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 sales career planning

  sale can be said to be the most extensive and most challenging job, in the era of
market openness , none of the enterprises say I do not need sales people, to some
extent, determine the vitality of the sales force the vitality of enterprises. Of course,
there are special circumstances, such as some small business start-ups may not
full-time sales and marketing staff, as the boss itself play a sales role.
  for young people, the sale is perhaps the most likely to be a successful career in a
short time. Sales employees as a group are relatively independent, and financial
personnel, researchers, production personnel, technicians and other positions than the
average sales positions with lower barriers to entry. For other staff - both in technical
work or service, as long as good health, age appropriate, are likely to go to sales
positions, lower barriers to entry positions, so that as many sales job entry points.
Because sales is a very strong professional practice, we rely entirely on performance
to speak, and results easier to measure, so there are some special professional and
technical sales positions, most of the sales job is not very high on the academic
  sales staff has a very distinctive features: poor job stability, work pressure on
business entertainment to become the normal state of life. Especially for direct
market-oriented grass-roots business people, although more liberal working hours, but
the pressure of sales targets, so that married people often attend to their families,
unmarried attend to love, can not be friends for a long time chat, party. Of course,
selling is a high-pressure, high-return jobs, in addition to the highest political level,
the majority of enterprises in the most susceptible to post-paid is the sales category.
And with the level of finance director, human resources managers than sales director,
sales manager, general revenues will be higher than a length.
  with age, when the momentum and enthusiasm light fade, the responsibilities of
family life and the pursuit of stability, so many young grass-roots sales have begun to
plan their career. Business sales staff redundant? Career development path is what?
  sales undertaken in accordance with the contents of the current domestic sales can be
divided into senior marketers (such as sales managers), general sales staff (mostly
Client representative), sales personnel (including shopping sales and marketing
personnel mining customers) and part-time sales staff. Overall, sales of four
professional way. First, vertically grown to senior sales manager, but to achieve this
goal very few sales; 2 is the horizontal development of transition to management and
other positions; Third, to develop their entrepreneurial independence; Fourth, the area
of professional development do sales management advice or training. It can be seen
coming out from the sales force went in as far as easy, so competition between sales
staff is also very intense. Now we start to talk about the sales of specific categories of
staff development: the direction of one, a senior sales manager sales staff career
growth, if the orientation has been engaged in sales, be sure the goal is to become a
senior sales staff. Direction to achieve this goal there are two, first from the "skill"
point of view, continue to improve and enhance their work methods and capabilities,
from low-level non-professional sales people to become professional players. This
trend is mainly embodied in the concept of work, ideas, tools and methods in a more
professional, from relying on feeling, by the momentum shift work emphasizes
quantitative data, professional investigation and analysis, grasp market trend; the
second direction is from "surgery" to "Road", from the strategic and organizational
point of view the global system of high thinking, to further enhance the role and
conversion jobs. To become a senior sales staff or managers, salespeople have to
increase the system analysis, comprehensive thinking, from a strategic height to do
sales, marketing thinking, multi-tap first-line information for intelligence processing,
the final play to play for the high-level decision-making strategy consultant roles.
  pass from the specific development, there are several directions: upward mobility: if
a large company or group of branches, area or branch sales experience to do, when the
accumulated some experience, excellent Sales professionals can choose the right
opportunity, upward mobility development, to more on the level or the corporate
headquarters to do the work of sales department, or you can lead the larger sales team,
management, market region. In the growth stage of the fast moving consumer goods
industry, many sales are through the break up the flow of new world of their own
career development.
  downward flow: If the work in the sales department headquarters when the
accumulated some experience, according to market development scale and speed,
choose the right opportunity, the development of downstream flow to the next level or
multi-level branches to work, usually with a sales team, management, provincial /
region market, or going to open up a new business segment. Such sales can be
advanced at the head of sales management concepts and operational means and the
actual market integration, while continuing to exercise after a period of time often
become the future leader of many enterprises or senior managers.
  horizontal quit: Excellent sales staff are often the backbone of the company, can be
brought directly to the company revenue and cash flow, but if the company's pay and
benefits or the performance appraisal policies can not effectively motivate them, then
they change jobs or change jobs in the offing. From an organizational point of view,
many companies are willing to spend lots of money from the sale of rival some of the
best talent poached. From a personal point of view, the water flows, Man struggles
upwards;. As long as no breach of professional ethics, and labor contract provisions
and the relevant provisions of the relevant legal provisions, sales to a certain level of
development for an environment and space are a good way.
  direction of two, turned to management positions,
  when the sales staff to do a certain time, can be combined with personal interests and
organizational needs by way of lateral movement of the rotation, shift-related
professional functions of management positions, specifically to Select from three
perspectives: the sales business or if you still interested in the work-related, not
willing to leave the marketing, the company's human resources arrangement also
allows, you can choose horizontal related posts such as: market analysis, public
relations, brand construction and management, channel management, supplier
  background in management, or if there is interest on the management, direction can
be developed include: market information or information management, industry
research, strategic planning, human resources management, project management.
  If you work in the sales of products or industries in manufacturing, operations,
research and development, design technology accumulated advantages, could go
high-tech mobile posts such as: operational management, pre-sales technical support,
product testing, after-sale technical service.
  direction of the three, individual entrepreneurs
  have been out of business sales background can be said that the most suitable.
Enterprises to survive, must first have the market, and a good job is a lot of
entrepreneurs have to first solve their own problems. The envy of many successful
people are from the sales to start in the accumulation of certain funds, experience and
resources gained after a successful independent business.
  sales staff is the biggest advantage of entrepreneurial experience and resources. Sales
experience a rich person than other entrepreneurs, the industry's understanding of the
operation of enterprises, changes in the perception of the market will have a big
advantage. At the same time, they are likely to accumulate money and good in the
chain of interpersonal resources, to understand the operation of the industry and the
key to success, even reasonable and legitimate to take a stable customer relationship
  direction d, switch to management consulting and training
  If you leave the industry to start a new business space, but also a new career
direction of choice. Example, experienced sales staff to do management consulting
and training reform is a good choice, many management consulting firm consultant,
trainer, transfer all come from the marketing practice, some or marketing chiefs,
directors, managers and other large areas, because they rich sales experience and
industry background, a better understanding of the marketing environment, business
practice, relevant industry doing marketing management consulting, strategic
consulting and professional training, especially when there appears to advantage. This
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