Semantic Web - EU perspectives

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					Semantic Web - EU perspectives

     Dieter Fensel
     Business Informatics Group
     Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
 Ontoweb
 RDT projects
 2002-2006. Framework 6
 National Fundings
 Our next steps
Thematic Network on Semantic Web:
      OntoWeb: Ontology-based information
       exchange for knowledge management and
       electronic commerce
        – 3 years: June 2001 to May 2004
        – Budget around 2 M€
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   Mailing list:;
OntoWeb: Thematic Network for
Semantic Web (Partners)
   Coordinator
    – Dieter Fensel, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam
   Academic members:
    – Universities and research institutes (>55)
   Industrial members:
    – large, middle, and small size companies (>35)
OntoWeb: Thematic Network for
Semantic Web (Special Interest Groups)

Special Interest Group
  – Ontologies (SIG1)
  – Ontology Language Standards (SIG2)
  – Ontology Tool Environments (SIG3)
  – Industrial Application (SIG4)
  – Language Technology in Ontology
    Development and Use (SIG5)
 Where to enjoy the Semantic Web Summer??

You shouldn’t miss!!
Semantic Web Summer Package:
ISWC2002 + OntoWeb3
- location: Sardinia, Italy
- duration: June 10-14
- free gift: OTK dissemination workshop
RDT projects
 – Ontoknowledge
 – Ibrow
 – Ontologging
 – Obelix
 – Swap
 – Esperonto
 – Htechsight
 – Wonderweb
R&D Semantic Web projects:
   On-To-Knowledge: Content-driven Knowledge-
    Management through Evolving Ontologies
    – Consortium: VUA (co-ordinator), AIFB, BT, SwissLife,
      CognIT, Aidministrator, Enersearch, OntoText
    – Budget: 2.5M€
    – Key contribution: OIL -> OWL
EU flagship project for Semantic Web and Ontology

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   IBROW: An Intelligent Brokering Service for
    Knowledge-Component Reuse on the World-Wide
    – Consortium: UvA (co-ordinator), VUA, AIFB, OU, CSIC,
      iSOCO, Stanford
    – Budget: 2 M€
    – Key contribution: Web Service Modeling Framework
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   Ontologging: Corporate Ontology Modelling
    and Management System
    – Consortium: INSEAD-CALT (co-ordinator), FZI, Meta4,
      ARCHETYPON, Deltatec, Indra
    – Budget: 4 M€
    – Key contribution: Continuing Ontoknowledge

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   OBELIX: Ontology-Based ELectronic Integration of
    compleX products and value chains
    – Consortium: SINTEF (co-ordinator), SENA, Ontoprise,
      VUA, PTSS, Melhus Energy
    – Budget: 3 M€
    – Key contribution: an e-business ontology tool suite and
      library to support smart collaborative e-business.
     SWAP                                     SWAP
   SWAP: Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer
    – Consortium: AIFB (Co-ordinator), VUA, META4, Empolis
      (UK, Polska), Interbiz, Dresdner Bank
    – Budget: 4 M€
    – Key contribution: realizing the potential of Ontologies
      understood as dynamic networks of meaning.
   Esperonto: Application Service Provision of
    Semantic Annotation, Aggregation, Indexing and
    Routing of Textual, Multimedia, and Multilingual Web
    – Consortium: ISC, University Marid, VUA, DFKI,
      University of Liverpool, Biovista, RE
    – Budget: 4 M€
    – Key contribution: bridge the gap between the actual WWW and
      the Semantic Web by providing a service to "upgrade" existing
      content to semantic Web content
   Htechsight: A knowledge management platform with
    Intelligence & Insight capabilities for Technology Intensive
   Consortium:
    – Univ of Surrey (co-ordinator), Univ of Rovira I Virgili, VUA,
      SemanticEdge, Athens Technology Center, Institution of Chemical
      Engineers, Bayer AG, Gerolymatos, Mamidoil.
    – Budget: 4 M€
    – Key contribution: Knowledge management in the
   WonderWeb: Ontology Infrastructure for the
    Semantic Web
    – Consortium: University of Manchester (co-ordinator),
      VUA, AIFB, LADSEB-CNR, Stanford
    – Budget: 1,5 M€
    – Key contribution: WonderRule, a rule language for the
      semantic web.

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     SWWS Proposal
   SWWS: Semantic Web enabled Web Services
    – Consortium: VUA (Co-ordinator), FZI, iSOCO, HP,
      OntoText, Shinka, Oracle
    – Budget: 3 M€
    – Key contribution: Making web services a mature
      technology by fully employing the Web Service Modeling
      Framework (WSMF)

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2002-2006: Framework 6
Much broader range comparing to FP5
 Integrated          projects up to 100
 Ontoweb projects up to 10 M€.
 Starting in early 2003.
National Fundings
 Ireland as an example:
  Between 2002 and 2006, Ireland will
   spend around 500 M€ for research on
   IT and Biotech.
  Irland is with 3,6 million inhabitants
   around 1% of the European Union.
Our next steps
 Forming a project cluster of arounf 20
  different projects around the semantic
 OntoWeb II in 2004: 10 M€
 Semantic Web enabled Web services
  project as a key enabler for Ecommerce
  in 2002:100 M€