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           MORE THAN 200 MILLION

              BEHASA INDONESIA                                          INDONESIAN NATIONAL FLAG


                                                                      INDONESIA, JAKARTA
                CALLING CODE
                       +62                                                  1. ECONOMY

                                                                          2. ENVIRONMENT
                  TIME ZONE
                                                                         3. CULTURE & FOOD
           GMT BETWEEN +7 AND +9

                                                                     4. TRAVEL & TRANSPORTATION
                                                                   5. SHOPPING, SPORT & RECREATION
                                                                   6. TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATION

                       CITY                                        7. NIGHT LIFE & ACCOMMODATION

               CITY POPULATION
            MORE THAN 8 MILLION

ECONOMY - MAJOR INDUSTRIES                                                        ECONOMY - WEALTH
Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product was estimated at USD 408 billion in            Beside poverty Jakarta houses many rich and wealthy individuals and
2007. The services sector accounts for over 45% of the national GDP               families. Due to this wealth you will find many high-end shopping centers
followed by the industry which accounts for 40% and the agricultural sector       which cater to this huge market of the Indonesian rich and famous. As
which accounts for 14%. 44% Of the Indonesian workforce works in the              foreigner you are able to enjoy visiting the many different high-end
agriculture followed by 36% in the services sector and 18% in the industry.       shopping centers, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, and cafés.
Indonesia has extensive national resources including: crude oil, natural gas,
tin copper, and gold. You will be able to find many multinationals in Jakarta
where most of Indonesia’s large businesses hold office. The main industries
in which we are able to provide internship possibilities at local and
multinational companies are: law, marketing, logistics, hospitality,
information technology, design, event management, aviation, and
educational services. Internships in other areas of expertise are also
possible based on company or organization availability.

Jakarta is a city with a big difference between the rich and poor. In Jakarta
and throughout other parts of Indonesia you will find proof of this through
the many slum villages located in the center(s) and suburbs of the city(s).
Indonesia is still very much a developing country which does not yet have
any strong social system to support the unemployed and to provide, where
needed, a well subsidized system of education.

ENVIRONMENT - WEATHER                                                          ENVIRONMENT - FLOODS
Indonesia is a country located in the tropic, with weather temperatures        During the raining season many parts of Jakarta will flow over with water
averaging between the 23 and 37 degrees Celsius throughout the whole           creating floods due to the bad draining system and many height differences
year. The only seasonal difference you can experience is the weather           of Jakarta’s building and housing areas. Floods are a very common thing for
difference between the dry and raining season. The raining season starts       Indonesians in Jakarta, learning how to live and cope with floods is
normally around October and ends around March, all the other months of         something you can ideally experience in Jakarta.
the year are filled with the dry season.

The traffic in Jakarta and factories located around Jakarta create a daily
smog view in and around the city. The smog in Jakarta can become really
heavy during the dry season and the smog can decrease during the raining
season or incase the weather in Jakarta is very windy.

CULTURE & FOOD                                                                     transportation you can take to make sure that you can avoid getting stuck in
The Indonesian kitchen is worldwide well known for its sate and many other         traffic.
dishes. In Indonesia it is possible to find many different types of food from
Asia, Europe, and America. Depending on your budget you can choose to
spend much for food by eating in hotels and shopping centers or you can
choose to live a low budget life by eating mostly Indonesian dishes.

                                                                                   SHOPPING, SPORT & RECREATION
                                                                                   Beside many shopping centers and some in-house ice-skating areas Jakarta
                                                                                   also has a huge recreational area at the beach side of Jakarta in Ancol. Here
                                                                                   you will be able to visit a large swimming paradise, underground aquarium,
                                                                                   the Jakarta beach, and an entertainment park.

Jakarta has many means of transportation all with a different cost picture. If
you would like to travel through Jakarta you can choose to go by bus-way,
ojek, bajaj, or taxi. The bus-way is the cheapest solution to go around
Jakarta since going by bus might cost less than one dollar. Travelling by ojek
is travelling on the back of a motorcycle, this can be a very useful way to
transport yourself through Jakarta to avoid the traffic jams. The bajaj is a
three wheeled motorcycle, and the taxi is the most comfortable way of
transportation. Taxis are the most expensive way of transportation
compared to the other transportation vehicles.

You have to be prepared when visiting Jakarta that Jakarta is a busy city
with allot of traffic and many traffic jams. The traffic is chaotic and it
normally takes time before you find out which roads or means of

TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATION                                                        NIGHT LIFE & ACCOMMODATION
Indonesia has many mobile phone network providers. Competition in this            The nightlife in Jakarta is one of the best in Asia. You can find many clubs
business has been fierce resulting in cheaper operating rates and more            spread throughout Jakarta; some of them are in shopping malls (such as X2
services available for lower prices. Students arriving in Indonesia can best      in Plaza Senayan, Hard Rock Café in EX Plaza Indonesia), others in office
switch to a prepaid calling card for GSM phones due to the fact that it will
                                                                                  buildings (such as Dragonfly in Graha BIP, Blowfish in City Plaza), or hotels
be much cheaper to use a local provider for local, national, and
                                                                                  (such as CJ’s in Hotel Mulia, Pitstop in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel). In general, the
international phone calls or text messages than continuing to use your
foreign mobile phone network provider.                                            dress codes in most bars and clubs are no shorts and slippers. During the
                                                                                  month of Ramadan, all nightlife ends at midnight and some places even
For the use of internet Indonesia has just started to utilize ADSL technology     close for the entire month of Ramadan.
to provide high speed internet connections using the fixed telephone line
network. The capacity of this ADSL network is not yet sufficient to provide       In Jakarta you can find many budget hotels at rates of USD 25 for a room
you with a fast easy to use internet connection speed for up- or                  per night, beside this Jakarta also houses many well known international
downloading documents music and or movies. Students staying in Jakarta            five star hotels like the Crown Plaza Hotel, Le Meridian Hotel, Mandarin
should be prepared not to expect great high speed internet since the              Oriental Hotel, Mulia Senayan Hotel, Nikko Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel,
networks are still very much under development.
                                                                                  Shangri-La Hotel, JW Marriott Hotel, Park Lane Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, etc.