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									                             Items to bring to a
                          Timeless With Arbonne
                       20 minute Catalog Presentation
                         By ENVP Valerie Edwards
                           Updated on 2/20/2009

What to bring:
1) New Arbonne Flipchart with favorite EOA stories, closing
sheets, and different types of Party Themed Invites; 3 hole punches
in back.

2) 20 catalogs ( I recommend that you have binding cut off and
have a spiral put on each one with a clear cover put on the front f
each one with PRESENTATION CATALOG labeled on each one
so you can reuse them and guests will know you need these back)

3) 20 Arbonne pens

4) 2- Large Calculators

5) Hostess gift (sea salt scrub or RE-9 Body care set)

6) 1-RE 9 Anti-Aging Skincare Set & Body Care System (needs to be
in good condition with Step by Step stickers that you can purchase from Arbonne :The
Place, on the lid. DO not write step by step info with a marker on the bottles, this looks
tacky. Make sure the set is clean)

7) 1- FC5 Line (I would just bring 1 of the systems so it doesn’t look too
overwhelming & add the eye cream, & cell scrub)

8) My Favorite Things Items- I bring the light concealer, the 6N
mineral powder foundation, Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer, & 1
of the Figure 8 shakes. ( You can bring the items that you love)
 9) Booking gifts and or supplies for your booking game ( I
typically do the Deal or No Deal Game so you can go to my
website to get the details on what you need for that game. I like to
have little items that I have stocked up on through hostess rewards
to give them that night to go home with them if they schedule a
show & give me the date that night)

10) Your Arbonne Calendar with an Open Date Card Sheet
attached to it.

11) 5-hostess packets- in an Arbonne folder have:Two guest label
sheets, Hostess Rewards Brochure, EOA, Sample Pack, Hostess
Planner Sheet, Talent Scout-Wish List, Themed Party Sheet, Party
Date Card & a small item for a gift with a bow on it tied around the
folder. ( I would do an FYI Lip Gloss or an eye shadow)

12) 5- Prospecting Folders- In an Arbonne folder put a Discovery
Interview Questions Sheet, Is this Business For Your Sheet, &
Items in Prospecting Pkt PDF on my website.

13) Forms for ordering & signing up a consultant

14) 20 -Client profile sheets

15) Sea Source Detox Spa Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, Detox Spa
Renewing Gelee, & Detox Spa 24-hr re-mineralizing lotion. ( You
would use this at the sink as they come into the house to do a

**If you have the makeup kit you can bring it, just sit it aside. Also I would
recommend that you bring some demo kits or pamper buckets and leave them out in
the car, so if you have someone that you want to send home product with, you have
it with you.
Try to get all of your stuff in one bag, this is important because you don’t want your
guests to think that you had to buy a bunch of stuff in order to sell it**
                          Timeless With Arbonne
                       20 minute Catalog Presentation
                         By ENVP Valerie Edwards
                           Updated on 2/20/2009


          A few tips to think about before you go to your party
Arrive only 10 minutes before party & make sure all off your stuff can be put in one bag.
Your hostess watches everything you do, so make sure you look like you are having fun,
so don’t stress! Know your intention of your party before you go, my suggestion is to
lead with the business, always. In other words, have intention of sharing the business
with them. Talk with the hostess before the part to see if he/she is interested in the
business. Know you are there necessarily to only sell product, but to promote the
awesome opportunity that Arbonne offers & to minimum sign the guests that are in
attendance up as a wholesale consultant. If you need to make right now money you can
do that buy selling retail, although I always recommend offering the 3 ways to win. We
want this to be an experience that they will always remember, the night they were
offered the opportunity that changed their life. You want to have fun and for your
guests to leave there thinking that they enjoyed their evening.

 I use the opportunity to do an in-home presentation as a way for me to get in front of
more people to share the business to. Personally, I do a party only intending to sell
product. I typically find anywhere from 1 or more business builders or interested guests
at each presentation. You can also do this same presentation in a one-on-one type setting.
This presentation that I put together is what I say from my heart.
 I only want you to use this to practice from, and then maybe take an outline with you to
your party of this, so you can remember what key topics to discuss. Be authentic, make
this presentation your own. Use this as a guideline, and remember the more you present
the better your presentation will be! If all else fails and you forget and get nervous, just
share what you love about Arbonne and the products. Do a MY FAVORITE THINGS
party! I hope this helps!!
                      Timeless With Arbonne
                   20 minute Catalog Presentation
                     By ENVP Valerie Edwards
                       Updated on 2/20/2009

As guests arrive greet them at the door and guide them to the sink. You will
then do a “handcial” on them using the Detox Spa Products. (This is a great
way to introduce them to another product line that Arbonne offers.) This is
the time that you would use to break the ice by asking them questions like;
how do you know the hostess, what do you do, do you have kids, have you
been to a show, have you used Arbonne. This allows you to have an idea of
your guests before you actually start your presentation. After they have had
ONE of their hands done by YOU, you would then hand them the client
profile sheet, a pen, and the deal or no deal box or tin. Tell them that you
will be doing a drawing at the beginning of the presentation for those that
have the profile sheet filled out before the show. Tell them that they box/tin
is a surprise and they can’t open it until the end of the presentation. Tell
them to grab some food, and a drink and then guide them to have a seat and
start filling out their form.

Start Presentation:

Have hostess open up the presentation by telling everyone thank
you for coming and sharing why she is hosting the show. Have her
share what she loves about Arbonne and the products, and what
she wants to earn for FREE through her hostess benefits. Have the
hostess introduce you & then turn the presentation over to you.

Thank everyone for coming, and introduce yourself . “ Good
Evening everyone, thank you so much for coming tonight to help
support “hostess”. My name is Valerie and I have been with
Arbonne for 7 years this March. I started using the products first
because I had struggled with acne most of my life & then had such
incredible results with the products that I soon realized I wanted to
Arbonnize my home. I hosted a presentation myself, to earn my
products for free. To preface this, prior to Arbonne I deemed
myself as a “party snot”. Although after that first presentation I
soon realized that Arbonne had an incredible business. I will share
you with later in my presentation just how this business has made a
difference for my family & with me personally.”

Before I start my short presentation I would love for everyone to
go around the room and introduce themselves, share how they
know the hostess, and if time and money were of no issue what
would they do with their life.


Thank hostess & give her a gift for organizing this presentation. Share with
everyone that the hostess will be getting an 80% shopping spree tonight
through her hostess rewards.
Share with them that you do a short 5 page catalog presentation & at the end
of the presentation you will be sharing with everyone how they will all have
the opportunity to get anywhere from a 20% to an 80% discount on their

*Have them turn to page 4 in the catalog, talk about the history of
Arbonne & the Arbonne difference

Arbonne is a 29 year old, Swiss formulated, health & wellness company.
We are currently sold in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Arbonne
prides itself on our Pure, Safe, and Beneficial motto. We only use the
purest quality of ingredients that are in the marketplace. Everything is safe
for your skin, hair, and body. Every one of our products are beneficial to
you in someway. Even our lipstick has anti-aging elements. We get our
ingredients from all over the world. Everything is formulated and tested at
AIRD, our research and development company in Switzerland; by top bio-
chemist, biologist, & herbalist, although everything is made here in the US.
As you can see on page 4 on the left hand side of the page there are bullet
points. These are the standards that we stand by as we formulate all of our
products, which by the way include skincare ,detox, cosmetics,
aromatherapy, nutrition, & weight management.
This is what makes Arbonne different than any other product lines on the
market. These things were also the biggest selling point for me switching to
Arbonne myself.

Arbonne’s products are botanically based; this means that our products are
made up of plants, vegetables, herbs, minerals, and fruit..things like that.

We are pH Correct (your skin should be a 5.5-6.5 pH level, and when your
using products that use harsh ingredients which strip your acid mantle, this is
why it is imperative to use a product that is pH correct, or you could develop
dry skin, then your sebum (your oil producer in your skin), will produce
more oil to compensate for what you are stripping, causing you to be in a
constant cycle of being dry and then oily over and over again.)

We are hypoallergenic, many times you will see allergy tested on bottles,
not hypoallergenic , all that is saying is “Hey we have tested for allergies,
but we aren’t telling you the results.”

Dermatologist tested (we have dermatologists & general family practice
doctors in the Kansas City Area that use Arbonne in their offices.

Arbonne does not do animal testing, we are PETA friendly, & it is
formulated without animal by-product. I know most of you know what
animal by-product is, so without going into extensive details about this..our
skin naturally produces its own collagen, so how are they getting collagen in
a bottle? It comes from animals. If you see a product that has lanolin,
elastin, or collagen in it, it comes from animals.
We actually have a volunteer human panel that tests our products as they are
made and we use the RIPT Test to check the results of that particular
product on their skin. On a scale of 0-10..10 being the worse, Arbonne has
to have 0’s across the board on all 50 people, or that product goes back to
AIRD, and they reformulate it and start all over.
We also do not use mineral oil. Mineral oil is pore clogging. The
molecular structure of mineral oil is too large to penetrate the skin, so it sits
right on top of the skin, blocking any good ingredients in the product from
penetrating the skin. It is like wrapping your skin in Saran wrap. I have had
many people ask me, if mineral oil is so bad for your skin, then why do all of
these skincare and cosmetic companies use it? Well two reasons, because
it is cheap (it cost a $1 a gallon to buy mineral oil whereas it could cost up to
$100 a gallon to buy botanical ingredients, and they are spending so much
money on advertising their product that they are having to cut cost
somewhere.) The second reason is it gives you the appearance that it is
moisturizing your skin, but all it is doing is leaving a layer of oil on your
skin to make it look and feel that way. Arbonne doesn’t use mineral oil
because there is no benefit to having it in your skincare products.

We use no chemical dyes or chemical fragrances in any of products. We
have an incredible line of very trendy makeup products that are all made
without the use of dyes or chemical fragrances.

This is probably the biggest reason why I use and promote Arbonne to all of
my friends & family. I know I would never recommend something to my
friends & family, unless I knew it was the best product out there.

*Have everyone turn to the FC5 Page

“Tonight I will be focusing on skincare. Because we all have skin; it is your
largest breathing organ in your body.”

“Arbonne is all about timeless beauty. But, beauty with benefits. I want to
start out the evening tonight with our FC5 line. This system was formulated
for pre-RE-9 users. SO, for those that don’t quite need the Anti-Aging
system. This would typically represent the teens to early 20 years olds.
Arbonne developed & owns the patent on the technology used to make this
system. We are the only skincare company that uses Fresh Cell Science.
The FC5 stands for Fresh Cell Science, and the 5 stands for the 5 fruits &
vegetables that Arbonne uses to formulate these products. The 5 fruits &
vegetables are: kiwi, strawberry, mango, pumpkin, and carrots.
 Arbonne has developed this technology that extracts the nutrients from the
fruits & vegetables & then keeps them encapsulated until they are applied to
the skin. This keeps the nutrients at their purest state & allows the skin to
get the full benefits of the fruits & vegetables.
 We have two sets to choose from; normal to oily & normal to dry. In these
economic times the price & the simplicity of these systems are very
attractive to consumers. Each set only has three products in the system so it
is very convenient for the users. The N/O line comes with a purifying
cleanser/toner combo, a daycream with SPF 20, and a mattifying powder &
retails for only $80. The N/D lines comes with a hydrating cleanser/toner
combo, a daycream with SPF 20, and a night cream that retails for only $96.
With each system you can also include a eye cream & a new cell exfoliating
scrub. This is a great system to start out on if you are on a budget, and or
want a great skincare system to help prepare & protect your skin as you
age.” “ This system was also featured in Allure magazine in February of

“Okay, now for the line that has completely put Arbonne into a whole new
league when it comes to skincare. This line is known as the Mercedes of
skincare. It’s The NutriMinC RE-9 Anti-Aging line. “

Turn to the RE-9 Page

   “IN 2003 Arbonne introduced the Re-9 Anti-Aging System. This system
   has allowed Arbonne to currently hold over 60% of the anti-aging market
   in the network marketing industry. It has a US & Swiss Patent Pending.
   No one else has our formulation. It last between 6 to 9 months
   depending on the user’s skin type. It is highly concentrated so you don’t
   have to use very much. So when I tell you what it has done for so many
   of us, you will want to bathe in this, but honestly, a little bit does indeed
   go a long way. It also is in an air-tight pump, which insures the highest
   quality of ingredients maintain their pure state. As well as it is easy to
   use. We have 9 key elements that make it work. This is why no other
   skin care line can compare.”
   “ When I share this system with you, you may think, (that looks like to
   many steps, I don’t have the time to use this many products.) Although I
   want to share with you how simple this system is. With any skincare
   system there are three main steps that you need … to cleanse, tone and
   then moisturize. I know sometimes a whole skin care system can seem
completely overwhelming, so I am going to break it up for you into three
parts. For those of you who are VERY basic, and want to use only a
minimal amount of products, I will share with you the 3 main steps. Here
is the Re-9 wash, you will take one pump in your hand & add water to it,
it will foam and you will use this morning and night to remove dirt,
makeup & oil. Then we have our Re-9 toner, which I love. NO more
cotton ball, you will just mist this directly to the face and then pat it dry.
A toner is used to restore the PH to the skin, as when you add water to
your cleanser it disturbs the acid mantle. It also helps to tighten the
membranes around the pores making your pores appear much smaller.
The Re-9 daycream is great, because a little bit goes a long way. I teach
my clients to use a “glaze” not a goop or a gob. Just about a ¼ of a
pump, and then a light glaze on the fingertips, and massage it up the neck
and the face. As you can see it is in an airtight bottle, so the product
pumps up to the top. It does have SPF 8 in it as well.

 Arbonne has included anti-aging elements in these three products, but
they have also added some specialty products as part of this line.

Would any of you ever use a foot cream on your face as a moisturizer?
Probably not, just like you wouldn’t put foot cream on your face, you
shouldn’t be putting your moisturizer under your eye area. The skin
around your eye area is much thinner and it needs a specific product that
is designed for that.     The Re-9 corrective eye cream which is for
puffiness, dark circles, and crows’ feet around the eyes is designed
specifically to be used for the thin skin around the eye area. You just
take about 1/4 of a pump on your ring finger and tap together, and then
tap around your eye area. We use kojic acid in the eye cream which is
great for the dark circles under the eye area. Then we have also added
elhibin & stimutex which are used to help tighten the loose skin around
the eye area.
This is the RE-9 serum which is used day and night, to help with any sun
& environmental damage. Those of you who are SUN GODDESSES,
and share in my vision that “tan fat is better than white fat”, this is a
product that you need. This is to help repair any damage that your skin
has been exposed to caused by the sun, and the free radicals in the
environment. We use AHA’s & BHA’s, the alpha and beta hydroxyl
acids, which are derived from sugar cane. This is used throughout this
system to help dissolve the dead skin & breakaway the glue that holds
those dead skin cells together.
The last product in this system is the Re-9 night cream, which I just love.
This is on your skin while you are sleeping, which if you are lucky could
be up to 8 hours, unless you are a new mom. You will just use a
meringue pie peak amount. Your face is like the windshield on your car,
it is exposed to all the free radicals in the environment, and is on your
skin helping to repair your skin from all the damage throughout the day
that your skins been exposed to.

 When you buy the Re-9 system as a set, you will get our “face lift in a
bottle”, our Transforming lift for free. This is a temporary tightening and
firming sensation which will last about 6 hours, then after 6 hours you
will turn into a pumpkin..haaa..No it just doesn’t feel as tight as it did
when you first put it on, although it does have anti-aging elements in it
for long term protection.
 I am going to have you put about a drop of the lift on your hand, and
then put the day cream on top of that. You will be able to see how it
feels, and how it smells. We do use Vitamin C throughout this entire
system. This is why the bottles are orange. If you wanting to see why
you want to use products that have vitamin c in them, take your clothes
off and jump up and down in front of a mirror and you will know why
you want to use products with Vitamin C. (Typically everyone will laugh)
The last part of my presentation is MY FAVORITE THINGS portion. I
love to share with everyone the things that I LOVE!! The first is the
concealer. If I was on survivor I would bring my concealer, and my
mascara. If they say I an only bring 1 thing, I will tape the concealer to
my chest! ( LOL) I have figured out that I can brush my teeth with a
stick! ( LOL) The concealer is amazing. It has great coverage. If you
have dark circles, dark spots, and look tired, this is great to completely
brighten up your face! One of my other favorite products is the Virtual
Illusion Makeup Primer. This goes on under your makeup. It keeps your
makeup on all day, as well as gives you that porceilin look, by
minimizing the pores. The Mineral Powder Foundation is another one of
my favorite things, it has SPF 15 in it, has incredible coverage, and we
have over 15 shades. It is great for all skin types, and includes the kabuki
brush. The last product that I share is the Figure 8 Protein shake. I drink
these every morning for breakfast. It is filling and has 20 grams of
protein per serving. Because we don’t use any animal by-product, our
protein source is rice, cranberry, and yellow vegetable pea protein. It
also has Co-Enzyme Q10, and flaxseed. Arbonne has put together a
website to help support anyone with their weight management goals,
www.gofigure8.com . You can get different recipes as well as tips to
support you on a regular basis.

In closing, I want to share with you that with Arbonne you have 3
different ways you can purchase products with Arbonne.

 1) You can be a client and purchase directly from me. There is an order
form in the back of your catalog. You will also receive a 45 day money
back guarantee on any products that you purchase. I take great care of my
clients & offer Client ONLY specials throughout the year. If you decide
that you want to purchase products, although you would like to earn most
of them for free, than you might be a GREAT candidate to host your own
presentation like (hostess name). [At this time have everyone take out
their boxes/tins for the Deal or No Deal Game] If you want to pull out
your boxes, we are going to play a quick game of Deal or No Deal.
Pretend I am #13, the cute blonde, on the Howie Mandel show. The deal
is if you decide to help support ( hostess name) and book a show off her
show tonight, you will be able to say “deal” and open your box..you will
get whatever is in your box the night of your show, as well as a gift to
take home with your tonight when you book. If you say “no deal” that
means you do not want to help ( hostess name) get her booking benefit
and you don’t want to host a show. (they all typically laugh when I say
that) So lets play, Deal or No Deal, who wants to say “deal!”.

2) Your 2nd option with Arbonne is you can become a Preferred Client
   with Arbonne for only $29. This will give you 20% off all of your
   products tonight and for an entire year; with no strings attached. No
   minimum monthly order, you will have the opportunity to even get a
   50% discount twice within your first two months, and be able to
   sponsor others yourself and be able to make a little extra money if you
   choose to. So whatever you want tonight you would get at 20% off,
   and if you order $150 in product & sign up as a Preferred Client you
   will be able to pick our ONE PRODUCT FOR FREE OUT OF THE
   PRODUCT IN THE CATALOG. There is a preferred client
   application in the backs of all of your catalogs, if you want to get the
   discount tonight!
3) Your 3rd option tonight is if you are interested in building a business
   with Arbonne, you can sign up as a consultant. Arbonne is all about
   choices, you can build a business with Arbonne to provide you with a
   replacement income, a supplemental income, or a lifestyle income.
   Arbonne has multiple reach out methods in which you can build your
   business; in home presentations like this one tonight, one on one
   business appointments, or take a look calls.

      Since 1957 there have been thousands of network marketing
   company’s start up, but only 50 of those have been in business longer
   than 10 years. Arbonne is one of those. We have been in business for
   29 years. We have consumable products that because of their demand,
   has an 87% retention rate with our consumers. Our products meet the
   timing and trends of today (health & wellness) & more and more
   people are looking for ways to make an additional stream of income.
   In these economic times when companies are downsizing, laying off
   their employees, cutting wages & benefits, Arbonne has just given
   their consultants a pay raise.
    This is a business that you can work alongside your current
   profession, in the nooks & crannies of your life. We meet all market
   demands; we have product lines for babies, teens, men & women.
   Network Marketing gives you the ability to leverage your time. SO
   what I do is teach and train others to do what I do, and then I will get
   paid a residual income from their sales and the sales of those that they

   I have been able to make a very high 6 figure income with Arbonne
   since my first year in Arbonne. I started my business at 25 years old,
   for only $29, and no inventory. I was able to build my business from
   a list of friends and family, and from that I now have over 75 other
   VP’s on my team. Only one of them did I know before I started my
   business, and that was my mom. Because of my business I have been
   able to go to Hawaii 5 times, four of them have been paid for by
   Arbonne, and two I have been able to bring my children. I have to say
   it was on my very first vacation to Oahu, when I saw my girls looking
   out into the ocean early one morning and talking about the “sharks”
   that I realized, everyone deserves to see a vacation through their
   children’s eyes. We are in the process of adopting our son Mateo
   from Guatemala, and because of the income I have with Arbonne we
have been able to pay for this long process out of pocket, support his
orphanage throughout the year, and visit him three times.

If you are at a place in your life where you are looking for answers to
help out financially, or looking for something for you, Arbonne could
be the answer. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and
share with you a bit more in detail about how Arbonne could be a
good fit for you. If you are interested in doing this, please let me
know and I have some information & a gift that I will send home with
you tonight.

So in closing, if you want to start looking through your catalogs, and
picking out what skincare system or products work within your budget
& skincare needs, I can start helping those that have to head home
first. If you can start shopping now, and then after I get everyone’s
orders, you can go get some snacks, drinks and mingle. I will be here
for the next 20 minutes taking orders at the table by the door.

Thank you so much for having me, and thank you (hostess name) for
hosting the show, I look forward to seeing how much of a shopping
spree you are going to get!”

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