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					Neighbor Letter

Dear Neighbor,
I am the Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in your area, and would enjoy the
opportunity of introducing you to the Best-Selling Brand of Facial Skin Care
& Color Cosmetics in the U.S.! Imagine having a look created just for you!
I will work with you one on one in a private consultation to help you choose
the right makeup shades and techniques that you can easily recreate yourself!
 Or you may want to share a consultation with a couple of your friends to be
eligible for some free Mary Kay products.

Either way you may take advantage of the attached Gift Certificate at the
time of your Consultation. Please call me to set up your appointment.


(Your name)



Vicki Auth's Good Neighbor Program

Need new Customers? Or have you moved into a new area? Use Vicki's tried
and true method to turn neighbors into Customers... and meet your neighbors!

1. Schedule 4 consecutive Saturday mornings in your datebook for a
neighborhood walk and one evening after the 4th Saturday to do a neighborhood
Skin Care Class.

2. Start with and do only about 50 houses each time you do the program.

3. Wear "walking clothes" like nice sweat suit, etc., during the first three
Saturdays and drop the following on each doorstep:

   1st. Saturday: Neighbor welcome letter with Gift Certificate.
   2nd. Saturday: A Company Literature such as "Discover Something More
with Mary Kay"        or "Living the Dream" brochure with same or similar
   3rd. Saturday: Beauty Book with same or similar letter.

4. On the 4th Saturday wear nice pants and blouse (nothing too overpowering)
and actually go door to door at each of the 50 house and say:
   "Good morning, I'm the Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in this area and I've
left three brochures in the past few weeks. I'm stopping by today to see if
you would like to join me and some of our neighbors at a special neighborhood
Skin Care and Basic Glamour Class I'm offering this coming Saturday at ______
(time) at my house.

If YES - You could offer the "Look" brochure to anyone who says they will
attend and attach a map to your house and invitation. You could mention
you'll have a special gift for them when they arrive at your house.

If NO - Say a polite "thank you" and make a note to skip that house in the



Christen's Good Neighbor Program

Ever go to a Facial or Class and think "what a nice neighborhood-- I'd
loooove to have more Customers here." I have! Why not ask your
Hostess/Customer to give your neighbor letter and Beauty Book to the two
neighbors on each side of them (make these up in advance and have two with
you to give the Hostess/Customer when you leave). Offer the Hostess/Customer
a free mascara or something similar when one or more of their neighbors
becomes a Customer. You could even include the "Neighbor Letter" in your
Hostess packets in order to get the Hostess to invite the neighbor.

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