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									                                                                                       Fact Sheet
                                                                                       September 2008

What Is Microsoft Office Live Small Business?

Microsoft Office Live Small Business is an award-winning, easy-to-use suite of Web-based software and services
designed to help small businesses affordably take, promote and manage their businesses online.

Customers sign up for free and receive the essentials for establishing a professional Web presence, including a domain
name, Web hosting and business-branded e-mail, and multiple business applications. Customers can then tailor the
service to meet their needs by adding low-cost sales and marketing features such as e-commerce, search marketing and
e-mail marketing.

Used by over a million customers worldwide, Office Live Small Business is available in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany
and Japan. The service also provides an excellent environment within which partners can build industry-specific
solutions. More information can be found at

What Is New for Office Live Small-Business Customers?

Office Live Small Business is dedicated to helping small businesses get online, attract customers and manage their
businesses. After conducting extensive customer research and listening to customer feedback, the Office Live Small
Business team has enhanced the service to make it more flexible and customizable, as well as easier to use. New and
improved features include the following:

   Free and even easier to get started.
    o   Customers no longer need to choose a domain name or enter a credit card number to open an account.
    o   Once a customer is signed up, everything needed to establish a professional Web presence is provided for free,
        including Web hosting and an easy-to-use Web site building tool, as well as a custom domain name with 100
        business-branded e-mail accounts (a custom domain with business e-mail is free for the first year, $14.95 per
        year thereafter).
    o   In addition, customers receive several useful business applications previously available only for a monthly fee,
        including Project Manager, Document Manager and Contact Manager, free at sign-up.
   Store Manager ($14.95 per month additional.) This hosted e-commerce tool enables customers to sell products on
    their Office Live Small Business Web site and on eBay.
   E-mail Marketing (First month free, three monthly plans to choose from). The feature makes it possible to connect
    to customers by sending newsletters, promotions and updates within attractive e-mails that match the look and feel
    of the Web site. Monthly rates vary from $9.95 for 200 emails a month; $24.95 for 1000 emails/month and $39.95
    for 2500 emails/month.
   adManager (pay-per-click pricing). Advertise your business on popular sites and search engines like MSN, Live
    Search, and Ask from one, easy-to-manage account. You only pay when your ads are clicked.
   Unified Analytics. A new tool called Analytics provides reports for Store Manager, adManager, E-mail Marketing and
    Web site traffic, integrated in one central reporting experience.
   Workspaces. Now included at no cost to all users, Workspaces is simpler to use, with new sidebars that make it
    easier to see user permissions, add new users to a workspace and share data.

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                                                                                        Fact Sheet
                                                                                        September 2008

   Advanced Web site design tools. It’s now even easier to get a professional Web site up and running. Office Live
    Small Business templates now offer more customization options, allowing customers to directly edit the code or
    import code from another site. In addition, customers now have the freedom to use any Web site design tool they
    choose to build their site.
   Firefox support. Tools and features are now compatible with the Firefox 2.0 Web browser, even on Macs.
   Private domain name registration. All custom domains now automatically receive private domain name
    registration, to help customers better protect their contact information from spammers and phishers.
   Premium e-mail ($19.95 per year). Customers can upgrade their 100 ad-supported free e-mail accounts to ad-free
   Additional Business Application storage. Get additional storage for sharing more files: 1GB, 2GB, and 5GB plans
   Additional Business users. Share your business information with more customers, employees, or partners:

Office Live Small Business Is a Comprehensive Online Tool for Small Businesses

Office Live Small Business is designed to support a comprehensive range of small-business needs, including getting
online, attracting customers and managing the business. Business owners will have everything they need to get started
for free. Whether they are in the office, at home or on the road, they can stay on top of their business and watch it grow

                Get Online                       Attract Customers                  Manage Your Business

           - Web hosting                        - E-mail Marketing                   - Contact Manager
           - Domain name                        - Keyword advertising                - Document Manager
           - Easy Web site                      with adManager                       - Workspaces
                                                                                     - Project Manager
           design tool
           - Branded e-mail
           - E-commerce tool

            Create your own                  Reach new customers and                 Stay on top of your
         professional Web site                  stay connected to                    business virtually
        for FREE. And you don’t                 current ones with                  anytime, anywhere with
          need any technical                   marketing products                      simple tools to
          expertise to do it.                   created for small                   organize, access and
                                                   businesses.                        share information


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                                                                                     Fact Sheet
                                                                                     September 2008

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