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 Customer Profile:
 Peter Geddes

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Hello to everyone and best wishes for 2010 from all the Carba-Tec® staff throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Many of the people employed at Carba-Tec® are accomplished craftspeople in their own right, so they under-
stand what you go through when trying to bring a woodworking project together. It never ceases to amaze us
what an incredibly high standard of woodwork is being produced in this country by both professionals and en-
thusiasts alike. Sometimes we get a front row seat to the ups and downs of the process as we see people com-
ing in with problems to be solved and sometimes photos of finished projects. It is often inspiring to hear how
you, our customers began woodworking and what drives you.

Throughout the year in our Focus publication we would like to tell some of your stories. In this edition we fea-
ture a South Australian guitarmaker and a Brisbane veterinary surgeon, both producing exceptional quality

Below is a drawing of our new head office in Brisbane. This is the realisation of a long-term dream. Construc-
tion is well underway and should be completed in a couple of months. We will let you know all the details in the
next Focus and also keep you up to date on our website.

Our new catalogue is almost ready, and those of you that nearly know our old one off by heart will have dozens
of new products to browse through. In some cases we have extended our existing range, such as introducing
some more exquisite Japanese saws and kitchen knives. If you are a boxmaker, we have some beautiful new
brass fittings to enhance your project.

There are some wonderful new Veritas products as well. Anyone who has ever used one of their handplanes
needs no convincing that they are a huge asset to any tool cabinet. Look out for the beautiful little Veritas
scraping plane (05P29-50) with a handle that can be adjusted to fit your grip or allow clearance when working
in a tight spot. In addition, the Veritas large spokeshave (05P33-90) is a magnificent piece of design and a real

We are also fortunate to have access to the Incra range, including the original Incra Jig®. Incra fences and jigs
are renowned for their precision. They are a great support system for your sawbench or router table where ac-
curate repeatable settings or incremental positioning are needed. We also stock the Incra range of measuring
and marking tools.

For the woodturners we have expanded our range of pen kits and we will have a huge new range of acrylic
blanks with some outrageous colours.

A fabulous innovation that we are now able to offer is the spiral cutterheads that are available on our CTJ-
381X, 15” thicknesser, CTJ-350X, 8” long bed jointer and our CTJ-508X, 20” thicknesser. They offer quieter cut-
ting, less chatter and decreased tearout on difficult grain. These are a triumph and the feedback we are getting
from users is terrific. These are factory fitted, so you will get full warranty too.

I have only mentioned a few items to whet your appetite. The list of new products is vast and we are having a
lot of fun playing with all the toys on the new product shelves. Come in and see for yourselves or visit our web-
site. There are new product updates constantly.

Have a great year and enjoy your woodworking.

The Carba-Tec® Team
Opening Hours                                                   Ten years before Carba-Tec® started servic-
                                                                ing the needs of professional and DIY wood-
Brisbane                                                        workers in Brisbane a young man in
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm                                                 Melbourne by the name of George Lewin
Sat 8am-12pm                                                    was busy solving the problems of cutting
Ph: (07) 3397 2577                 straight lines with his handheld power saw. His solution was to turn the
                                   problem on its head and strap his saw under a custom built pressed metal
Melbourne                          bench. So begins the epic journey of Australia’s iconic brand Triton, and
Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm                 its revolutionary range of power tools and accessories.
Sat 9am-1pm
Ph: (03) 8549 9999                 Ever progressive, and always innovative, Triton has taken the world
                                   by storm, producing some of the finest power tools and accessories and
Adelaide                           offering both professionals and DIYers an opportunity to improve both
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm                    the safety of their woodworking tasks and also increase the quality of
Sat 8am-12pm                       their finished work. The Triton routing system and in particular, the Tri-
Ph: (08) 8362 9111                 ton TRA001B router, has received many of the world’s top design and
                                   user awards. Fully designed here in Australia, it is now recognised as
Sydney                             the benchmark in large routers.
Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm
Sat 8am-12pm                       After a brief absence on the Australian market, Triton has now been re-
Ph: (02) 9648 6446                 launched. Carba-Tec® are happy to announce that it has been ap-
                                   pointed as the Australian exclusive distributor. This joining of forces
Perth                              of two of Australia’s leading brands is an exciting opportunity for us, and
Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm                 we hope the existing ‘Tritoneers’ out there see this as a continuation of
Sat 8am-1pm                        great service.
Ph: (08) 9345 4522
                                   To those Triton customers new to Carba-Tec®, we welcome you. Those of
See back cover for more details.   you who haven’t been exposed to the Triton product, please take the time
                                   to check these well designed tools and understand the great features

100’s of NEW Products for 2010...
                                   they offer.
         A workof
                                     Passion                                  b y J o h n P ri c e

 John Price is a Carba-Tec® customer who combines tradition and innovation to handcraft classical
 guitars in his workshop in Hahndorf, South Australia. John’s guitars are played on stages all over the
 world by such virtuosos as the world famous Argentinian composer/performer Jorge Morel and well
 known Jazz artist George Benson.

 His story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever dreamed of making a living from their craft.

                                                                  t the age of eight, I was given my first

                                                         A        guitar as a Christmas present. It was
For updates on John’s work

                                                                  one of those cheap and nasty things
go to

                                                                  with steel strings and a cowboy painted
                                                        on the top. Even so, I loved it and the sounds I
                                                        could make with it, especially when I over tuned
                                                        the strings to breaking point. Consequently I
                                                        snapped more strings than I could afford to re-
                                                        place with my pocket money, so I stole the nylon
                                                        from my dad’s
                                                        fishing rod and
                                                        pleated my own           I think this
                                                        strings with vary-       childhood
                                                        ing numbers of
                                                        strands to make          discovery was...
                                                        up the required
                                                        diameters. Oddly enough the sound I got from
                                                        these crude strings pleased my ear more than
                                                        the steel
                                                                     to see the full article and our range of
                                                                       instrument making books and dvds.

                                                                  I think this childhood discovery was
                                                                    the catalyst that pushed me in the
                                                                    direction of making the nylon strung
                                                                    classical guitars which I specialize in

                                                                  In 1992, after a cabinetmaker’s
                                                                   apprenticeship and over 20 years in
                                                                    the trade, my father showed me a
                                                                      book from the local library, “Make
                                                                       Your Own Classical Guitar” by
                                                                        Stanley Doubtfire. It really cap-
                                                                         tured my imagination and in-
                                                                          spired me to attempt to make a
                                                                           top quality guitar for myself. I
                                                                           was looking for something else
                                                                          to do with wood other than cab-
                                                                         inetry and the Grandfather clocks
                                                                       I had been making to satisfy my
                                                                     creative urges. When I first opened
                                                                   this book and began to read, I felt like
                                                                     I had been shown my true calling.
                                                                      The photos and descriptions of rare
                                                                      and exotic woods being so finely
                                                                     worked and delicately bent to shape
                                                                     on a hot iron was too much to bear,
                                                                     I had to have a go.

                                                                    By John Price
S a d d l e U p P a r t n e r , It’s Time to Round up that Dust!
                    As a self confessed killer of more then one vacuum cleaner over the years, it is with a heavy
                      heart that I need to announce to all brand name manufacturers of said machinery, my issues
                       have been solved, by the ‘Dust Deputy’.

                         My problem has been the poor design of standard vacuum systems, and its reliance on a
                         filter membrane to separate dust particles, from electrical componentry. It’s great when
                         you want to pick up in-ground dirt in your carpet, but not so good for large wood shavings
                          and in particular, fine dust particles. Once the filter bag is full, it needs to be emptied (by
                           someone… usually not me!). But how do you know when it’s time, or how can you tell
                           when the bag is so full, that it’s starving the motor of air and creating the perfect envi-
                            ronment for a motor failure? Truth is, you don’t know until it’s too late.

                                   In my previous articles, I have explained the advantages
                                    of dust extractors over vacuum cleaners. I also detailed
                                    the design principle behind Cyclonic Dust Extractors, and
                                    its advantage over conventional single stage dust
                                    extractors.                                                             THE C
                                                                                                           EFFEC CLON IC
                    Like many other sawdust makers, I have a need for a shop vac style
                                                                                                                 T IN
                    machine in my workshop. Many of my tools have a smaller connection,
                    and work much more efficiently with this low volume, high velocity con-
                    nection. I am happy to say that I have found a solution to my problem.

                 The Oneida ‘Dust Deputy’ is a simple yet effective way of separating the
                 dust from the vacuum and allowing full performance from the vacuum
                 100% of the time. Oneida have developed a portable Cyclonic filter unit
 using the same method to separate dust and air as the full scale industrial units, but it is
 powered by your standard vacuum cleaner or shop vac.

 The ‘Dust Deputy’ is a perfect addition to a shop vac, and improves the performance of the vac by reducing the
 amount of dust that enters the filter bag by around 98%. This means that the vac runs at close to 100% efficiency
 100% of the time, instead of the rapid reduction in performance as the fine dust starts filling the filter bag.

 Your dust is collected in a large 19 litre bucket (two are supplied in the kit), and the whole unit is connected in
 line between your hose and your vac, using the supplied hose and fittings. The unit is made in the USA, and con-
 tains everything you need to ‘round up that dust’.

 Carba-Tec® has been appointed the exclusive distributor of the special Australian ‘Dust Deputy’. Oneida have
 helped develop this version so that it contains all the specific fittings required to make a connection to most vac-
 uums and shop vac style machines sold here in Australia. By Tony Forbes

 KTE Leads by Tony Forbes
 One consideration when it comes to designing a workshop,
 re-organising an existing workshop or getting by with what you
 have been dished out, is power.

 Power points need to be located in a convenient and safe
 location to avoid the web of tripping hazards caused by the
 good old extension cord. Another workshop nasty would be the
 $5 - 4 - way power board (which may possibly be plugged into
 another $10 - 6 - way power board). Overloading and piggy backing
 have long been outlawed in the workplace. Unless you have purpose built a
 workshop, it is unlikely that you have more than one or two power points, and these are usually not where you actually
 need them.

 New to Carba-Tec® is a range of top quality Australian made KTE power products. One being the fantastic Power
 Xtender. This DIY power point extender is far more than your ordinary extension lead as it provides 4 sealed and switched
 pre-mounted 10 amp power points that can be easily fixed to a wall or workbench. The power points are spaced 3 metres
 apart to give you ample coverage in most workshops. The Power Xtender also has a built in RCD (Residual Current
 Device), overload protection, and illuminated switches. With a RRP price of $149.00, its probably cheaper than having
 the local electrician call in to quote on some more permanent work.

 Also new from KTE is the in-line 1.8 meter long 10 Amp RCD and a purpose built 15 Amp armour plated
 machinery power lead, built specifically to run larger machines and take a beating in the workshop.
    Do you want Cracked
     Pepper with that?
    Go to our website to learn how to turn stylish
    salt and pepper grinders with these step by
    step instructions by Andy Lucas.

    Andy includes tips and tricks and advice on
    timber species to make your project easier and
    more rewarding.

New BOOKS and DVDs
Carba-Tec® has a wide range of new books and dvds coming this year           Go to our website
(pictured here are just a few of our new titles).                              to view our full
                                                                                book and dvd
You can access the wisdom and techniques of some of the world's finest         range and read
craftspeople, such as Richard Raffan, James Krenov and David Charlesworth.   staff comments on
                                                                               selected titles.
Books and dvds always make great gifts for the aspiring woodworker in your
family, or if you need a bit of inspiration for your own work.
Customer Profile: Peter Geddes
A woodworking student in later life, Brisbane semi-retired veterinary surgeon, Peter Ged-
des, is an old dog who has learnt a lot of new tricks. He shows us that with enough con-
viction and the right guidance, you can re-invent yourself.

                                       I remember Peter from several years ago when I
                                       used to visit my friend Roy Schack in his first work-
                                       shop in Woolloongabba. He took lessons there on
                                       Sunday mornings with Roy, a graduate of Sturt
                                       School for Wood under Tom Harrington.

                                       One thing that struck me then and I’m
                                       reminded of it now, is that Peter not           Learn to plane, chisel and
                                       only has a passion for woodwork, he             saw with ease and accuracy,
                                       has an intensity that goes beyond what          good handskills provide a
                                       I have observed in many enthusiasts; a          firm foundation for tackling
                                       desire to fully understand and extract          complex projects. After all
                                       every morsel of knowledge available.
                                                                                       this is how apprentices of old
                                       This manifests itself in his meticulous
                                       joinery.                                        learnt their trade.

                                       By his own admission Peter is not a designer. He loves to begin with a good de-
                                       sign that features interesting joinery and he has a particular love of the Scan-
                                                                          dinavian style, including Danish designers
                                                                          Hans Wegner and Tage Frid. Like many of us
                                                                          he shares an admiration for the work and writ-
                                                                          ing of James Krenov.

                                                                         When asked about his favourite tools Peter re-
                                                                         cites a quote from James Krenov, “I think of
                                                                         the plane as being the cabinetmaker’s violin;
                                                                         the instrument that
                                                                         sets the tone of the
                                                                         music in an orches-

                                                                         Prior to tuition he
                                                                         rarely, if ever, used a
                                                                         handplane. Now he
                                                                         rarely works without
                                                                         them. The English Pre-
                                                                         ston that he struggled
  Hans Wegner valet chair,
                                                                         unsuccessfully with as Tage Frid 3 legged
  by Peter Geddes                                                        a child in his father’s stool by Peter Geddes.
                                                                         workshop       is    his
                                                                         favourite. He has now learnt to tune, sharpen
                                                                         and use it properly.

      ...with enough conviction                         In the future, Peter plans to do more commissions, possibly
      and the right guidance,                           some tutoring, but most importantly to continue to learn. Only
      you can re-invent yourself.                       last year he spent some time making the quintessential Euro-
                                                        pean workbench with Mastercraftsman Frank Weisner, a per-

                                                        son he greatly admires.

                                                        Written by
     to see the full Customer Profile                   Carol Russell
Setting up your workshop
Workshops tend to evolve over time and you don't always get the chance to plan as much as you may
                                                                                                         with Carol Russell.

want to. However having a vision of where you are heading and what you want to make can help a lot.
Over the next few Focus publications we will discuss some of the key factors to take into consideration
when setting up a workshop for the first time, including safety, layout, choosing machinery, sharpening,
handtools, workbenches and accessories.

Take a good look at the space allocated for your workshop. Whether you have a garage, under your house
or a purpose-built shed, the tools you buy will be heavily influenced by the size and shape of the space
you have to work in.

The smaller the space, the more imperative good layout is, no available space should be wasted. It is very
useful to be able to change the layout to accommodate larger projects. If you are going to purchase floor
standing machinery, I suggest you mount them on mobile bases so they can be easily rolled to one side
when not in use.

Some machines are just too big to move around and the orientation of your larger fixed machines and
workbench can make all the difference to the flow of your workshop. Even if you are lucky enough to have
a large workspace, a well-planned layout is still essential, you can walk a lot of extra miles in a large space
and easily fill it up with needless things, creating confusion and disorganisation.

Drawing a plan on paper is important, or even making a model can help you see how things work in re-
lation to each other. I find it helpful to lay newspaper on the floor folded to the dimension of your ma-
chinery footprints and place it where you plan to have them, walk around a bit see how it feels. The
Carba-Tec® catalogue contains the footprint dimensions of our floor-standing machinery, so this can be
done before you buy anything.

Most of the larger items in your workshop have a relationship to each other. To keep the flow of your work-
shop running smoothly, position your machines so once a particular process is finished, the machine for
the next stage is close at hand and facing in a direction that doesn’t involve a lot of turning around of
material. You will be grateful for this when machining long boards.

The jointer and thicknesser are logically companion machines and will most likely share a dust extractor.
Because they produce a lot of shavings, you will want to position them so the extraction hose is as short
as possible to ensure maximum efficiency of your dust extractor. It works well if the saw is in line with

the thicknesser so after dressing your material you are easily able
to size it.

Put special thought into positioning your sawbench. It needs as
                                                                                          to see the full article.
much space around it as possible, especially if you have a sliding
table. You want to be able to move freely and safely around the whole saw, so allow extra space for easy
and safe handling of large boards and panels.

                           Coming Soon
                           HEAVY DUTY ROLLER STAND.

                           Mobile bases...

                                                                                 Coming Soon
                                                                                 ROLLER STAND WITH 9 ROLLERS.
                                                                                 CR-5811 ..................................$249.00

                         QUICK CONNECT MOBILE BASE.
                         MB-118   Sm. Mobile Base, 9.5kg  .............$149.00
                                                                                   Roller Stands...
                         MB-119   Lg. Mobile Base, 14kg ...............$169.00
Safety is everything! Caring for yourself and those around you is always paramount. I don’t want to sound
like a manual but these basic principles should never be overlooked. Clear your work areas, keep machinery
in good condition and blades well guarded. Use effective hold-down systems, push sticks and eye and hear-
ing protection. Don’t work when tired or whilst taking drugs or alcohol and install the most effective dust ex-
traction system you can afford. (See our website for previous Focus articles by Tony Forbes.)

I can’t stress enough that when an operation feels dangerous, don’t do it! Is there another way to achieve
what you want more safely? It’s easy to put yourself under pressure to finish a project and trying to take short-
cuts is tempting. You can pay a high price for those minutes gained. I have always considered myself a very
careful woodworker but I can still call to mind several incidents of absolute stupidity on my part that should
have been avoided.

I would also like to point out the importance of child-proofing. Even if you aren’t a parent, small visitors have
no end to their curiosity and ability to work out on/off buttons. Keeping machines unplugged when not in use
is essential.

Make sure sharp hand tools are out of reach, or even better behind tool cabinet doors. Make sure machinery
blades are covered or dropped below the table, a bandsaw or circular saw blade can be turned by hand and
cause injury. Danger never goes away no matter how experienced you are. Sometimes experience and con-
fidence can even reduce your vigilance....see for full article.
             & Price Roll
                                                                                                    Sale ends 6th March

                                                   CARBA-TEC®          17”      INDUSTRIAL
CARBA-TEC® 14” BANDSAW                             BANDSAW
                                                   2hp. Extra heavy solid, not spoked, cast          CARBA-TEC® BENCH DRILL PRESS
(2 SPEED)                                          iron wheels, increased table sizes, higher rip    3/4hp. Designed to sit on top of a
Higher speed (900m/min) for wood cutting.          fence, power ful induction motor, no-volt         workbench due to the shortness of the
Lower speed (440m/min) suitable for light          safety switch, door cut-out switch, blade         column. The drill press is fitted with
duty cutting of non-ferrous metals. Our ma-        tracking window, micro-adjustable table           provision for a work light between the chuck
chine has a solid, machined aluminium              tilting, quick release blade change               and the column (bulb not supplied). Cast
housing secured by a keyed slot and heavy          mechanism, improved upper and lower               iron pulley system reduces belt slip,
bolt. Includes rip fence and mitre gauge,          blade guide design for superior tracking and      vibration and produces more inertia due to
                                                   an easy to read magnified rip fence cursor.       the extra weight. We think its a ver y
100m dust outlet, hinged wheel covers,
                                                   Combined with industry leading specs these        worthwhile improvement. 3-16mm Chuck
micro adjustable blade guides and heavy
                                                   bandsaws are at the top of their class. All       included.
duty cabinet stand.                                this AND a 5 Year Warranty!! No other saw         DP-4116B ..........................was $339.00
BAS-350 .............................was $799.00   even comes close.
                                                   SBW-4300CE...................was $1,995.00                                      NOW $295.00
                           NOW $749.00
                                                                          NOW $1,595.00

                                                                                      24” LEIGH DOVETAIL JIG (METRIC)
                                                                                      • Infinitely adjustable guide fingers
                                                                                      • Variably spaced through dovetails up to 1-1/4"
                                                                                      • Variably spaced half-blind dovetails up to 1-1/2"
                                                                                      • Sliding dovetails up to 1-1/2"
                                                                                      • Rugged one-piece jig body construction
                                                                                      • Machined in side stops
                                                                                      • Under-cut top side stops
                                                                                      • Machined textured clamping surface
                                                                                      • Cam action clamps
                                                                                      • Precise easy to read scales
                                                                                      • VRS ready
                                                                                      LGH-D4R ...................was $799.00 SALE $649.00
                                                                                      LGH-ACD4R 8 BIT SET ..........................was $349.00
                                                                                                                                    SALE $279.00

HEAD 15”
3hp, 240v (15amp),
381mm Max. Cutting
Width, 205mm Max.
Thickness of Stock,
Min. 6mm Thickness                                                             6” BELT/9” DISC                           Dust Port: ..............2 x 1 1/2”
                                                                               SANDER.                                   Mitre Gauge: ..............Included
of Stock, 5/9Mpm
                                                                               Motor: ..........................3/4hp    Quick Release Belt: ...........Yes
Feed             Rates,
                                                                               Belt Size: ........150 x 1220mm           Workshop Footprint: ................
3mm/pass Max. Cutting
                                                                               Disc Diameter: ............229mm          .............740 x 520 x 1400mm
Depth, serrated Infeed
                                                                               Table Size Disc /                         Shipping/Net Weight: .54/51kg
Roller, polyurethane outfeed
                                                                               Belt ..................310 x 160mm        SB-609 ..............was $399.00
roller. Cutterhead Spiral:(74 Insert knives)
Cast Iron - rise & fall table type, table size: 1070 x 381mm                   Table Tilt: ...................0 to 45°                  NOW $359.00
1 x 4” dust chute. CTJ-381X .....................................$2,495.00
                                                   SALE $2,395.00

                          MOISTURE METER WITH LCD
                              DISPLAY. This meter works using
                                the electrical resistance principle
                                and is ideal for comparative moisture
                               readings on common timber species
                              and building materials. Range of 6 to
                                44% to an accuracy of 2% in timber.
                                Building materials such as wall                EXCALIBUR 21”
                            board, dr ywall, plaster, mortar and
                             concrete can also be measured to
                                                                               SCROLL SAW.
                            0.05% from 0.20% to 2.0%. The large                • Quick blade
                                                                                 changes with finger oper
                          LCD screen is easy to see and read.
                                                                                 ated blade clamps, no tools required.
                         127mm long. 130g.                                     • Head tilts 45° left and right, tilting the
                        CT-EM4807 ....................................$79.00     blade, not the table, keeping the work piece level for better control
                                                        SALE $69.00              and more accurate cuts.
                                                                               • Easy access speed and tension controls.
                                                                               • Organised blade storage on base.
                                                                               • Onboard dust blower.

                                                                               • Positive stops at common angles.

                                                                               CTEX-21CE .....................................................was $1,195.00
                                                                                                                                      NOW $895.00

The mortise & tenon is the strongest and most versatile of                     THICKNESSER.
woodworking joints. With the Super FMT and a plunge router, every              2hp, 240v.This entry level thicknesser is suitable for the
woodworker can easily produce this incredible joint with unmatched             home workshop or light trade use. Twin return rollers on
accuracy and speed. The Super FMT's design is based on the                     top with infeed and outfeed rollers mounted at end of feed
original and incomparable FMT. The same great features produce                 tables. Table size 320 x 690mm.
the same great joints.                                                         CT-317.............................regularly $429.00
LGH-SFMT ...............................Introductory Price $549.00                                               SALE $399.00
EXTRACTOR.                                                                                      2 HP CARBA-TEC® DUST
An excellent value for money machine. 2HP DUST EXTRACTOR.                                       EXTRACTOR.
Suited for the hobbyist or weekend Economy, 1200 CFM rating, twin 4” inlet, 5                   A specially designed motor housing and
woodworkers’ workshop. Effective for micron top bag, plastic collection bag.                    impeller give this machine maximum
removal of chips and shavings from one FM-300 ..............................was $399.00         per formance. A high CFM rating for a 2hp
machine at a time. Unit fitted to castor base                                                   machine means that you get the most for
for easy storage in the small workshop.                               NOW $339.00               your money. Needlefelt 5micron top bag is
FM-230 ..............................was $229.00                                                fitted as standard.
                           NOW $195.00                                                          CT-2042 1PH .....................was $729.00
                                                                                                                         NOW $599.00
                                                                                                CT-2042 3PH .....................was $729.00
                                                                                                                         NOW $599.00

                                                  CARBA-TEC® SIEG MINI LATHE - C3.
                                                  Standard accessories include: drip tray (not shown), splash back, 80mm 3-jaw chuck, MT2
                                                  dead centre, gear change set, wrench set and oil bottle. LATHE-C3 ..........was $1,095.00
                                                                                                                          NOW $949.00
                                                 A full range of accessories
                                                    AVAILABLE ONLINE!

                                                  3 IN 1 PRESS BRAKE
CARBA-TEC® SIEG SMALL                             (BENDER) GUILLOTINE
MILLINGMACHINE.                                   AND ROLLER.
Cast iron construction with finely ground         For light duty sheet metal working this
table, hardened slideways and a variable          machine is a dream with a bending
speed spindle drive. The head and column          shearing and rolling capacity of
tilt to 45° left or right which is a plus for     300mm x 1mm. The 3 rollers can be
complex jobs. The 1/2hp motor powers a            accessed by lifting the top cover.
gearbox, that gives speed ranges of 0-            The smallest rolled diameter
1100rpm(L)/0 - 2500rpm(H). The head-              achievable is 38mm. To
stock quill has a fine downfeed feature for       remove the rolled item just
milling and a rack and pinion downfeed sys-       flick the top roller out of
tem for drilling. The leadscrews for the table    position. Operating handle can
are covered to protect against swarf and de-      be located at either end.
bris. An excellent choice for the model engi-     CT-SBR-300................Regularly $469.00
neer. MILL-X2 ..................was $1,059.00
                                                                          SALE $449.00
                          NOW $929.00
                                                    FESTOOL® KAPEX
                                                    1600w, 260mm blade diameter,
                                                    cutting capacity at 90°: 305 x
                                                    88mm, cutting capacity at 45°:
                                                    215 x 55mm. 21.5kg.
                                                               FREE BBQ SET
                                                               with the KAPEX                                                           FESTOOL® DOMINO
                                                               & DOMINO                                                                 420w, mortise and
                                                                                                                                        tenon joining system,
                                                                                                                                        it’s suitable for panel
                                                                                                                                        joining, frame joining and
                                                                                                                                        FE-574282 .$1,495.00

for more information.

                                                       Receive 25     FREE
                                                       Abrasives with the ROTEX.

                                            FESTOOL® ROTEX                          FESTOOL® CLEANTEX
                                            750w sander with eccentric ro-
                                            tar y action (320-660 rpm) for          CT 26 E HEPA VAC.
                                            fast coarse sanding and polish-         350-1200w wet and dr y
                                            ing. Random orbital mode                vac with integral auto trig-
                                            (3300-6800 rpm) for finer sand-         ger (on/off) when using
                                            ing.                                    power tools. 13kg.
                                            FE-571591................$930.00        FE-583494......$1,095.00

                        ANGLE RULE.
               Overall    length     400mm,
          200mm when folded. Will
measure from 0° to 360° in 0.1°
increments. Digital display can be zeroed at
any location. A hold button to freeze your
last reading is conveniently located near the
readout. Their is also a mechanical lock to
prevent further movement once the desired
angle is reached. 3V CR2032 Lithium                        DIGITAL ANGLE FINDER.
battery included. DAR-200 ...........$35.00                Why bother measuring and estimating
                                                           angles with a hand gauge when you can use
                                  SALE $29.00              this digital tool to provide quick, precise
                                                           angle readings on your tablesaw or any
                                                           other woodworking machine! This precision
                                                           tool provides digital readings from zero to
                                                           180° to within 0.1° accuracy. Secures to
                                                           tool being measured with integral rare earth
                                                           magnets. 5 minute auto shut-off. Includes
                                                           battery. 166g. AFB-15 .................$69.00
                                                                                          SALE $49.00

                                                                                                                 VERNIER HEIGHT GAUGE.
2 PIECE MATCHING OGEE RAIL &                                                                                     Ideal for router and saw table setups, etc.
STILE SET. ncrease the accuracy of your                                                                          Range is from 0 to 180mm. 460g.
panel door making with this matching set of                                                                      CAT. HG-1 ....................................$39.00
cutters. Factory set for precision these two               CMT EXPANDING 45° COUNTER-                                                           SALE $29.00
bits fit per fectly with minimal setup time.               SINK. (CARBIDE TIPPED), suitable for all
Make panel doors quicker than ever. Board                  drill bits from 3-7mm. outside diameter ex-
thickness: 19mm min., 25.4mm max.                          pands from 11 to 15mm.
CT-0201 ..........................................$85.00   521-001-11 ..............................Was $58.00
                                  SALE $69.00                                              Now $49.00
                                                   2010                   & for enquiries
                                                                 Jigs staff Fixtures
                                                                 see sale
                                                 VERITAS® MK II SHARPENING
INCRA     MITRE     EXPRESS                      SYSTEM.
UNIVERSAL MITRING PLATFORM.                      The key to consistent, fast honing is
INCRA's new Mitre Express offers any mitre
                                                 repeatability - and this guide delivers it in
gauge owner the safest and most accurate
                                                 spades. It will set bevel angles from 15° to
cross-cutting and mitring platform available.
                                                 54° and a range of back bevels from 10° to
Shown above with an optional INCRA Mitre
                                                 20°. It can accommodate chisels as narrow            Guide                      Stone not
1000SE mounted and ready, the Express                                                                 Body
                                                 as 1/4” and blades as wide as 2-7/8” and                                        included.
features 2 embedded T-Slot channels to
                                                 up to 1/2” thick. The registration jig slides
secure the included Hold Down Clamp and
                                                 onto the guide body, centring and squaring
Outboard Fence Support. These slots are
                                                 the blade with an integral fence. The blade
also invaluable for mounting your own
                                                 stop has positions for preset bevel angles. A
custom Jigs and Fixtures.
                                                 three-position eccentric roller, allows you to
IN-MITEREXPRESS .......NEW $319.00
                                                 hone micro-bevels quickly and accurately
                                                 with a turn of a knob. Made from zinc alloy,
                                                 brass and steel. This means quick, accurate
                                                 sharpening and repeatable results. 810g.                                   Registration Jig
                                                 05M09-01 .............................was $89.00
                                                                             SALE $79.00

                                                 NOVA 1624 - 44 LATHE
                                                 A great lifetime lathe - packed
                                                 with features that you’d
                                                 expect from a much more
     For our Online
                                                 expensive lathe. The most
      Video go to
                                                 versatile lathe on the market which
                                                 allows you to complete more wood
                                                 turning projects than any other lathe in its
MAXICUT FORSTNER BITS. The one                   Key Features: Incredibly Versatile, 50%
of a kind Rota Stop system give a firm and
                                                 more power, greater capacity, great
positive lock in your chuck or extension as      speed range, full 360° swivel head and
well as a quick release. This rock solid hold-   extendable beds. Unit includes M30 x
ing feature equals more accurate work. Set       3.5 spindle thread adaptor. Colour
includes: 12, 16, 19, 22 and 25mm. Made          may vary from that shown.
in Germany. COLT-10801535.......$299.00          TK-1624-44.........was $1,695.00
                          SALE $279.00                        NOW $1,495.00

              ROUTER TABLE INSERT                                             90MM
                            PLATE.                                          TEKNATOOL
This rugged 3/8” phenolic plate was                                       NOVA G3 KEY               SILVERGLIDE DRY SLIP.
designed to accept nearly any router, without                                                       SILVERGLIDE-250 Normal Price $29.00 ea.
the use of a “swiss-cheese” style pre-drilled                         OPERATED CHUCK.
surface. It features an exclusive bottom-up      Ideal for those with mid-size lathes. Good all-
mounting design which makes it easier than       round chuck for the beginner or intermediate
ever to get a solid, secure, and 100% level      user or as a second chuck for the advanced
routing sur face, along with dual reducing
rings (2” and 1-13/64”) which bring
template routing to your table top through
compatibility with standard Porter-Cable
                                                 turner. Takes all accessor y jaws. Keyed
                                                 chucks offer an the advantage of one
                                                 handed operation. 1.9kg.
                                                 TK-G3.................Excellent Value $169.00          4
                                                                                                              S I LV E R
                                                                                                              G L I D E
                                                                                                                           SAVE 40%
guide bushings.
KR-PRS3030..................NEW $115.00
                            CARBA-TEC® DUST DEPUTY - by                                                            PARROT VISE. The Parrot vise
                                                                                                                   incorporates a unique tightening
                            ONEIDA AIR SYSTEMS.                                                                    cam that lets it pivot freely through
                            The Dust Deputy is an extremely efficient,                                             360° until you tighten the jaws
                            cyclonic pre-separator for vacuums. The                                                firmly, locking the vise in place.
                            Dust Deputy will filter 99% of sanding dust,                                           This allows you to back off the
                                      with only 1% going into the vac-                                             clamp screw just enough to rotate
                                      uum. Extend the life of your                                                 the vise for access to any part of a
                                      shop vacuum and your filters!                                                work piece without releasing it
                                      Maintain maximum suction, no                                                 from the jaws. Additionally, the
                                      loss in air flow, and an end to                                              vise can be lifted from its heavy
                                      clogged filters! Made in USA.                                                pivot post and reinstalled horizon-
                                         DDAUS Dust Deputy - Australian                                            tally (either side up), maintaining
                                         Version, 4.5kg ..........$189.00          the same pivoting and locking functions. 89mm wide cast iron jaws
                                                                                   open to 120mm. 4kg. PARROT-VISE ...........................$129.00
                                         PRE-ORDER NOW
                                                                                                                                        SALE $119.00

                                                                                   CARBA-TEC® 10” TABLESAW ON CABINET BASE.
                                                                                   This saw represents good value not only in the saw itself but in
                                                                                   the accessory pack that converts the saw into a sliding table
                                                                                     saw. This item is sold as a standard cabinet saw. The
                                                                                        accessory pack then can be added to upgrade this machine
                                                                                           to a sliding table saw with a rear extension table. The
                                                                                           saw is supplied with two cast iron extension wings,
                                                                                            sturdy cabinet base and a rip fence.
                                                                                           MJ2325CT ..........................................was $1,595.00
                                                                                                                                    NOW $1,195.00
                                                                                   MJ2325CTSP opt. sliding table.................................was $899.00
                                                                                                                                       NOW $799.00




                                                                                  SPIRAL HEAD INDUSTRIAL LONG BED 8” JOINTER
                                                                                  Spiral cutterheads revolutionise your woodwork! Offering quieter
                                                                                  cutting, less chatter and tear out in curly or highly figured wood,
INDUSTRIAL STEEL SHELVING.                                                        these cutterheads save hours of clean up work after dressing
Ideal for garages, offices, shops, warehousing, commercial                        timber. The 40 - four-sided knives, which can be turned to offer
kitchens workshops etc.Steel for strength, silver coloured powder                 a new cutting edge in seconds are fine grain tungsten carbide
coating for aesthetics and rust resistance. Infinitely variable shelf             and are held in place by a Torx style screw. Knives of this type
location    via      interlocking          keyhole          system.     (HxWxD,   last 3 to 5 times longer than good quality HSS knives. Multiply
1830x1955x610mm,) weight 68kg. Max. load on an individual                         this by four cutting edges and you achieve 12 to 20 times
shelf is 360kg when evenly spread over the entire shelf area.                     normal blade life.
GR-4XHD ......................................................Normally $295.00    CTJ-350X ................................Normally $1,695.00
                                                        SALE $279.00                                                  SALE $1,595.00
Australia’s                                                                    LIDWIG X4 CLAMP.
                                                                               • 55mm Clamping Capacity

        LARGEST                                                                •
                                                                                 55mm Throat Depth
                                                                                 150kg Constant Clamping Force
                                                                                 Vibration Proof
                                                                                 Lock-Release with 1 Hand
      Range of                                                                 •
                                                                                 Glass Reinforced Composite Material
                                                                                 Patented cam-action for repetitive
TOOLS FOR WOOD!                                                                  clamping
                                                                               LW-X4VP Pack of 2, 584g .........$34.00
                                                                                                   SALE $29.00
                                                                                          ALUMINIUM TOOL BOX.
                TO ORDER                                                                  A Professional key lockable
    BRISBANE | MELBOURNE | ADELAIDE                                                       toolbox for your most precious
     CALL: 1800 658 111                                                                   items. Features impact resistant
                                                                                          corners, carr y handle, foam
                                                                                          lined with customisable foam
                                                                                          inserts. Simply remove section
BRISBANE                                                                                  by section to shape to your
                                                                                          requirements. 460 W x 340 D x
CARBA-TEC Pty. Ltd. ACN 010 706 242
                                                                                          165mm High. 3.4kg.
40 Harries Road Coorparoo QLD 4151                                                        NJ-750-1.....................$49.00
telephone 07 3397 2577 fax 07 3397 2785                                                                    SALE $35.00

CARBA-TEC (MELB.) Pty. Ltd. ACN 010 055 491
80 - 82 Osborne Avenue Springvale, Victoria 3171
telephone 03 8549 9999 fax 03 8549 9998
                                                   TRITON DUAL MODE
                                                   PRECISION ROUTER.
ADELAIDE                                           2400W/3.25HP
CARBA-TEC (ADELAIDE) ABN 77 545 137 876            PRE-ORDER NOW.
27 MAGILL RD, STEPNEY, 5069                        TRI-TRA001B .....$399.00
telephone 08 8362 9111 fax 08 8363 0271

                                                                                            TRITON PRECISION
                TO ORDER                                                                    CIRCULAR SAW.
                     SYDNEY                                                                        1
                                                                                            235mm/9 ⁄4”
    CALL: 1800 683 583                                                                      PRE-ORDER NOW.

CARBA-TEC (NSW) ABN 88 111 572 331
113 STATION RD, AUBURN, 2144                                                             For our Online
telephone 02 9648 6446 fax 02 9648 6443                                                   Video go to                                                       

                                                                              MIEBACH PRO BRAD
               TO ORDER                                                       POINT DRILLS. Available
                      PERTH                                                   in two sets, these bits are
   CALL: 1800 886 657                                                         made from hiqh quality HSS
                                                                              and are designed to cut. Dou-
                                                                               ble flute design cuts faster

PERTH                                                                          and cleaner reducing blow out.
                                                                               COLT-10600410 5pce drill
CARBA-TEC (WA) ACN 008 871 912                                                 set: 4, 5, 6, 8 & 10mm,
151 Balcatta Road Balcatta, WA 6021                                                            SALE $53.00
telephone 08 9345 4522 fax 08 9240 1014                                        COLT-10600412 7pce drill set:                                                          3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10mm,
                                                                                               SALE $89.00

                                                                              SALE ENDS 6th March 2010
w ww.carbat ec. com . au

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