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                                      June 2008
The California Child Care Resource and Referral Network is a 26-year-old non-
profit training, technical assistance, and advocacy organization which works with
61 child care resource and referral agencies (R&Rs) in California. The Network’s
mission is to improve the quality and supply of child care through activities and
projects that assist child care providers, parents, R&Rs and the general public.

                                    TRAINING MATERIALS

Family Child Care Handbook – Seventh              Cuatro Pasos a Una Profesión: Curso de
Edition! (English)                                Entrenamiento Práctico del Cuidado
A comprehensive anthology of family child         Infantil Hogareño (Spanish)
care training materials covering start-up,        A practical training guide for child care
business aspects, parent-provider relations,      providers. The four “pasos” are: “You”,
child development activities, and child care      “Your Children”, “Your Family”, and “Your
resources. (2007) $80.00                          Business”, and come in a set of four books.
                                                  (1998-99) $50.00
El Comienzo – Second Edition (Spanish)
This publication covers a range of topics         Look Who’s Coming to Family Child
with respect to getting started in the business   Care: Infants & Toddlers (English)
of family child care, including tips for          A guide to caring for infants and toddlers in
starting your business, how to become             family child care. (1999) Limited
licensed, setting up your environment, age        availability
appropriate activities and much more.
(2002) $50.00                                     ¡Mire Quien Viene a Su Cuidado Infantil
                                                  Hogareño! Infantes y Niños Pequeños De
Meeting the Needs of Working Parents:             Nacimineto a 24 Meses de Edad
A Guide for Family Child Care Providers           (Look Who’s Coming in Spanish)
Offering Early Morning, Evening,                  (1999) $20.00 OUT OF STOCK
Overnight and Weekend Child Care
(English)                                         Look Who’s Coming to Family Child
A hands-on training resource for family           Care is now available in Chinese and
child care providers offering non-traditional     Vietnamese! (2004) $20.00
child care. Includes tips for starting your
program, supplies and equipment, planning         Look Again: Infants and Toddlers in
for activities and more. (2000) $15.00            Family Child Care (English)
OUT OF STOCK                                      An advanced guide to caring for infants
                                                  and toddlers in family child care. (2004)
                                                  $20.00 OUT OF STOCK

                                                  Mire Otra Vez (Look Again in Spanish)
                                                  (2004) $20.00 OUT OF STOCK
RESOURCES                                                       REPORTS

Recursos/Resources: A Bibliography of           Helping Family Day Care Providers Stay
Spanish-Language Family Day Care                In The Business – Retention Strategies
Training Materials (English)                    From The Child Care Initiative Project
An annotated bibliography listing materials     (CCIP) (English)
in Spanish gathered from training projects      This report examines reasons and
and other educational organizations for         circumstances impacting new providers’
family child care providers throughout the      decisions to stay in or leave the field. Based
country. (1993) $10.00                          on analysis of more than 200 follow-up
                                                interviews with recruits from CCIP’s pilot
                                                year, as well as existing research on turnover
              BROCHURES                         and dialogue with family child care experts
                                                around the country. (1989) $15.00
TrustLine Brochure
(English or Spanish) A tri-fold brochure that   Developing Family Day Care In Latino
describes California’s TrustLine background     Communities: Experiences Of The Child
check of babysitters and nannies. This          Care Initiative Project (English)
background check is conducted through the       This document reports on the results from a
California Department of Social Services.       demonstration project to recruit and train
(1988) FREE                                     Spanish speaking family child care
                                                providers throughout California. It includes
CCIP Brochure/Poster                            recommendations for successful application
Make A World of Difference From Your            and key elements necessary for adaptation of
Home (English or Spanish)                       the CCIP model in the Latino community.
A brochure that folds into a 17 x 22 inch       (1995) $12.50
poster. Answers questions such as “What is
family child care?” and “Why should I
become a family child care provider?” Also
gives a short overview of what CCIP is.
(2004) FREE (recipient pays for shipping)

Ages and Stages – *Recently Revised*
(English, Spanish and Chinese)
This popular tri-fold brochure/poster (25 ½
X 33 inch) contains several pictures of
children in addition to listing different
behaviors that are acceptable at each age
level. (2006) $.80

CA Child Care Resource & Referral
Network Brochure
A Greater Good (English)
An accordion style brochure that explains
what R&R does in the community and gives
some history on the Network. It also lists
each of the county agencies.
(2001) FREE (recipient pays for shipping)
                                   CALIFORNIA CHILD CARE RESOURCE & REFERRAL NETWORK
                                                       PUBLICATIONS ORDER FORM
                                                                                                                                     UNIT              TOTAL
                                        PUBLICATION                                                        QUANTITY
                                                                                                                                    PRICE              PRICE
                       Family Child Care Handbook: 7th Edition                                                                      $80.00
                                          El Comienzo                                                                               $50.00
                              Cuatro Pasos a Una Profesión                                                                          $50.00
                                                                                                           Limited supply,
                       Look Who’s Coming to Family Child Care                                               please call for         $20.00
              ¡Mire Quién Viene A Su Cuidado Infantil Hogareño!                                            Limited supply,

                    (Look Who’s Coming – Spanish version)
                                                                                                            please call for         $20.00
           Look Who’s Coming to Family Child Care (Chinese version)                                                      OUT OF STOCK
         Look Who’s Coming to Family Child Care (Vietnamese version)                                                                $20.00
                                           Look Again                                                                    OUT OF STOCK
                                         Mire Otra Vez                                                                              $20.00
                                      Recursos/Resources                                                                            $10.00
            Helping Family Day Care Providers Stay In The Business                                                                  $15.00
                Developing Family Day Care In Latino Communities                                                                    $12.50
       Meeting the Needs of Working Parents (Non-Traditional Hours Care)                                                 OUT OF STOCK
                                      TrustLine Brochure                                                                            FREE
                                  CCIP Brochure or Poster                                                                           FREE
                             Ages and Stages Poster/Brochure                                                                         $ .80
                                CCCR&R Network Brochure                                                                             FREE
                                                                                                SALES TAX (California only) +
                                                                                                       California Sales Tax Guide below
                                                                                                SHIPPING AND HANDLING +
                              S&H is equal to 10% of SUBTOTAL on orders under $400, with a minimum of $5. Please call for orders over $400.

                                                                                                                                    TOTAL =

 8.50%     San Francisco County
 8.25%     Alameda, Contra Costa, Los Angeles, San Mateo, Santa Clara Counties
 8.00%     Santa Cruz County
 7.75%     Fresno, Imperial, Inyo, Madera, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Benito, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Joaquin, Santa Barbara Counties
 7.50%     Sonoma & Tulare County,
 7.25%     Monterey and all other Counties

NAME                                                                                                                          PHONE (          )       -

ORGANIZATION                                                                                                                  FAX      (      )        -


CITY                                                                 STATE               ZIP                    EMAIL

                                                      Mail order form with payment to:
                              California Child Care Resource & Referral Network (CCCR&RN) ATTN: Annie Loe
                                          111 New Montgomery St., 7th Fl., San Francisco, CA 94105
                                                     (415) 882-0234 / (415) 882-6233 Fax

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