Implementing EPER and PRTR in Hungary by eqi10659


									Implementing EPER and PRTR in

     Ministry of Environment and Water
    Environmental Deputy State Secretary

              Róbert RAKICS
                                          Aarhus Convention

Aarhus Convention on access to information, public
  participation in decision-making and access to justice
  in environmental matters
Art 5, 9.:
„Each Party shall take steps to establish progressively,
  taking into account international processes where
  appropriate, a coherent, nationwide system of pollution
  inventories or registers on a structured, computerized and
  publicly accessible database compiled through
  standardized reporting.”
           Pollutant Release and és Transfer Register

UN-ECE Protocol on Pollutant Release and
 Transfer Register (PRTR):

  21 May 2003, Kiev: Ministerial Conference
 „Environment for Europe”
  signed by the EC, 15 Member States, 8
 Accession Countries (including Hungary) and 13
                     Joining the first EPER reporting

23 February 2004:
Launch event for EPER Reporting website at the
  European Environmental Agency,

Hungary, as the first of the Accession countries,
 joined the EPER reporting.

                  EPER differs from PRTR (1)

EPER               PRTR
50 pollutants      86 pollutants
56 activities      64 activities
reporting every    annual reporting
    3 years
                    EPER differs from PRTR (2)

 + releases to land
 + off-site transfers of waste
 + diffuse sources
 + public participation in decision-making
                                   Hungarian EPER data

~ 1000 IPPC facilities in Hungary

86 facilities in the first EPER reporting
(18 combustion installations,
 4-4 pulp and paper industry, basic organic chemicals
   industry and pharmaceutical industry

                     !!Data quality!!
                    EPER-PRTR implementation strategy (1)

– Establishment of the PRTR system with step-by-step
  improvement of EPER in order to achieve high quality of
  emission data.

– Hungary intends to implement the PRTR in line with
  EU’s development plan, ensuring thorough co-ordination
  with EU and its Member States.

– As a first step, data based on EPER Decision are
  considered as an initial PRTR and it is made publicly
  available. PRTR is planned to be further developed by
  the following steps:
                      EPER-PRTR implementation strategy (2)

– step 1, 2004
   - Creation of a database meeting requirements laid down in
     EPER Decision
- step 2, 2005-2006
   - Analysis of the options to extend EPER
   - Development of EPER into EPER+ by including
     emissions to land as well as off-site transfer of wastes
   - Working out changes in national law necessary for the
     EPER/PRTR system
– step 3, 2007-2008
   - Implementation of a comprehensive EPER/PRTR system
     by upgrading EPER+ to complete list of pollutants,
     activities etc.
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