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The term "slip and fall" is used when one person, having taking reasonable care, falls on another
person's property due to negligence of care on the part of the property owner or resident. These
are also referred to as "trip and fall" or "fall down" claims.

A slip and fall injury can occur when a floor or walkway is wet or slick from being polished. It
can also happen when carpeting is not tacked down correctly, when floorboards are loose or
warped and cause an uneven surface. Slip and fall also applies to a situation where a box or
other misplaced item in a store intrudes into the walkway.

In other instances, missing handrails along steps or stairs, poor visibility due to inadequate
lighting and unidentified changes in floor height can be causes for trip and fall accidents.

Injuries sustained from slip and fall accidents range from a twisted ankle to broken bones or, in
some cases, permanent disabilities.


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