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									Sunnybrook CU News     Cont’d P2
Volume 3, Issue 1    Summer 2001
        Elvira Guerrero/
        Beverly Phillips                             Mortgage*

We wish to thank Elvira for her          It’s likely that your new home or
contribution to the Board of Directors   condominium is the largest purchase
for many years. She participated on      you’ve ever made, so it makes sense
the Audit Committee for many years       to make sure you receive advice and
and ensured the security of members      a competitive rate- One that you can
deposits.                                manage.

We wish to welcome Beverly to the
Board of Directors. Beverly is the
newly elected director replacing
elvira. She comes with a strong
financial background and is currently
on the audit and nomination
Thanks for Volunteering.

                                         We offer a variety of choices.
               of the Volunteer                  we offer variable, openand
We take this opportunity to                                                     s
congratulate Sunnybrook Credit                                                  e
Union’s Board of Directors who                                                  d
diligently volunteer their time and
expertise for the betterment of our                                             F
members financial futures.                                                      i
In addition we would like to thank all                                          s
volunteers and especially the ones                                              t
assisting with our Health Communities
for their dedication. Your                                                      m
contributions are greatly appreciated.                                          o
                              g                             u
                              e                             g
                              s                             h

                              o                             5
                              E                             e
                              q                             a
                              u                             r
                              t                             t
                              y                             e
                              L                             m
                              o                             s
                             a offer mortgages to 75%
                              n                             o
                              s                             f

                              u                             v
                              p                             a
                              t                             u
                              o                             e

                              m                             t
                              a                             o
                              i                             h
                              m                             o
                              u                             m
                              m                             e
                             we offer weekly, bi-weekly,
                              o                             m
                              f                             o
    $120,000.                                               n
   we offer 6 month, 1                                     t
                              t                             h
                              h                             l
                              r                             y
                                       p                             i
                                       a                             o
                                       y                             n
                                       m                             a
                                       e                             l
                                       t                             p
                                       s                             a
   we offer pre-authorized                                          y
                                         a                           m
                                         u                           e
                                         t                           n
                                         o                           t
                                         m                           s
                              if your Looking around for a new
                              home or mortgage,
                                         e                 call us
                              first..... d

Sunnybrook CU News    Cont’d P3
Volume 3, Issue 1    Summer 2001

They’re finally here-In January 2001,
we introduced RRSP Deposits, RRSP
Payroll Deductions and RRSP Loans.

What is an RRSP?

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan
is a government approved plan
through which you save money for
your retirement years. Your
contributions, within limits, are tax
deductible, and the income earned is
tax sheltered. You can have a number
of plans.

Can the Credit Union Set up Payroll
deductions to an RRSP?

Yes, you can set up an automated
Payroll deduction from your bi-weekly
pay and contribute as little as $10.00
per pay. Within one year you will have
saved up $260.00 plus interest in one
year. If you set up $100.00 per pay
you will have saved up $2,600.00 plus
interest in one year.

If you’ve received your government
income tax refund for last year-Place
that into an RRSP and let your plan
                                          of a new 2000 or 2001 car.

          CAR Loans*

The New 2001 cars are out of the
stable and soon will be at the

Sunnybrook Credit Union Limited is        *Rates  Subject to Change. Subject to
offering you .50% off prime on all year   qualifying within the terms and
2000 and 2001 cars.                       conditions of Sunnybrook Credit
                                          Union Limited at time of application.
Don’t delay! Start cruisin around for
the best deal in town. Let us be the
ones to put you in the driver’s seat
Sunnybrook CU News   Cont’d P4
Volume 3, Issue 1     Summer 2001
     MeritLine - Home Equity
          Line of Credit

In January 2000, we introduced a new
product - Meritline which is a home
Equity Line of Credit. If you’re a
homeowner who’s built up some solid
equity in your home, flexibility in
borrowing is now within reach!

It’s easy! Set up your credit union
Meritline Account, and you will have
the freedom to write yourself a loan
at the moment the time is right.              Helen & Victoria Handspiker
                                                  Wed Stanley Rose
When you’ve found the ideal vacation
package, or are ready to pay the          Spring is a wonderful time for
contractor for home renovations, just     weddings and of course most people
write a cheque on your Meritline          take advantage of the romance of
account. Interest rates at SCU are        spring.
always competitive, and with Meritline
you don’t start to pay interest until     Helen Handspiker of Catering
you write that cheque.                    services has been planning this
                                          blissful event for quite some time.
Come in, or call us soon. We’ll be glad   We waited with great anticipation as
to give you more information about        each plan unfolded and then May
your Meritline opportunities.             finally rolled around. We wish our
                                          members Stanley, Victoria and Helen
                                          all the best for many years to come.
          Bill Payments
                                          Sunnybrook Credit Union Limited,
for your convenience we offer
                                          c/o Sunnybrook and Women’s
electronic bill payments with access      College Health Sciences Centre,
to over 250 companies. Once set up        2075 Bayview Avenue, Room CB02,
on your account, these payments can       Toronto, Ontario M4N 3M5
either be taken automatically or you      Tel: (416) 480-4467
                                          Fax: (416) 480-5908
can pay them yourself by CU-touch         CU-Touch (416) 483-6200
or on Home banking. Come set it up        email:
and never worry again about being         website:
late with your bills.
         Member Profile
          Sunnybrook CU NEWS
“serving our Health Care Community”
volume 3, issue 1                 Summer 2001
 Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

                                             Annual Meeting Highlishts

                                          This year’s General Meeting was held
                                          in the Blythwood room on Wednesday,
                                          April 25th, 2001.

                                          The meeting was well attended and
                                  May     the members
                                  Ben     had an opportunity to discuss and
                                  oit     question the overall operation of the
has been with Sunnybrook Credit           credit union.
Union for almost 14 years. She has
assisted members with many of their       This was the first year that the
                                          Nomination Committee presided over
daily financial needs. She has a great
                                          the director elections to ensure a
knack for remembering all the
                                          succession plan of qualified and
members and their special needs. We
                                          competent credit union directors for
will all miss her.
                                          the future.
But who can stand in the way of new
                                          The newly elected Directors of the
adventure and a new life with a new
                                          Credit Union are as follows:
beau. May is moving out west to
                                          Marian Lorenz        - Chair
British Columbia to marry.
                                          Maggie Epp - Co-Vice Chair
                                          Lu Traikovich - Co-Vice Chair
We will definitely miss May and wish
                                          Annette Young - Secretary
her all the best in her new life. On
                                          Ken Cheddie - Chair of Audit
behalf of the Members, Staff and
                                          Elaine Clarke     - Director
Board, we thank her for the many
                                          Greg Baker        - Director
years of diligent and dedicated service
                                          Duebert Braham - Director
she has provided. We know she will
                                          Newly Elected
keep in touch with us as her new life
                                          Beverly Philips   - Director
From all of Us,                           Elvira Guerrero
Good Luck and Best Wishes                            Issue Highlights:
Farwell to May       P1
Update - Ann. Mtg.   P2
Volunteers &
Mortgages            P3
Rrsps &Car Loans     P3
Meritline       P4
Bill Payments        P4
Member Profile       P4

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