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   Honors List xi
   Preface xvii
   How to Use This Handbook               xix

Part A: Piping Fundamentals

Chapter A1. Introduction to Piping Mohinder L. Nayyar                                                  A.1

Chapter A2. Piping Components Ervin L. Geiger                                                         A.53

Chapter A3. Piping Materials James M. Tanzosh                                                        A.125

Chapter A4. Piping Codes and Standards Mohinder L. Nayyar                                            A.179

Chapter A5. Manufacturing of Metallic Piping Daniel R. Avery and
Alfred Lohmeier                                                                                      A.243

Chapter A6. Fabrication and Installation of Piping Edward F. Gerwin                                  A.261

Chapter A7. Bolted Joints Gordon Britton                                                             A.331

Chapter A8. Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe and Fittings
Richard E. Deremiah                                                                                  A.397

Chapter A9. Grooved and Pressfit Piping Systems
Louis E. Hayden, Jr.                                                                                 A.417

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vi                                    CONTENTS

Chapter A10. Selection and Application of Valves Mohinder L. Nayyar,
Dr. Hans D. Baumann                                                    A.459

Part B: Generic Design Considerations

Chapter B1. Hierarchy of Design Documents Sabin Crocker, Jr.             B.1

Chapter B2. Design Bases Joseph H. Casiglia                             B.19

Chapter B3. Piping Layout Lawrence D. Lynch,
Charles A. Bullinger, Alton B. Cleveland, Jr.                           B.75

Chapter B4. Stress Analysis of Piping Dr. Chakrapani Basavaraju,
Dr. William Saifung Sun                                                B.107

Chapter B5. Piping Supports Lorenzo Di Giacomo, Jr.,
Jon R. Stinson                                                         B.215

Chapter B6. Heat Tracing of Piping Chet Sandberg,
Joseph T. Lonsdale, J. Erickson                                        B.241

Chapter B7. Thermal Insulation of Piping Kenneth R. Collier,
Kathleen Posteraro                                                     B.287

Chapter B8. Flow of Fluids Dr. Tadeusz J. Swierzawski                  B.351

Chapter B9. Cement-Mortar and Concrete Linings for Piping
Richard E. Deremiah                                                    B.469

Chapter B10. Fusion Bonded Epoxy Internal Linings and External
Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Protection Alan Kehr                   B.481

Chapter B11. Rubber Lined Piping Systems Richard K. Lewis,
David Jentzsch                                                         B.507
                                                CONTENTS                                               vii

Chapter B12. Plastic Lined Piping for Corrosion Resistance
Michael B. Ferg, John M. Kalnins                                                                     B.533

Chapter B13. Double Containment Piping Systems
Christopher G. Ziu                                                                                   B.569

Chapter B14. Pressure and Leak Testing of Piping Systems
Robert B. Adams, Thomas J. Bowling                                                                   B.651

Part C: Piping Systems

Chapter C1. Water Systems Piping Michael G. Gagliardi,
Louis J. Liberatore                                                                                    C.1

Chapter C2. Fire Protection Piping Systems Russell P. Fleming,
Daniel L. Arnold                                                                                      C.53

Chapter C3. Steam Systems Piping Daniel A. Van Duyne                                                  C.83

Chapter C4. Building Services Piping Mohammed N. Vohra,
Paul A. Bourquin                                                                                     C.135

Chapter C5. Oil Systems Piping Charles L. Arnold, Lucy A. Gebhart                                    C.181

Chapter C6. Gas Systems Piping Peter H. O. Fischer                                                   C.249

Chapter C7. Process Systems Piping Rod T. Mueller                                                    C.305

Chapter C8. Cryogenic Systems Piping Dr. N. P. Theophilos,
Norman H. White, Theodore F. Fisher, Robert Zawierucha,
M. J. Lockett, J. K. Howell, A. R. Belair, R. C. Cipolla,
Raymond Dale Woodward                                                                                C.391

Chapter C9. Refrigeration Systems Piping William V. Richards                                         C.457

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viii                               CONTENTS

Chapter C10. Hazardous Piping Systems Ronald W. Haupt               C.533

Chapter C11. Slurry and Sludge Systems Piping Ramesh L. Gandhi      C.567

Chapter C12. Wastewater and Stormwater Systems Piping
Dr. Ashok L. Lagvankar, John P. Velon                               C.619

Chapter C13. Plumbing Piping Systems Michael Frankel                C.667

Chapter C14. Ash Handling Piping Systems Vincent C. Ionita,
Joel H. Aschenbrand                                                 C.727

Chapter C15. Compressed Air Piping Systems Michael Frankel          C.755

Chapter C16. Compressed Gases and Vacuum Piping Systems
Michael Frankel                                                     C.801

Chapter C17. Fuel Gas Distribution Piping Systems Michael Frankel   C.839

Part D: Nonmetallic Piping

Chapter D1. Thermoplastics Piping Dr. Timothy J. McGrath,
Stanley A. Mruk                                                       D.1

Chapter D2. Fiberglass Piping Systems Carl E. Martin                D.79

Part E: Appendices

Appendix E1. Conversion Tables Ervin L. Geiger                        E.1

Appendix E2. Pipe Properties (US Customary Units)
Dr. Chakrapani Basavaraju                                            E.13
                                                  CONTENTS                                                ix

Appendix E2M. Pipe Properties (Metric) Dr. Chakrapani Basavaraju                                        E.23

Appendix E3. Tube Properties (US Customary Units) Ervin L. Geiger                                       E.31

Appendix E3M. Tube Properties (Metric) Troy J. Skillen                                                  E.37

Appendix E4. Friction Loss for Water in Feet per 100 Feet of Pipe                                       E.39

Appendix E4M. Friction Loss for Water in Meters per 100 Meters of
Pipe Troy J. Skillen                                                                                    E.59

Appendix E5. Acceptable Pipe, Tube and Fitting Materials per
the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and the ASME Pressure
Piping Code Jill M. Hershey                                                                             E.61

Appendix E6. International Piping Material Specifications
R. Peter Deubler                                                                                        E.69

Appendix E7. Miscellaneous Fluids and Their Properties Akhil Prakash E.83

Appendix E8. Miscellaneous Materials and Their Properties
Akhil Prakash                                                                                          E.101

Appendix E9. Piping Related Computer Programs and Their
Capabilities Anthony W. Paulins                                                                        E.109

Appendix E10. International Standards and Specifications for Pipe, Tube,
Fittings, Flanges, Bolts, Nuts, Gaskets and Valves Soami D. Suri    E.119

Index                                                                                                    I.1

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