We may go for walks around town, to
the post office, library or park. The children should be dressed appropriately to stay warm
and enjoy being outside. Your child will need to have a jacket or coat, hat, mittens
according to the season. If your child isn’t feeling well enough to play outside then you
need to let me know so I can re-arrange our activities.

Sick children will not be accepted into daycare. If a child was sent home sick on
Wednesday because they were ill they will not be able to return for 24 hours. So please do
not bring your child back before Friday or they will not be permitted to stay. Under no
circumstances will parents be allowed to bring a sick child to my home. Sick children need
additional care that I can’t provide. Not only that, they want to be at home (in their own
bed) when not feeling well. They want the comfort of their own “Mommy”. Plus all the
other children and then their family’s become exposed to your child’s germs. Bottom line,
keep sick children at home.

The following illness policies will be strictly enforced, for health, well being and safety of
all concerned.

Examples of associated symptoms include, but are not limited to:

1. Fever (100 F. higher)-Child needs to be fever free for 24 hours

2. Nausea or vomiting

3. Diarrhea: runny or watery stools, or 2 or more looser stools within 4 hours

4. Sore throat, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing, runny nose with colored

5. Runny and/or crusty eyes: watery, matted and/or red/pink eyes are not acceptable in

6. Unexplained rash

7. Excessive crankiness: Child is irritable, excessive whining or crying, wants constantly
held, or requires more attention than I can provide

8. Lice (may not return child until no more nits are spotted at least 72 hour or longer)

9. Communicable diseases (chicken pox, rosella, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles, influenza,

This benefits your child and the other children. Your help at keeping your sick child home
is appreciated. Parents of a child with a diagnosed contagious condition (measles, head
lice, pink eye, mumps, chicken pox, etc.) are asked to notify me as soon as possible so that
I can alert parents to watch for symptoms in their own children.

Please note: This sickness policy applies to my family and I as well. If I am sick or any of
my family members I will be unable to provide daycare during that period of time.

If your child is on prescription medication and it needs to be taken while he/she is at
daycare, the medicine must be in the original container and labeled with the child’s name,
doctor ‘s name , name of medication, dosage, and when to be taken. If medication is to be
taken only twice a day, i.e. morning and night, then it is to be taken at home. A medication
form will need to be filled out so make sure you have a few spare minutes in the morning
or take home the form the night before if possible. I will not administer medication until it
has been given by the parent/guardian at least for 24 hours. If a child is going to have an
allergic reaction to the medication it should happen in those first 24 hours sometimes up to
48 hours. But if they are still fine after 24 hours I will feel better about them coming to my
home. If your child refuses to take medication from me I will not force them to take it.
You will need to come by to give your child the medication or send someone else over.

Please do not bring non-prescription medicine to me in baggies. It is so easy to forget later
what it is or who it belongs to. Please label all medicines. Do not leave medicine in diaper
bags. Please make sure all medicine is handed to me for safe storage. Thank-you.


No matter how much we watch and how careful we are accidents are going to happen
occasionally. Minor cuts and bruises suffered while at daycare will receive proper care--
they will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged.

If a serious accident should occur you will be contacted for instructions; unless this would
endanger your child’s life. In that case I will take the necessary steps and call the hospital,
doctor, ambulance, poison control, etc. All injuries need to be documented. You will be
asked to sign an injury report.


In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the house immediately and gather together
outside in the fenced yard. This will be practiced at least once every other month (usually
more) so the children know what to do.


I may terminate care if the terms of my daycare contract and my daycare policies are not
followed. Some examples are below (but not limited to):
* Forms not filled out
*Constantly late
*Child not adjusting to daycare (crying a lot, biting, hitting). These issues will be
addressed and efforts will be made to remedy the situation before termination is decided.
* Childcare not paid on time.

After the trial period, if for some reason you decide to stop bringing your child to my
daycare a two week written notice is required. This will allow me time to advertise to find
a child to fill your child’s spot. Payment is due for the two week notice period whether or
not your child is in attendance.


I like to see happy and active children in my home. Occasionally I run into problems.
When problems with disciple start I will try to guide your child in the right direction;
through positive reinforcement. Children wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t have their ups
and downs. Especially toddlers, who are not old enough to communicate, sometimes have
a hard time with their emotions. Sometimes they hit or throw toys, etc. I will be trying to
teach children with a positive approach on how to get along with their friends.
Such as:
Child is running inside.-I would say “Please Walk Ryan” “Thank-you”
Child is standing on a chair- I would say “Sally can you please sit on the chair” “Thank-
I try to point out what they should be doing . Please walk, please use your inside voice,

Redirection - Sometimes it will be necessary for me to try and redirect one child away
from another child if they just cannot get along. Such as get one of them interested in
something else away from the other for awhile. This usually works out great. A little time
apart and they forget what they we fighting about and have time to move past it.

Time Out - If redirection does not work than I may move to a time out but only for
children 20 months and older. They will be removed from the group and told to stand in
the corner or lay down in their playpen or nap area for awhile until they can behave. I
want to try and teach them to think about what they were doing and what they can do
instead or how they can change their behavior. Time-out is usually only a minute per every
year of their age or sometimes if they are being put in time out over and over again it may
be a little longer until they decide they are going to behave nicely.

Removal of Privilege - If children are throwing sand or trying to run over another child
with a toy carriage. Then I will immediately remove the problem, such as the carriage will
be put up and the child throwing sand will be removed from the sand box for awhile.
Usually I will separate them from the problem for about 5 minutes this usually works.
They cannot touch the doll carriage for 5 minutes while the other children can or they can
no longer go in the sand box. I will remind them after 5 minutes that if they don’t throw
sand and can be nice they can return to the sand box but if they misbehave they will be
asked to leave again.
If your child is chronically misbehaving than you will be notified. Between us maybe we
can come up with a way of handling this behavior. The type of behavior I’m talking about
is biting, use of bad words, chronic hitting, etc. Together we will try and find a solution. If
the solutions are not working then you will be called to remove your child if his/her
behavior prevents me from being able to provide quality care for the other children. If the
problem continues I will have no choice but to terminate care, for the safety and well
being of all.


The State of Idaho requires that all members of a daycare be one the look out for, and
report to the State, any and all cases of child abuse. I am therefore obligated to report to
the State any suspected cases of child abuse and/or neglect.


I need to have all forms signed on or before the first day of care. Please give me a photo
copy of your child(ren) immunization records. Forms will need to be updated yearly.

If there are any questions or concerns about the policies stated in this handbook please
contact me and resolve any issues before child care begins. Thank-you.

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