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Rhythmic Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics Pham Van Pham Van teaching plan


									Rhythmic Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics teaching program Pham Van Pham Van

 Pham Van Rhythmic Gymnastics teaching plan action

 rhythmic gymnastics teaching programs

 teaching plan Rhythmic Gymnastics


  Teaching Rhythmic Gymnastics is a purpose, planned, systematic and effective
knowledge of the artistic gymnastics, technology and skills to students, for aesthetic
Education, training them to become moral, intellectual, the comprehensive
development of a successor. In order to better accomplish the task of teaching
rhythmic gymnastics, in the process of teaching practice, not only to implement the
various teaching principles, but also using a variety of teaching methods and effective.
  in art gymnastics teaching, giving students a master correct technique, use of
effective teaching methods, we must clarify the formation of motor skills, body
awareness and functional activities to follow the law.
  (a) of the generalization stage: this stage can only be so that students have basic
understanding of the action to obtain perceptual knowledge, a rough grasp of action.
Teaching method is used to explain, demonstration, and practice and induced
decomposition exercises.
  (b) differentiation stage: At this stage of practice for teachers to guide students in the
process, and continue to delve into action, in-depth analysis of all the details of the
action, and strengthen the right action, inhibit the action is not the correct part, to
improve the quality of movement. Teaching method is used to complete method and
decomposition method, and sometimes key demonstration to be done, and repeatedly
  (3) to build momentum into shape: The practice law, which sets for practice,
changing conditions of practice: repetition. However, the improvement of technical
details of a particular action should also note that adoption of the model, explain,
video, film and other visual aids to facilitate the movement can be further improved.
  press sites were easy to difficult, from simple to complex, Deep and joint action by a
single action to the step by step teaching system to enable students to move quickly to
establish the concept, develop the correct body position for lay a solid foundation to
improve skills and effective teaching methods. In teaching and training arm and leg
exercises first solve the legs together with the upper limb movements, this reduces the
learning time and promote faster action to master.

  specific teaching rhythmic gymnastics as follows:
  in February:
, Basic training: press leg (front, side, back), compression hip
  March:% D % A waist exercises
, the pole at the waist, then bend over
, ground lumbar
  volume in April:
, learn gymnastics moves
, open shoulder, opening the hips
, learn gymnastics moves, complete the first paragraph of the instruction
, basic skills: forward roll, the next fork
, complete all the gymnastics action
, basic moves Training: forward roll, the next fork
, rehearsal program
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