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									The invitation to tender tender tender

 tender invitation to tender the construction

__________ (invited construction unit name):
  1. __________( Construction unit name) __________ engineering, construction,
structure, site type in __________, __________, construction scale :__________。
Tender application has been approved by the tender management unit __________
agencies, contractors are selected by inviting tenders.
  2. Up to the national construction project quality requirements for acceptance (good,
qualified) standard. Program start date for the ________ day in _______ _______
months, the completion date for the _________ _____ years on ______ day period
__________ days (calendar days).
  3. __________ Commissioned by the construction unit of the unit as tender, invites
qualified bidders unit, sealed bids, to award preferred by the assessment unit, to
complete the contract works, completion and warranty.
  4. Construction Bidder qualification grade level and above shall be ________
construction companies, construction units such as the willingness to participate in the
tender, and can carry business licenses, certificates of qualification to tender the
construction unit to receive the tender documents. __________ Dollars to pay the
deposit at the same time.
  5. The project's contracting approach for the (contracting package material or
not-included), the tender range ____________________。
  6. Tendering work:
  (1) survey the scene time :____________ Contact :__________
  (2) Tender preparation time :__________ will place :____________
  (3) tender deadline :____________% D % A (4) Bid Opening
Date :________________

 tendering unit: (Seal) :______( legal representative, signed and sealed)
 Address :____________ Zip Code :______________________
 Contact :__________ Phone :__________________________
 Date :____________ article from [worry document] collection and
sorting, for the original author. / Center>

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