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									                                                Town of Grafton
                                                   Building Department
                                                  30 Providence Road
                                                  Grafton, MA. 01519
                                               Phone: 508-839-5335 X 190
                                                   Fax: 508-839-4602

                         Seventh Edition For One And Two Family Dwelling Code
                                        All Construction Inspection List

Footings and Foundation Inspections

       *    All footing and foundation components installed but NOT BACKFILLED.
       *    All areas of foundation walls below grade shall be completely covered with foundation sealer from the
            top of the footings to finish grade level.
       *    Perimeter drains shall be installed around the exterior perimeter of the foundation and run to daylight
            downgrade &om the foundation.

Fire Place / Chimney

Inspection on or before Rough Inspection
      Chimney at smoke chamber with the first fireplace flue installed.
       * Cleanout height 6"
       * Thimble clearance ifapplicable 18"
       * Hearth extension size 1 6"- 20"
       * Flue clearance ¼"
       * Multiple flues. When t o or more flues are located in
          the same chimnev, masonry wvthes shall he built hetw cci' adjacent
            flue linings. The masonry wvthes shall heat least 1 inches
            602 mm thick and bonded into the walls ofthe chimney. if applicable
       *    Flue support
       *    Smoke camber wall thickness

2"' At     completion of Fire Box
    *       Flue clearance ¼" if applicable
    *       Firebox `saIl thickness 8'
    *       Joint size ¼'

       * Chimney Height
       * Cricket if applicable
       * Distance from top of opening to throat 8'
       * Clearance to combustibles
       * Hearth size 16" -20"
Roof Sheathing System and Wall Sheathing System

Wall Sheathing Systems & Roofing Sheathing Systems must be installed and inspected as per factory
Installation Manual before ally building material can be installed over either of the aforementioned building

Rough Building Inspections

All rough electrical work completed AND SIGNED 01± BY IHE ELECTRICAL INSPECTOR.
All rough plumbing and gas work completed AND SIGNED OFF BY THE PLUMBING AND GAS INSPECTORS.
    1. All roofing and chimney work
    2. All windows, doors, and siding work
    3. All rough framing work including interior partitions, interior stairways, and any other framing work completed.


Insulation and Ventilation Inspection

All insulation shall be installed in all exterior walls that abut conditioned heated spaces.
All insulation shall be installed in all ceiling areas that abut conditioned heated spaces.
All insulation shall be installed in all floor areas over unheated spaces that abut conditioned heated spaces.
All necessary and proper ventilation that is required for the aforementioned spaces shall be permanently and completely
No sheet rock/blue board products to be delivered to or installed in house until after insulation inspection is completed.

Final Inspection

INSPECTOR OF WIRES All finished electrcal work completed AND SIGNED OFF BY THE ELECTRICAL
INSPECTOR OF GAS & PLUMBING All finished plumbing and gas work completed AND SIGNED OFF BY THE
FIRE DEPARTMENT'S INSPECTOR All smoke detection and fire protection systems installed, completed, tested,
BOARI OF ACCESSORS :All additions to living area finished basements, additions, decks, all residential
new construction, pools, detached structures garages, barns, pool houses and sheds over 120 square feet, etc.,
Also all demolitions,
INSPECTOR OF BUILDINGS All finish grading. decks, porches, stairways, sidewalks, retaining walls, and all other
exterior site work completed.
All interior finish carpentry work completed.
All interior finish flooring completed.
All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems completed.
All requirements of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, or Board of Selectmen with regards to any prior
Variances, Special Permits, or Site Plan approvals shall be completed. It Applicable


   1. House Number and Street name
     Please do not call in with lot numbers
  2. Type of Inspection Electric, Gas, plumbing or Building
     Under Ground and or Trench , Rough, Insulation, Final

  3. Your Name, Company Name and a phone number to
     reach you at

   This information insures that your inspection will be scheduled as soon as possible

                 Massachusetts State Building Code
                            780 CMR
            Seventh Edition for One and Two Family Dwelling Code
                        General Requirements

  5408.1      Basement Ventilation: All haserrerls, cellars and crawl spaces
              not habitable shall he ventilated
  5408.2      Opening Size 1 s.ff. of area for each 150 s.ff. of foundation
              area 4 for 1500 s.f. and multiples of
  5408.2      Basement windows: Each basement not used as habitable shall
              have windows wth screens, 1 s.f. for each 150 f.: . of area.
              Minhr:jr: of four for every 1500 s.f. for cross ventilation. Or
              approved mechanical ventilation
5403.1.4.1    Footings: Must be 48 below Grade to the botton: of footing
               Buildings over 400s.f.or 10 l.f. in height
  5405.1      Drain tiles must be installed on I' of crushed rock covered
              with not less than 6" of the same noterials covered with an
              approved filer rnerrbrane
 5404.1.7     Prior to backfi.. Sing, foundation rust be anchored to floor or
 5403.1.6     Foundation anchors -mm    a" dia bolts embedded 7" max 6' 0.:.
              max 12" from ends- approved alternatives install manufac.
  5406.1      Foundations shall be damp proofed -- or waterproofed


 5319.1    Wall pockets: Ends of girders shall t]ve 1/2" air space
 5319.1    Protection Against Decay All wood framing members that rest on
   2       concrete or masonry exterior foundation walls and are less than B
           inches 203 mm from the exposed ground.

 5319.1    Protection Against Decay Wood joists or the bottom of a wanG
   1       structural floor when closer than 18 inches 457 rim or wood
           girders when closer than 12 inches 305 mm to the exposed ground
           in crawl spaces or unexcavated area located within the periphery
           of the building foundation.
 5502.7    Lateral restraint at supports. Joists shall be supported
           laterally at the ends and intermediate supports by full-depth
           solid blocking not less than 2 inches 51 mm norni nai in
           thickness; or by attachment to a header, hand or rim joist, or
           to an adoining stud; or shall be otherwise provided with lateral
           support to prevent rotation.
5502.3.3   Floor cantilevers. Floor cantilever spans shall not exceed the
           nominal depth of the wooo floor joist. Floor cantilevers
           constructed in accordance with ladle 5502.3.31 shall be
           permitted when supporting a light-frame bearing wall and roof
           only. Floor cantilevers supporting an exterior balcony are
           permitted to be constructed in accordance with
           Table 5502.3.32.
5502.10    Framing of openings. Openings in floor framing shall be framed
           with a header and trirrror joists. When the header joist span does
           not exceed 4 feet 1219 mm, the header joist ray be a single
           member the same size as the floor joist.
5502.12    Draft stopping required. When there is usable space
           both above and below the concealed space of a floor/ceiling
           assembly, draft stops shall be installed so that the area of the
           concealed space does not exceed 1,000 square feet 92.1 m2
           Draft slopping shall divide the concealed space into
           equal areas.
6001.15    Chimney clearances. Any portion of a masonry chimney located in
           the interior of the building or within the exterior wall of the
           building shall have a minimum air space clearance to comhusnibles
           of 2 inches 51 rim
5802.3.1   Ceiling joist and rafter connections. Ceiling joists and rafters
           shall be nailed to each other in accordance with Tables 5602.31
           and 5802.1.19, and the assorr.d.y shall be nailed to the top wall
           plate in accordance with Table 5602.31 . Ceiling joists shall be
           continuous or securely joined where they meet over interior
           partitions and nailed to adjacent rafters to provide a continuous
           tie across the building when such joists are parallel to the
 5408 . 3   Access shall he provided to all under-floor spaces. Access openings through the tloor shall he a
            minimum of 18 inches hr 24 inches 457 mm 610 mm. Openings
            through a perimeter wall shall he 16 inches by 24 inches 407 mm 610 mm. When any portion of
            the through wall access is below grade, an areaway of not less than 16 inches by 24 inches shall
            he provided.

 5807.1     Access to attics mm           2 2"x 33"     tAteas ot 33" high

5311.4.1    Means of egress Mm 2 LTn splits can be on two levels
 5310.1     Emergency escape and rescue required. Basements with habitable
            space and every sleeping room sl'ial_ have at least one open able
            en:erueacy escape and rEscue opening. Where basecents contain one
            or more sleeping rooms, emergency egress and rescue openings
            shall be required in each sleeping coon:,
 5502.8     Cutting and notching of joists; Norching not more than 1/6th the
            depth of the members not longer than 1/3 the depth of the render,
            not in the middle th*d span, notch at ends can be e depth of
            member. Holes not closer than two inches to the bottom or top of
            noisy', diametor n1- to ezned 1/3 depth of joists.
 5502.4     Joists under bearing partitions. Joists under parallel bearing
            partitions shall be of adequate size to support the load. Double
            joists, sized to adequately support the load, that are separated
            to permit the installation of piping or vents shall be full depth
            solid blocked with I:rher not less than 2 inches 51 mm in
            nominal thickness spaced not rr:ore than 4 feet 1219 mm on
5502.6.1    Floor joists shall lap on g iders a mm    of 3".
 5502.2     Floor flaring header and double in all cases- and if n.ore
   Fig      than 6 feet approved hangers are required.
 5602.8     Fire blocking required. Fire blocking shall be provided to cut
            off all concealed draft openings both vertical and horizontal
            and to form an effective fire barrier between stories, and
            between a top story and the roof space
5802.3.2    Ceiling joists lapped. Ends of ceiling joists shall be Lapped a
            mfnimum of 3 inches 76 mm or butted over bearing partitions or
            booms and too nailed to the bearing member.
 5806.1     Roof ventilation a mm of 1" to 150 s.f.
5802.3.1    Cathedral Ceiling Where ceiling joists or rafter ties are not
            provided at the top plate, the ridge formed by these rafters
            shall also be supported by a girder designed in accordance with
            accepted engineering practice.
 5305.1     Ceiling h& ghts nLn 7', unfinished hoot 6' 8", habitable hoot 7'


 Note:       Paper on insulation cannot be left uncovered. Read warning on
6106.4.4.3   Table J cold air return ducts in unconditioned space
             requires insulation
 6106.5.6    Requires insu_ation on hot water rlpes for dcrestic and heat
 Note:       Insulation must be installed tiqhr fitting with no exposure of
             outside wall visible. Around plugs must be fitted tightly. Vapor
             barrier must be tightly applied.

 6003.3     Fireplaces walls: Walls of firehLzcs must be minirum ci 8" thick
            when using firebrick.
6003.6.1    Smoke chamber dimensions. The inside height of the smoke chamber
            from the fireplace throat to the beginning of the flue shall not
            be greater than the inside width of the fireplace opening. The
            inside surface of the smoke chamber shall not be inclined more
            than 45 degrees O.9 rad from vertical when pretabricated smoke
            chamber linings are used or when the smoke chamber walls are
            rolled or sloped rather than corbeled. When the inside surface of
            the smoke chamber is formed by corheed masonry, the walls shall
            not be corbelled more than 30 degrues 3.26 rad from vertical.
 6001.6     Fireplace chimney rr:As. be at least. 2' above anything within a 10'
 6003.8     Hearth Extension: 16" when firebox is less than 6 s.f. over 20
6001.15     Chimney clearances. Any portion of a masonry chimney located in
            the interior of the building or within the exterior wall of the
            building shall have a minimum air space clearance to comhlst:hles
            of 2 inches 51 irm
 6003.9     Fireplace clearance. All wood beams, joists, studs and other
            combustible material shall have a clearance of not less than 2
            inches 51 mm from the front faces and sides of masonry
            fireplaces and not less than 4 inches 102 mm from the back face
            of masonry fireplaces.

  5309.1     Opening protection. Openings trot: a private garage onec: ly
             into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permittet.
             Other openings between the garage and residence shall be
             ecoipped with solid wood doors not less than 13/8 inches 35
             mm in thickness, solid or honetcoub core steel doors not less
             than 13/8 inches 35 m thick, or 23-minute tire-rated doors.
             All such panel doors shall be labeled with a minimum 20-minute
             fire-resistance rating.
  5309.2     Fire separation of minimum of 5/8   type X sheetrock on garage
             side, Attics must have 5/8" type X sheetrock tire stopping.
  5309.3     Floors rust be non-combustible, non-absorbent materials -
             drain towards doors
 5311.2.2    Enclosed accessible spaces unuer stairs shaL have walls and
             soffits protected on the enclosed side with " gypsum board.
 5311.4.2    Mm   size of egress doors: one door 36" x 6' >" height sie
             hinged, other 32" x 6' 8" height.
5311.4.2.1   All other doors rrin width 30", Bathrooms 2h" r:in
 5311.4.3    Landings: The width of each landing shall nor be less than rile
             door served. Every landing shall have a minimum dimension of
             36 inches 914 mm measured In the direction of travel.
 5311.5.2    Stair headroom rr.n 6"6"
5311.5.3.2   Winder treads shall Love a p nirtur: troad depth equal to the
             tread depth of the straight run portion of the stairs measured
             as above at a point 12 inches 305 mm fruit the side where the
             treads are narrower. Winder treads shall have a minimum tread
             depth of 3 inches 76      at any point. rNithin any flight of
             stairs, the greatest winder tread depth at the 12 inch 305
             mm walk line shall not exceed the srrallest by more than 3/8
             inch 9.5 mm
5311.6.3.1   Handrails mm  of 34" and max of 3Q" Ycom top of nosing.
             Profile 1 1/2" to 2".
  5312.1     Guardrails mm  36" and space not more than 5' between
             balusrers, and not more that 6" in the triangular space
             between thread and riser.
 5313.2.5    Smoke detectors shall be wireo into a circuit, which also
             provides electrical cower to hahtable space in the house. The
             power source shaL be before any switches.
5313.2.5.3   Smoke detectors shall have battery backup p000r.
 5312.2.9    Smoke detectors location: 1. In each bedroom sleeping rooa
             2. Outside each separate bedroom sleepinc room in the
             immediate vicinity of the bedroom sleeping room. 3. Pear the
             base of all stairs where such stairs lead to another occupied
             floor. 4. On each additional story of the dwelling, including

                     basements and cellars but not including crawl spaces and
                     unoccupied attics. In dwellings or dwelling units with split
                     levels and without an interveni.'.7 door between the adjacent
                     levels, a smoke detector installed on the upper level shall
                     suffice for the adjacent lower level, provided that the lower
                     level is less than one full story below the upper level. 5.
                     For each 1,200 square feet 111 m2 of area or part thereof.
          5303.3     Bathroom must have mechanical vents terminating to the outside
                     not into the jet or attic
        5313.2.11    Photoelectric smoke must be used when detectors are located
                     within 20' of kitchens, baths.
          5308.4     5. Safety glazing in saunas and whirlpools, bathtubs, showers
                     mm  60" from standinu surface.
          5401.3     Drainage. Surface drainage shall be diverted to a storm sewer
                     conveyance or other approved point of collection so as to not
                     create a hazard. Lots shall be graded so as to drain surface
                     water away from foundation walls. The grade away from
                     foundation walls shall fall a minmum of 6 inches 152 mm
                     within the first 10 feet 3048 nun . Temporary and finished
                     grading shall be such that surface water runoff, either during
                     or after completion of construction, shall not be directed to,
                     nor create flooding or damage to adjacent property.
          5307.2     Bathtub and shower areas must be finished with nonabsorbent
         6106.5.6    Pipe Insulation: All hot water pipes shall be insulated in
                     non-conditioned spaces.
         5311.5.3    Stairs risers cannot be greater than 8 1/4", and cannot vary
                     more than, 3/8" from top to bottor of stair.
                     Rail must be 34 to 38 inches measured fron stair thread Stair
                     threads must be a minimum of 9" frum nosing
                     Stairs must be a minimum of 36" wide.
                     Headroom must be a minimum of 6'6" Residential

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