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									                         Campaign Guidelines
                           Regional Officer
             Future Business Leaders of America Candidate

Please read all of the following guidelines before completing the officer

     √ The candidate shall be dressed in business attire.
     √ Each candidate will be limited to a single sheet of
       information with their credentials and their campaign
       statement. (example: tri-fold).
     √ No campaign literature shall be allowed in the Voting
     √ Candidate speeches cannot exceed two (2) minutes. After the
       speech, each candidate will be asked to respond to one
       question pertaining to him/her self.
     √ Any candidate who does not abide by these guidelines will
       be subject to disqualification by the State Council.
     √ Each candidate will sign these guidelines, make a copy for
       his/her files, and return the original with his/her Regional
       Officer Application to the State Office by the deadline date
       listed in 2007-2008 Regional and State FBLA Deadlines
We have read and fully understand the campaign guidelines listed
above and I agree to adhere to these guidelines.

                              Signed: _____________________________________
                                             Regional Officer Candidate Signature

                              Date: _______________________________________

                              Signed: _____________________________________
                                             Regional Officer Candidate Adviser Signature

                              Date: _______________________________________
                                   Tennessee Association
                     Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
                     Regional President Candidate Application *
         Regional Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter Officer Candidate Application
(All information of this form should be typed or keyed)

            (Last)                           (First)                    (Middle Initial)

Date of Birth                            Social Security Number

School Name                                                                         Grade
School Address                                                         Telephone
School City, State, & Zip Code

Home Address                                                           Telephone
Home City, State, & Zip Code

E-mail                                                                        T-Shirt Size

I wish to seek the Regional Office of

Notes: *Regional President serves both on the Regional Executive Committee and is also a state
         officer serving on the State Executive Committee
         Include previous year(s) as member and involvement in Business Professionals of America if
I wish to serve as a Regional Officer because:

List all Business Technology courses you have taken:

List all Business Technology courses you plan to take next year:

Month and year you became an active member of FBLA

List all activities in FBLA. (Attach additional sheets if necessary)
List all other youth, civic, social, class or church activities (include offices held, honors won, etc.):

How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained through FBLA involvement and
enrollment in business courses?

List any public speaking experiences and/or presentations:

Do you have a job at the present time?                 Do you plan to work next school year?

What are your goals upon graduation from high school?

Please initial the following statements indicating that you understand and agree:
I am a Future Business Leaders of America member ___________
I understand the duties and responsibilities of the office I will hold __________
I will be able to travel as needed for duties of the office I will hold ___________
I understand that expenses for travel will be reimbursed according to the policies of the State of
Tennessee Travel Regulations __________
I understand that I will uphold the Tennessee Future Business Leaders of America Officers Code of
Conduct and will always present myself in a professional manner __________
I have permission from my parents/guardians and school officials to attend:

____ (required) June State Executive Committee Meeting (applies to the Regional President only)
____ (required) Career and Technical Education Conference (applies to the Regional President only)
____ (required) Local Officer Leadership Camp - Camp Clements
____ (required) Fall Leadership Conference
____ (optional) National Fall Leadership Conference
____ (required) Regional Executive Committee Meetings
____ (required) State Executive Committee Winter Meeting (applies to the Regional President only)
____ (optional) Youth, Citizenship, & Government Seminar (applies to the Regional President only)
____ (required) State Conf. Executive Committee Meeting (applies to the Regional President only)
____ (required) State Leadership Conference (June/July)
____ (optional) National Leadership Conference (Highly recommended for all regional officers)


_____________________________________                      ____________________________________
           Candidate Signature & Date                                Adviser Signature & Date

_____________________________________                      ____________________________________
        Administrator Signature & Date                           Parent/Guardian Signature & Date

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