If you require more information, contact Southbend directly.
Southbend Phone: (919) 762-1000 Technical Support Option 2

                             Model Number:           Serial Number:
Wendy's Range Models         CO-301HT-94A            05G98545
                             CO-301HT-94A            05G99476
                             CO-301HT-94A            05G99453
                             CO-301HT-94A            05G99477
                             CO-301HT-94A            05J02390
                             CO-301HT-94A            05J03608
                             CO-301HT-94A            05H00784
                             CO-301HT-94A            05H00785
                             CO-301HT-94A            05J03709
                             CO-301HT-94A            05K04539
                             CO-301HT-94A            05K04637
                             CO-301HT-94A            05K04256
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99279
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99456
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99455
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99479
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99480
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99457
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99478
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99481
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99482
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99454
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99846
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00130
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00211
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99564
                             CO301HT94A-N            05G99565
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00131
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00209
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H99933
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00208
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00288
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00289
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00364
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00458
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00459
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00460
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00461
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00210
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00363
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00786
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00787
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00541
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00788
                             CO301HT94A-N            05H00789
CO301HT94A-N   05H00949
CO301HT94A-N   05H00950
CO301HT94A-N   05H00953
CO301HT94A-N   05H00951
CO301HT94A-N   05H00952
CO301HT94A-N   05H00954
CO301HT94A-N   05H00955
CO301HT94A-N   05H00956
CO301HT94A-N   05H01697
CO301HT94A-N   05H01696
CO301HT94A-N   05H01698
CO301HT94A-N   04L82920
CO301HT94A-N   05H01699
CO301HT94A-N   05H01701
CO301HT94A-N   05H01702
CO301HT94A-N   05J02376
CO301HT94A-N   05H01700
CO301HT94A-N   05H01703
CO301HT94A-N   05J02374
CO301HT94A-N   05J02375
CO301HT94A-N   05J02377
CO301HT94A-N   05J02378
CO301HT94A-N   05J02379
CO301HT94A-N   05J03710
CO301HT94A-N   05J03711
CO301HT94A-N   05J03712
CO301HT94A-N   05J03713
CO301HT94A-N   05J03715
CO301HT94A-N   05K04148
CO301HT94A-N   05J03714
CO301HT94A-N   05K04149
CO301HT94A-N   05K04377
CO301HT94A-N   05K04378
CO301HT94A-N   05K04540
CO301HT94A-N   05K04790
CO301HT94A-N   05K04791
CO301HT94A-N   05K04879
CO301HT94A-N   05K04988
CO301HT94A-N   05K04989
CO301HT94A-N   05K05071
CO301HT94A-N   05K05170
CO301HT94A-N   05K05171
CO301HT94A-N   05K05338
CO301HT94A-N   05K05444
CO301HT94A-N   05G98801
CO301HT94A-N   05K05615
CO301HT94A-N   05K05730
CO301HT94A-N   05K05729
CO301HT94A-N   05L06096
CO301HT94A-N   05L06541
CO301HT94A-N   05L06543
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06542
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06544
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06545
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06546
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06547
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09010
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06549
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06548
                    CO301HT94A-N   05L06550
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09352
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09558
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09629
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09446
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09630
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09817
                    CO301HT94A-N   05M09972
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10062
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10298
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10063
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10163
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10164
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10297
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10408
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10538
                    CO301HT94A-N   06A10539
                    CO302M-94A-N   05H01556
                    CO302M-94A-N   05L07525

HD Broiler Models   P32A-171       05H00221
                    P32A-171       05H00901
                    P32A-171       05H00902
                    P32A-171       05H01581
                    P32A-171       05K04396
                    P32A-171       05K05634
                    P32A-171       05M08860
                    P32A-171       05M09064
                    P32A-171       05M08751
                    P32A-171       06A10260
                    P32A-171       05M09844
                    P32A-3240      05L07147
                    P32D-171       05G99607
                    P32D-171       05H00561
                    P32D-171       05H01200
                    P32D-171       05H01286
                    P32D-171       05H01352
                    P32D-171       05H01047
                    P32D-171       05H01583
                    P32D-171       05J02131
                    P32D-171       05J03054
                    P32D-171       05J03177
                    P32D-171       05J03178
                             P32D-171    05J03275
                             P32D-171    05K04281
                             P32D-171    05L05896
                             P32D-171    05L06749
                             P32D-171    05L06891
                             P32D-171    05L06892
                             P32D-171    05L07455
                             P32D-171    05M07918
                             P32D-171    05M08076
                             P32D-171    05M08077
                             P32D-171    05M09733
                             P32D-171    05M09734
                             P32D-171    06A10326
                             P32D-3240   04L83939
                             P32D-3240   05H01584
                             P32D-3240   05H01861
                             P32D-3240   05J03276
                             P32D-3240   05J03900
                             P32D-3240   05K04668
                             P32D-3240   05L07538
                             P32D-3240   05M08599
                             P32D-3240   05M08600

Platinum Range Oven Models   P32A-BBB    05H99950
                             P32A-BBB    05H01753
                             P32A-BBB    05J02317
                             P32A-BBB    05J02318
                             P32A-BBB    05J02380
                             P32A-BBB    05J02507
                             P32A-BBB    05J02508
                             P32A-BBB    05J02509
                             P32A-BBB    05J02830
                             P32A-BBB    05J02831
                             P32A-BBB    05J03274
                             P32A-BBB    05K04276
                             P32A-BBB    05K04808
                             P32A-BBB    05K04901
                             P32A-BBB    05L05895
                             P32A-BBB    05L06748
                             P32A-BBB    05L07652
                             P32A-BBB    05M08009
                             P32A-BBB    05M08105
                             P32A-BBB    05M08106
                             P32A-BBB    05M08437
                             P32A-BBB    05M09245
                             P32A-BBB    05M09246
                             P32A-BBB    05M09247
                             P32A-BBB    05M08509
                             P32A-BBB    05M80105
                             P32A-BBB    06A10081
                             P32A-BBB    06A10082
P32A-BBB      06A11087
P32A-BBB      06A11206
P32A-BBB      06A11207
P32A-BBB      06A11208
P32A-BBB-SU   05K04809
P32A-BBB-SU   05K04902
P32A-BBB-SU   05M09562
P32A-BBB-SU   06A11590
P32A-CC       05H00147
P32A-CC       05H02024
P32A-CC       05K04277
P32A-CC       05K04903
P32A-CC       06A11402
P32A-GC       06A10934
P32A-GG       05K04278
P32A-GG       05L06581
P32A-GRAD     05H00050
P32A-GRAD     05L06890
P32A-GRAD     05M09932
P32A-HH       05J02783
P32A-HH       05J03175
P32A-HH       05J02783
P32A-HH       05J02783
P32A-HH       06A10324
P32A-TT       05H01284
P32A-TT       05J02228
P32A-TT       05J02229
P32A-TT       05J03372
P32A-TT       05M08510
P32A-XG       05K04904
P32A-XH       05J03979
P32A-XX       05G98986
P32A-XX       05G98987
P32A-XX       05H00303
P32A-XX       05H00304
P32A-XX       05H01046
P32A-XX       05H01285
P32A-XX       05E94262
P32A-XX       05E94263
P32A-XX       05H00051
P32A-XX       05J02230
P32A-XX       05J02510
P32A-XX       05J03176
P32A-XX       05J03767
P32A-XX       05K04811
P32A-XX       05K04812
P32A-XX       05K04813
P32A-XX       05K05272
P32A-XX       05K05750
P32A-XX       05K05751
P32A-XX       05L07260
P32A-XX    06A10325
P32A-XX    06A10694
P32A-XX    06A11088
P32A-XX    06A11209
P32A-XX    06A11313
P32A-XX    06A11591
P32D-BBB   05G99862
P32D-BBB   05G99863
P32D-BBB   05H00052
P32D-BBB   05H00385
P32D-BBB   05H00562
P32D-BBB   05H01048
P32D-BBB   05H01754
P32D-BBB   05H02027
P32D-BBB   05H02025
P32D-BBB   05H02026
P32D-BBB   05J02511
P32D-BBB   05D92913
P32D-BBB   05G99138
P32D-BBB   05H00903
P32D-BBB   05J02512
P32D-BBB   04A61446
P32D-BBB   05J02725
P32D-BBB   05J03055
P32D-BBB   05J03277
P32D-BBB   05J03547
P32D-BBB   05J03548
P32D-BBB   05J03628
P32D-BBB   05J03629
P32D-BBB   05J03630
P32D-BBB   05F98041
P32D-BBB   05J03768
P32D-BBB   05K04397
P32D-BBB   05K04398
P32D-BBB   04F71311
P32D-BBB   04F71311
P32D-BBB   05K04669
P32D-BBB   05K04907
P32D-BBB   05K04908
P32D-BBB   05K04909
P32D-BBB   05J02833
P32D-BBB   05K05534
P32D-BBB   05K05535
P32D-BBB   05K05536
P32D-BBB   05L06375
P32D-BBB   05L06583
P32D-BBB   05L06750
P32D-BBB   05K05826
P32D-BBB   05L07521
P32D-BBB   05L07522
P32D-BBB   05L07456
P32D-BBB      05M08108
P32D-BBB      05M08109
P32D-BBB      05M08110
P32D-BBB      05M08111
P32D-BBB      05M08511
P32D-BBB      05M08438
P32D-BBB      05M08861
P32D-BBB      05M08601
P32D-BBB      05M08602
P32D-BBB      05M08603
P32D-BBB      05M08947
P32D-BBB      05M09158
P32D-BBB      05M09248
P32D-BBB      05M09065
P32D-BBB      05M09066
P32D-BBB      05M09651
P32D-BBB      05M09648
P32D-BBB      05M09649
P32D-BBB      05M09650
P32D-BBB      05M08108
P32D-BBB      05M08109
P32D-BBB      05M09847
P32D-BBB      06A10428
P32D-BBB      06A10557
P32D-BBB      05M09933
P32D-BBB      06A10935
P32D-BBB      06A11479
P32D-BBB      06A11480
P32D-BBB      06A11089
P32D-BBB      06A11315
P32D-BBB      06A11316
P32D-BBB      06A11317
P32D-BBB-SU   05D93612
P32D-BBB-SU   05J02132
P32D-BBB-SU   05J03056
P32D-BBB-SU   05L07000
P32D-BBB-SU   05M08604
P32D-CC       05H01391
P32D-CC       05D92914
P32D-CC       05K04399
P32D-CC       05M08862
P32D-CC       05M09848
P32D-CC       05M09934
P32D-CC       06A10936
P32D-GG       05F96875
P32D-GG       05K04282
P32D-GG       05K04400
P32D-GG       05K04910
P32D-GG       05K04911
P32D-GG       05L07001
P32D-GG       05L07457
P32D-GG     05L07457
P32D-GG     05L07457
P32D-GG     05M08605
P32D-GG     05M09067
P32D-GG     05M08948
P32D-GG     06A10558
P32D-GRAD   05H00623
P32D-GRAD   05H00624
P32D-GRAD   05H00679
P32D-GRAD   05H01473
P32D-GRAD   05H01392
P32D-GRAD   05J02784
P32D-GRAD   05J02784
P32D-GRAD   05K05083
P32D-GRAD   05J02784
P32D-GRAD   05L06011
P32D-GRAD   05L07002
P32D-GRAD   05L07715
P32D-GRAD   06A10695
P32D-HH     05H00305
P32D-HH     05H00306
P32D-HH     05H01474
P32D-HH     05H02028
P32D-HH     05J02834
P32D-HH     05J03057
P32D-HH     05J03058
P32D-HH     05J03059
P32D-HH     05J03060
P32D-HH     05J03061
P32D-HH     05J03373
P32D-HH     05H00976
P32D-HH     05J03769
P32D-HH     05K04912
P32D-HH     05L05897
P32D-HH     05L06227
P32D-HH     05H02028
P32D-HH     05L07003
P32D-HH     05L07031
P32D-HH     05L07312
P32D-HH     05M08607
P32D-HH     05M08608
P32D-HH     05M08606
P32D-HH     05M08949
P32D-HH     06A10083
P32D-HH     06A10084
P32D-HH     06A10085
P32D-HH     06A10086
P32D-TC     05L07717
P32D-TT     05D93800
P32D-TT     05H00388
P32D-TT     05H00387
P32D-TT      05H00755
P32D-TT      05H01809
P32D-TT      05D92915
P32D-TT      05J02513
P32D-TT      05J03374
P32D-TT      05J03375
P32D-TT      05J03770
P32D-TT      05L07458
P32D-TT      05M08512
P32D-TT      05M08439
P32D-TT      05M09159
P32D-TT      05M09935
P32D-TT      06A10937
P32D-TT      06A11318
P32D-TT      06A11407
P32D-XG      05G98988
P32D-XH      05F96771
P32D-XH      05K05156
P32D-XH      05K05157
P32D-XH      05K05158
P32D-XH      05M08863
P32D-XH      04K80564
P32D-XH      04K80565
P32D-XH      04K80566
P32D-XH      05M07919
P32D-XH-RE   04D68284
P32D-XH-RE   04D68285
P32D-XH-RE   04D68286
P32D-XT      05H00977
P32D-XX      05G99508
P32D-XX      05G99826
P32D-XX      05H00224
P32D-XX      05H00308
P32D-XX      05H99951
P32D-XX      05H00307
P32D-XX      05G98989
P32D-XX      05H00223
P32D-XX      05H00944
P32D-XX      05H00563
P32D-XX      05H00821
P32D-XX      05H01051
P32D-XX      05H01049
P32D-XX      05H01050
P32D-XX      05H01201
P32D-XX      05H01202
P32D-XX      05H01287
P32D-XX      05H01288
P32D-XX      05H01475
P32D-XX      05H01476
P32D-XX      05H01585
P32D-XX      05H01586
P32D-XX   05H01587
P32D-XX   05H01588
P32D-XX   05H01589
P32D-XX   05H01590
P32D-XX   05H01592
P32D-XX   05H01591
P32D-XX   05H01049
P32D-XX   05H01050
P32D-XX   05H00904
P32D-XX   05J02408
P32D-XX   05J02726
P32D-XX   05J02837
P32D-XX   05J02838
P32D-XX   05J02835
P32D-XX   05J02836
P32D-XX   05J03062
P32D-XX   05J03063
P32D-XX   05J03180
P32D-XX   05J03179
P32D-XX   05J03854
P32D-XX   05J03855
P32D-XX   05K04240
P32D-XX   05K04067
P32D-XX   05K04068
P32D-XX   05K04173
P32D-XX   05J03771
P32D-XX   05K05086
P32D-XX   05K05159
P32D-XX   05K04913
P32D-XX   05K04914
P32D-XX   05K05274
P32D-XX   05K05084
P32D-XX   05K05085
P32D-XX   05K05251
P32D-XX   05K05252
P32D-XX   05K05253
P32D-XX   05K05827
P32D-XX   05L06012
P32D-XX   05L06013
P32D-XX   05L06310
P32D-XX   05L06311
P32D-XX   05L06121
P32D-XX   05L06376
P32D-XX   05L06460
P32D-XX   05L06461
P32D-XX   05L06122
P32D-XX   05L06123
P32D-XX   05L06124
P32D-XX   05L07459
P32D-XX   05M08113
P32D-XX   05M08114
P32D-XX    05L07653
P32D-XX    05L07654
P32D-XX    05M07921
P32D-XX    05M08112
P32D-XX    05M08242
P32D-XX    05M08243
P32D-XX    05L07459
P32D-XX    05M08513
P32D-XX    05M08614
P32D-XX    05L07459
P32D-XX    05M08609
P32D-XX    05M08610
P32D-XX    05M08611
P32D-XX    05M08612
P32D-XX    05M08613
P32D-XX    04K80567
P32D-XX    05M07920
P32D-XX    05M09249
P32D-XX    05M09365
P32D-XX    05M09652
P32D-XX    06A10327
P32D-XX    06A10525
P32D-XX    06A10183
P32D-XX    06A10184
P32D-XX    06A10696
P32D-XX    06A10559
P32D-XX    06A10698
P32D-XX    06A10697
P32D-XX    06A10938
P32D-XX    06A11210
P36A-BBB   05G99864
P36A-BBB   05G99865
P36A-BBB   05G99866
P36A-BBB   05H01053
P36A-BBB   05H01054
P36A-BBB   05H01994
P36A-BBB   05H01995
P36A-BBB   04G75518
P36A-BBB   05J03631
P36A-BBB   05J03632
P36A-BBB   05K04283
P36A-BBB   05K04284
P36A-BBB   05K04285
P36A-BBB   05K04287
P36A-BBB   05K05088
P36A-BBB   05K05190
P36A-BBB   05K05358
P36A-BBB   05K05359
P36A-BBB   05L06125
P36A-BBB   05L06753
P36A-BBB   05L06901
P36A-BBB      05L07539
P36A-BBB      05J03980
P36A-BBB      06A10185
P36A-BBB      06A10186
P36A-BBB      06A10187
P36A-BBB      06A10188
P36A-BBB      06A10699
P36A-BBB      06A11092
P36A-BBB-SU   05L06126
P36A-BBB-SU   05L06127
P36A-BBB-SU   06A10700
P36A-BGG      05H01944
P36A-BGG      05M08440
P36A-CCC      05J02321
P36A-CCC      06A10560
P36A-GGG      05L07460
P36A-GRAD     05M08441
P36A-HHH      05H01055
P36A-HHH      05H01056
P36A-TTT      05M08010
P36A-XX       05K04288
P36A-XX       05K05360
P36D-BBB      05G99509
P36D-BBB      05G99774
P36D-BBB      05G99775
P36D-BBB      05G99776
P36D-BBB      05H00229
P36D-BBB      05H00228
P36D-BBB      05H00482
P36D-BBB      05H00566
P36D-BBB      05H00567
P36D-BBB      05H00980
P36D-BBB      05H00981
P36D-BBB      05H01477
P36D-BBB      05H01290
P36D-BBB      05H01291
P36D-BBB      05H01945
P36D-BBB      05J03182
P36D-BBB      05J03634
P36D-BBB      05J03776
P36D-BBB      05J03278
P36D-BBB      05J03902
P36D-BBB      05J03981
P36D-BBB      05K04292
P36D-BBB      05K05013
P36D-BBB      05K05363
P36D-BBB      05L05899
P36D-BBB      05L06377
P36D-BBB      05L06754
P36D-BBB      05L06666
P36D-BBB      05L06667
P36D-BBB      05L07313
P36D-BBB      05L07314
P36D-BBB      05L07315
P36D-BBB      05L07316
P36D-BBB      05L07317
P36D-BBB      05L07318
P36D-BBB      05L07319
P36D-BBB      05L07320
P36D-BBB      05L07321
P36D-BBB      05L07322
P36D-BBB      05L07323
P36D-BBB      05L07324
P36D-BBB      05L07325
P36D-BBB      05L07326
P36D-BBB      05L07327
P36D-BBB      05L07328
P36D-BBB      05L07329
P36D-BBB      05L07330
P36D-BBB      05L07540
P36D-BBB      05L07656
P36D-BBB      05M07922
P36D-BBB      05M08117
P36D-BBB      05M08357
P36D-BBB      05M08358
P36D-BBB      05M09069
P36D-BBB      05M08865
P36D-BBB      05M08866
P36D-BBB      05M08867
P36D-BBB      05M09654
P36D-BBB      06A10087
P36D-BBB      05M09655
P36D-BBB      05M09850
P36D-BBB      06A10941
P36D-BBB      06A11093
P36D-BBB      06A11094
P36D-BBB-SU   05M09070
P36D-BBG      05K05275
P36D-BBH      05M08868
P36D-BCC      05M08244
P36D-BHH      05H00982
P36D-BTT      05M09015
P36D-BTT      05F97144
P36D-CCC      05H01057
P36D-CCC      05H00905
P36D-CCC      05H01999
P36D-CCC      05J03777
P36D-CCC      05J03777
P36D-CCC      05L06902
P36D-CCC      05M08754
P36D-CCC      05M09471
P36D-GGG      05H00483
P36D-GGG    05H00568
P36D-GGG    05K05089
P36D-GGG    05L05900
P36D-GGG    05L06312
P36D-GGG    05L07461
P36D-GRAD   05H00230
P36D-GRAD   05J02133
P36D-GRAD   05J02934
P36D-GRAD   05J03376
P36D-GRAD   05K04402
P36D-GRAD   05M09851
P36D-HHH    05H00231
P36D-HHH    05H00148
P36D-HHH    05H00149
P36D-HHH    04G75519
P36D-HHH    05K05752
P36D-HHH    05L05901
P36D-HHH    05L05902
P36D-TTT    05B88872
P36D-TTT    05L07043
P36D-XX     05H01058
P36D-XX     05H01593
P36D-XX     05K05753
P36D-XX     05K05754
P36D-XX     05L05903
P36D-XX     05L07032
P36D-XX     05L07462
P36D-XX     05L07657
P36D-XX     05L07658
P36D-XX     05M08359
P48A-CCCC   05H00983
P48A-GGG    05J03637
P48A-GGG    05J03638
P48A-TTT    05J02134
P48A-TTT    05M09564
P48D-BBBB   05H00756
P48D-BBBB   05H00985
P48D-BBBB   05K05277
P48D-BBBB   05L05906
P48D-BBBB   05L07577
P48D-BBBB   06A10088
P48D-BBBB   05M09852
P48D-BBBB   06A11095
P48D-CCCC   05L05907
P48D-CCCC   05L07463
P48D-GGG    05H01353
P48D-GGG    05J02839
P48D-GGG    05K05366
P48D-TTT    05H00484
P48D-TTT    05H01946
P48D-TTT    05J02231
P48D-TTT   05J03183
P48D-TTT   05J03778
P48D-TTT   05J03903
P48D-TTT   05L06014
P48D-TTT   05L06015
P48D-TTT   05L06229
P48D-TTT   04A61350
P48D-TTT   05J03903
P48D-TTT   04H77406

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