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					Underwriting agreement Underwriting agreement template

 model underwriting agreement issued

  I. The parties hereto
  Name: (hereinafter referred to as a side)
  Registered Address:
  legal representative:
  Name: (hereinafter referred to as Party B)
  Registered Address:
  legal representative people
  second agreement was signed and where
  protocol signed in time :________ _______ month ________ day
  signing location:
  3, underwriting method% D % A mutual agreement, this means the stock issued by
  4, issue stock type, number, issue price Ji total market value of issued
  shares of this offering RMB ordinary shares, stock circulation of ________ shares of
par value per share was RMB ________ dollars per share issue price ________,
_____________ total market value of RMB issue.
  5, underwriting period and the start date
  shares issued in this month from _______ years _______ _______ ________ to
________ years __________ months on, the underwriting period ____ days.
  6, monies collected and paid
  after the close of ___________ in the underwriting business days, Party B shall
subscribe for all shares of this net of underwriting and handling fees receivable after a
designated bank account designated by the Party. If B later designated amount of this
subscription, Party A shall pay one day late% late fee.
  7, underwriting fee
  B shares issued in accordance with the present market value of the% of total fees
charged issue. Issued by Party A. Party A shares of stock issued deducted.
  The two sides have obligations under
  protocol signed by both parties from the date of this Agreement until the end date of
the underwriting, in prior consultation with the parties and obtain the written consent
of the other party will not to press conference or documents in the form of prospectus
disclosure to the public outside the stock issue may affect the success of this
information, otherwise, to any penalty.
  Party B shall provide Party A shall issue this stock all the necessary documents and
ensure that documents are true, accurate and legitimate, and not misleading or
misleading omissions. Otherwise, it even stock issued obstruction or failure of the
lessee has the right to terminate the agreement by the Party to any penalty.
  Party B with relevant state regulations, to bear the necessary cost of the program for
joint-stock restructuring of the pre-production work reported, according to law and
equity underwriting group, in charge of the sale of stock work, Party B shall handle
the registration and compilation options register of shareholders and other. B shares
issued at the completion of the work within 15 days provide a written report to the
National Commission.
  9, breach of contract and dispute resolution
  The parties conscientiously fulfill their obligations under the agreement, the
defaulting party to pay according to% of the total capital stock liquidated damages,
losses, and should bear the liability.
  protocol agreement the two sides during the existence of such a dispute should be
resolved through consultation, negotiation fails, both parties shall submit the dispute
to the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of the
conciliation or arbitration bodies established mediation and arbitration.
  10, force majeure
  before the end of the underwriters at any time, such as the incidence of political and
economic, financial, legal or other major changes in circumstances, which has been or
may be significant changes in his business situation to Party , financial situation,
development prospects and the issuance of this stock have a substantial adverse effect,
Party B may decide to suspend or terminate the agreement. In case of such incidents
should conditions permit Party B, Party A as soon as possible. .. This article from
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