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Central On Demand prints commercial publishers books in Australia, eliminating freight charges altogether.

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									Australia’s CBS and On Demand both have a reputation as leading innovators in the books supply chain. Now they join forces to bring you Central On Demand.

A new and significant improvement in the Australian supply chain, of great benefit to Northern Hemisphere publishers

Replacing the supply model that prints and exports books to Australia with a model in which Central On Demand will manage your digital rights and print to order close to the customer

Print to order technology has come of age. It is now economically viable to print one book at a time, or digital print-runs as short as 5 units. High quality colour covers, crisp graphics and easy-to-read text make each book comparable to offsetprinted originals.

Using print to order to your advantage: Chances are you already use digital printing technology for small initial print-runs and reprints. You have discovered that it can cut the cost of small runs and turn back-orders into cash, not allowing any title to go “out of print”….
Now, go a step furtherr and eliminate the cost of international shipping or air freight, customs, duties, surcharges, consignement stock, warehousing, returns, pulping, remaindering or just wondering. Join other global publishers in partnering with us to print all your Australian needs AFTER THE ORDER IS TAKEN.

The surprising fact is that it costs no more than the current supply chain …. and you’ll sell more books..

Eliminate costs Freighting books 10,000 miles to Australia is expensive – and with fuel costs escalating, your books may soon be priced out of the market, particularly your textbooks.

Print to order eliminates all of your freight and export costs to Australia. Avoid forever the need to speculate on likely demand down under and say goodbye to small orders that topup local inventory.

Increasing momentum Print to order guarantees that sales momentum is increased. 100% instant fill will build new demand and convert back-list enquiries into certain sales

How do we do it? You provide your choice of front-list and back-list titles in print-ready pdf format. We store them securely and lock their usage into the Central On Demand system

How do we do it? Australian booksellers and library suppliers sell the book, then we print and deliver locally within days. We compensate you monthly on the basis of an agreed commission.

In whom we trust

With 57 years’ solid integrity and experience in the market, there is no better partner than Central On Demand. Our service level agreement guarantees you absolute control over your digital rights, and ensures you are paid

By the Book Not only will we print and pay you by the book, but our company also operates by the book. For 15 years, we have maintained ISO:9002/1 certification, operating on the basis of continuous improvement and excellence in service delivery.

Central On Demand
Brought to you by Australia’s Central Book Services and On Demand

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