Master of Science in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship

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					   Master of Science in Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (”TC & E”)
   (MS Degree and Undergraduate Concentration)

       Lally School of Management &       Successful commercialization of technology requires            of innovation and technological commercialization.
       Technology                         not only technical understanding, but also a basic             This unique program is an interdisciplinary collaboration
                                          foundation in management of bringing the product to            between the Lally School of Management, 11 other
                                          to market by developing a business plan, obtaining             departments at Rensselaer, and Albany Law School.
       Lally Graduate Admissions          funding, sta ng and managing the enterprise, and               Graduate students take core management and law
       518.276-6565                       understanding how to value and protect intellectual            credits and specialize in-depth in advanced studies in                   property. The purpose of Lally’s TC & E program is to          a technology, science or product design area. Under-
                                          prepare a new generation of technology entrepreneurs           graduates selected for this track can combine studies in a
                                          who have an advanced understanding of technology,              technology discipline with Management. After receiving a
       Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute   a fundamental understanding of commercial functions            BS degree, they can continue for an additional 30 credits
       110 8th Street                     and analytics, and practical experience in the process         to earn an MS degree.
       Troy, NY 12180
       USA                                Sample Undergraduate Curriculum            Management and IT Combination
                                                              IT students complete the                   MGMT students complete the
                                               Year           following courses:                         following courses:

                                            Freshman          Introduction to MGMT.                      ITEC 1220 Politics and Economics of IT
                                                              Accounting for Decision Making             CSCI 1100 Comp Sci I
                                                                                                         CSCI 1200 Comp Sci II

                                            Sophomore         Managerial Finance                         ITEC 2110 Web Systems Development

                                            Junior            Marketing Principles                       Choose two from the following 3 courses:
                                                              Operations Management                      ITEC 2210 Intro to Human Computer Interaction
                                                                                                         ITEC 4310 Managing IT Resources
                                                                                                         PHYS 2050 Science of Information Technology


                                          Master’s Curriculum
                                          A one-year, 30 credit MS in Management focusing on TC&E. Students join with a cohort of graduate students who understand
                                          the basics of a speci c science or technology, and pursue advanced studies in a technology while learning the basics of
                                          management of how to bring new technologies to market and the basics of business law relevant to commercializing

                                          Master’s Coursework Includes:
                                             Creating and Managing an Enterprise 1                          Introduction to Intellectual Property*
                                              Business Implications of Emerging Technologies                Law of Technology Transfer*
                                              Commercializing Advanced Technologies                         Creating and Managing an Enterprise 2
                                             Four (4) Advanced Science or Technology Courses                Severino Center Series on Entrepreneurship
                                             Contract Law*

                                          *Taken at Albany Law School

                                          Career Options
                                          Possible career options upon completion of the MS in Management in TC & E include: technology transfer, technology start-ups,
                                          new product development, intellectual property management, corporate strategy in marketing or innovation, sustainability
                                          enterprises, research and development, government agencies, technology councils, new business centers, or business venture