Township party secretary in the first 22 to celebrate Teacher's Day celebration speech to the Congress township

					Township party secretary in the first 22 to celebrate Teacher's Day speech to the
Congress township celebration

 township party secretary to celebrate Teacher's Day
 Teacher's Day in celebration of the twenty-two and Commendation Conference of%
D % A speech
 (September 9, 2006)

  fellow teachers, comrades:
  Today, we attended a rally here to celebrate the twenty-two Teacher's Day, and in
education have made outstanding contributions to the advanced units and recognize
outstanding teachers. This fully reflects the township party committee and
government attach great importance on education and further the whole of society that
the township Party committees and governments care about and support the
aspirations of education. Here, on behalf of Zhu Jixiang party, Zhu Jixiang
government's respect for teachers to today commended the advanced units and
advanced unit of education, art educators, teachers model the class teacher and
excellent warm congratulations! Quietly to the township and hard work of teaching,
education, the educators said the forefront of high esteem, and extend festive
greetings! Chu has been set to make a contribution to education, still mindful of
retired veteran cadres school development to express my sincere gratitude and sincere
wishes! Zhu set to care for and support the development of leaders at all levels of
education, rural direct all units, the administrative village and township of the masses
to express my sincere thanks!
  teacher is the human soul, the noble and sacred job of teachers, teacher's mission
long way to go. Since ancient times, people make candles than teachers, compared to
silkworms, and others to teacher ratio Zuoren ladder, paving stone, gardeners and so
on. Teacher's Day reflects the party and state the importance of education and
educators, reflect the broad masses of respect for teachers, reflecting the concern of
teachers in society, reflects the value of the teaching profession. This opportunity, I
speak two aspects:
  one year of education has made remarkable achievements in
  just past the school year is my glorious history of rural education in the year. Over
the past year, in the county, the county government under the strong leadership, the
County Education Bureau under the correct guidance, through the township levels,
especially the joint efforts of educators, I am healthy development of rural education
has made remarkable achievements. Mainly reflected in:
  (a) strengthening the internal management of schools, teaching quality steadily
  management system for rural compulsory education with the continuous deepening
of the township according to law the primary and secondary school, innovative
management actively exploring the practical school of management measures to
improve the management level. Majority of teachers love and devotion, steadfast
work, education and teaching quality have been greatly enhanced. Central schools
adhere to the quality of teaching as the central task of education, increase their quality
of teaching in primary schools assessment efforts, signed letters of responsibility for
teaching quality goals, just do a good job of teaching science and quality monitoring,
to improve the quality of students, and sending the two middle schools High Quality
Students. Two junior high school in time to help than this year, taking in the test
program the Model High School 90 provinces, a record high, ranking the county the
forefront of rural junior high school. Lake junior high school exams and chemistry
this year in the county jumped to second place, history, physics, all county third,
mathematics, politics are fourth in the county, language, English for the county were
the fifth and seventh name. Zhu collection centers, schools, Zhu set the level of junior
secondary school education in the county supervision and evaluation of quality into
the ranks were awarded the "Excellent School" title of honor. Central School's
business management, financial management by the County Department of Education
recognition, and was the county government granted the "two basics" advanced unit
in the title. Center school in the county Bureau of Education organized a
comprehensive quizzes, the scores, was third in the county. At present, Zhu collection
center school is a healthy, orderly and efficient operation, conscientiously fulfilling
their functions, duties, has become a township primary school education and teaching
management, research and service center, effectively assume the bridge, model and
window effect.
  (b) of the campus building steadily, and educational conditions have significantly
  previous township party committee, the Government has always attached importance,
care, support education, and always give priority to education in a strategic position
for the entire education The rapid development has created good conditions. Year, the
township party committee and government to strengthen coordination and actively
seek project funding to the higher authorities, the village in a very difficult financial
circumstances internal potential, based on their real, go all out to support education,
especially the Miao River, Jiang village, their village Department of Education
appointed group of people of two hearts, to improve conditions for running a small
village made a great effort. Township government in a very tight financial situation,
out of funds to build a spirit house Zhu focus on learning the road leading to the
bridge, repair damage to the gravel road paved to facilitate the passage of the teachers
and students. Schools have reduced the costs, the use of limited school funds to
improve school conditions. Currently, teaching points Miao River Project has been
delivered for use, Star among primary school buildings under construction and will
soon enable completion. Zhu also set new junior high school students of health and
clean restaurant, a fundamental solution to the students eating difficult situation.
  (c) gradually increasing the level of school teaching equipment, the modern distance
education is working well. Zhu set, lake two middle school computer room open as
usual, information technology education to be implemented. Zhu middle class Banpei
a closed-circuit television sets, two middle schools are equipped with standard
multi-media classrooms and laboratories. Center school funds under the tense
situation, overcome difficulties, but also set up multimedia classrooms. Currently a
small township 11 have completed the implementation of the school Connection
works were completed the distance education room, play room, through the satellite
ground receiving system, us rural kids can enjoy the same education as students in the
  (4) careful arrangements, tight organization, innovation and operational checks of
teachers and teaching quality monitoring mode
  In order to strengthen the teaching process management, business checks and
schools to check on rules to follow, the Centre issued the school a "school the process
of teaching the basic requirements (Trial) ", on teachers preparing lessons, classes,
counseling, student job placement and evaluation of the students have made a specific
demand. Adopt a "periodic inspection and occasional combined inspection, random
sampling and focus to the center of the school inspection combined with public
education Classroom Observation combination of" physical examination form, and
the results of each inspection (including each of the points) to notification issued in
the form of wording, as a metric. Teaching quality monitoring at least focus on one
per semester, in order to avoid "seizing the top student, lost learning difficulties," the
phenomenon, a large area to improve education quality, quizzes when we asked each
student to each class is divided into A, B, C categories, according to the same
proportion of students were drawn from each class to participate in the monitoring of
staff, and student status for examination, so that every teacher really set up "for all
students, for students of all" philosophy of education, efforts to achieve education
equality, create equality, democratic and harmonious educational environment.
     fellow teachers, comrades, I recall the cause of rural education in the brilliant
achievements, mainly due to the following three aspects: first, the result of
community support. Zhu set of hard-working people have always been a fine tradition
of respecting teachers, social care and support education in the whole atmosphere is
very strong; respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for teachers has become a
common practice in the township, especially rural direct emotional ties to education
units , generous, urgent education needs, help the education required to maximize the
cause of education for help and support. To help resolve the remaining years of
Orchard Nursery is a good proof of debt. Second, the result of deepening reform times.
Reform is the theme of the times. We attach great importance to education reform,
and reform and increase vitality, digging potential. Especially in recent years,
deepening educational reform, comprehensively promote the personnel system reform,
the implementation of faculty "full employment of appointment", and gradually
establish a "teacher can be hired out of cadres, outstanding teachers to come to the
fore" employment mechanism, promote the balanced development of education. Third,
on the education front township cadres and the general staffs of all the hard work,
hard work, worked hard for the result, which is the main reason. Zhu set a sound
foundation of education, school leadership can note that the overall situation,
solidarity, studying business, unremitting progress, to the organization, the people, the
spirit of being highly responsible career, playing the "relay race", to create new
performance . Especially in recent years, the majority of teachers who lead the weight
forward, self-improvement, maintained sustained and healthy development of
education Zhu set a good situation. Our primary and secondary education
administrators, especially principals, their dedication, courage, well-run schools, they
wholeheartedly in the cause, not only as instructors, but also as combatants, set an
example, the Education front of the flag and model. Especially those who fought in
the forefront of the general education teachers, they do not account conditions of the
merits, regardless of treatment level, devote themselves to teaching, well-educated
people willing to be a ladder, working hard, devoted to the education of all the efforts,
hard work paid, gave all the love, in the ordinary post has made extraordinary
achievements, by the respect and affection of the whole society. Among these, there
are fifty years old old teacher, who old steed, lofty aspirations and continue to make
contribution to education; the prime of middle-aged teachers, for their dedicated,
selfless work, to become the mainstay, educational Zhu; have just left on the job The
spirited young comrades, their modest, studious, hard work, they are set Zhu hope and
future of education. A closer look at our hard-working staff, they work hard, hard
working, hard work tirelessly for decades on end, many comrades who overworked
white hair early; some ill to keep working, and some from overwork, they drop sick at
work. Their dedication moving silently, their dedication, have fought the good
character of people sincerely respect their hard work deserves to be called the
"gardener." Over the years, the township staff for their hard work and efforts, the
township comprehensive primary and secondary schools to promote quality education,
steadily improving teaching quality, and overall social progress the country has laid a
solid talent base for the township's education make a significant contribution, and I
made our Zhuji Xiang education brilliant results so proud, I am more we Zhu Jixiang
people have such an excellent team of teachers proud! Here, I once again on behalf of
Zhu Jixiang party, Zhu Jixiang folks governments and township 40 000 people to the
township of teachers and education workers and pay high tribute, and express our
heartfelt thanks!
  summing up the achievements, we should also clearly see that the work I have the
education that there are still some difficulties and problems, such as uneven
development, some schools (teaching points) poor school conditions, a lower level;
layout adjustment is not quite reasonable, yet in-depth integration of resources;
education funding shortage, Renovated and large gaps in school construction funds;
heavy load of bad debts in some schools, operating difficulties; teachers in the age
structure of the aging of the overall level of force needs to be improved, etc. and so on.
These issues must be improved and resolved as quickly as possible.
  2, to further strengthen rural education I have a few points:
  national prosperity depends on education. To build a socialist new countryside,
building a harmonious society, promote township economic development and social
progress of the cause of the final analysis, rely on to develop education, raise the
township people's culture, science and technology. Facing the new situation, new
tasks, we must put education in the strategic position of priority development,
modernization, the world and the future, greatly strengthening the teaching force, and
continuously push forward education reform efforts to more people, more
high-quality personnel, economic and social development for the township to provide
strong support and intelligence support for the human. The following educational
work on strengthening my village a few comments:
 (1) safety around schools, increasing investment in education, renovation of
dilapidated buildings to speed up the pace of
 security is extremely heavy. All administrative villages, schools should adhere to the
"safety first, prevention first" principle, strengthen the management of school safety,
strengthen safety education students. To improve network security and implement
security responsibility and accountability system, the implementation of safety
assessment methods. Schools to conduct daily safety inspections to detect safety
problems, and quickly removed, can not be excluded should be immediately reported
to township party committee and government and higher education authorities,
primary contact with the seat of administrative villages. To develop security plans,
improve the mechanism. Make school safety and investment in education, renovation
of dilapidated buildings together. Now I schools that C, D Grade dangerous area is
still more than 6000 square meters, of which nearly 3000 square meters D-level
dangerous, dangerous task of transformation is still grim. In the future, we still have
to strengthen contacts and coordination of various projects for the funds to higher
Renovated focus as a school, the village can be donated, "of a proposed"
self-financing as a necessary complement to a planned, step by step dilapidated
buildings and facilities to solve the school problem. Class D has been identified for
the dangerous, should immediately be closed, the village be dismantled, or in case of
safety accidents, will severely punish the unit according to disciplines and related
major responsibility for liability. Lack of school space coordinated by the village
school, classes may be expedient to rent houses, firmly within a class can not be
dangerous, it should be regarded as a serious discipline to execute. Beginning of the
school, the township government in charge of education and safety, and responsible
comrades checked with the central leaders of the school safety work, usually have to
strengthen the supervision to ensure student safety, and resolutely prevent the
occurrence of accidents.
 (b) around the integration of educational resources, speed up the adjustment of
primary and secondary schools
 on the primary and secondary schools, according to county, county planning,
township merge last year I had seven teaching points, and the successful completion
of transfer related to the school to run smoothly, this task does not merge, in 2007 I
witnessed a new township merge tasks. Now, I would raise the awareness of primary
and secondary schools, about five aspects. First, the primary and secondary schools is
the development of the situation needs is higher demand. Provincial Education
Department, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance as early as
October 2004 on the joint preparation of primary and secondary schools following
requirements planning, August 15, 2005, the county, the county government to hold a
special meeting, issued "on the county in Adjustment of the primary distribution of
opinions ", the provisions of the objectives, tasks and measures. Second, we must
fully understand the significance of primary and secondary schools and role. Primary
and secondary schools work with rational allocation of existing educational resources
for maximum benefit; help improve school decentralization, the conditions of school
backwardness; conducive to a rational deployment of existing teachers to address the
teacher shortage problem of low quality; help solve the low level of school
management, less competitive and so on. The fundamental purpose of education, of
course, to the sound development and improvement of the quality of education to the
students growth. Third, we should grasp the layout adjustment Coexistence, namely:
the relative concentration of the nearest school and the principle of optimizing
resources and economies of scale principle, the principle of seeking truth from facts
and local conditions, co-ordination and resource utilization of the principle of unified
planning and step by step principle. Fourth, to strengthen the publicity, the mass
thought to divert work to ensure stability. Layout adjustment involves thousands of
families, we need to step up publicity and education the people to foster a holistic
perspective, to become the primary and secondary schools supporters, facilitators,
those who do not do to block the opposition. To abandon the concept of personal
interests and short-sighted to overcome the "fear of losing face village leaders, parents
fear their children suffer, the principal fear of smaller power" and "three fears"
phenomenon. Fifth, a serious primary and secondary schools to discipline, to ensure
the implementation. In fact, we Township arrested in a dozen years ago, education,
readjustment work, and always walk in the forefront of the county as well as the
province should have a solid foundation and a good experience. As long as we
understand the importance, propaganda, and measures to keep up, meticulous work, I
believe that this work will do, must do a good job.
  (c) reform and innovation, and further efforts to improve rural education and
teaching me
  level of education is a basic, strategic business, is a major component of rural
science education is a power in the contemporary benefit future career. Rise and fall
of education is related to the younger generation, is related to the township people's
overall quality improvement is related to long-term economic development is related
to the process of building a moderately prosperous society. Under the new situation of
economic competition in the final analysis is the talent competition, talent competition
is the quality of education competition. In the long run, a level of quality of local
people, to grasp the extent of knowledge, with the number of personnel, determine the
speed of a local economic development, the development of quality, development
potential. To further strengthen my education Township, Jiu Bixu to "Three
Represents" as the guide to enhance the national quality and 创新 capabilities as key
tasks 深化 education reform, advancing the quality of education, revitalize education
Shi Ye Zhu Ji, to Ba Zhu Set to create a teacher giving birth to talents large rural
education, rural education strong. First of all, education should give priority to the
development of an important position. Zhu set our team has always attached great
importance to education sessions of work, the new party and government bodies will
continue to put education in economic and social development in a prominent position,
everything possible to increase investment in education, rural education for my career
development and create favorable conditions. Second, we must speed up the
education system. Education reform is the driving force for development. To actively
reform the current teaching content, teaching methods and teaching methods to
promote education, information, and further improve the school computer network,
establish a new teaching model. Learn to be good at absorbing foreign advanced
educational experience and management experience, I raise the level of rural
education. To actively started boarding school. Now, with the socialist market
economy and the adjustment of agricultural structure, increasing the surplus labor
force, more and more migrant workers, their children's education more and more
problems. To this end, the center school through a comprehensive study, learn foreign
advanced management experience in the office end of the year efforts to create
boarding schools run for the majority of migrant workers to lift the issue to worry
about their children's education. Third, increase the outstanding leaders of the school,
good teachers and training efforts. A teacher can often bring out a large number of
good students, a good principal can often bring out a good school. That the training
outstanding teachers, school leadership as a major event, through the personnel
system, distribution systems, establish and perfect the incentive mechanism,
evaluation mechanisms, competition and elimination, the formation of outstanding
talent a good situation to bring the township the overall education level. Fourth,
produce more talent, more high-quality talent. The purpose of education is to train all
levels of society people, for economic and social development and provide intellectual
support. Zhu Jixiang advanced education should create Township to fight, not only in
the amount of training qualified personnel to achieve a major breakthrough, but also
in the intellectual quality are dramatically increased. To meet the needs of
modernization, to adapt to the needs of knowledge-based economy, more talents for
the key high schools, train more talents for the country and create pillar of the
  (d) strengthening of teachers, and comprehensively improve the overall quality of
  Education is the foundation; education plans, teacher-centered. "Teacher, why preach,
Tuition, and dispels doubts." Premier Wen Jiabao's Teacher's Day in 2003, pointed out:
Today, our teachers preach, is to pass patriotism, collectivism, socialism of the Road;
Tuition is to teach students the knowledge and skills of construction of the motherland;
FAQ, is to guide students to think, innovation, cultivate children's creative thinking.
  teacher is not only a communicator of science and culture, pioneers, researchers, and
is the human soul. Teacher charged with cultivating ideals, morality, culture, and
discipline builders and successors of historical responsibility, shouldering the nation's
hope and future of our country! Therefore, the construction of an ideological and
political excellent, professional quality of dedicated teachers, is to accelerate the
development of education in the basic plan. To this end, I told the teachers hope the
following four points: First, to enhance learning, improve their quality. The
contemporary era, an endless stream of new knowledge, knowledge is updated
continually shortening, everyone needs to enhance learning and lifelong learning.
Especially the teachers as disseminators and creators of knowledge, should advance
with the times to enrich themselves, improve teaching standards and overall quality.
Education system to become learning systems, schools to become learning
organizations, teachers should strive to be a model of learning. We should enhance
learning and awareness initiative, we must learn professional knowledge, for
knowledge update, keep pace with the times, and also learn other knowledge, and
continuously expand their knowledge and love of learning to do, learn how to learn,
life-long learning model. The second is to advance with the times and innovation.
Innovation in the education of teachers plays an important mission. Only teachers in
innovative, creative talents can be cultivated. We should cultivate talents with
innovative high-quality education as an urgent task, through the education and
teaching of the whole process. To establish a new conception of education, culture and
continue to strengthen the sense of innovation in teaching and innovative teaching
methods in vigorous reform efforts to develop the potential of students, improve their
comprehensive analysis of the capability to fully improve the educational and
teaching quality, more talent. Third, dedication and selfless devotion. The people of
the sacred duty of teachers is to impart knowledge, forward the national spirit,
patriotism, economic and social development training of qualified personnel. The
majority of teachers should seriously "Three Represents" important thought, bearing
in mind their responsibilities, to train professionals who are actively guide to help
students acquire a correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, and strive to
cultivate more and better "4 the "new. To be loyal to the party's education, firmly
establish the spirit of dedication to education, to our posts, loyal, indifferent Ming-chi,
Gan ladder, not fame or fortune, the personal gains, and always maintain a good
mental state. Schools should be built into a piece of pure land of spiritual civilization
and strive to resist the temptation to bad ideas and the erosion, so that the teachers
truly worthy of the party and the people of the human soul. Fourth, for teachers, and
Cultivation. "High school as a teacher, and he is the norm." Who must first have
strong teaching, educating people who must first self-discipline. Pay attention to
ethics is a party and the majority of the people the basic requirements of their teachers
is an important aspect of the quality of teachers is a prerequisite for good education.
Teacher ethics, quality and personality, has an important impact on students, we must
not only focus on teaching, greater attention to educating people to focus not only
explain in words, more attention should be paid to teach by example. To adhere to the
moral conduct themselves, consciously strengthen ethics training, and constantly
improve the level of ethics. To self-esteem and self-discipline, teachers, and truly
become a mentor young students to become qualified teachers of high moral character,
a man respected by the whole society. Premier Wen Jiabao met in 2003, the National
Teacher's Day was also said representatives of outstanding teachers: Teachers
Professional glorious and holy, I hope the teachers not only become the children learn
from, and set an example for the whole society. Here, I hope all the teachers we Zhu
Jixiang set an example not only do the students, should in my rural economic
development, the development of various social undertakings set examples, support
and coordinate the good of the township party committee and government work.
  (5) strengthen the sense of responsibility, respect for teachers in the whole society to
create a strong atmosphere
  "country will be prosperous in your division and will be re-Fu." Respect for teachers
is a sign of national prosperity, while respecting teachers or the traditional Chinese
virtues, care, care for teachers is the bounden duty of the whole society. Education is a
great social cause, is a social system, to speed up the development of education,
relying solely on the education sector is not enough, we must mobilize all social
forces to create a strong force, the real support of education in the township form
development environment as well. To do a good job of public opinion, to create
emphasis on education, support education, advocating education, social atmosphere,
to form a good habit of respecting teachers. We should care about the majority of
teachers work, study and living, care for their ideological and political progress,
respect for teachers working to continuously improve the social status of teachers, the
majority of teachers inspire enthusiasm for the work. Should conscientiously
implement the higher level to improve school conditions, a series of policies to
improve the treatment of teachers, regulations, pay attention to solving practical
problems, the majority of teachers do everything possible to do practical things, good
things. No matter how poor not poor education, no matter how hard the child suffer.
To give priority to ensuring investment in education, efforts to improve school
conditions. To make sure that teachers are paid in full, not in arrears. Rural villages
organs and to actively cooperate with, law enforcement departments should earnestly
perform their duties, strengthen school management of the surrounding environment,
safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of teachers and students, severely punish
the wrongful act of infringement of the interests of teachers, for the majority of
teachers in a quiet, peaceful learning work environment.
  You are all comrades, building a new socialist countryside in the journey, the great
and glorious career of teachers, the teachers promising. We must seriously study and
implement "Three Represents", to carry on, dedication spirit of advancing with the
times, pioneering spirit, unity, hard work, Zhu set to accelerate reform and
development of education for the promotion of economic and social revitalization
township to make greater contribution!
  Finally, I wish the general staff a happy holiday and good health and smooth work,
family happiness!
  Thank you! [This article from [worry document] collection and
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