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Performance Appraisal                            July 1, 1999


Student Employment
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To establish performance appraisal procedures for student employees.


All student employees.


A written introductory performance appraisal is required for all student employees at the
completion of six months of service. After the six month introductory period, performance
appraisals are conducted at least once per academic year and returned to Career Center Office.
The effective date for all student employee merit increases should be at the 6 month anniversary
date from their effective date and then annually from that date. Procedures for formal, written
performance appraisals are outlined in this policy. Performance appraisals serve as a supplement
to, not a replacement for, on-going feedback and are required at least one time a year.

Performance appraisal objectives include:

   Setting goals, clarifying performance expectations and monitoring progress
   Motivating employees through recognition and support
   Identifying and preparing individuals for increased responsibility
   Providing formal, written performance feedback
   Developing employees
   Promoting an open dialogue between employees and managers.


1.      The DePaul University, Career Center Student Employee Performance Appraisal Form is
        available to all employees on the Career Center / Student Employment website -
        http://www.depaul.edu/~semploy. It is stored as a file on the website that can be
        automatically opened to Microsoft Word on a personal computer for printing or completing
        electronically. (Note: all student employees of DePaul University are appraised using
        this form.)

2.      The manager/reviewer in conjunction with the employee, fills in the Principal
        Responsibilities of the employee’s job (Section I, Column One, Page 2 of the performance
        appraisal form). Responsibilities should be limited to 10 (or less) major responsibilities or
        categories of responsibilities as outlined in the employee’s job description.

3.      In conjunction with the employee, the manager also fills in the Projects and Objectives
        section of the performance appraisal form (Section II, Column One, Page 3). This section
        may contain up to five major projects or performance objectives previously agreed upon
        with the employee. It is optional, depending on position requirements. (Note: This
        section may not apply to many student positions.)

4.      After Column One of Sections I and II are written, the employee completes a self-appraisal
        of his/her performance by filling in the appropriate employee rating columns on the
        performance appraisal form (Sections I - III) and providing supporting comments in Section
        IV, Page 6. In addition, the employee is encouraged to complete the Career Development
        and Feedback sections (V and VI) on Page 7 of the form. After completing his/her self-
        appraisal, the employee gives the performance appraisal form to his/her manager.

5.      After receiving the employee’s self-appraisal, the manager/reviewer completes the
        appropriate sections of the appraisal form (Sections I - IV).

6.      After the manager completes the performance appraisal form, he/she schedules an
        appointment with the employee to discuss the performance appraisal and plan for the next
        appraisal period. A minimum of one half hour should be allotted for this discussion.

7.      During the performance appraisal discussion the manager and employee plan for the next
        review period by completing the Action Plan, sections A and B on Page 7 of the form.

8.      At the conclusion of the performance appraisal discussion, the employee’s and manager’s
        ratings are transferred to the Appraisal Summary section on Page 1 of the appraisal form.
        The employee and manager/reviewer sign the first page of the form. Note: the employee
        and manager should keep a copy of the completed appraisal for their own records.

9.      The original, signed performance appraisal form is returned to the Career Center. Any
        salary increases must be identified on a Student Employment Action Form that should
        accompany the Performance Appraisal.

The University reserves the right to amend or discontinue any or all of the provisions of this policy. Decisions to modify or discontinue this
policy shall be made by the President of the University.

11.     The Career Center evaluates performance appraisal forms for completeness and appropriate
        authorized signatures. The Career Center then files the completed performance appraisal
        form in the employee’s personnel file.

*       See the attached DePaul University, The Career Center Student Employment
        Performance Appraisal form.

The University reserves the right to amend or discontinue any or all of the provisions of this policy. Decisions to modify or discontinue this
policy shall be made by the President of the University.

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