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									English Teaching Methods
English at Surrey is committed to offering a variety of teaching methods in order to
maximise students' achievement of their potential in terms of both knowledge and
skills. These methods include more traditional formats such as lectures, tutorials and
seminars, and also include workshops, individual supervisions, directed independent
study using electronic materials, and ULearn, and work experience. Evaluation of
modules is assured through feedback forms, the Staff Student Liaison Committee
(SSLC) and representation on Department Board meetings.

The methodology adopted in modules combines a wide range and also constitutes a
progression from supported to student-led learning. At level 1, knowledge and skills
are provided in lectures and tested in workshops and seminars to introduce students to
a wide knowledge base in terms of genre, period-based texts and a wider context, as
well as to ensure that they have the skills necessary for theoretical analysis and
writing practice. Students are also introduced to e-learning via ULearn and to
Personal Development Planning.

At level 2, while lectures are still incorporated to provide more in-depth knowledge of
the Anglophone canon, genre, and context, there is increasing use of student-led
involvement in seminars and workshops with group work and presentations. ULearn
is incorporated into teaching methodologies at this level with the use of more
sophisticated student-led discussion boards and interactive practice. There are no
lectures at level 3 and teaching becomes an interactive engagement between staff and
students with both tutor-led and student-led sessions. All modules are research-led,
reflecting the current and up-to-date activities of tutors and recent developments in the
subject. Group work and individual presentations are more sustained than at levels 1
and 2. ULearn activity develops skills further enabling students to build their own e-
learning activities into the modules. In addition, all students must complete a
sustained piece of individual research-led work that can take the form of one of the
following: a scholarly dissertation; a creative writing submission; a project (Joint
Honours students only). Students will be prepared for, and allocated to, one of these
choices through the Research and Development I module at level 2.

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