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									Volume 5, Number 9
         Staff Long Service Awards - 2007
                                                   Deer Lodge Centre   July 27, 2007

  The ceremony recognizing employees for long service
in health care was held on Friday, June 22nd. The turnout
was fantastic! A good time was had by all. Real Cloutier,
COO, presented staff with gifts in honour of their years
of service. In addition, retirees from the past year were
awarded retirement gifts. Refreshments were supplied
by our catering staff and the event flowed smoothly, with
time in between presentations for staff to mingle and
chat. A big thank you to Doris Simard and volunteers
for all of their hard work in making this a successful
and memorable time for all. Congratulations to all who
received a long service award and/or pin!”

Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba
      2007 Memory Walk
                                                   Thank you to all of our participants, volunteers, and
                                                staff for participating in our Deer Lodge Memory Walk.
                                                We spent the morning of Monday June 4th on Main Street
                                                and walking our route around the outside of Deer Lodge.
                                                It was a beautiful day and we had a great time promoting
                                                awareness of Alzheimer’s disease. We are already looking
                                                forward to making the event even better for next June.
                                                Hope you will all take the opportunity next year to walk
                                                with us in support of the Alzheimer’s Society.
                                                                                                   Erin Flynn
                                                                                      Recreation Coordinator

                                                        Carl Ciastko                  Martha Laurence
                                                        Denis McMeckan                Edna McKinnon
                                                        Caroline Light                Sheila Keatch
                                                        Bernard Holton                Elsie Wauryk
                                                        Vic Danyluk                   Laurie Blanchard
                                                        Jane Williams                 Don Keatch
                                                        Albert Payne                  Gordon Feldman
                                                        Francis Williams              Julie Turenne
                                                        Ed Williams                   Russel Bowdery
                                                        Helen Anderson                Jean Spence
                                                        Jean Gutoski                  Sarah Buchanan
                                                        Eileen Dickson                Tom Smith
                                                        Rae Patt                      Don Walker
                                                        Lil Airth                     Bill Neilson
                                                        Al Pridham                    Rose Semenchuk
                                                        Pat Ferris                    Bernie Brick
                                                        Perry Laurence                Len Cann

        Staff Gym                                           Glenn King
  The July contact person for information
about the Staff Gym is Tom Wall. You can
                                                          needs your help!
reach him at 2564. In August, contact Joe             Glenn King requires several more volunteers to
Puchniak at 2106.-                                  be interviewed regarding staff views and possible
                                                    suggestions about recycling, waste and garbage at
                                                    Deer Lodge. The interview would take only about
                                                    20 minutes. Give Glenn a call at 2235.

     Suspicious people in Deer Lodge Centre
  Recently, on Wednesday the 11th of July 2007, a                  It is better to check these situations out, rather than
suspicious male approached the gift shop staff and               later discover that resident or staff property has been
verbally indicated he was with Manitoba Hydro. He                stolen.
stated he was in attendance to inspect the electrical              Contractors in the Centre should be visibly wearing
system in the gift shop, in particular the supply storage        WRHA DLC Contractor ID cards. They are required to
area. He was not wearing Manitoba Hydro clothing, he             sign for an ID card at Security before proceeding into the
did not have Hydro identification and he was not wearing         Centre. If the person states they are a Contractor, instruct
a DLC contractor ID tag.                                         the person to wear the ID card in a visible location. If you
  He walked into the supply area without being                   are not comfortable speaking with the person, or, if the
challenged. He stayed for a short time then left without         person does not have an ID card, please phone security at
further conversation with gift Shop Staff.                       2177.
  Please remember, when you observe someone that                   On occasion, a contractor may be wearing his or her
looks out of place, is acting in a suspicious manner,            Companies ID tag. This is sufficient identification to meet
makes an unusual request in your area or department              WRHA DLC criteria. Again, if there is no ID displayed,
and is not properly identified as a contractor or you feel       please call security at 2177.
should not be present in your area, please notify security         Thank you for being the extended eyes and ears of
immediately at 2177.                                             Security. We sincerely appreciate your assistance in
                                                                 keeping the Centre secure and safe.
                                                                                                                   John Bauer
            Just Listed -                                                                                   Security Manager

      The following business
     have been added to WRHA
       staff discount listing.
   Ambience Hair Studio Is offering 20% off salon
    services & 15% off retail product. Mention WRHA
    when booking appointment.
   Madonna Pizza at 837 Sherbrook (across from

    HSC). Purchase a minimum of 5 pizzas at the regular
    price and receive a 10% discount off the total bill.
    Mention WRHA when ordering.
   Animal Hospital of Manitoba Offering a $15 discount

    or 15% off whichever is greater on all veterinarian
    services. Discount not applicable on grooming or
   Thunder Rapids Fun Park various discounts

    depending on activity.
   Executive Limousine Services - 15% discount

   Kildonan Custom Upholstery - 25% discount

   Luxury Plus Limo - 10% discount

   City of Winnipeg Fitness Pass - Reminder that the

    City of Winnipeg is offering a reduced rate off the
    regular cost of an adult fitness membership. This is a
    limited time offer - deadline is August 24, 2007.
Staff can go to either
php or
to obtain specific details on these and other discounts
available to the healthcare employees working for the
WRHA and its partner facilities, programs and agencies.
    Detailed contact and discount information on these
and other retailers as well as other StAR info is located
at or http://www.
              WRHA Health Services
         Management Education Program
      in Partnership with Red River College
  Deer Lodge Centre (DLC)                   Funding
employees are invited to register their     Cost of tuition and books is shared
interest toward sponsorship in the        between the participants and DLC.
joint management education program        Each approved participant will pay
between the Winnipeg Regional             the first $50.00 of the tuition fees for
Health Authority (WRHA) and Red           each course and be responsible for

                                                                                      ICE CREAM
River College (RRC).                      the purchase of textbooks. DLC will
                                          pay for the balance of the tuition fees

  Program Overview                        ranging from approximately $225 to
  The program includes nine required      $275 per course.
courses and participants complete
one course per semester. (Please            Application Procedure
see program brochure for course             Employees are invited to register          Wednesday, August 1st
details.) Upon successful completion      their interest by: completing the                 11:30 - 3:00
of the program, participants receive      application form (leaving the
a Health Services Management
                                                                                            Main Street.
                                          Sponsorship section blank) and
Program Certificate of Achievement        Voluntary Self Declaration Form;             Ice Cream Cones $1.00
issued jointly by RRC and the             attaching an up-to-date resume;                 Sundaes are $1.50
WRHA.                                     attaching three separate post-dated
                                          cheques for $50.00 each (dated
   Eligibility                            September 15, 2007, January 1, 2008

                                                                                     2ND DEBUT
   First preference will be given         and April 1, 2008) providing a short
to newer first-level or middle            explanation on how this course can
managers who demonstrate a                be of benefit and submitting to the
desire to develop in a management         Deer Lodge Centre Human Resources
career path. Other considerations         office by July 28, 2007. DLC Senior            The Auxiliary sponsored 2nd
may include: developing future            Management will select a number of         Debut will be on Main Street,
leadership in professions or              candidates based on seat availability      Tuesday, July 31st from 10:00
departments where management              and budget and prepare a prioritized       - 2:00 P.M.
vacancies are anticipated; supporting     wait list that will be submitted to            Be sure to stop by as their are
the organization’s commitment             Organization and Staff Development,
to achieving a representative             WRHA, HSC Site. Successful
                                                                                     wonderful treasures to be found
workforce at the management level,        applicants will receive confirmation       as well as gently used clothes.
as defined within the Aboriginal          prior to the end of August. Post-dated     Best of all the Price is Right!!
Human Resources Initiative; and           cheques will be returned as necessary.     Thank you for your support !!
strengthening management skills in
areas affected by change.                   For applications, brochures and
                                          further information:
                                            Applications and brochures are
                                          available in the Human Resources
                                          office. For further information, please
                                          contact Luella Lee, Director Human
                                          Resources Services at 831-2103.

   New and Noteworthy
                  New and Noteworthy
    @ the J.W. Crane Memorial Library, Deer Library
from the J. W. Crane Lodge Centre
                      Freedom of sexual expression [videorecording] :
                      dementia & resident rights in long-term care facilities
                      / produced by Dick Young Productions, Ltd.
                      WT 155 F853f 2002 AV & manual

                      This program looks at sexuality and intimacy as basic
                      human rights that should not be denied simply because
                      the person has a level of decreased cognizance and
                      lives in a nursing home. The video tastefully shows
                      various sexual expressions, the effect of those
                      expressions on the residents and those around them,
                      and methods to allow freedom of sexual expression
                      while maintaining a comfortable environment for other
                      residents and staff.

                      Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans 5th ed. Katherine M.
                      Fortinash. St. Louis, Missouri: Mosby, Elsevier,
                      c2007. WY 160 F742p5
                      The most comprehensive psychiatric nursing care
                      planning text available assists students and
                      practitioners in providing effective care in a variety of
                      settings. Clear presentation of information, consistent
                      use of the nursing process, correlation of nursing and
                      medical diagnoses, and prioritization of interventions
                      make this text an invaluable resource. Grounded in the
                      latest classification of the Diagnostic and Statistical
                      Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) and the
                      most current list of NANDA-approved nursing
                      diagnoses, this text covers a wide range of disorders,
                      their psychopathology, and appropriate nursing
                      interventions with rationales. Care plans use real
                      clinical situations and include therapeutic and
                      nontherapeutic dialogue examples to familiarize
                      nurses with likely scenarios and equip them with the
                      tools they need to feel confident in any clinical setting.

                      The Library is open Monday-Friday
                      Phone 831-2152

                      Residents, family, and staff are all welcome.
                      Have a suggestion for a book or AV resource the Library
                      should purchase? Please do not hesitate to call.
Need help with your paper?

            • Format your bibliography —     • Import from many
              hundreds of styles available     online databases
            • Format footnotes & endnotes    • Store research
            • Format in-text citations       • Organize research
            • Find references from           • Share research with
              online resources                 classmates

                                                                your librarian
                                                                   for more

         Uncle Green wants you

  1) Do you pick up litter off the street?
  2) Do you know and admire the man in the above right picture?
  3) Do you use your recycle bin at home?
  4) Do you care what kind of world we leave for our children or grandchildren?
   5) Are you concerned about the garbage we produce at Deer Lodge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or are concerned about other environmental issues then you may
want to volunteer for the

DEER LODGE GREEN TEAM! What is this you may ask?
Deer Lodge Management is supportive of the formation of a committee by Glenn King, OT Long-term care to
review and make recommendations in regards to the impacts of Solid Waste (otherwise known as garbage and
recycling) at this center.

I am looking for staff that are enthusiastic, concerned and want to bring ideas forward so we can use the 3 Rs
in our workplace. REDUCE REUSE AND RECYCLE.

Particular members from nursing, housekeeping, property services, kitchen, secretarial, management,
information services and other. The size of the committee will be set so as to be effective. However, even if you
don’t serve on the Green Team we need dept. reps to be a liaison to report issues from your department to the
Green Team and convey information back to your dept from the Green Team.

For more information contact Glenn King, ext 2235. or

                                                          Fitness Discount 2007
        The WRHA Fitness Discount is an initiative of the Staff Appreciation and Recognition Program in cooperation with the City of Winnipeg.

                                                                City of Winnipeg Facilities                                               New Process for
The WRHA Fitness Discount offers a reduced
                                                             Pan Am Pool, Margaret Grant Pool, Bonivital Pool,                           Membership Cards
rate off the regular price of a facility and/or
                                                             Cindy Klassen Rec. Complex (formerly Sargent
active living combination pass membership at                 Park Pool), Sherbrook Pool, St. James-Assiniboia                   The City of Winnipeg is issuing personal-
City of Winnipeg Fitness Facilities. The                     Centennial Pool, Seven Oaks Pool, North End                              ized Photo ID Membership
facilities offer a variety of amenities and all the          Centennial Pool, Eldon Ross Pool, Elmwood Kil-                               Cards starting 2007!
                                                             donan Pool, Transcona Kinsmen Centennial Pool,
latest fitness classes both on land and in the                                                                                  With this change, the mem-
                                                             Fort Rouge Leisure Centre, Freight House Gym,
water.                                                       Peguis Trail Fitness Centre and St. James Civic                    bership process has been
                                                             Centre.                                                            modified. Please note that
   What services are eligible                                                                                                   once you have submitted
                                                                The Leisure Guide lists all the amenities at each               your completed and paid mem-
               for the discount?                                                       location.                                bership, you will be directed to go to one
Only Adult Facility or Active Living Combina-                   To obtain a copy of the Leisure Guide go to the                 of the City of Winnipeg facilities listed to
                                                                 fitness facility or library nearest you or go to               ‘Create your Account’ and have your pic-
tion passes are eligible for purchase through                        
                                                                                                                                ture taken for the Photo ID Membership
the WRHA Fitness Discount program.
                                                                    How do I sign up for the                                    Memberships cards will be mailed directly
Facility Pass— Access to
                                                                    WRHA Fitness Discount?                                      to your home address.
the facility only. (i.e. weight
room, track, sauna, pool,                                                                                                       We encourage employees to “try before
                                                             Complete your registration and submit it along
etc.) during regular public                                                                                                      you buy.” Ensure the classes you want
                                                             with your payment (money order, cheque, or cash
hours of operation.                                                                                                             to attend are drop-in classes and offered
                                                             only) (Visa or Mastercard will NOT be accepted)
                                                             in full to:                                                              at the facility of your choice.
Active Living Combination Pass— This
                                                                         Theresa Perdonic
               pass gives you access to                                                                                                     Who is eligible?
                                                                         490 Hargrave Street
               drop-in fitness classes, as well                                                                                 Healthcare employee working for the WRHA
                                                                         Winnipeg, MB R3A 0X7
               as facilities and their ameni-                                                                                    and its partner facilities, programs and agen-
               ties (weight room, track,                                                                                         cies, will be able to purchase a maximum of
                                                                     Registration & payment must be in by
               pool, etc)                                                                                                       two discount passes per year, either for them-
                                                                      August 24, 2007                                                        selves, friends or family.
                                                                   Make cheques payable to WRHA                                       Passes are available for adults only.

                                             WRHA Fitness Discount Registration Form
                                                             6 Month ($124.00)              1 Year ($203.00)              6 Month ($169.00)                   1 Year ($333.00)
I. Membership Category (check one)
                                                             FACILITY PASS                  FACILITY PASS                 ACTIVE LIVING PASS                  ACTIVE LIVING PASS
                                                      A $10.00 fee is added to each pass sold to be used for Upgrades & purchasing of equipment. This fee is included in prices quoted.

Is the Pass Holder an employee of the WRHA or its partner facilities, programs and agencies?                   If YES,       go to II, If NO          Identify the name and site

of the sponsoring employee: Name:                                                                     Site:
Then proceed to complete the rest of the form.
                                                                                                               NOTE: A separate enrollment form must be completed for each person
 II. Pass Holder Information: All areas must be completed                                                      signing up. Must be 18 years or older to be eligible for a pass.

 Full Name (initials will not be accepted)                                                  Home Mailing Address

 City                                                        Postal Code                   Phone—Home                                      Phone—Work

III. Enrollment Agreement
By completing and signing this enrollment form, I am obligated to purchase, in full, the type of membership that I have selected above. I am
also aware that the membership fee must accompany the registration form and must be paid in full, by money order, cheque, or cash, to
WRHA by August 24, 2007. I understand that my membership will commence on October 1, 2007, and it is my responsibility to obtain my City
of Wpg Photo ID Membership Card.
                                                                                  Please return completed forms to Theresa Perdonic no later than August 24, 2007 at
                                                                                  the above address. If you have any questions, please leave a message at 926-7002.
Signature of Pass Holder



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