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									                  NEWS NOTES
Quarterly Publication of the Southern Maine Library District                                                  Winter 2008

  Certificate of Appreciation                                   MRLS Celebrates 35 Years!
We all know people who support our libraries without                                  The Maine Regional Library
public recognition, dedicating their time to causes they                              System will be 35 years old in
believe in. The SMLD Board takes special pride in                                     2008. Join our Maine legislators
thanking these people at its spring council meeting.                                  and special guest Tim Sample at
                                                                                      the State Capitol on Tuesday,
If you would like to nominate a library trustee, volunteer,                           January 15, 2008, 10 am - Noon
public official, legislator, or library staff member, please                          during Maine Libraries Week.
see the guidelines and list of past recipients on the                                 We’ll have an anniversary cake,
SMLD website. Past recipients have contributed to the                                 door prizes & exhibits. The event
library world at large through district, regional or                                  is free and open to the public.
statewide projects, or helping multiple SMLD libraries.          Legislators will be presented with copies of a new
                                                               DVD about MARVEL featuring Sample and Librarian
Nominations are due March 1; the recipient(s) will be          Molly Larson. Copies will be sent to Maine libraries as
recognized at the Spring Council Meeting May 23, 2008          well.
in Portland. Further information can be found at                 Founded in July 1973 under Public Law 626, the        system provides
                                                                    Interlibrary loan services
Outstanding Librarian Award                                         Free District borrowers’ cards
                                                                    Consultant services
Windham Public Library’s Reference and Technology                   Area Reference & Resource Centers
Services Librarian Barbara Keef was presented with the              Purchasing cooperatives (SCOOP) for books,
Maine Library Association’s Outstanding Librarian of                    furniture, supplies and equipment
the Year award at its Nov. 16, 2007 meeting in Rockland
                                                                    Cooperative projects and library promotion
during the MLA Conference. Keef, who also works part-
time as a catalog assistant at St. Joseph’s College, was
recognized for her outstanding service to the                  SMLD Spring Council Meeting
community. She served on the 2007 statewide Library
Makeover Team and is a member of the SMLD                             All staff members are welcome to attend!
Reference Group. Congratulations Barbara!                                     Date: Friday, May 23, 2008
                                                                    Place: University of Southern Maine, Portland
                                                                             Information for Everyone:
 SMLD Board Appointment                                                The Changing Face of Reference Services
                                                                   Registration flyers will be mailed later this spring.
Jan Bennett, Library Education Technician III, for the
Plummer-Motz/Lunt Elementary Schools in Falmouth.,
was appointed to the Board at its November 2007                    Reading Round-Up 2008
meeting. Jan fills the school library vacancy which
occurred when board member Susan Petrikas assumed a            Attention! Registration for the ever-popular Reading
job out of state. Jan received her B.S. from Northern          Round-Up of Children’s and YA Literature Conference
Michigan University and her MLIS from Clarion                  will be online only in 2008. An email address will be
University.                                                    required in order to register.. Check the Maine State
                                                               Library website in early February for details.                                                                                    News Notes 1
      New IT Group A Success!                                   Banners, Banners, Banners!
A lively discussion about the pros and cons of Macs vs.        Available for loan from the SMLD Office:
PCs took place at the first meeting of a newly-organized           Three National Library Week banners for
group of SMLD IT librarians. Held at the Falmouth                      interior displays and exhibits. Made of felt with
Memorial Library in November 2007, the group plans to                  felt letters. #’s 1 & 2: 24 ft. long, #3: small
share ideas at future meetings and communicate via an                  banners for display case.
invitational BBS. MSLN Circuit Rider Susie Strout                  MARVEL! 2’ x 6’ with grommets for hanging
distributed copies of a new publication “The Joy of                    inside or outside
Computing” which will be one of the topics covered at
the group’s next meeting on February 28 in Biddeford.              MaineLibraries – Something for Everyone: 2’ x
                                                                       6’ with grommets for hanging inside or outside.

           Library Legislation                                    School Library Meetings
Still pending is LD 793 “An Act To Provide Essential
Library Resources to All Maine Communities”                    Date: January 15, 2008 (snow date: Jan. 16)
(formerly LR 490). It will provide over $2,800,000 in          Place: Deering High School,
FY 08 and 09 to the Maine State Library for grants to          Time: 3-5 p.m.
improve library collections throughout the State; to           Topic: “WebJunction”
support interlibrary deliveries; to digitize materials for     Date: March 26, 2008 (snow date: April 2)
preservation and statewide access; to improve online           Place: Jameson School, Old Orchard Beach
data resources; and to improve area reference and              Time: 3-5 p.m.
resource centers. The bill also provides funds for two         Topic: “Literature Clubs & Circles”
librarian positions to support Minerva, state databases
and cataloguing standards. It is sponsored by Senator          Please RSVP to the SMLD Office:
Beth Edmonds and co-sponsored by Representatives
Adams of Portland, Crockett of Augusta, Crosthwaite of
Ellsworth, and Tardy of Newport.; Speaker Cummings
                                                                       Children’s Librarians
of Portland; and Senators Mitchell of Kennebec, Rosen          All staff who work with children in public libraries are
of Hancock, and Rotundo of Androscoggin.                       invited to attend:
                                                               Date: February 5, 2008 (snow date: Feb. 6)
           Library Makeovers                                   Place: Scarborough Public Library
                                                               Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.
                              The very successful “Library
                                                               Topic: “Vacation Time Programming”
                              Makeovers” project of the
                              Maine Regional Library           Please RSVP to the SMLD Office:
                              System will continue in 2008.
                              Public libraries in towns
                              under 7500 will be notified in
                                                                       Library Renovations
                              the spring about guidelines             The Davis Library in Limington reports that
                              and schedules. A simple                  they will be closed in order to begin renovations
                              one-page application and                 to address space and mold problems.
                              photos of the library are all           The Scarborourgh Public Library recently closed
that is needed to apply. Begun in the southern district in             for a massive reorganization and replacement of
2006 to improve library interiors and provide suggestions              worn-out carpeting.
for the future, a total of 14 libraries from Kingfield to
                                                                      Walker Library in Westbrook also closed in
Orr’s Island have had one-day makeovers. A small
                                                                       order to repair water leaks and windows.
stipend will be given to each of five selected libraries
to help with furniture and equipment purchases.                       The North Berwick library used New Century
Further information:                                                   grant funds to solve water and mold problems.                                                                                  News Notes 2
                  ARRC News
Portland Public Library Reference Librarian Suzanne
Sullivan reports “One of our most popular online
services, Rosetta Stone, has decided to discontinue
service to public libraries. Our subscription ends on
November 30, and will not be renewed. I am trying to
find a replacement for this language learning product….
If you have suggestions, please let me know!”
                                                             January 9       SMLD Children’s & YA Book Review (snow
Internet computer use has been reduced to 60 minutes                         date: Jan. 16). Portland Public Library, 9:30 a.m. -
per day per patron to provide for more patron access                         Noon
and to lower waiting times.                                  January 11      SMLD Board Meeting (snow date: Jan. 18)
                                                                             Warren Memorial Library, Westbrook, 1-4 p.m.
The Children’s Department has begun a Brown Bag
author luncheon series for children’s authors, held the      January 13-19   Maine Libraries Week
first Friday of each month. The Children’s Winter            January 15      Meeting for School Librarians (snow date: Jan.
Reading Program includes a partnership with Parks &                          16) Deering High School, 3-5. “WebJunction”
Recreation and local schools; it will conclude with a        January 24      Public Library Directors [Yapping Yorkies]
finale at the Sea Dogs’ opening day.                                         (snow date: Jan. 31). Community Library, Lyman,
                                                                             9 a.m. – Noon

                         People                              January 25      Public Library Directors [Loose Librarians]
                                                                             (snow date: Feb. 15) Windham Public Library,
                                                                             9 a.m.
New appointments
Cheryl Dichirico, Children’s Librarian,                      February 5      Meeting for Children’s Librarians (snow date:
Berwick Public Library                                                       Feb. 6). Scarborough Public Library, 9:30 - 11:30
                                                                             a.m. “Vacation Time Programming”
Meg Rooks, Librarian, Gov. Baxter School
                                                             February 13     SMLD Children’s & YA Book Review
for the Deaf
                                                                             (snow date: Feb. 20). Portland Public Library,
Dorothy Smith, Director, Brownfield Public Library                           9:30 a.m. – Noon

Aimee Thompson, Library Media Specialist, Old Orchard        February 25     Public Library Directors [Talking Heads].
Beach High School                                                            Springvale Public Library, 2-4 p.m.

Retired                                                      February 28     IT Group. McArthur Public Library, Biddeford,
                                                                             9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Leona Anderson, Librarian, Gov. Baxter School for the Deaf
                                                             March 5         Public Library Directors [Chattering Cheeses]
Charlene Parsons, South Berwick Public Library                               Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick, 9:30 a.m.
Sabbatical                                                   March 7         Meeting for Reference Librarians. Falmouth
Kelley McDaniel, King Middle School, Portland (January -                     Memorial Library, 9:30 a.m. – Noon (snow date:
August 2008)                                                                 March 14, Dyer Library, Saco)
                                                             March 12        SMLD Children’s & YA Book Review
CMLD’S Consultant Retires                                                    (snow date: Mar. 19). Portland Public Library,
                                                                             9:30 a.m.-Noon
                                                             March 14        SMLD Board Meeting (snow date: Mar. 20).
CMLD Consultant Bonnie Dwyer was recognized at                               Dyer Library, Saco, 1-4 p.m.
the October 26, 2007 Fall SMLD Council Meeting in
Portland prior to her retirement on November 30. In her      March 26        Meeting for School Librarians (snow date:
                                                                             April 2). Jameson School, Old Orchard Beach,
nine years as consultant, Bonnie worked on a wide range                      3-5 p.m. “Literature Clubs & Circles”
of projects and programs including Baxter the new
Maine library mascot, weeding workshops, and statewide       April 17        Reading Round-Up of Children’s & YA
                                                                             Literature. Augusta Civic Center.
public relations. She plans to spend more time with her                      Keynote: Pat Feehan, USC
family and to conduct quilting appraisals during
retirement. Best wishes Bonnie!                              Further details: See the Maine State Library calendar
                                                                                                                                         News Notes 3

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