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Kurtz SM, Silverman JD, Draper J (1998) Teaching and by kdl17033


									Kurtz SM, Silverman JD, Draper J (1998) Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine. Radcliffe Medical Press (Oxford)

Silverman JD, Kurtz SM, Draper J (1998) Skills for Communicating with Patients. Radcliffe Medical Press (Oxford)

                                       GATHERING INFORMATION
                                         POSSIBLE OBJECTIVES

 Exploring the disease framework so as to obtain an adequate “medical”

 Exploring and understanding the patient’s illness framework so as to
 understand the meaning of the illness for the patient

 Allowing the patient to feel listened to, that their information and views are
 welcomed and valued

 Continuing to develop a supportive, collaborative environment

     Structuring the consultation to enable efficient information gathering and to
    allow the patient to understand and be overtly involved in where the interview is
    going and why

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