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									Future Time in English
• • • • • Presented by: Sarath W. Samaranayake Email: mailwita@yahoo.com Faculty of Liberal Arts, Prince of Songkla University Hatyai, 90112 Thailand.

Future Time
English has no future tense. This means that there is no special device for making verbs for future time as there is a device for making the past time

There are some structural patterns to refer to the future time.

They are:
1. Will/shall + infinitive I will return you book tomorrow. 2. Be+ -ing I’m going to Bangkok next week

3. Will/shall + be + ing

I’ll be building a new

4. Be +going to + infinitive He’s going to sell his old car

5. Present + Simple 1. Our mid semester examination starts next Tuesday 2. If you come tomorrow, please bring my CD 6. Be +to + infinitive You are to submit your

assignment on or before 20th
of this month 7. About +to+ infinitive He is about to leave It’s about to rain

Modal verbs which carry a sense of futurity I. It may rain in the afternoon 2. That building could collapse at any moment. 3. You should send your application under registered post

Write the simple present/simple past/present perfect or the past perfect form of the verbs in brackets, as appropriate.
He (become) a film producer in 1970. Prior to that, he (work) as a model for 2 years. Since 1970 he (produce) more than twenty films. He (produce) his last film two years ago. He (be) an actor only for a short time when he (start) film production. Now he (not produce) films but (write) reviews of films and plays. In 1990, he (win) the award for the best film of the year.

Put the following sentences into their right categories
1.Simple present/ 2.Simple Past/ 3.Present perfect/ 4.Future time/ 5.Past perfect

Write the corresponding numbers beside each sentence.
Eg: I go to the library every Saturday. ( 1)

1. He is going very soon. (
2. Water boils at 100 c. (


3. He has been teaching here for 5 years. ( ) 4. If it rains, we shall not play. ( )

5. There is another paper in the afternoon. ( 6. I sent him a message yesterday. ( ) 7. I’m to see the doctor immediately. ( ) 8. She had read this book before 1970. ( )


9. The train leaves for Bangkok at 5.35p.m. every Monday. ( ) 10. We shall be coming back soon. ( )

11. You can meet me at my office this afternoon 12. They have been here for the last two years.

13.That picture is about to fall. Please remove it from the wall soon. ( )
14. I shall pay your loan next week. ( )

15. We enjoyed a lot during our trip to Bangkok last summer.
16. Who is going to repair your computer? ( ) 17. That building is about to be completed. ( ) 18. What do you usually do at weekends? ( )

19. My mother made a delicious cake for my birthday. ( )
20. I have watched this film twice. ( )

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