Excellence in Education and Community Service Awards

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The President’s
                        The Ocean

                                   Dear Fellow Rotarians:
                                                                                                May 31, 2007

                                   Excellence in Education and
                                   Community Service Awards
                                   In the words of Dennis Mulvaney who hosted the Excellence in Education and
                                   Community Awards on May29th at our meeting.

                                   Our Rotary Club members know how important education is to our children’s future
                                   and have awarded scholarships to local youth for more than 30 years. On May 29th,
    Programs                       we honored an individual who has been nominated by her peers, parents and
    June                           students for providing outstanding education to our community's youth.
    05 Miles Schuller              The 2007 Award recipient is Ms. Cheri Wechsler, a third grade teacher from Laguna
    12 Joe Brown, Update on        Niguel’s McDowell Elementary School who obviously loves her profession. She has
         Terrorism                 gone above and beyond doing an excellent job of educating her students as well as
    12 Joint Board Meeting         instilling pride and respect for themselves and others.
         5 p.m. City Council
    16 - 20 RI Convention Salt     We learned a great deal about this award recipient from parents and students and
         Lake City                 Rotary Club member Ellen Fine, Principal of Laguna Niguel Elementary School, a
    19 Rod Hatter & Gary           California Distinguished School.
         Capata, Laguna Niguel
         Rotary Foundation,
     26 Scholarship Awards                                                     Former Mayor (2001 and 2006) Cassie
         and Demotion Party                                                    DeYoung presented the Excellence in
                                                                               Education Community Service Award
                                                                               presented the award to Ingrid

                                                                               The Laguna Niguel City Resolution
                                                                               presentation was presented by former
                                                                               Mayor Mike Whipple and Mayor Gary

                                   Congratulations to the award winners from all the members of the Laguna Niguel
                                   Rotary Club!

          The Rotary Club of       Prez Ken
              Laguna Niguel
                  P.O. Box 6281
        Laguna Niguel, CA 92607
                                   p.s. Enjoy the photos on the next page taken by ever ready Ron Perrella, editor of
                                   the Breeze!
The Rotary Club of Laguna Niguel, CA                    www.rotarycluboflagunaniguel.org

             May 29                                       Ellen Fines’ students from Laguna Niguel
                                                          Elementary School.
   Photos by Ron Perrella

                            2006 President’s Scholarship recipient
                                      Carrie Lee, who is at M.I.T.

                                                                  Mayor Gary Capata presents the
                                                                  Laguna Niguel City Resolution
                                                                  Certificate to Ingrid.

                            Cassie DeYoung presents the Rotary
                            Excellence in Education Community
                                Service Award plaque to Ingrid.

                                                                       Member chair Glenn Shaffer
                                                                       introduces our newest member
                                                                       Harry Blank who was
                                                                       sponsored by Betsy Sater.

2 • The Ocean Breeze
The Rotary Club of Laguna Niguel, CA                          www.rotarycluboflagunaniguel.org

                                 Debby Thrailkill Director and Ed Ewart,        May22 Meeting
                                 Executive Director, South County               Photos by Ron Perrella
                                 Outreach, tells members why South County
                                 Outreach is a good partner for Laguna
                                 Niguel Rotary for the Title Charity for the
                                 Celebrity Golf Classic.

   Peggy Pendleton pitching to our members about
buying Rotary Wear and showing the new brochure.
     Members will look great wearing these clothes
     anytime...not just at the Celebrity Golf Outing!

                                   Jacline Evered receives her Blue Badge
                                   from Glen Shaffer as she graduates from
                                   a Red Badger. Congratulations, Jacline!

     Up close and personal with our new Rotary
             Podium sign thanks to Neil Bloom.

Marines and their spouses from Bravo Company, Amphibious Assault
                                                                                Evening Gowns
Battalion, Camp Pendleton will attend the annual Marine Corps Ball on the
Queen Mary, November 8. Many of the Bravo Company Marines are                   Needed for
serving in Iraq and due to return home by mid-October.
                                                                                Marine Wives
The Laguna Niguel Woman's Club will be assisting in making this year's
                                                                                By Elaine Gennawey
Ball an extra special event. The expense of attending the Ball is costly,
especially for young Marines with families and attendance at the Ball is
There are approximately 200 wives (and female Marines) in this Company
who would love a “new” gown for Ball. We are asking the community for
donations of slightly used gowns in all sizes (age 20’s thru 40’s) and
accessories (shoes, evening bags, hair clips, costume jewelry, etc.) Our Club
volunteers will take items to Camp Pendleton and set up a day for the wives
to select a gown. We ask for donations by September 15.
Please contact Elaine Gennawey at 643-8288 to donate. We greatly
appreciate all the support our community has given to the Marine families at        The Ocean Breeze • 3
Camp Pendleton.
   The Rotary Club of Laguna Niguel, CA                                     www.rotarycluboflagunaniguel.org

                                                                                                   The 4-Way Test
New Member Application                                                                          1. Is it the TRUTH?
By Glenn Shaffer
                                                                                                2. Is it FAIR to all
We have received a new member application from Harry Blank who resides in                           concerned?
Laguna Niguel. Betsy Sater is his sponsor and Harry’s classification is Property
Tax Consultant.                                                                                 3. Will it build
                                                                                                   GOODWILL and
If any has any objections to this application, you must respond within ten days of                 FRIENDSHIPS?
this publication date.
                                                                                                4. Will it be
                                                                                                   BENEFICIAL to all
(Editor’s note: Whoops...This notice was not included in the last issue of the Breeze
and must be published even though Harry Blank became a member on May 29.)
                                                                                                The Object of
                                                                                                To encourage and foster the
                       June Meeting Reminder                                                    ideal of service as a basis
                                                                                                of worthy enterprise and, in
 DateGreeter         Pledge                                   Inspiration                       particular, to encourage and
 05 Doris Zwack                                               Craig Thomas                      foster:
 12 Paul Glaab       Joe Brown
 19 Jeanette Krembas                                                                                     FIRST:
 26                  Jeanette Krembas                                                           The development of
                                                                                                acquaintance as an
 Celebrations!                                                                                  opportunity for service.
 DateBirthday                   Wedding Anniversary           Rotary Anniversary                        SECOND:
 03 Bob Aston                   06 Robie Robeson              01 Leigh Collins                  High ethical standards in
 03 Jacline Evered              07 Ken Montgomery             01 Dale Stinchfield               business and professions,
 16 Leigh Collins               10 Miles Sterling             18 Karen Schmidt                  the recognition of the
 16 Dale Stinchfield            13 Ellen Fine                 26 Rod Hatter                     worthiness of all useful
 27 Chris Endicott              14 Pat Bates                  29 Miles Sterling                 occupations
                                                                                                and the dignifying
 29 Ron Perrella                14 Paul Schmate                                                 of each Rotarian’s
 30 Robert Ming                 15 Ron Waters                                                   occupation as an
                                19 Louis Portillo                                               opportunity to service

                                                                                                The application of the ideal
                                                                                                of service in every
  2006-2007                                                                                     Rotarian’s personal,
  Officers                                            Directors                                 and community life.
  President: Ken Montgomery                           Louis Portillo, International
  President-elect: Robert Ming, Club Service          Glenn Shaffer, Membership                         FOURTH:
  Vice President: Joe Davis                           Doug McDaniel, Community                  The advancement of
  Secretary: Betsy Sater                              Ron Sinclair, Vocational                  international
  Treasurer: Elliot Katz                              Diana Antoun, Fellowship                  understanding,
  Programs: Joe Davis                                 Ron Perrella, Editor and Photographer     goodwill and peace through
  Past President: Mike Whipple                                                                  a world fellowship of
  Sergeant-at-Arms: Dave Koontz                                                                 business and professional
  Laguna Niguel Foundation: Gary Capata                                                         persons united in the ideal
                                                                                                of service.
  President Rotary International President: William B. Boyd
  Governor District 5320: Lane Calvert
                                                                                              The Ocean Breeze • 4